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Books 103/47

2301901. Health Information for Youth: The Public Library and School Library Media Center Role by W Bernard Lukenbill
2301904. Academic Librarians as Emotionally Intelligent Leaders by Peter Hernon
2301907. Readers and Leaders by Susan Steffensen Romaine
2301909. Spoofing and Proofing the Classics: Literature-Based Activities to Develop Critical Reading Skills and Grammatical Knowledge by Keith Polette
2301910. International Relations, International Security, and Comparative Politics: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources by Chad M Kahl
2301911. American Reference Books Annual: Volume 38 by Shannon Graff Hysell
2301912. Recommended Reference Books for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries and Media Centers by Shannon Graff Hysell
2301913. Crash Course in Library Gift Programs: The Reluctant Curator's Guide to Caring for Archives, Books, and Artifacts in a Library Setting by Ann Roberts
2301914. Library Assessment in Higher Education by Joseph R Matthews
2301915. The Evaluation and Measurement of Library Services by Joseph R Matthews
2301917. Handmade Tales: Stories to Make and Take by Dianne De Las Casas
2301918. Library 2.0 and Beyond: Innovative Technologies and Tomorrow's User by Nancy Courtney
2301919. Staying Successful as a Middle Manager Staying Successful as a Middle Manager by Pixey Anne Mosley
2301920. Ensuring Intellectual Freedom and Access to Information in the School Library Media Program by Helen R Adams
2301924. Beyond Picture Books: Subject Access to Best Books for Beginning Readers by Barbara Barstow
2301926. The Portable MLIS: Insights from the Experts by Ken Haycock
2301927. The Teen-Centered Writing Club: Bringing Teens and Words Together by Constance Hardesty
2301928. Fostering Community Through Digital Storytelling: A Guide for Academic Libraries by Anne M Fields
2301929. Renewing Professional Librarianship: A Fundamental Rethinking by Bill Crowley
2301930. Young Adult Literature in Action: A Librarian's Guide by Rosemary Chance
2301932. Children's Literature in Action: A Librarian's Guide by Sylvia M Vardell
2301933. Young Adult Literature in Action: A Librarian's Guide by Rosemary Chance
2301934. Crash Course in Collection Development by Wayne Disher
2301935. Merchandising Made Simple: Using Standards and Dynamite Displays to Boost Circulation by Jenny Laperriere
2301936. Reality Rules!: A Guide to Teen Nonfiction Reading Interests by Elizabeth Fraser
2301937. Crash Course in Library Supervision: Meeting the Key Players by Dennis C Tucker
2301941. Summer Reading Renaissance: An Interactive Exhibits Approach by Rita Soltan
2301942. Best Books for Middle School and Junior High Readers, Grades 6-9: Second Edition by Catherine Barr
2301943. Best Books for Children, Supplement to the Eighth Edition: Preschool Through Grade 6 by Catherine Barr
2301944. Best Books for High School Readers, Grades 9-12: Second Edition by Catherine Barr
2301945. Doing Things with Information: Beyond Indexing and Abstracting by Brian C O Connor
2301949. Podcasting at School by Kristin Fontichiaro
2301950. Picture That! from Mendel to Normandy: Picture Books and Ideas, Curriculum and Connections- For 'Tweens and Teens by Sharron L Mc Elmeel
2301955. Introduction to Library Public Services: Seventh Edition by G Edward Evans
2301956. Introduction to Library Public Services: Seventh Edition by G Edward Evans
2301957. Getting the Money: How to Succeed in Fundraising for Public and Nonprofit Libraries by Ken Dowlin
2301959. Faith Reads: A Selective Guide to Christian Nonfiction by David Rainey
2301960. Convergence and Collaboration of Campus Information Services by Peter Hernon
2301962. Paper to Digital: Documents in the Information Age by Ziming Liu
2301965. Collaborative Library Research Projects: Inquiry That Stimulates the Senses by John D Volkman
2301966. Historical Fiction II: A Guide to the Genre, 2nd Edition by Sarah L Johnson
