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Best Selling Books & Novels on Juvenile Nonfiction

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    What The Dog Saw: And Other Adventures

     By Malcolm Gladwell [Unknown]
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    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 2-3 days Articles previously published in The New Yorker....   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2010
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    The Great Book of Puzzles and Teasers

    [Paperback 1989, 1st Edition]
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    Available. About the Book : This book consists of 75 utterly original and totally tantalizing brain teasers from master puzzler George J. Summers. He brings out fascinating challenges in situations as common as a game of tic-tac-toe or tennis, or as strange as a land of habitual Truthtellers and Liars. These...   more
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    Dog Days : Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

     By Jeff Kinney [Hardcover 2011]
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    Available. About the Book : It’s summer vacation, the weather’s great, and all the kids are having fun outside. So where’s Greg Heffley? Inside his house, playing video games with the shades drawn.   Greg, a self-confessed “indoor person,” is living out his ultimate summer fantasy: no responsibilities and no rules....   more
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     By Arun Sharma [Paperback 2007, 2nd Edition]
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    ? Addition of four previous year CAT question papers ? Addition of 200 new problems in the light of changing trends in CAT ? Minor addition in chapters according to the recent trends in CAT Table of Contents: BLOCK 1: (a) Number Systems, (b) Progressions BLOCK 2: (a) Averages (b)...   more
    Other Editions: Paperback 2012, 5th Edition
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    Almost Single

     By Advaita Kala [Paperback]
    Rs. 195 156 (20% OFF)
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    My name is Aisha Bhatia, I am twenty-nine years old and single. I work as a Guest Relations Manager at the Grand Orchid Hotel. I dine at luxury hotels and stay in five-stars during my travels; I can name old and new world wines with great lan, and can tell...   more
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    Superfreakonomics: Global Cooling, Patr

     By Levitt Steven D [Hardcover 2009]
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    Available. Here at last is the long awaited sequel to the international bestselling phenomenon, Freakonomics. Steven Levitt, the original rogue economist, and Stephen Dubner have been working hard, uncovering the hidden side of even more controversial subjects, from charity to terrorism and prostitution. And with their inimitable style and wit, they...   more

The impact of books on readers is assessed by mass popularity & sales. Best selling books are a distinct category, which includes the names of books that have done immensely well & have been very well received. The list of best seller books also includes award winning first novels, books by renowned authors like Dan Brown, Chetan Bhagat, Amartya Sen & many others. The list of top books provides an insight into the selected list of books that are commendable and are superlative works by authors during a specific period. Few best seller books have stood the test of time and remained bestselling books for decades (and still going on), without flinching from the top books slot. These best selling books are thus highly recommended for passionate readers.