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Books by publisher "Anshan"

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    Control Systems Engineering

     By I J Nagrath , M Gopal [Paperback 2009, 5th Edition]
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    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 2-3 days New Page 1 This text is designed for an undergraduate course in control systems for engineering students. The basic concepts of the course cut across disciplines, like electrical, mechanical, chemical, and aerospace. Therefore, some balance is maintained between engineering disciplines by drawing examples from all over. The book provides an...   more
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    Stereochemistry Conformation and Mechanism

     By P S Kalsi [Paperback 2008, 7th Edition]
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    Available. Stereochemistry has always occupied a central position and is pivotal to the practice of organic chemistry. A solid understanding of this subject is indeed critical to subsequent success in a science career. Stereochemistry is, therefore, a core constituent both at the undergraduate and postgraduate chemistry courses. This seventh edition is...   more
    Other Editions: Hardcover 2009 Paperback 2006
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    Facts Controllers in Power Transmission and Distribution

     By K R Padiyar [Paperback 2007, 1st Edition]
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    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 3-5 days The emerging technology of Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) enables planning and operation of power systems at minimum costs, without compromising security. This is based on modern high power electronic systems that provide fast controllability to ensure 'flexible' operation under changing system conditions. This book presents a comprehensive treatment of...   more
    Other Editions: Hardcover 2009
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    Nuclear Physics : An Introduction, 2/e PB

     By S B Patel [Paperback 2011, 2nd Edition]
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    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 3-5 days The book bridges the gap between a course on modern physics and an advanced formal treatise on nuclear physics. The treatment of topics is simple and direct. Physical ideas are given prominence and this has been done by informal discussions and many analogies. It starts with the tools of nuclear...   more
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     By Kanika Sharma [Unknown]
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    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 2-3 days This book is an excellent supplementary textbook, written in simple language and easy to understand even for beginners. All topics related to microbiology are covered - general aspects like techniques, culture and identification of bacteria, bacterial genetics, water, soil and food microbiology and the study of viruses and fungi. Medical...   more
    Other Editions: Hardbound 2005 Paperback 2007
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    Pain Management: Enhancing Your Life to the Fullest

     By Renee Goossens , Richard Hallinan [Paperback 2008]
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    Engineering Chemistry

     By Abhijit Mallick [Paperback 2008]
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    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 5-10 days The book is specially designed for B.E./B. Tech. students of all branches of engineering and technology. Efforts have been made to explain the fundamental concepts in a simple and comprehensive manner so that B.Sc. Pass and Honours students can use this book as a reference. The unique strength of this...   more
    Other Editions: Hardcover 2009
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    Advances in Ophthalmology

     By Patrick I Condon , Ashok Garg , Suresh K Pandey , David F Chang , Pandelis A Papadopoulos , Anthony J Maloof [Hardcover 2005]
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    Available. Top level work from international contributors 8 additional chapters on Free CD Rom Full colour throughout with over 400 photos and 300 diagrams in colour The editors of this book have compiled a major publication on the recent advances in ophthalmology. In the last decade the science of ophthalmology has...   more
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    Advances in Medical Diagnostic Techniques & Procedures

     By Megha Singh [Hardbound 2005]
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    Available. Medical diagnosis has made significant progress due to the availability of newer technologies, leading to better understanding of the internal structure and functioning of the human body. This volume contains recent developments, with the emphasis on telemedicine, biomedical instrumentation, artificial neural network modelling, biomedical imaging, hemorheological techniques and drug delivery...   more
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    Applied Physics

     By T Bhima Sankaram , G S Kumar , G Prasad [Hardcover 2004, 2nd Edition]
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    Available. This is an introductory book on electronic materials intended for students of Electronics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Material Science. The importance of semiconductors, ferro and ferri magnetic, dielectric and ferroelectric materials in modern electronic engineering is reflected by the large number of rapidly growing research and development establishments in...   more
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    Applied Thermosciences, Principles and Applications

     By Shyam K Agarwal [Paperback]
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    Applied Thermosciences is designed as a complete course text in mechanical, energy, aeronautical and environmental engineering. The text is comprehensive in its coverage, lays special stress on the basic concepts, the approach is systematic and logical and emphasis throughout is placed on the application of the theory to real processes....   more
    Other Editions: Hardcover 2004
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    Atlas of Human Anatomy

     By Inderbir Singh [Paperback 2005]
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    Available. here are several classic atlases of human anatomy available to the student, with excellent illustrations. However in most cases they are the work of an artist, seeking to present each detail to be seen in the field of view. And such drawings may not be useful to the uninitiated student...   more
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    Atlas of Trans- Oesophageal Echocardiography: An Anaesthesiologists Perspective

     By Sengupta [Paperback 2005]
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    Basic Research and Applications of Mycorrhizae

     By Gopi K Podila , Ajit Varma [Hardcover 2006]
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    Biotechnological Applications of Microbes

     By Ajit Varma , Gopi K Podila [Hardcover 2005]
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    Available. Microbial applications is a fascinating field of science and is increasingly regarded as a mainstream, central tenet of biology rather than just an interesting peripheral topic. The research into their applications is highly valued both by scientists and by politicians and industry professionals, who thrive upon the latest developments. Agricultural...   more
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    Breast Beating: A Personal Odyssey in the Quest for an Understanding of Breast Cancer, the Meaning of Life and Other Easy Questions

     By Michael Baum [Paperback 2010]
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    Available. Michael Baum is recognised as a world authority on breast cancer and surgery. In 2007 he was awarded the St.Gallen prize, the most prestigious award worldwide for breast cancer research. This book is the story of his life, his work and his mission. Part autobiography, part anti-establishment polemic, part scientific...   more
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    Cardiac M R Imaging

     By M Puvaneswary , D V Con Chandrasekhar [Hardcover 2005]
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    Available. Recent technological advances with electro-cardiogram-gated CT and MR imaging have expanded the application MR imaging when used in the non-invasive clinical assessment of cardiac structure and function. MR Imaging can be used to supplement clinical studies and provide new insights into the physiology and patho-physiology of the heart. This book...   more
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    Chest X- Ray[ With CDROM]

     By D Kartikeyan , Deepa Chegu [Paperback 2007]
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    Available. Radiology is an indispensable part of clinical medicine and the chest X-ray is the most commonly performed radiographic exam. It is usually recommended as the initial investigation when patients present with complaints of shortness of breath, persistent cough, chest pain or chest injury. The ability to analyse correctly, evaluate and...   more
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    Clinical Approach to Jaundice

     By Rakesh Tandon , Acharya [Hardcover 2004]
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    Available. Jaundice is a common manifestation of various hepatobiliary and haematological disorders, in addition to several pathophysiological processes. This book provides a comprehensive guide to the diagnosis and management of jaundice. In a cohesive manner, it presents common principles involved in the management of apparently dissimilar conditions. Authored by pioneer gastroenterologists...   more
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    Color Atlas of Minimal Access Surgery in Children

     By Sanjay Oak , Sandesh V Parelkar , Prakash Agarwal [Hardcover 2005]
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    Available. This is the second edition of a successful reference title. Minimal Access Surgery (MAS) is an ever-increasing technique in pediatric operations, and laparoscopic surgery is now widely accepted as standard procedure, even with neonates. This colour atlas provides an excellent overview of the subject, with a discussion of the instruments...   more
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