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Books 110/144

2473951. Stomach and Bowel Disorders by Jan De Vries
2473958. Glasgow's People 1956-1988 by Oscar Marzaroli
2473963. One Hundred Hill Walks Around Birmingham by Richard Shurey
2473964. Taggart: Forbidden Fruit by Cave, Peter
2473967. Fifth Men by Montgomery, Michael
2473968. John Smith: Life and Soul of the Party by Naughtie, James
2473969. Scotching the Myths: An Alternative Route Map to Scottish History by Jim Hewitson
2473970. Magic Mountains by McOwan, Rennie
2473973. McIlvanney on Horseracing by Hugh Mc Ilvanney
2473976. The Stamford Bridge Encyclopedia: An A-Z of Chelsea FC by Paul Harrison
2473978. Ali in Britain by Michael Tanner
2473979. The Edinburgh Encyclopedia by Sandy Mullay
2473980. The Highland High Way: A High-Level Walking Route from Loch Lomond to Fort William by Roper, Paul
2473982. A Dance Called America: The Scottish Highlands, the United States and Canada by James Hunter
2473983. Forever Everton!: Thirty-Five Years of Triumphs and Trials by Stan Liversedge
2473986. David Donaldson: Painter and Limner to Her Majesty, the Queen in Scotland by Smith, W. Gordon
2473990. Moving the Goalposts: Football's Exploitation by Ed Horton
2473992. Outlaws: The Search for Butch & Sundance by Eamonn P O Neill
2473995. Talking Swing: The British Big Bands by Tracy, Sheila
2473996. London, England: A Day Tripper's Travelogue from the Coolest City in the World by Hammond Derek
2473997. Shattered Dreams: One Woman's Escape to Freedom from an Abusive Marriage by Susan Stewart
2474011. Developments in Thin-Walled Structures - 3 by Spon
2474015. Methane from Biomass: A Systems Approach by W H Smith
2474023. Degradation of Lignocellulosics in Ruminants and in Industrial Processes by J M Vander Meer
2474038. Biomass Forestry in Europe: A Strategy for the Future by F C Hummel
2474040. Quality Assurance of Welded Construction by Spon
2474045. Potato Science and Technology by G Lisinska
2474063. Fibre Reinforched Cemntitious Composites by Benture
2474066. Isotopes and Climates by Robert N C Bowen
2474069. Chemistry with Ultrasound by Mason
2474080. Application of Multivariable System Techniques (Amst 90) by R Whalley
2474083. Renewable Energy Sources: Watt Committee: Report Number 22 by Spon
2474085. Fermentation Technologies: Industrial Applications by Pak Lam Yu
2474088. Integrity of Offshore Structures--4 by Spon
2474109. Basic Concepts in Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes by M Baviere
2474111. Pollution of the Arctic Atmosphere by W T Sturges
2474114. Advanced Geotechnical Analyses: Developments in Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering - 4 by Spon
