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Books 109/35

2435104. The World Working Regional Autonomies: An Introduction and Comparative Analysis by Thomas Benedikter
2435105. Autonomy: Beyond Kant and Hermeneutics by Samir Kumar Das
2435255. Mian Xiang: The Chinese Art of Face Reading by Henning, Hai Lee Yang
2435259. Life Scripts by Ursula Markham
2435260. Order in the Court by Benjamin Sells
2435261. The Book of Goddesses by Blair, Nancy
2435266. Child Birth Doesn't Have to Hurt by Geoffrey Chamberlain
2435267. Gentle Art of Spiritual Guidance by John R Yungblut
2435268. Zen: The Supreme Experience: The Newly Discovered Scripts by Alan Watts
2435317. Intellectual Property Licences and Technology Transfer: A Practical Guide to the New European Licensing Regime by Duncan Curley
2435333. Managing Archives: Foundations, Principles and Practice by Williams, Caroline
2435353. Digital Libraries and the Challenges of Digital Humanities by Jeffrey A Rydberg Cox
2435355. Solving Management Problems in Information Services by Urquhart, Christine
2435359. Strategic Change Management in Public Sector Organisations by Baker, David
2435360. Record Keeping in a Hybrid Environment: Managing the Creation, Use, Preservation and Disposal of Unpublished Information Objects in Context by Moss, Michael
