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    Cinnamon Peeler

     By Michael Ondaatje [Paperback 2004]
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    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 5-10 days Selected poems by the Booker Prize-winning author. They span 27 years and many hard to find collections. Michael Ondaatje's new selected poems, "The Cinnamon Peeler," brings together poems written between 1963 and 1990, including work from his most recent collection, "Secular Love." These poems bear witness to the extraordinary gifts...   more
    Other Editions: Unknown Paperback 1997 Paperback
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    Beyond All Reason

     By Emmanuelle Vivier [Paperback 2006]
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    Correction Line

     By Dennis Cooley [Paperback 2008]
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    Available. "correction line" is a powerful and evocative poem sequence that reconstructs memory through ancestral connections, and personal history. The poetry is as fundamental as the southern prairie landscape in its stark realities and progressively elemental in...   more
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    Eleventh Hour: Poems for the Third Millennium

     By Kildare Dobbs , K Dobbs [Paperback 1997]
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    Available. One of the most accomplished and renowned writers of Canada, winner of the Governor General's Award and the National Magazine Award, presents a collection of his poetry, based on his experiences in later life....   more
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    Footsteps on the Water

     By George Whipple [Paperback 2006]
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    Available. George Whipple is a British Columbia poet, a blue collar philosopher, who challenges us with questions that on the surface seem simple and straightforward, but are far more complex when you push on into the poems. In the background to his philosophical so...   more
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    Hands Reaching in Water

     By Gary Hyland [Paperback 2007]
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    Available. From an award winning poet comes a collection that is both relevant and incisive in addressing the fears and foibles of these post-9/11 times....   more
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    Past Imperfect: Poems

     By Suzanne Buffam [Paperback 2005]
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    Available. Recalling Hopkins or Dickinson in their urgency, these poems seduce the reader into experiencing life's darkest moments while revealing unexpected shafts of light. In a voice that is at once confident, elegant, and doubtful, the author scans the world as...   more
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    Personal Peripherals

     By Jan Allen [Paperback 2006]
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     By Anne Compton [Paperback 2005]
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    Real Lives

     By Roger Bell [Paperback 1997]
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    Rembrandts Smock

     By Lynn Strongin [Paperback 2007]
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    Available. Strongin's creativity takes the world inside herself, turning it into her own private art-world then bringing us inside with her.--Hugh Fox, poet and critic. One of the century's great voices. One thinks of Emily Dickinson more than any other poet. more
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    Turning Mountain

     By Paul Wilson [Paperback 2007]
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    Available. In this rich and elegant collection the author fuses his reverence for our natural environment with his desire to deepen his understanding of humanity. He brings a great sensitivity to the cycle of life and death. Regional in nature but broad in scope, th...   more
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    The Way Boys Sometimes Are and Other Poems

     By Clarise Foster [Paperback 2006]
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    Many of these poems honour the poet's brother, who died of AIDS; his Spirit--in rhinestone tiara, crimson crepe de Chine, and flamingo-pink pumps--is the muse of the book, watching over Foster's shoulder as she explores and explodes the myths of our cultu...   more
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    West of Darkness/ A LOuest de LOmbre: Emily Carr: A Self-Portrait/ Emily Carr: Un Autoportrait

     By John Barton , Arlette Franciere [Paperback 2006]
    Rs. 770
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    When September Comes: And Other Poems

     By Peter Jailall [Paperback 2003]
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    In Stock. Ships Free to India in 5-7 days Peter Jailall continues his search for the place called home in his third volume of poetry, exploring the ?open, dangerous? landscape of a post-September 11th world. In this climate of globalization, no individuals are untouched by the threats of terroris...   more
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    Where Blue Grama Grows

     By Doris Bircham [Paperback 2006]
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    Along a Snake Fence Riding

     By W H New [Paperback 2007]
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     By Michael Redhill , Ellen Seligman , Stan Dragland [Paperback 1997]
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    The Asthmatic Glassblower: And Other Poems

     By Billeh Nickerson [Paperback 2001]
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    Available. Billeh Nickerson is a poet for our times -- a witty, urbane chronicler of life through lavender-colored glasses. His poems, full of astonishing pleasures, speak to the wonders of the world: about "the push of knowing you're different" and "the pull of wan...   more
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    Cold Against the Heart: Poems

     By Hugh Mac Donald [Paperback 2003]
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    "Young MacDonald on the farm." In Hugh MacDonald's poetry, one encounters reality in a sudden and surprising way. His poems sing of the Maritimes, and what it's like to grow up by the sea. He writes about farming on Prince Edward Island where he grew...   more
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