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Perfume & Cologne in India: (Men, Women...)

Perfume and cologne are made from extracts of essential oils and various aromatic compounds. Perfumes are an item of luxury and depending on the essential oil component they are categorized as eau de perfume, eau de cologne and eau de toilette. Perfume is however the costliest form of fragrance. Perfumes have been used as an accessory, mood enhancer and also in therapy.

Elizabeth Arden Perfume

Elizabeth Arden perfume is among the most renowned brands of perfume in the world. They specialize in perfume for women like the Green Tea, Sunflower, Red Door and Fifth Avenue. Elizabeth Arden perfume is one of the top selling brands of perfume for women in the world today.

Burberry Perfume

For a life full of fragrance, Burberry - the British lifestyle brand - is here to spray some exquisite aroma in your life. Burberry deals into children wear, beauty, men's wear, women's wear, fashion accessories, fragrance, gifts and more. Here is an exclusive store of Burberry Perfume in India that showcases world beating Burberry perfume for men and women. Burberry perfume price justifies the quality that the brand promises, and hence, only the discerning few can store this sweet-smelling liquid in their vanity box.

Perfume for Women

Women's perfume is essentially characterized with a subtle fragrance which may be fruity, floral or an exquisite aroma of a plant extract. Cologne for women is by far more affordable and they also claim to be long lasting. Women's perfume is available in various brands that have, with time, created a niche for themselves.

Perfume for Men

Men's perfume complements the rugged man. Although perfume is mostly used by women, men also use fragrances in the form of after shave etc... Men's cologne is however the most popular product among fragrances for men.