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Books 118/66

2642265. Numerical Analysis by Shanker G Rao
2642283. Electrical Circuit Analysis including Passive Network Synthesis by
2642292. Parivesh Adhyayan (Assami Version) by Anubha Kaushik
2642315. A Primer of Statistical Mechanics by R B Singh
2642318. A Primer of Quantum Mechanics by R B Singh
2642336. Challenges and Strategies for Sustainable Energy Deficiency and Environment by D S Chauhan
2642362. International Business Management by N Venkateswaran
2642378. Cellular and Molecular Biology for Human by S S Guraya
2642390. Genetic Variance Detection Nuts & Bolts of DHPLC in Genomics by Karl H Hecker
2642412. Bioorganic, Bioinorganic and Supramolecular Chemistry by J P Kalsi
2642467. Project Management by K Nagarajan
2642476. Golden Science X by R Gupta
2642477. Polytechnic Chemistry (Theory & Practical) by
2642486. Solving Engineering Mechanics Problems with MATLAB by R V Dukkipati
2642492. Golden English Communicative X by R K Gupta
2642499. Golden Hindi X A by Saumya Chandra
2642502. Golden Mathematics X by Dr Hari Kishan
2642503. Golden Hindi X B by Saumya Chandra
2642507. Golden Mathematics VII by Dr Hari Kishan
2642508. Bhartiya Arthavyavastha Vikas Avam Ayojan by A N Agrawal
2642510. Computer Programming (As per Anna University Syllabus) by C Kavichithra
2642529. Engineering Graphics (Polytechnic) by G Sreekanjana
2642546. Electrical Engineering Materials by
2642559. Golden Social Science X by Gulshan Rai
2642598. Environmental Studies (As per Osmania University Syllabus) by C P Kaushik
2642605. Environmental Studies (As per Mysore University Syllabus) by C P Kaushik
2642616. Environmental Engineering Laboratory Manual for First Year Engineering Students (Common to All Branches) by R C Gaur
2642641. Environmental Studies (As per Bharathidasan University, Trichy Syllabus) (Common to All Branches) by C P Kaushik
2642643. Golden Science X (Hindi Medium) by Saumya Chandra
2642664. Golden Social Science X (Hindi Medium) by A S Siddiqui
2642675. Golden Mathematics VIII by Dr Hari Kishan
2642677. Indian Economy Problems of Development and Planning by A N Agrawal
2642681. Bhartiya Arthavyavastha Vikas Avam Ayojan by A N Agrawal
2642685. Electronics Fundamentals and Applications by P C Rakshit
2642713. A Textbook of Engineering Physics- (as per Kalasalingam University Syllabus) by S O Pillai
2642738. Manufacturing Processes: (As per the new Syllabus, B. Tech. I year of U. P. Technical University) by Arun Mittal
2642764. A Modern Introduction to Ancient Indian Mathematics by T S Bhanumurthy
2642775. Reliability and Life Estimation of Power Equipment by
2642808. Dalit Devo Bhav (Part 1) : Bhartiya Vadmai mai Dalit ki Gaurav gatha by Acharya Kishore Kunal
2642812. Immunisation Update by Ashok Datta
2642819. Webster's Medical Dictionary by Webster
2642825. Coalition Conundrum by Ramesh N Rao
2642826. Fun With Alphabet (a- n) by Mrinalini Kaura
2642827. Travel House Guide to Incredible India by
2642830. The Human Condition by Prakash Narain
2642831. The Clash of Intolerance by Ramin Jahanbegloo
2642837. Black Thunder: Dark Nights of Terrorism in Punjab by Maloy Krishna Dhar
2642839. The Jamdani Revolution: Politics, Personalities and Civil Society in Bangladesh 1989- 1992 by Krishnan Srinivasan
2642844. Rules for Engaged Couples by Herbert I Kavet
