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Books 117/113

2626801. Introduction to Business Intelligence by Jorg Hartenauer
2626802. German and American Crisis Coverage- Treatment of the Baycol/Lipbay Crisis in Elite Newspapers by Nadine C Billgen
2626804. County of Origin Knowledge: Insights Into Consumers' Knowledge by Peter Hennebichler
2626805. Nigerian Women Speak- A Gender Analysis of Government Policy on Women by Oluwafunmilayo J Para Mallam
2626807. Enhancing Quality of Web-Service-Based Cooperative Business Processes- Definition and Monitoring of Quality Constraints by Tobias Berr
2626808. A Wcet-Aware Compiler- Design, Concepts and Realization by Paul Lokuciejewski
2626809. Love Is Blind- Effect of Romantic Attraction on Self and Partner Perception by Shanhong Luo
2626814. Competing by Michael E Smith
2626817. The Journalists' Privilege Not to Disclose Their Sources in Court- A Comparative Study by Valentina Bratu
2626818. Petri Net Workflow Modeling for Digital Publishing- Measuring Quantitative Dependability Attributes by Gustavo A Chaparro Baquero
2626820. Quality-Oriented Execution of Cooperative Processes: Model and Algorithms by Ulrike Greiner
2626821. The Symbolic Rape of Representation- A Critical Analysis of Black Musical Expression by Richard Koonce
2626822. Managing Diversified Workforces- Korean Multinationals by Zy He Kim
2626823. An Enactive Approach to Digital Musical Instrument Design-Theory, Models, Techniques by Newton Armstrong
2626825. Market Orientation by Rodney Oudan
2626826. Travel Patterns, Land Use, and the Elderly- Mobility, Activity, Accessibility by Hsi Hwa Hu
2626827. Hybrid Electric Power Systems- Modeling, Optimization and Control by Ashish Agrawal
2626828. Transforming the Gardiner Expressway- A Vision for Personal Rapid Transit in 2015 by Chloe Li
2626829. Cosmetic Body Alteration and the Hymenoplasty Procedure by Scott Daniel Boras
2626831. The Impact of Knowledge Sharing on Corporate Culture- An Outlook on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises by Julia Ihlenfeld
2626832. Decisive Leadership by Tacit Knowledge- How to React as an Organisation on Change and Fluctuating Knowledge by Rainer Knaack
2626833. Health Campaign and Message Strategy- Effect of Discriminate Messages on Healthy Behaviors by Taejin Jung
2626835. Computer-Mediated Communication- Potential and Actual Effects on the English Language by Laura Deneke
2626836. Leveraging Skills Into Independent Living- Distributed Cognition and Cognitive Disability by Stefan Carmien
2626837. The Future of Payment Systems by Markus Mayer
2626839. Interactions of Motion and Form Processing by Sarah Weigelt
2626841. Playing Politics-Why the U.S. Government Inadequately Communicates Spanish-Language Disaster Information by Brooke Fisher Liu
2626842. Local Street Design and Transit Accessibility by Angkana Chalermpong
2626844. Ontic Space- An Ontological Approach to Architecture and Design by Simon Faber
2626845. Gorgeous Monster- The Arts of Governing and Managing Violence in Contemporary Bogot by Angela Rivas Gamboa
2626846. Fatherhood Communication by Elliott Cooke
2626847. Off-Line Calibration of Dynamic Traffic Assignment- Analysis, Algorithms and Applications by Ramachandran Balakrishna
2626848. Economic Analysis of Prohibition and Harm Reduction- Theory and Application in the Polish Context by Michael Murtagh
2626852. Privilege, Liberalism, and Race- Experiences of People of Color Living in a Predominantly White Community by Anissa Butler
2626853. High Performance Group Key Management by Abdulhadi Shoufan
2626854. Reaching for Sustainable Development- Impact Assessment of the European Chemicals Framework by Jenny Behrendt
