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Salwar Kameez in India (Designer, Cotton, Churidar...)

Indian salwar kameez is the logical or rather ethnic extension of Indian saree. From the loosely worn single piece saree to a stitched surprise, Indian salwar kameez is the convenient option for Indian women - whether they are married or single. With the changing role of Indian woman as that of a home maker, a busy mother, a working spouse and at times a corporate lady, Salwar kameez suit has provided the best garment option for her.

Indian salwar kameez does not only comfort Indian women in her daily life but also presents a feminine elegance wherever she goes. Today, many Indian women have opted salwar kameez suit to grace different occasions; earlier they used to sport themselves in sarees to be present at any traditional occasions like Diwali & wedding, but now they have no qualms to garb designer salwar kameez.

Yes, designer salwar kameez is the latest entrant in their wardrobes; women of affluent families like to show their fashion side by dressing themselves in designer salwar kameez. To cater this new-found market, there are many fashion designers, who have opened their own boutique to supply this need of designer salwar kameez suit.