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Books 103/88

2308052. Uncle John's Unsinkable Bathroom Reader by Bathroom Readers Institute
2308053. Sea Creatures Sticker Activity Book[ With Over 200 Stickers and Activity Cards] by Sally Morgan
2308055. Bugs & Insects Sticker Activity Book[ With Sticker(s) ] by Sally Morgan
2308063. Action Files: Sharks by Camilla De La Bedoyere
2308068. Incredible Animals by Sally Morgan
2308070. Incredible Machines by Ian Graham
2308075. Charlotte Then and Now by Brandon Lunsford
2308076. Civil War Battles: The Maps of Jedediah Hotchkiss by Chester G Hearn
2308086. Acoustic Guitar: The Illustrated Encyclopedia by Dave Hunter
2308089. Montreal Then and Now (Compact) by Alan Hustak
2308092. Amazing Baby: Twinkle, Twinkle! by Emma Dodd
2308093. Amazing Baby Peekaboo, Puppy! by Emma Dodd
2308094. Lighthouses Coast to Coast by James Mc Hugh
2308095. Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Salutes the Armed Forces by Bathroom Readers Institute
2308100. Kitten Taming: Train Your Cat's Inner Tiger by David Taylor
2308101. Your Dog's IQ: How Clever Is Your Canine? by David Taylor
2308102. Great Commanders Head to Head: The Battles of the Civil War by Kevin Doughery
2308103. Picking Your Pet by Claudia Martin
2308105. The Timeline History of Baseball by Don Jensen
2308107. Doctor Syn, a Smuggler Tale of the Romney Marsh by Russell Thorndike
2308108. Speaking of the Fantastic by Darrell Schweitzer
2308112. The Pantomime Man and Others by Richard Middleton
2308116. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street by George Dibdin Pitt
2308142. The Complete Wandering Ghosts by F Marion Crawford
2308145. Tales of War: Expanded Edition by Edward John Moreton Dunsany
2308148. A Prize for Princes by Rex Stout
2308153. Snake's Hands: The Fiction of John Crowley by Alice K Turner
2308157. Up Through an Empty House of Stars by David Langford
2308159. He Do the Time Police in Different Voices by David Langford
2308162. Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice by James Branch Cabell
2308175. The High Place by James Branch Cabell
2308176. Seven Keys to Baldpate by Earl Derr Biggers
2308181. There Were Two Pirates by James Branch Cabell
2308192. Something about Eve by James Branch Cabell
2308194. Straws and Prayer-Books by James Branch Cabell
2308201. The Caltraps of Time by David Masson
2308202. The Caltraps of Time by David I Masson
2308204. Shapeshifter by J F Gonzalez
2308205. Wholly Smokes by John Sladek
2308206. Fantasy Adventures 3 by Philip Harbottle
2308211. Morgan Le Fay 4: Taliesin's Telling by Fay Sampson
2308213. Magic's Song: Tales of the Harper Mage by Underwood, Laura J.
2308214. Fantasy Adventures 4 by Philip Harbottle
2308217. Different Kinds of Darkness by David Langford
2308218. Fantasy Adventures 5 by Philip Harbottle
2308219. Barrenlands by Doranna Durgin
2308221. Molt Brother by Jacqueline Lichtenberg
2308222. City of a Million Legends by Jacqueline Lichtenberg
2308227. Baron Munchausen: An Account of His Recent Adventures by John Kendrick Bangs
2308233. A Cigarette-Maker's Romance by F Marion Crawford
2308243. Songs and Sonnets Atlantean by Donald Sidney Fryer
2308255. Resnick at Large by Mike Resnick
2308256. The Fightin'est Ship: The Story of the Cruiser Helena by Hugh B Cave
2308258. Allan Quatermain in Finished by H Rider Haggard
2308266. Mutiny in Space by Avram Davidson
2308268. Pulp Classics: The Opium Ship by H Bedford Jones
2308270. Secret Agent X: Claws of the Corpse Cult by Brant House
2308272. Mogens and Other Stories by J P Jacobsen
2308295. Lovecraft Slept Here by Denise Dumars
2308296. Aurora: A Child of Two Worlds by David A Hardy
2308298. Maps: The Uncollected John Sladek by John Sladek
2308299. Materials Toward a Bibliography of the Works of Talbot Mundy by Bradford M Day
2308300. Fantasy Adventures 6 by Philip Harbottle
2308301. Fantasy Adventures 7 by Philip Harbottle
2308303. The Holy Machine by Chris Beckett
2308304. The Holy Machine by Chris Beckett
2308306. Neil Gaiman's the Sandman and Joseph Campbell: In Search of the Modern Myth by Stephen Rauch
2308308. In the Darkness, Hunting by Janrae Frank
2308309. Fantasy Adventures 8 by Philip Harbottle
2308311. Fantasy Adventures 10 by Philip Harbottle
2308314. Through Forest and Fire by Edward S Ellis