2626855. Baby Boomers and Retirement Planning- A Multifactor Approach by Jerry G Ingram
2626857. Schema-Free SQL- Providing Freedom from the Schema Knowledge Required to Formulate SQL Queries by Terrence Mason
2626858. On-Line Calibration for Dynamic Traffic Assignment Models- Theory, Methods and Application by Constantinos Antoniou
2626859. Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Control - No Backorders Under Uncertainty and Competition by Elodie Adida
2626860. Medical Cannabis Facilities by Amanda Reiman
2626862. Male Consumer Behaviour- A Gender Perspective on Advertising Response and Information Processing by Maria Heindler
2626863. Strategies in International Broadcasting- Communication Values Across Cultures by Brecken Chinn Swartz
2626864. Real Time Vehicle Routing in Large Networks- Introducing Global Optimization by Laia Pags Giralt
2626866. The Role of Exigencies in Marketing - A Rhetorical Analysis of Three Online Social Networks by Greg Martin
2626867. Mobile Broadband Communications by Arun Pachai Kannu
2626868. Drayage Operations at Seaports by Rajeev Namboothiri
2626869. Developing Writing Strategies for Professionals- Meshing Value with Each Professional by John J Guenther
2626870. Afro-Cuban Traditional Music and Transculturation by Nolan Warden
2626876. Selective Reporting by Ricky Law
2626878. Quality-Driven Information Filtering- In the Context of Web-Based Information Systems by Christian Bizer
2626879. Framing Social Change Management in Three Movements by Maurice Apprey
2626880. Enhancing Working Relationships by Paul Mohapel
2626882. The Strategic Control of Attention in Visual Search- Top-Down and Bottom-Up Processes by Michael J Proulx
2626883. Korean Middle by Mi Young Choi
2626884. Privacy and Security in E-Commerce- Conventional Wisdom and Analytical Insights by Bin Mai
2626885. Privacy in E-Commerce Software by Michael Smit
2626887. Negotiations and Decision-Making in the European Union - Teaching and Learning Through Role-Play Simulation Games by Mirko Siemssen
2626889. Multiculturalism Must Come to a Truce- Hollywood and the Perpetual Browning of the Nation by Belle Harrell
2626890. Supporting Sustainable Decision-Making- Evaluation of Previous Support Tools with New Designs by Timothy Maciag
2626891. A Fatal Agenda- The Social, Economic and Democratic Consequences of Neoliberalism by Colin Jenkins
2626892. A Holistic Method for Assessing Software Product Line Architectures by Femi Olumofin
2626893. Genetically Engineered Foods by Lisa Sander
2626895. Financial Audit Systems Modeling- A Formal Specifications Approach by J A Akinyemi
2626897. Software-Based Memory Protection on Osek/VDX- The Keso Multi-Jvm by Michael Stilkerich
2626898. Analysis of Protein-Protein Interactions- A Computational Approach by Sam Ansari
2626899. Teachers Review of Leadership's Impact on Self-Esteem - Concept, Methodology and Analysis by Dollyne Wayman Brody
2626901. Nanomanipulation- Friction and Other Physical Phenomena by Yanto Mualim
2626902. Ligand Binding in the Transmembrane Region of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors by Tobias Noeske
2626903. Urban Virtual Reality Models for Engineering Applications- Creating and Testing Models by Elaheh Mozaffari
2626904. Peace with North Korea by Randall Cuthbert
2626905. Hierarchical Bayesian Method in the Study of Individual Level Behavior- In the Context of Discrete Choice Modeling with Revealed and Stated Preference by Xiaojing Dong
2626906. Gender Differences by Fengbin Chang
2626907. Surviving the Next Database Disaster by Jeffrey T Test
2626908. Messenger in Built Form and Design by Ramona Wegner
2626909. de-Imagining the Global- Framing Globalization in the Social Studies Education in the U.S. by Ayman K Agbaria