2301971. Information Technology in Librarianship: New Critical Approaches by Gloria J Leckie
2301976. Cataloging of Audiovisual Materials and Other Special Materials: A Manual Based on AACR2 and MARC 21 by Nancy B Olson
2301977. Library Ethics by Jean L Preer
2301978. The Tech-Savvy Booktalker: A Guide for 21st-Century Educators by Nancy J Keane
2301980. Women's Fiction Authors: A Research Guide by Rebecca Vnuk
2301981. The School Library Media Manager by Blanche Woolls
2301983. Classics in Teacher- Librarianship: A Guide to the Best Professional Literature by Ken Haycock
2301984. Educational Media and Technology Yearbook 2008: Volume 33 by Michael Orey
2301988. Tangram Tales: Story Theater Using the Ancient Chinese Puzzle by Dianne De Las Casas
2301990. Gotcha Good!: Nonfiction Books to Get Kids Excited about Reading by Kathleen A Baxter
2301992. Children's Literature in Action: A Librarian's Guide by Sylvia M Vardell
2301996. Get Up and Move with Nonfiction Grades 4- 8 by Nancy Polette
2301998. Real Lives Revealed: A Guide to Reading Interests in Biography by Rick Roche
2302000. Active Reading: Activities for Librarians and Teachers by Beth Mc Guire
2302001. 100+ Literacy Lifesavers: A Survival Guide for Librarians and Teachers K-12 by Pamela S Bacon
2302002. Your School Library: Check It Out! by Lesley S J Farmer
2302003. A to Zoo: Subject Access to Children's Picture Books: Supplement to the 7th Edition by Carolyn W Lima
2302004. Folktales of the Amazon by Juan Carlos Galeano
2302007. Librarians as Learning Specialists: Meeting the Learning Imperative for the 21st Century by Allison Zmuda
2302008. Lessons for a Scientific Literature Review: Guiding the Inquiry by Randell K Schmidt
2302009. Story Starters and Science Notebooking: Developing Student Thinking Through Literacy and Inquiry by Sandy Buczynski
2302011. American Reference Books Annual by Shannon Graff Hysell
2302012. Recommended Reference Books for Small and Medium-Sized Libraries and Media Centers: Volume 28 by Shannon Graff Hysell
2302014. Literacy Development in the Storytelling Classroom by Sherry Norfolk
2302015. Stop the Copying with Wild and Wacky Research Projects by Nancy Polette
2302016. Scorecards for Results: A Guide for Developing a Library Balanced Scorecard by Joseph R Matthews
2302017. 100 Most Popular Thriller and Suspense Authors: Biographical Sketches and Bibliographies by Bernard A Drew
2302019. Content Area Reading, Writing, and Storytelling: A Dynamic Tool for Improving Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum Through Oral Language Developm by Brian Ellis
2302021. Crash Course in Serving Spanish-Speakers by Salvador Avila
2302023. Puppet Plays Plus: Using Stock Characters to Entertain and Teach Early Literacy by Laurel L Iakovakis
2302024. Creating a Culture of Literacy: Programming Ideas for Elementary School Librarians by Anne Ruefle
2302025. Special Collections 2.0: New Technologies for Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Archival Collections by Lynne M Thomas
2302027. Academic Library Outreach: Beyond the Campus Walls by Nancy Courtney
2302028. Mongolian Folktales by Zhambyn Dashdondog
2302030. Charleston Conference Proceedings by Katina Strauch
2302031. Building Fluency with Readers Theatre: Motivational Strategies, Successful Lessons and Dynamic Scripts to Develop Fluency, Comprehension, Writing and by Anthony D Fredericks
2302032. American Folklore, Legends, and Tall Tales for Readers Theatre by Anthony D Fredericks
2302033. Genre Talks for Teens: Booktalks and More for Every Teen Reading Interest by Lucy Schall
2302034. Gateways to Westward Expansion: Using Literature and Primary Sources to Enhance Reading Instruction and Historical Understanding by Ann Claunch
2302035. Reluctant Heroes: True Five-Minute-Read Adventure Stories for Boys by Kendall Haven
2302036. Paper Action Figures of the Imagination: Clip, Color and Create by Paula Montgomery
2302040. The Social Transcript: Uncovering Library Philosophy by Charles B Osburn