2642849. Care of the eyes by Sanjay Gala
2642850. Incurable Disease? Don t Despair by Sanjay Gala
2642851. Study Abroad Handbook: Your desktop reference for education in the USA and the UK by Amola Jhaveri
2642852. Computers For Beginners (Eng. ) by N A
2642854. Buddhism in Karnataka by R C Hiremath
2642855. Encyclopaedia of Buddhist Deities, Demigods, Godlings, Saints and Demons with Special Focus on Iconographic Attributes (2Vols. Set) by Fredrick W Bunce
2642856. Description in Philosophy with a Particular Reference to Wittgenstein and Husserl by Krishna Jain
2642857. Peep at Indology by S G Moghe
2642859. Ancient Indian Coinage A Systematic Study of Money Economy from Janapada Period to Early Medieval Period (600 bc to ad 1200) by Rekha Jain
2642860. Ancient Indian Coinage by Rekha Jain
2642861. Buddhism and Socio- Economic Life of Eastern India With Special Reference to Bengal and Orissa (8th- 12th centuries ad) by Bimal Chandra Mohapatra
2642863. Stonemill and Bhakti From the Devotion of Peasant Women to the Philosophy of Swamis by Hema Rairkar Guy Poitevin
2642864. Dictionary of Buddhist and Hindu Iconography Illustrated: Object, Devices, Concepts, Rites and Related Terms by Fredrick W Bunce
2642865. Advaita A Conceptual Analysis by A Ramamurty
2642866. Archaeology of Mayurbhanj by Prabodh Kumar Mishra
2642867. Absence Of The Buddha Image In Early Buddhist Art by Kanoko Tanaka
2642868. Sanskrit Grammar for Students by A Macdonell
2642870. Companion to Dharmasastra by Sures Chandra Banerji
2642875. Brahma- Vada Doctrine of Sri Vallabhacarya by G V Tagare
2642877. Buddhism as in performance by David E R George
2642878. Culture of Peace Experience and Experiment by Baidyanath Saraswati
2642879. Vedic Grammar for Students by Anthony Macdonell
2642880. Vedic Grammar for Students by Anthony Macdonell
2642884. Buddhist Tantra and Buddhist Art by T N Mishra
2642886. Encyclopaedia of Hindu Deities, Demi- gods, Godlings, Demons and Heros: with Special Focus on Iconographic Attributes (3 Vols. Set) by Fredrick W Bunce
2642887. City Palace of Udaipur: Historical View and a Guide by Irmgard Meininger
2642888. Chittor (Chittaurgarh) Historical View and a Guide by Irmgard Meininger
2642890. Devotional Poetics and the Indian Sublime by Vijay Mishra
2642892. Acheulian Culture In Peninsular India by Raghunath S Pappu
2642893. Ardhanarisvara in Art and Literature by Neeta Yadav
2642895. Ayodhya ka itihasa evam puratattva Rgveda kala se aba taka by Thakur Prasad Verma S P
2642896. Chanted Narratives The Living Katha- Vachana Tradition by Molly Kaushal
2642900. Bagore- Ki- Haveli: A Royal Edifice Restored to its Pristine Glory by Piers Helsen
2642901. Essential Forest Produce in Orissa by Nityananda Patnaik
2642903. Archaeology in the Third World A History of Indian Archaeology Since 1947 by Dilip K Chakrabarti
2642904. Indigenous Knowledge, Forest Management and Forest Policy in South Asia by Franz Schmithusen Klaus Seeland
2642905. Ancient Indian Historiography Sources and Interpretations by G P Singh
2642907. Dictionary of Hindu Gods and Goddesses by T R R Iyengar
2642909. Art & Archaeology of India Stone Age to the Present by B S Harishankar
2642910. Bull in Early Indian Art- Up to Sixth Century by Bhogendra Jha
2642911. Cultural Interface of India with Asia Religion, Art and Architecture by Anupa Pande Parul Pandya