2626911. The Last Three Feet by Larry A Williamson
2626912. Breaking the Poverty-Energy Nexus- The Nexus Beween Energy Import and Poverty in Developing Countries by Simon Drexler
2626914. Consolidating the Is Success, National Culture, and Global It Story- A Study of Erp and Portal Implementation by Chuck Burch
2626915. Computer Simulation in Learning by Suzan Ahmad
2626916. Business Process Automation - Performance and Capacity Planning with Bpel by Matthias Maurer
2626917. Web Technologies in the Enterprise- Evaluating Their Applicability to a Database Monitoring System by Benjamin Honzal
2626919. Regional Labor Markets by Jos Enrique Garcilazo Corredera
2626927. Effective Delivery of Distance Education by Tei Barnhart
2626929. Individual Behavior in Social Context by Natalia V Ovchinnikova
2626930. Dynamic Locomotion - Maneuvering with Hexapedal Legged Robots by
2626936. Design and Evaluation of Transport Protocols for Wireless and Mobile Networks by Ralf Schmitz
2626938. Construction and Bayesian Estimation of Dsge Models for the Euro Area- A Statistical Framework by Ernest Pytlarczyk
2626939. Democracies and Foreign Policy- The Influence of Leaders and Institutions on the Foreign Policies of Democracies by David J Plazek
2626941. Foreign Language in a Dialogue and Monologue with Culture- A Case Study of One Foreign Language Classroom from Bakhtinian and Vygotskian Perspectives by Natalia Collings
2626942. Community Health Worker - Diabetes Self-Management Intervention for Mexican Americans by Josefina Lujan
2626944. Complex Healthcare Systems and Information Technology by Thomas R Clancy
2626945. The Owners of the Body Are Not Involved- Examining Adolescents' Access, Provision and Use of Preventive Reproductive Health Services in Central Kenya by Anne Kamau
2626947. That's So Gay!- Homophobia in Canadian Catholic Schools by Tonya Callaghan
2626948. Women in Central and Eastern Europe - Measuring Gender Inequality Differently by Sylke Viola Schnepf
2626949. Signal Losses of Outdoor-Indoor Wave Propagation Paths - Signal Fading Through Modern Window Systems by Nils Knauer
2626950. Coding a Free Society by Jyh An Lee
2626951. Metaphor, Simile, Culture by Mohammad Abdelwali
2626952. Thinking Like an Ecosystem by Gordon G Karau
2626954. Japanese Brazilians in Japan by Hitomi Maeda
2626955. Wto Panel Dynamics- From Power-Based GATT Renderings to Wto Rule-Based Adjudication by John D Emens
2626961. The Digital Divide in Africa by Emlyn Hagen
2626962. Operating System Services for Task-Specific Power Management - Novel Approaches to Energy - Aware Embedded Linux by Andreas Wei
2626963. Custodians of the Soil- Land, Rights and Conflict in Egypt by Caroline Tingay
2626964. Teachers Versus Technology - The Impact of Teachers' Attitudes and Skills on Using the Internet as a Resource for Addressing Student Learning by Nicole Kendall
2626965. Contingency Paradox for Police Organizations- Which Policing Style to Choose by Ali Duman
2626966. Brother's Keeper by George F Bills
2626968. Between China and Germany- Grok: Concept and Groupware for International Project-Based Learning by Sebastian Denef
2626970. The Social Construction of Usefulness by Jos L Abdelnour Nocera
2626971. Other Cultures of Trauma by Sophie Croisy
2626972. Objectification or Liberation- Bisexual and Lesbian Women's Experiences with Physical Appearance by Amy Black
2626973. The Turkish Foreign Aid Program- A Helping Hand or a Snake Infested Olive Branch by Aisha Bigbee
2626975. Social Security and Policy Risk- Evidence of Its Effects on Welfare Costs and Savings by Roland Holst
2626976. Older Adulthood, Education and Social Change- Education and the Potential for Social Change in Later Life by Allan Martin