2435361. Leading Empowerment: A Practical Guide to Change by Michael Applegarth
2435366. Ethical Decision Making for Digital Libraries by Anderson, Cokie G.
2435367. Building Bridges: Collaboration Within and Beyond the Academic Library by Anne Langley
2435388. Putting Content Online: A Practical Guide for Libraries by Mark Jordan
2435390. Wikis: Tools for Information Work and Collaboration by Klobas, Jane
2435393. Intellectual Property: The Lifeblood of Your Company by Mark Elmslie
2435402. Strategic Change Management in Public Sector Organisations by David Baker
2435409. Open Access: Key Strategic, Technical and Economic Aspects by Jacobs, Neil
2435438. R&d and Licensing: Building Value Through Intellectual Assets by Kieran Comerford
2435441. The Future of the Book in the Digital Age by Angus Phillips
2435445. The Academic Research Library in a Decade of Change by Carr, Reg
2435449. Corporate Literacy: Discovering the Senses of the Organisation by Anne Kauhanen Simanainen
2435452. Scientific Libraries: Past Development and Future Changes by Lidman, Tomas
2435457. Corporate Literacy: Discovering the Senses of the Organisation by Anne Kauhanen Simanainen
2435463. Improving Library Services to People with Disabilities by Deines-Jones, Courtney
2435468. The Impact of Organisational Culture on Knowledge Management by Du Plessis, Marina
2435478. Institutional Repositories: Content and Culture in an Open Access Environment by Catherine Jones
2435485. Library Performance and Service Competition: Developing Strategic Responses by White, Larry Nash
2435493. Knowledge Management for Services, Operations and Manufacturing by Young, Tom
2435495. Acquisitions Go Global: An Introduction to Library Collection Management in the 21st Century by Agee, Jim
2435505. The Rise of the Dragon: Inward and Outward Investment in China in the Reform Period 1978- 2007 by Kerry Brown
2435508. Instant Messaging Reference: A Practical Guide by Bridgewater, Rachel
2435512. Global Information Inequalities: Bridging the Information Gap by Charbonneau, Deborah H.
2435517. Emerging Technologies for Knowledge Resource Management by Pandian, M. Paul
2435521. Library Project Funding: A Guide to Planning and Writing Proposals by Julie Carpenter
2435528. Managing Global Business Strategies: A Twenty-First Century Perspective by John C Mc Manus
2435529. Information History - An Introduction: Exploring an Emergent Field by Weller, Toni
2435537. A Leadership Primer for New Librarians by Lowe-Wincentsen, Dawn
2435540. Expatriates in Asia: Breaking Free from the Colonial Paradigm by Hipsher, Scott A.
2435545. A Deal's a Deal by Gary Taylor
2435550. New Thinking for 21st-Century Publishers: Emerging Patterns and Evolving Stratagems by Kist, Joost
2435553. The Revolution Will Not Be Downloaded by Brabazon, Tara
2435564. Tenth European Fluid Machinery Congress: Advances in the Optimisation, Design and Maintenance of Process Machinery by Institution Of Mechanical Engineers
2435565. Online Dispute Resolution: Technology, Management and Legal Practice from an International Perspective by Wang, Faye Fangfei
2435569. The Future of Post-Human Knowledge: A Preface to a New Theory of Methodology and Ontology by Baofu, Peter
2435571. Biofilms in Wastewater Treatment: An Interdisciplinary Approach by Stefan Wuertz
2435572. Membrane Bioreactors for Municipal Wastewater Treatment by Hf Van Der Roest
2435573. Water and Wastewater Management in the Tropics by Lonholdt
2435574. Advanced Oxidation Processes for Water and Wastewater Treatment by Simon Parsons
2435575. Pond Treatment Technology by A Shilton
2435576. Municipal Wastewater Management in Developing Countries by Zaini Ujang
2435577. Sampling for the Measurement of Odours: Scientific and Technical Report No. 17 by P Gostelow
2435579. Competition and Economic Regulation in Water by T Ballance
2435580. Resource Recovery and Reuse in Organic Solid Waste Management: by Lens
2435581. Visual Hydrology by Peter A Mantz
2435582. Urban Stormwater Management in Developing Countries by J Parkinson
2435583. Flocs in Water Treatment by David H Bache
2435584. Sustainable Water Services by David Blackwood
2435585. Aerobic Granule Reactor Technology by M K Kreuk
2435586. Hydrology and Water Law: Bridging the Gap by J Wallace
2435587. International Law and Sustainable Development by A Rieu Clarke
2435588. A New Legal Framework for Managing the World's Shared Groundwaters by Fadia Daibes Murad
2435591. Mechanism and Design of Sequencing Batch Reactors for Nutrient Removal by Nazik Artan
2435592. Integrated Transboundary Water Management in Theory and Practice by Geoffrey D Gooch
2435594. Integrated River Basin Governance by Bruce Hooper
2435595. Water Reuse: An International Survey of Current Practice, Issues and Needs by Blanca Jimenez
2435597. Care- W: Computer Aided Rehabilitation for Water Networks by Sveinung Saegrov
2435598. Biofuels for Fuel Cells by P Lens
2435601. Soil and Sediment Remediation by Piet Lens
2435602. Strategic Planning of Sustainable Urban Water Management by Per Arne Malmqvist
2435603. Coagulation and Flocculation in Water and Wastewater Treatment by John Bratby
2435604. Water Rights: An International and Comparative Study by Valerie Ed Hu
2435605. Watershed Management- Issues and Approaches by T O Randhir
2435608. Advanced Biological Treatment Processes for Industrial Wastewaters: Principles and Applications by Francisco J Cervantes
2435609. Care- S: Computer Aided Rehabilitation of Sewer and Storm Water Networks by Sveinung Saegrov
2435610. Public and Private Participation in the Water and Wastewater Sector: Developing Sustainable Legal Mechanisms by X Cledan Mandri Perrott
2435611. Recent Progress in Slow Sand and Alternative Biofiltration Processes by Rolf Gimbel
2435613. Comparative Evaluation of Sludge Reduction Routes by P Ginestet
2435614. Southeast Asian Water Environment 2 by H Furumai
2435616. Piggery Waste Management: Towards a Sustainable Future by Euiso Choi
2435617. Engineering and Costs of Dual Water Supply Systems by S L Tang
2435618. Health Impact Assessment for Sustainable Water Management by Lorna Fewtrell