2642913. Dharma, The Categorial Imperative by Ashok Vohra Arvind Sharma
2642914. New Curve in the Ganges Mahatma Gandhi s Interpretation of Hinduism by Arvind Sharma
2642919. Sabda, A Study of Bhartrhari s Philosophy of Language by Tandra Patnaik
2642922. Routes to English: Starter 1 by E Watts
2642923. Routes to English: Starter 2 by E Watts
2642925. Allan Quatermain- SESR: GRADE 4 by Orient Longman Publishers
2642951. Cursive Writing for Today: Book A by L Daniel
2642952. Cursive Writing for Today: Book B by L Daniel
2642954. Cursive Writing for Today: Book 2 by L Daniel
2642955. Cursive Writing for Today: Book 3 by L Daniel
2642956. Cursive Writing for Today: Book 4 by L Daniel
2642957. Cursive Writing for Today: Book 5 by L Daniel
2642958. Poems for Me and You by J Bachi
2642959. Aladdin and Other Tales by Orient Longman Publishers
2642960. Prince and the Pauper, The by Orient Longman Publishers
2642961. Tom Brown's School Days by Orient Longman Publishers
2642962. Let's Spell Well: Book 1 by G Mac Mohan
2642963. Let's Spell Well: Book 2 by G Mac Mohan
2642964. Let's Spell Well: Book 3 by G Mac Mohan
2642965. Rhythm in Writing: Book 0 by S Strover
2642966. Rhythm in Writing: Book 1 by S Strover
2642967. Rhythm in Writing: Book 2 by S Strover
2642968. Rhythm in Writing: Book 3 by S Strover
2642969. Rhythm in Writing: Book 4 by S Strover
2642974. Test Patterns in Secondary English by M Singh
2642976. Teaching Science in Middle School: A Resource Book by S Sundararajan
2642978. Up and About: 20 Activities for Primary Schools by
2642979. Colour Craft: Patterns in Writing by U Ahmed
2642980. Colour Craft: Templates & Stencils by U Ahmed
2642991. Mini Essays: Book 1 by W Turner
2642992. Mini Essays: Book 2 by W Turner
2642993. Mini Essays: Book 3 by W Turner
2642994. Mini Essays: Book 4 by W Turner
2642996. Let's Colour Our World by Orient Longman Publishers
2643003. Uncle Tom's Cabin- Swan Readers by H B Stowe
2643010. Once Upon a Monsoon Time- GREEN BOOKS by R Bond
2643011. Tales and Fables by Orient Longman Publishers
2643012. Medieval World and its People, The by Orient Longman Publishers
2643016. Colour Craft: Patterns in Numbers by U Ahmed
2643017. Colour Craft: Wax Resistant and Paper Tearing Activity by U Ahmed
2643019. King Solomon's Mines- SESR: Grade 5 by Orient Longman Publishers
2643020. Nicholas Nickleby- SESR: Grade 5 by Orient Longman Publishers
2643021. Ancient World and its People, The by N Ray
2643022. Modern World and its People, The by Orient Longman Publishers
2643026. Swan Poetry Books: Book 1 by Orient Longman Publishers
2643027. Swan Poetry Books: Book 2 by Orient Longman Publishers
2643028. Swan Poetry Books: Book 4 by Orient Longman Publishers
2643032. Helping Children Learn: Handbook and Picture Supplement by Zakiya Kurrien
2643046. Textbook of Home Science, A- Rev. Edn. by
2643047. New Number World: Primer A by K Alamelu
2643048. New Number World: Primer B by K Alamelu
2643049. New Number World: Book 1 by K Alamelu
2643050. New Number World: Book 2 by K Alamelu
2643051. New Number World: Book 3 by K Alamelu
2643052. New Number World: Book 4 by K Alamelu
2643053. New Number World: Book 5 by K Alamelu
2643055. Roundabout Activity: Book A by Uma Raman
2643056. Roundabout Activity: Book B by Uma Raman
2643057. Roundabout Activity: Book C by Nina Sehgal
2643068. Read & Enjoy: Book 1 by C S Bhandari