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Books 118/41

2638693. Operating Systems: Internals And Design Principles by William
2638796. Dictionnaire Francais Tamoul by Mousset Dupuis
2638797. Dictionnaire Tamoul Francais (2 Vols. ) : (Tamil French Dictionary) by Mousset Et Dupuis
2638798. Compendious Tamil English Dictionary by Pope G U
2638799. Kannada English Dictionary by F
2638800. Grammar Of The Kannada Language by F
2638802. Kannada Grammar by H
2638803. Grammar of the Ancient Dialect of the Kannada Language by Basal Mission
2638805. A Progressive Grammar of the Malayalam Language by L J Frohnmeyer
2638806. Grammar of the Tulu Language by J
2638808. Sanskrit Grammar for Beginners by F
2638810. Diccionario Konkani Portuguez by Dalgado S R
2638811. Diccionario Portuguez Konkani by Dalgado S R
2638812. Konkani Grammar by Xavier
2638813. Etymological Gujarati English Dictionary by M B
2638814. Manual of English Gujarati Dictionary by Ranina Rustum N
2638815. Dictionary of Bengali Language 2 Vols. by William
2638816. Practical Handbook of the Uriya or Odiya Language by Maltby T J
2638818. Dictionary of English and Sindhi by George
2638820. Comprehensive Grammar of the Sinhalese Language by A M
2638825. A Grammar of the Pukhto- Pushto or Language of the Afghans by H G Raverty
2638826. Dictionary of Pukhto / Pushto Language of The Afghans by H G
2638827. English Nepali Dictionary by T
2638829. A Compendious English Tamil Dictionary: Adopted to Tamil Handbook by G U Pope
2638831. A Dictionary Hindi and English by J T Thompson
2638832. A Dictionary of the Pali Language by Robert Caesar Childers
2638833. Malayalam Dictionary, Malayalam Malayalam Dictionary by S
2638834. Grammar of Teloogoo Languag by A D
2638836. New Hindustani English Dictionary by S W
2638837. Hindustani English Dictionary by Duncan
2638838. A Comprehensive English and Oriya Dictionary by Pike
2638839. Dictionary of Classical Newari by H
2638844. Assamese English Dictionary by M
2638845. New English Hindustani Dictionary by S W
2638846. Burmese Self Taught by St John
2638849. Grammar of the Language of Burmah by T
2638852. A Grammar of the Common Dialect of the Tamil Language by Joseph Beschi
2638854. A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms: Being an Account by the Chinese Monk Fa- Hien of His Travels in India and Ceylon by Fa Xian
2638855. English Sinhalese Dictionary by C
2638857. Dictionary of the Car- Nicobarese Language by G
2638858. A Practical Bengali Grammar by W S
2638859. Mundari English Dictionary by M R
2638860. Sinhalese English Dictionary Pocket by B A
2638862. Brief Outline of the Grammar of the Toda Language by Pope G U
2638863. Grammar of the Kashmiri Language by T R
2638864. A Simplified Grammar of the Pali Language by E Muller
2638865. Grammar of Sinhalese Language by W
2638867. Sinhalese English Dictionary by C
2638868. Pali Reader and Pali Glossary- 2 Vols by Dines
2638869. Abrege De La Grammaire Francais Tamoule by Lap P
2638870. Vocabulary: English Burmese Hindustani and Tamil by W H
2638871. A Concise Dictionary English Persian by E H Palmer
2638872. Chinese Grammar Self Taught by John
2638873. Aspects of Paninian Semantics by C Rajendran
2638878. Bhakti Studies by G M Bailey
2638879. Chinese Cookery: Vegetarian Delicacies by Sangeeta Khanna
2638881. Concepts of Time: Ancient and Modern by Kapila Vatsyayan
2638884. Barabudur: Sketch of a History of Buddhism Based on an Archaeological C; riticism of the Texts by Alexander W Macdonald
2638885. A dictionary for misspellers by Norman Lewis
2638887. Body, Mind and Soul: The Complete Beauty Book by A Jethwani
2638889. Apostle of Love: Saint Saipadananda by Rangaswami Parthasarthy
2638896. 108 Names of Gods: (Ganesha, Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna, Rama, Shirdi Sai Baba, Durga, Lakshmi, Hanuman) by Vijaya Kumar
2638897. Astrology Simplified by Bepin Behari
2638930. Ayurvada Yoga & Nature Cure: Health & Longevity Through by T L Devaraj
2638948. Tom and Jerry from the famous M- G- M Cartoons (Story Hour Series) by
2638954. Wake- Up Call in the Wee Hours by Ambika Mittal
2639020. Works of Kalidasa Volume I Drama and Volume II Poetry by C R Devadhar
2639051. Divine Nectar by Swami Sivananda
2639052. History of Decorative Art in Mughal Architecture by R Nath
2639149. That Compassionate Touch of Ma Anandamayee by Narayana Chaudhuri
2639163. Fundamentals of Visistadvaita Vedanta: A Study Based on Vedanta Desika` s Tattva Mukta Kalapa by S M S Chari
2639173. History of Sanskrit Poetics by P V Kane
2639176. Geeta Enlightened by Yogi Mahajan
2639177. Geeta Enlightened by Yogi Mahajan
2639240. Kalhana` s Rajatarangini Vol. III: A Chronicle of the Kings of Kashmir(Text, Eng. , Tr. ) by M A Stein
2639249. The Secret of Self- Transformation: A Synthesis of Tantra and Yoga by Rohit Mehta
2639302. A Critical History of Modern Philosophy by Y Masih
2639305. Contemporary Indian Philosophy Chatterjee by Margaret Chatterjee
2639321. Elementary Psychology by S M Mohsin
2639341. Mahanirvana Tantra: With the Commentary of Hariharananda Bharati by Arthur Avalon
2639466. Philosophies of India by Joseph Campbell
2639471. A Comparative Study of Religions by Y Masih
2639496. The Jaiminigrhyasutra: Belonging to the Samaveda by W Caland