2435619. Institutional Governance and Regulation of Water Services by Michael Rouse
2435620. Municipal Water and Wastewater Reforms in the Russian Federation by Sergey Gennadyevich Ivanov
2435621. Cities of the Future: Towards Integrated Sustainable Water and Landscape Management by Vladimir Novotny
2435622. Risk Management For Water And Wastewater Utilities by Pollard
2435624. Wastewater Sludge: A Global Overview of the Current Status and Future Prospects by Ludovico Spinosa
2435625. Reform Of China's Urban Water Sector (Water 21 Market Briefing Series) by Lijin Zhong
2435626. Industrial Wastewater Treatment by Activated Sludge by Derin Orhon
2435627. Integrated Evaluation for Sustainable River Basin Governance by Nuno Videira
2435628. Service Life Analysis of Water Main Epoxy Lining by Arun K Deb
2435629. Source Water Protection for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: A Guide for Drinking Water Utilities by Richard W Gullick
2435630. Monitoring Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria in Chloraminated Distribution Systems by John M Regan
2435631. Treatment of Waters with Elevated Organic Content by Simon A Parsons
2435632. Daywater: An Adaptive Decision Support System for Urban Stormwater Management by Daniel R Thevenot
2435633. Wastewater Characteristics, Treatment and Disposal: Biological Wastewater Treatment Series Volume 1 by Marcos Von Sperling
2435635. Waste Stabilisation Ponds: Biological Wastewater Treatment Volume 3 by Marcos Von Sperling
2435636. Anaerobic Reactors: Biological Wastewater Treatment Volume 4 by
2435637. Activated Sludge and Aerobic Biofilm Reactors: Biological Wastewater Treatment Volume 5 by Marcos Von Sperling
2435638. Sludge Treatment and Disposal: Biological Wastewater Treatment Volume 6 by Cleverson Vitorio Andreoli
2435639. Integrated Deliberative Decision Processes for Water Resources Planning and Evaluation by Giorgos Kallis
2435642. The Adaptiveness of Iwrm: Analysing European Iwrm Research by Jos G Timmerman
2435643. Membrane Bioreactors: Operation and Results of an Mbr Wastewater Treatment Plant by
2435644. The Price of Water- 2nd Edition: Studies in Water Resource Economics and Management by Stephen Merrett
2435645. Biological Nitrogen Removal Activated Sludge Process in Warm Climates: Full- Scale Process Investigation, Laboratory Experimentation and Mathematical M by Ye Shi Cao
2435646. Early Detection of Cyanobacterial Toxins Using Genetic Methods by J Paul Rasmussen
2435647. Water Budgets and Rate Structures: Innovative Management Tools by Peter Mayer
2435648. Strategies for Minimizing Nitrosamine Formation During Disinfection by Frank Sacher
2435649. Comparing Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis for Treating Recycled Water by Jorg E Drewes
2435650. Costs and Benefits of Complete Water Treatment Plant Automation by David Roberts
2435651. Environmental Technologies To Treat Nitrogen Pollution: Principles And Engineering by Francisco J Cervantes
2435652. A Simulation Tool to Assess Contaminant Warning System Sensor Performance Characteristics by Wayne Einfeld
2435653. Effect of Pathogen Load on Pathogen Removal by Conventional Treatment by Prapakorn Assavasilavasukul
2435654. Water in China by Wilderer
2435655. Sewer Networks and Processes Within Urban Water Systems by Jean Luc Bertrand Krajewski
2435656. 2nd Iwa Leading- Edge on Sustainability in Water- Limited Environments by M Bruce Beck
2435657. 2nd Iwa Leading- Edge on Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies by Loosdretch
2435660. Young Researchers 2006 by Richard Stuetz
2435661. Decentralised Water and Wastewater Systems by Kuruvilla Matthew
2435663. Cyanide Formation and Fate in Complex Effluents and Its Relation to Water Quality Criteria by M Kavanaugh
2435664. Ultrasonic Destruction of Surfactants by L K Weavers
2435665. Developing Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Mercury: A Probablistic Site-Specific Approach by D R J Moore
2435666. Impact of Surface Storage on Reclaimed Water: Seasonal and Long Term by Ron Miller
2435667. Technical Approaches for Setting Site- Specific Nutrient Criteria by W Warren Hicks
2435668. Efficient Redundancy Design Practices by T M Palmer
2435669. A Novel Membrane Process for Autotrophic Denitrification by Kauser Jahan
2435670. Identifying and Controlling Odor in the Municipal Wastewater Environment Phase I by Gregory M Adams
2435671. Physical Effects of Wet Weather Flows on Aquatic Habitats: Present Knowledge and Research Needs by La Rosener
2435672. Evaluating Endocrine Disruption in Receiving Waters: Screening from Biomarkers by Pv Cline
2435673. Evaluating Risks and Benefits of Soil Amendments Used in Agriculture by Lynne H Moss
2435674. Reducing Peak Rainfall-Derived Infiltration/Inflow Rates by S Merrill
2435676. Methods for Wastewater Characterization in Activated Sludge Modelling: by H Melcer
2435677. Development of a Water Quality Model to Support a Pathogen Tmdl (Newport Bay, California) by De George
2435678. Sources and Variability of Cryptosporidium in the Milwaukee River Watershed by S Corsi
2435679. Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing: Study Plan for Field Validation by Diamond
2435681. Navigating the Tmdl Process: Method Development for Addressing Narrative Criteria by P L Freedman
2435682. Effects of Wastewater Disinfection on Human Health by E R Blatchley
2435683. Navigating the Tmdl Process: Evaluation and Improvements by Pl Freedman
2435684. Protocols to Assess the Breakdown of Flushable Consumer Products: by Drew C Mc Avoy
2435685. Sensor Technology for Water Quality Monitoring: Fiber-Optic Biosensor by A C Cannons
2435686. Assessing Bioavailability of Metals in Biosolids-Treated Soils: Biosolids and Residuals by A C Chang
2435687. Metals Removal Technologies for Urban Stormwater by Pd Johnson
2435688. Stormwater Thermal Enrichment in Urban Watersheds by Ms Kieser
2435690. Use of Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal for Treating Phosphorus-Deficient Wastewater Treatment by Jr W F Harper
2435691. Identifying and Controlling Odor in the Municipal Wastewater Environment Phase II by Gregory M Adams