2474116. Advances in Marine Structures - 2 by Smith, C. S.
2474120. Non-Linear Dynamic Problems for Composite Cylindrical Shells by Spon
2474122. Land Reclamation: An End to Dereliction? by Spon
2474130. Boundary Element Methods in Acoustics by R D Ciskowski
2474133. Earthquake, Blast and Impact by Spon
2474135. Buckling of Shell Structures, on Land, in the Sea and in the Air by Spon
2474136. Fire Safety Science by Spon
2474139. Biomass for Energy, Industry and Environment: 6th E.C. Conference by Spon
2474140. Performance of European Wind Turbines by Spon
2474141. Slurry Transport Using Centrifugal Pumps by K C Wilson
2474142. Intelligent Structures - 2: Monitoring and Control by Spon
2474146. Structural Integrity Assessment by Spon
2474151. Hydraulic Engineering Software IV by Jr E Cabrera
2474156. Compuational Mechanics In Structural Engineering by Cheng
2474157. Computational Methods in Water Resources IX: Two Volume Set by C A Brebbia
2474165. Contaminated Land Treatment Technologies by John F Rees
2474168. Structural Crashworthiness and Failure: Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Structural Crashworthiness Held at the University of Liver by Spon
2474172. One People One Planet by Brugiroux, Andre
2474177. Love of Baha'u'llah by Mehrabi
2474182. City of Wrong: A Friday in Jerusalem by Hussein, M. Kamel
2474199. Understanding Life: An Introduction to the Psychology of Alfred Adler by Adler, Alfred
2474218. God's Big Book of Virtues: A Treasury of Wisdom by Juliet Mabey
2474227. God's Big Handbook for the Soul: An Owners Manual by Juliet Mabey
2474242. Judaism: A Short Introduction by Element Books
2474270. Russia: A Short History by Ascher, Abraham
2474284. Kahlil Gibran: A Spiritual Treasury by Suheil Bushrui
2474297. God: A Guide for the Perplexed by Ward Keith
2474311. A Concise Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Religion by Anthony Thiselton
2474312. Al-Farabi, Founder of Islamic Neoplatonism: His Life, Works and Influence by Majid Fakhry
2474322. Paul: A Short Introduction by Morna D Hooker
2474323. Daoism: A Short Introduction by Miller, James
2474331. Political Philosophy: An Historical Introduction by White, Michael J.
2474338. Did My Genes Make Me Do It?: And Other Philosophical Dilemmas by Stroll, Avrum
2474405. Sexual Ethics and Islam: Feminist Reflections on Qur'an, Hadith and Jurisprudence by Ali, Kecia
2474411. Christian Criticisms, Islamic Proofs: Rashid Rida's Modernist Defence of Islam by Simon A Wood
2474451. Gibran's Little Book of Love by Kahlil Gibran
2474498. Ali Shariati by Schirin Fathi
2474591. Coping with Bipolar Disorder: A CBT- Informed Guide to Living with Manic Depression by Steven Jones
2474596. V&a: Cats by Beryl Reid
2474597. Scandinavian Ceramics and Glass in the 20th Century by Jennifer Opie
2474601. Children's Pleasures by Anthony Burton
2474604. Glass by Reino Liefkes
2474605. Pewter: At the Victoria & Albert Museum by Anthony North
2474611. Shamiana: The Mughal Tent by Mughal Tent Project
2474612. Indian Embroidery by Rosemary Crill
2474615. Branded by Gareth Williams
2474617. Tiaras: Past and Present by Geoffrey Munn
2474619. Dress in Detail from Around the World by Rosemary Crill
2474625. Ossie Clark 1965-1974 by Judith Watt
2474627. Song Dynasty Ceramics by Rose Kerr
2474633. Dialogue: Relationships in Graphic Design by Shaun Cole
2474636. Chinese Jades by Ming Wilson
2474639. Essential Arts and Crafts by Karen Livingstone
2474640. Arts and Crafts Gardens by Wendy Hitchmough
2474646. The Modern Ideal: The Rise and Collapse of Idealism in the Visual Arts from the Enlightenment to Postmodernism by Paul Greenhalgh
