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If you are in love, the chances are that you might have read at least 5 romantic novels from Mills and Boon. And if you have read romantic stories published by Mills and Boon, there is no doubt that you are in love. Such is the gripping charm of classic love stories from the house of Mills and Boon. Millions of wonderful lines have been quoted by thousands of lovers in their letters & emails to woo their beloved; and their love pleas are reciprocated with equally sweet replies, of course lines taken from Mills and Boon. Started in 1908, Mills and Boon delivers books across the world, and today, its classic romantic tales are so popular that even non-English speaking nations love to read Mills and Boon.

Vivid colours of romance are put in black & white by Mills and Boon, and no two books sound similar in terms of plot, story and characterization. While flipping through the pages, readers can experience romance come alive between the lines. Many generations have grown older reading Mills and Boon romance stories, and many more will read as long as the eternal phenomenon of love exists on this earth. While there are racks of classic romantic novels in libraries across the world, Mills and Boon stands apart from the run-of-the-mill writings.