2626977. Applying Perceptrons to Speculation in Computer Architecture- Neural Networks in Future Microprocessors by Michael Black
2626978. Dance Education - Adding Writing to Your Dance Curriculum as an Expressive Process by Andrew Schlegelmilch
2626980. Journalism in Ireland - How Two Irish Newspapers Covered the 1960 Presidential Election of John F. Kennedy by Dave Ferman
2626982. Animals in Social Life by Radhika Lu Bauer
2626984. Patient Flow Initiatives- Influenced by Organizational Culture by Petra Pardy
2626986. Perceived Fairness of an Ethnic Validation Procedure by David B Oxendine
2626987. Coming to Terms with Place- Toward a Topographic Technique of Language Use by Sean M Conrey
2626988. Weaving a Two-Sided Network- Winning Strategies in Network Platform Competition by Mingchun Sun
2626990. New Queueing Network Approximations for Vaccination Clinics - Studying the Batch Arrival, Batch Service Processes and Stations with No Real Servers by Ali Pilehvar
2626992. The Software Model Calmob6- Transportation Emission and Fuel Consumption Inventories by Roshan Busawon
2626994. How the Internet Affects Higher Education- A Multi-Country Analysis by Norman Clark Capshaw
2626995. Outsourcing Management- Implementing Quality and Performance Decision Support by Ronald Shehane
2626998. Writing Teachers Become Writers - Teachers Plan Writing Instruction Based on Their Own Development as Writers by Jeri H Watts
2626999. Cognition and Acculturation - Thinking about How We Adapt by Todd D Mc Gough
2627001. Analyzing Monetary Policy by Mehmet Ivrendi
2627003. Cross-Cultural Perceptual Differences- Among African American, Caucasian, and Greek-Cypriot College Students by Marios Argyrides
2627004. The Economic Value Added by Specialist Auditors- Hypothesis, Sample and Data, Results by Ali R Almutairi
2627006. Accountability in Multicultural Settings by Pitima Boonyarak
2627008. Design of Information Flow for Networked Control Systems by Vijay Gupta
2627009. Assessing Visual Rhetoric- Problems, Practices and Possible Solutions by Thomas Ferstle
2627011. Differing Views of the O. J. Simpson Trial - A Social Identity Perspective by Victoria A Kuhl
2627012. Internet Quality of Service Monitoring System by Xiaoyuan Ta
2627013. Sheltered Workshops and Individual Employment-Perspectives of Consumers, Families, and Staff Members by Alberto Migliore
2627021. Redefining Family- An In-Depth Exploration of Youth with Lesbian Parents by Deborah Thomas Jones
2627022. Converts to Buddhism - Interpersonal and Worldview Shifts by Amanda Lienau Purnell
2627025. The Language of Art by Marisa Jones Main
2627027. Surface Insulation Resistance Degradation and Electrochemical Migration by Sheng Zhan
2627028. Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption in Foster Care - A Foster Care Decision on Child Maltreatment by Minkyoung Song
2627029. Participation and Social Learning in Church-Based Organizations - A Third Approach to Poverty Eradication in Developing Countries by Peter Obele Abue
2627031. Building Peace and Democracy or Organizing Exit by Stuard Shaw
2627033. Gamers and Gorehounds - The Influence of Video Games on the Contemporary American Horror Film by Dodd Alley
2627034. Shifting the Security Paradigm - The Risks of Information Assurance by Grayson Morgan
2627035. Line Probing in Voip- Networks to Find Performance by Jerker Taudien
2627036. Fuzzy Plant Modeling with OpenGL- Novel Approaches in Simulating Phototropism and Environmental Conditions by Wojtek Palubicki
2627038. Technology to Aid Aging in Place- New Opportunities and Challenges by Lalatendu Satpathy
2627039. Living the "Somehow Life"-Tanaka Yasuo, Banana Yoshimoto and Postmodern Japan by Peter Tillack