Wantrn G-Laser 6-Button Gaming Mouse (Black)

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  • Why G-LASER is Greater than Common Laser Mouse?
  • Because G-LASER has the solution to resolve the problem with most of the laser mouse-fails to operate smoothly shining and glassy surface.The innovative Dual focus Lens on Glaser is to not only work both shining surfaces,but also in the transparent Glasses,Dual focus technology has combined the Present laser and optical engine and provide the best tracking performance to date.
  • Changing Mouse DPI with hot key?
  • DPI just means precision. Higher DPI means greater precision/smoothness for your mouse movement.
  • For example, in lay-man''s terms, with a higher DPI mouse, you have a better chance of landing the pointer on a pixel you want vs.High DPI is useful for gaming, you can move the cursor across the screen faster and have it land where you want. But sometimes a lover DPI is good for games too, like when you snipe. It will jerk around too much. That''s why We all prefer something like the WANTRN Glaser Mouse with DPI changeable option.Dpi Can Change up to 400,600,800,1000,1200
  • Set point only allows me to control the dpi through the mouse buttons so create an auto hot key script that automatically switches to the preferred dpi per weapon when I am playing Games or Apps.
  • Overview
  • G-Laser Mouse is Working at Glossy Surface
  • G - Laser Mouse with DPI Adjustable option. DPI means precision,Higher DPI means greater precision/smoothness for your mouse movement.
  • G - Laser mouse is Combine of Laser Engine with Dual Focus Technology
  • Dual Focus Technology has combined the present laser and optical engine and provides the best tracking performance to date Furthermore, the light from GLASER Mouse is proven to be harmless to eyes.
  • G-LASER Engine - St rongest surface adaptability - Works on 99% surface: including shining surface and tiles
  • Works even better than any normal optical mouse.
  • Gamers and professional graphic designers prefer a laser mouse for its added sensitivity.
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Platform PC
Resolution 1200dpi
Application Desktop & Laptop

Operating System

Windows 98, 2000, Xp, Vista, 7



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This product ships to India.
Free Shipping to India.