2474649. Modernism: Designing a New World 1914-1939 by Christopher Wilk
2474729. Teenagers and Their Problems by Gerardo Castillo
2474730. Guide to the Bible by Antonio Fuentes
2474731. The Vision of Tnugdal by Jean Michel Picard
2474732. Navigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis by Carl Selmer
2474733. When the Son Man Comes by Federico Suarez
2474734. Diocese of Killaloe 18th by Murphy, Ignatius
2474735. Diocese of Killaloe V1 by Murphy, Ignatius
2474736. Diocese of Meath: Ancien by
2474737. Faith Famine and Fatherland in 19th Century Midlands by Alfred P Smyth
2474738. Tertullian the Puritan by Cahal B Daly
2474739. Diocese of Killaloe1850-1904 Vol3 by Murphy, I.
2474740. A Short History of the Catholic Church by Jose Orlandis
2474741. The Mystery of Jesus Christ: A Christology and Soteriology Textbook by F Ocariz
2474742. Aquitaine and Ireland in the Middle Ages by Jean Michel Picard
2474745. Ireland in the Stuart Papers1719-1765: 2 Volume Set by Patrick Fagan
2474746. Scriptural Interpretation in the Fathers by J Finan
2474747. Cultural Identity and Cultural Integration: Ireland and Europe in the Early Middle Ages by Doris Edel
2474748. The Irish Dissenting Tradition by Kevin Herlihy
2474749. Studies in Medieval Language and Culture by Michael Richter
2474750. Feil-Sgribhinn Eoin Mhic Neill by John Ryan
2474751. British Books in Biblical Style by David Howlett
2474752. English Origins of Old French by D R Howlett
2474754. Reading the Past: Essays on Medieval Literature and Society by V J Scattergood
2474755. Ailerani Interpretatio Mystica Et Moralis by Aileran
2474756. The Modern Traveller to the Early Irish Church by Kathleen Hughes
2474758. Early Irish Lyrics: 8th - 12th Century by Gerard Murphy
2474759. Philosophers of the Enlightenment: Locke, Hume and Berkeley by Hanratty, Gerald
2474760. Texts and Their Contexts: Papers from the Early Book Society by V J Scattergood
2474761. Irish Dissenting Tradition by Mike Inglis
2474762. T.P. Flanagan by S B Kennedy
2474763. T P Flanagan Special Ed by S B Kennedy
2474764. The Proctors Accounts of Peter Lewis 1564-1565 by Peter Lewis
2474765. Moral Philosophy in Britain from Bradley to Wittgenstein by Cahal Daly
2474766. Irish Art Societies and Sketching Clubs: Index of Exhibitors 1870 - 1980, 2 Vol Set by Ann Stewart
2474767. Irish Charter Schools 1730 - 1830 by Kenneth Milne
2474768. The Religion of Irish Dissent by J Herlihy
2474770. Corpus Inscriptionum Insularum Celticarum: Vol 1 the Ogham Inscriptions of Ireland and Britain by R A Macalister
2474771. The Chapter ACT Book of Christ Church Dublin 1574-1634 by Raymond Gillespie
2474772. History of the Catholic Diocese of Dublin by P Kelly
2474774. Belfast Merchant Families in the 17th Century by Jean Agnew
2474775. Divided Loyalties: Question of the Oath for Catholics in the 18th Cent by Patrick Fagan
2474776. Law and Disorder in 13th Century Ireland by James Lydon
2474777. Irish Musical Studies: 4: The Maynooth International Musicological Conference 1995 Selected Proceedings: Part One by Partick F Devine
2474778. Irish Musical Studies: 5: The Maynooth International Musicological Conference 1995 Selected Proceedings: Part Two by Patrick F Devine
2474781. Swimming Against the Tide by S Kennedy
2474782. The Celtic West and Europe: Studies in Celtic Literature and the Early Chuch by Doris Edel
2474784. Buckingham and Ireland 1616- 1628 by Victor Treadwell
2474785. Irish Public Sculpture: A History by Judith Hill
2474786. Man Made Man: Ethical and Legal Issues in Genetics by Peter Doherty
2474787. Bede: On Tobit and the Canticle of Habakkuk by Bede
2474788. Bede: On Tobit and the Canticle of Habakkuk by Bede
2474789. Leper Hospitals of Medieval Ireland by Gerard Lee
2474790. Ireland and Early Europe: Essays and Occasional Writing on Art & Culture by Liam De Paor
2474791. The Politics of Irish Dissent 1650 - 1800 by Kevin Herlihy
2474792. The Politics of Irish Dissent 1650 - 1800 by Kevin Herlihy
2474793. On the Road to Rebellion: United Irishmen & Hamburg by Paul Weber
2474794. Media in Ireland: The Search for Diversity by Damien Kiberd