2302041. Fun with Finance: Math+ Literacy= Success by Carol Peterson
2302045. More Innovative Redesign and Reorganization of Library Technmore Innovative Redesign and Reorganization of Library Technical Services Ical Services by Bradford Lee Eden
2302046. Write It! : A Guide for Research, 3rd Edition by Elizabeth Bankhead
2302047. Differentiating Reading Instruction Through Children's Literature by Liz Knowles
2302048. Personal Learning Networks: Professional Development for the Isolated School Librarian by Mary Ann Harlan
2302051. Reading the Fifty States: Booktalks, Response Activities, and More by Nancy Polette
2302053. Green Reads: Best Environmental Resources for Youth, K- 12 by Lindsey Patrick Wesson
2302055. American Reference Books Annual: 2009 Edition, Volume 40 by Shannon Graff Hysell
2302056. Recommended Reference Books for Small and Medium- Sized Libraries and Media Centers, Volume 29 by Shannon Graff Hysell
2302057. Fairy Tales Readers Theatre by Anthony D Fredericks
2302060. Gifted Biographies, Gifted Readers!: Higher Order Thinking with Picture Book Biographies by Nancy Polette
2302062. Smile and Give Your Face a Holiday by Judi Poli
2302064. A Dialogue with God by Richard Cobb
2302068. Many Gifts One Lord by Harley H Schmitt
2302072. In the Care of the Father by Jan Pauley
2302075. The Dragon Hunters by Robin Gray
2302078. A Time of Travail by Steven Marcus
2302079. The Hobo by Roger Quam
2302081. No Longer Oppressed, Depressed, and in a Mess! by Louise A Battle
2302082. Harvesting Spiritual Fruit by Jonathan Niemeyer
2302085. Royal Conversations by Shelle Graves
2302087. By Faith...as I Recall by Karl W Luyben
2302089. Order in the House by Arron D Williams
2302090. The Ministry of Reconciliation by Annie Barksdale
2302091. The Holy Spirit by Annie Barksdale
2302094. God's Guarantees for Giving by Ron Knott
2302095. Power Thoughts for Triumphant Living by Diana M Sykes
2302096. Power Thoughts for Triumphant Living by Diana M Sykes
2302097. Order in the House by Arron D Williams
2302098. Angel in Your Future by Robert Manson Wood
2302099. Every Believer a Preacher by Bishop K D Collins
2302100. Brother Lew by Lou Acosta
2302101. Brother Lew by Lou Acosta
2302107. Healing Broken Lives & Relationships by
2302108. Finding Your Way Through the Fog by Bruce Goettsche
2302110. The Trinity of Evil by David M Atkinson
2302111. Harvesting Spiritual Fruit by Jonathan Niemeyer
2302112. Keeping Your Mind Renewed in Your Spiritual Walk with Christ by Sr James E Puckett
2302115. Justifiable Intent by Mary Louise Boyle Durgin
2302116. Understanding God by Veronica Grant Miranda
2302119. Mountains of Hope by Jack Allsup
2302120. Operating in the Will of God by Mary W Murray
2302123. Steps to the Cross by John C Scott
2302126. The Twin Towers of Prayer by Donald E Jenkins
2302129. The Seer by M G Cannon
2302130. Keeping Sane in a Crazy World by Sr Charles Jenkins
2302131. Keeping Sane in a Crazy World by Sr Charles Jenkins
2302132. The Sixth Seal by M Catherine Hunte
2302133. The Sixth Seal by M Catherine Hunte
2302134. I Know This Is What I'm Supposed to Do by Catherine Bergstrom
2302135. I Know This Is What I'm Supposed to Do by Catherine Bergstrom
2302136. Praying Patty and the Secret Languages by Daniel Hugh Byrd
2302137. Praying Patty and the Secret Languages by Daniel Hugh Byrd
2302138. First Things First by Deborah F Jenks
2302139. A Book of Encouragement by Elaine Hodgson
2302140. By the Way by Preston Williams Ii
2302143. Words of Encouragement by Angela B Allen
2302146. A Four Year Old and a Prayer ? by Alevene Lantz
2302148. Impossible...But Not with God! by Robert Neighbour
2302149. The Exalted Horn by Belinda Enoma
2302150. How Soils Work by Paul W Syltie
2302151. The Gift by Jennette Hagen
2302152. Future Phobia by H Wade Swinford
2302153. There Must Be More by C W Minor
2302154. It Was at Hand by Michael E Riemer
2302155. Meditations from the Mountain by H Daniel Wilson
2302156. Alone in His Presence by H Daniel Wilson