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Books 107/71

2395524. The Correspondence of Thomas Carlyle & Ralph Waldo Emerson 1834-1872 (Volume I) by Ralph Waldo Emerson
2395525. The Correspondence of Thomas Carlyle & Ralph Waldo Emerson (Volume II) by Ralph Waldo Emerson
2395536. A Modern Instance by William Dean Howells
2395537. The Rise of Silas Lapham by William Dean Howells
2395538. The Kingdom of God Is Within You by Tolstoy, Leo Nikolayevich
2395544. The Mettle of the Pasture by James Lane Allen
2395556. A Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland by Samuel Johnson
2395557. Harrigan by Max Brand
2395559. Riders of the Silences by Max Brand
2395561. Ronicky Doone by Max Brand
2395563. The Rangeland Avenger by Max Brand
2395564. The Untamed by Max Brand
2395565. Trailin'! by Max Brand
2395577. The Seventh Man by Max Brand
2395578. President Barack Obama's Address to the Congress and the Nation- February 24, 2009 (Includes the Republican Response by Obama, Barack
2395579. Treasure Island- Special Student Edition by Robert Louis Stevenson
2395604. Sacred and Profane Love by Arnold Bennett
2395607. Absalom's Hair by Bjornstjerne Bjornson
2395619. The Lifted Veil and Brother Jacob by George Eliot
2395624. All He Knew by John Habberton
2395628. Tales of the Five Towns by Arnold Bennett
2395632. Symposium by Plato
2395633. Captain Mansana & Mothers Hands by Bjoernstjerne Bjoernson
2395637. Hugo - A Fantasia on Modern Themes by Arnold Bennett
2395643. The Mormon Prophet by Lily Dougall
2395656. The Warden by Anthony Trollope
2395658. In the Blue Pike (Complete) by Georg Ebers
2395659. The Guilty River by Wilkie Collins
2395660. Prose Idylls, New and Old by Charles Kingsley
2395661. The Dead Boxer by William Carleton
2395663. Christian's Mistake by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
2395666. A Woman of the World by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
2395671. History of the Thirteen: Ferragus & the Duchesse of Langeais & the Girl with the Golden Eyes by Honor De Balzac
2395679. An Ambitious Man by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
2395680. Tales of Bengal by S B Banerjea
2395694. The Chronicles of the Canons Regular of Mount St. Agnes by Thomas Kempis
2395701. Tea- Table Talk by Jerome K Jerome
2395710. Cheerful- By Request by Edna Ferber
2395733. Thoughts on the Present Discontents, and Speeches by Edmund Burke
2395735. The House of Heine Brothers & John Bull on the Guadalquivir & the Parson's Daughter of Oxney Colne by Anthony Trollope
2395741. By Shore and Sedge by Bret Harte
2395745. The House of the Dead Hand & the Reckoning & Xingu by Edith Wharton
2395749. Twelve Types by G K Chesterton
2395752. Alexander's Bridge and the Barrel Organ by Willa Cather
2395756. Goldsmith by William Black
2395759. Men, Women, and Boats by Stephen Crane
2395768. The Pursuit of the House- Boat by John Kendrick Bangs
2395775. Out of the Deep: Words for the Sorrowful by Charles Kingsley
2395783. The Dream by Mile Zola
2395784. Italian Letters by William Godwin
2395849. Bugs!: Checkerboard Science Library by Kristin Petrie
2395850. Ants by Kristin Petrie
2395869. Everyday Inventions by Kristin Petrie
2395870. Airplanes by Kristin Petrie
2395872. Bicycles by Kristin Petrie
2395874. Computers by Kristin Petrie
2396042. Fantasy by John Hamilton
2396140. Mamie Eisenhower by Jill C Wheeler
2396144. Edith Wilson by Jill C Wheeler
2396256. Tempest at the Sunsphere by David Hunter
2396258. Making a Map of the River by Thorpe Moeckel
2396259. The Candle I Hold Up to See You by Cathy Smith Bowers
2396260. Mother Land by Linda Parsons Marion
2396261. Hand of the Wind by Geraldine Connolly
2396264. Late Winter by Bill Brown
2396267. New Issues in Corporate Governance by Pauline V Urlacher
2396272. Global Warming and China's Environmental Diplomacy by Hongyuan Yu
2396273. Protein Adaptation in Extremophiles by Khawar Sohail Siddiqui
2396276. Solar Cell Research Progress by Joseph A Carson
2396280. New Research in Cognitive Sciences by Miao Kun Sun
2396281. The Darfur Crisis by William R Jeffries
2396284. Thomas Jefferson: A Public Life, a Private Life by David Kiracofe
2396286. Children's Lifeworlds: Locating Indigenous Voices by Rodney Gerber
2396287. Biotechnology and Bioengineering by William G Flynne
2396288. Methods of Bosonic and Fermionic Path Integrals Representations: Continuum Random Geometry in Quantum Field Theory by Luiz C L Botelho
2396291. Economics and Geopolitics of the Middle East by Richard N Dralonge
2396292. Hot Topics in Sports and Athletics by Samuel R Bakere
2396293. Currency Interventions, Fluctuations and Economic Issues by Nova Science Pub Inc
2396295. Environmental Research Progress by Florian P Maes