2308315. Beechenbrook: A Rhyme of the War with Additional Civil War Poems by Margaret J Preston
2308319. Marine Rifle Squad (Marine Corps Warfighting Publication 3- 11.2) by United States Marine Corps
2308322. Marine Troop Leader's Guide by United States Marine Corps
2308323. Marine Physical Readiness Training for Combat by United States Marine Corps
2308328. Paul Faber, Surgeon by George Mac Donald
2308330. Ground Combat Operations by United States Marine Corps
2308338. Machines and Men: 10 Science Fiction Stories by Keith Roberts
2308339. Early Romances by William Morris
2308343. The Begum's Fortune by Jules Verne
2308355. Smith: The Nightmare Has Triplets, Volume 2 by James Branch Cabell
2308357. Smire: The Nightmare Has Triplets, Volume 3 by James Branch Cabell
2308359. Smirt: The Nightmare Has Triplets, Volume 1 by James Branch Cabell
2308363. The First Gentleman of America: A Comedy of Conquest by James Branch Cabell
2308365. Preface to the Past by James Branch Cabell
2308368. Beyond Life by James Branch Cabell
2308373. The Way of Ecben: A Comedietta Involving a Gentleman by James Branch Cabell
2308387. Gabrielle de Bergerac by Henry James
2308388. Guest's Confession by Henry James
2308407. The Treasure by Selma Lagerlof
2308410. Uncle Silas by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
2308411. The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer by Charles James Lever
2308412. Mistrust, or Blanche and Osbright by Matthew G Lewis
2308413. The Anaconda by Matthew G Lewis
2308417. The Drums of Jeopardy by Harold Macgrath
2308418. The Man on the Box by Harold Macgrath
2308419. The Puppet Crown by Harold Macgrath
2308420. The Unknown Guest by Maurice Maeterlinck
2308421. The Carissima by Lucas Malet
2308422. If I Were King by Justin Huntly Mc Carthy
2308423. Farina by George Meredith
2308424. Lord Ormont and His Aminta by George Meredith
2308425. The Shaving of Shagpat by George Meredith
2308426. The Blunderer by Moliere
2308427. Kathleen by Christopher Morley
2308429. Wakulla by Kirk Munroe
2308432. Ghost, Window, Mountain by Elia W Peattie
2308438. The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Vol. V by Edgar Allan Poe
2308439. Marie by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
2308442. The Amazing Interlude by Mary Roberts Rinehart
2308443. The Bat by Avery Hopwood
2308444. The Street of Seven Stars by Mary Roberts Rinehart
2308445. The Weird of the Wanderer by Frederick Rolfe
2308446. Guy Mannering by Andrew Lang
2308448. The Monastery by Walter Scott
2308449. The Talisman by Walter Scott
2308451. The Lord of the Sea by M P Shiel
2308452. The Purple Cloud by M P Shiel
2308453. The Adventures of Count Fathom by Tobias George Smollett
2308455. The Created Legend by Feodor Sologub
2308456. In Those Days by Jehudah Steinberg
2308459. The Gates of Chance by Van Tassel Sutphen
2308461. Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray
2308462. The Masquerader by Katherine Cecil Thurston
2308465. Katy of Catoctin by George Alfred Townsend
2308474. Rudin by Ivan Turgenev
2308476. The Jew and Other Stories by Ivan Turgenev
2308484. The House of the Wolf by Stanley John Weyman
2308486. Hide and Seek by Wilkie Collins
2308496. Chance by Joseph Conrad
2308497. Falk, Amy Foster, and Tomorrow by Joseph Conrad
2308507. The Brotherhood of Consolation by Honore De Balzac
2308510. A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder by James De Mille
2308511. Of Captain Mission by Daniel Defoe
2308513. Coningsby by Benjamin Disraeli
2308514. Lothair by Benjamin Disraeli
2308517. Poor Folk by Fyodor M Dostoevsky
2308518. The Crocodile and Other Tales by Fyodor M Dostoevsky
2308519. The Gambler by Fyodor M Dostoevsky
2308520. The Idiot by Fyodor M Dostoevsky
2308525. A Gil Blas in California by Alexandre Dumas
2308527. Celebrated Crimes, Vol. II by Alexandre Dumas
2308528. Celebrated Crimes, Vol. III by Alexandre Dumas
2308529. Celebrated Crimes, Vol. IV by Alexandre Dumas
2308530. Celebrated Crimes, Vol. V by Alexandre Dumas
2308531. Celebrated Crimes, Vol. VI by Alexandre Dumas
2308532. Celebrated Crimes, Vol. VII by Alexandre Dumas
2308533. Celebrated Crimes, Vol. VIII by Alexandre Dumas
2308534. Roast Beef, Medium by Edna Ferber
2308536. The Longest Journey by E M Forster