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John Players: Unlock Your Cool Character

John Players is one of the most celebrated apparel brands in India. The brand helps you unlock the Cool Quotient in you as its latest ad campaign reveals several slogans that are paradoxical in nature. For instance, one slogan says, "We take wrong turns, only to discover new destinations".

John Players shirts exude individuality of a young male, who is self-made, free from inhibitions and just wants to be himself in this world. Moreover, the brand philosophy also speaks about the self-confidence of young generation in India; they are ready to face any challenges, rather they take strides into that direction. They demonstrate their confidence of shaving whiskers of a lion, of course after waking up the lion!

To position its brand in a strong manner, John Players India has roped in Ranbir Kapoor - the famous Bollywood actor. According to John Players, Ranbir fits the bill as he carries a persona that is cool, uninhibited and very self-assured. Ranbir actually loves to put on John Players t shirts while he is unwinding himself.