2396297. The Sarbanes- Oxley ACT: Implementation, Significance, and Impact by Wilma H Fletcher
2396300. Applied Statistics Research Progress by M Ahsanullah
2396302. Discrete Mathematics Research Progress by Moore
2396304. Trends in Testosterone Research by Raymund E Veritos
2396305. Advances in Psychology Research, V. 54 by Alexandra M Columbus
2396306. Nuclear Materials: New Research by Joseph N Geddes
2396310. Mathematical Biology Research Trends by Lachlan B Wilson
2396311. Distributions in Stochastic Network Models by G Sh Tsi Tsiashvili
2396312. Impact of Oxidative Stress on Diabetes Mellitus and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases by Jana Varvaovska
2396314. Political Economy Research Foc by Walter R Levin
2396315. E- Learning: 21st Century Issues and Challenges by Audrey R Lipshitz
2396316. The Phoenix Of Natural Disasters: Community Resilience 2008 by Gow K
2396318. Brazil by Jorge Almeida
2396319. Chaos and Complexity Research Progress by Franco F Orsucci
2396320. Cbl Proteins by Alexander Tsygankov
2396321. Volterra Functions by Alexander Apelblat
2396322. Progress in Mathematical Biology Research by James T Kelly
2396325. Focus on African Diaspora Mathematics by Toka Diagana
2396331. African Diaspora Mathematics Research Progress by Toka Diagana
2396332. Sports and Athletics Developments by James H Humphrey
2396333. Lifetimes of Fluorinated Compounds by Kazuaki Tokuhashi
2396334. Direct Fluorination of Polymers by A P Kharitonov
2396335. Present Trends in Fuel Cell Technology Development by N Rajalakshmi
2396337. Protein Conformation: New Research by Linda B Roswell
2396342. Drying of Food Materials: Transport Phenomena by Kamil Kahveci
2396343. Educational Curricula: Development & Evaluation by Casey
2396344. Classroom Culture and Dynamics by Earl P Velliotis
2396345. Progress in Economics Research, V.13 by Albert Tavidze
2396348. Distribution Optimizing Plan for Small- Scale Energy Systems by Shin Ya Obara
2396349. Inflation: Roles, Targeting, and Dynamics by Darron T Bentley
2396350. Energy Conversion: New Research by Wenzhong Lin
2396351. Development in Valve- Regulated Lead- Acid (Vrla) Batteries by P G Balakrishnan
2396353. Adult Education: Issues and Developments by Patricia N Blakely
2396354. Organizational Behavior & Dyna by Oliver T Chen
2396356. Innovation in Education by Jasmine E Larkley
2396359. Oncogene Proteins by Artur H Malloy
2396360. Tissue Engineering: Roles, Materials, and Applications by Steven J Barnes
2396361. Game Theory & Applications Vol. 13. by L A Petrosian
2396364. Superconducting Thin Films by Arnold H Burness
2396365. Stem Cell Research Progress by Prasad S Koka
2396366. Education in China by James U Landowe
2396369. Steel Industry: Price and Policy Issues by Stephen Cooney
2396374. The U. S. Health Care Spending: Comparison with Other OECD Countries by Chris L Peterson
2396376. Chemical and Physical Methods for Protecting Biopolymers Against Pests by O S Kukovinets
2396378. State Children's Health Insurance Program (Schip) by Mary T Ewing
2396379. Exchange Rates: Dynamics, Expectations and Adjustment by Megan J Tauline
2396380. Building an Intelligent Assisted Instructional Design System by Shian Shyong Tseng
2396382. Developments in Chaos and Complexity Research by Franco Orsucci
2396383. Silicon- Based Inorganic Polymers by Roger De Jaeger
2396384. Compounds & Materials W/Specif by B A Howell
2396385. Electroanalytical Chemistry: New Research by Graham M Smithe
2396386. Criminology by Wesley E Ventura
2396387. Medicaid: Services, Costs and Future by Sophia R Ketler
2396388. New Research on Energy Economics by Paul G Caldwell
2396389. Progress In Nonlinear Analysis Research by Hoffmann
2396390. Nuclear Energy Research Progress by Veda B Durelle
2396391. Classical and Quantum Gravity Research by Mikkel N Christiansen
2396393. Polycrystalline and Spatially Non- Homogenous Amorphous Semiconductors by Valeri Ligatchev
2396394. Acid Rain Research Focus by Lyman G Roglesfield
2396399. Nitrogen Fixation Research Progress by Guilherme N Couto
2396401. Advances in Environmental Research, Volume 1 by Charles V Rades
2396403. Conventional Arms Transfers to Developing Nations, 1999- 2006 by Richard F Grimmett
2396404. Potential Challenges to U. S. Farm Subsidies in the WTO by Randy Schnepf
2396406. Globalization and Africa by James L Maruba
2396407. Life Style and Health Research Progress by Anna B Turley
2396408. Fish Oils and Health by Eetu P Heikkinen
2396409. Ht Solve Problems by Spyros Kalomitsines
2396411. Quantum Chemical Spectroscopic by Tsonko Kolev
2396413. Rebuilding Iraq: Restoring Iraq's Oil and Electricity Sectors by
2396414. Advanced Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology by Viroj
2396418. Population Genetics Research Progress by Koven