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Books 12/130

266856. Beyond Morphology: Interface Conditions on Word Formation by Peter Ackema
266866. The Phonology of Polish by Edmund Gussmann
266885. Paradigms in Phonological Theory by Laura J Downing
266894. The Reception of the New Testament in the Apostolic Fathers by Andrew Gregory
266897. The British Year Book of International Law 2003: Volume 74 by James Crawford
266898. Yearbook of European Environmental Law: Volume 4 by H Sevenster
266904. Origins and Evolution of the European union by Desmond Dinan
266907. The Fragmenting Family by Brenda Almond
266908. Evolution and the Levels of Selection by Samir Okasha
266909. Minds, Ethics, and Conditionals: Themes from the Philosophy of Frank Jackson by Ian Ravenscroft
266918. Contract Law by Mindy Chen Wishart
266923. The Legal Secretary's Guide by Ann Cheyne
266924. The Roman Family in the Empire: Rome, Italy, and Beyond by Michele George
266925. Foster on EU Law by Foster, Nigel
266932. Constructions at Work: The Nature of Generalization in Language by Adele E Goldberg
266934. The Language of Time: A Reader by Inderjeet Mani
266950. Remedies and the Wto Agreement by Chi Carmody
266962. The Law of Reinsurance by Colin Edelman
266976. British Rail 1974- 97: From Integration to Privatisation by T R Gourvish
266977. The Information Society and the Welfare State: The Finnish Model by Manuel Castells
266986. Defining Crimes: Essays on the Special Part of the Criminal Law by Anthony Duff
266988. The Biochemical Basis of Sports Performance by Ronald J Maughan
266989. Wandering Significance: An Essay on Conceptual Behaviour by Mark Wilson
266991. The Future of European Welfare States: Recasting Welfare for a New Century by Maurizio Ferrera
266992. The Oxford Handbook of Public Policy by Michael Moran
266993. The EC Law of Competition by Jonathan Faull
267008. Fundamentals of Private Pensions by Kyle N Brown
267012. International Relations of the Middle East by Fawcett, Louise
267018. The Oxford Handbook of International Environmental Law by Daniel Bodansky
267020. The Law of Unfair Dismissal by John Mc Mullen
267029. Stakeholders: Theory and Practice by Andrew L Friedman
267034. The Princely Court: Medieval Courts and Culture in North- West Europe, 1270- 1380 by Malcolm Vale
267036. EC Competition Law: Text, Cases, and Materials by Sufrin, Brenda
267057. Administrative Law by William Wade
267058. Frederick Pollock and the English Juristic Tradition by Neil Duxbury
267066. Criminology by Hale, Chris
267069. Freudian Mythologies: Greek Tragedy and Modern Identities by Rachel Bowlby
267070. Bayesian Epistemology by Luc Bovens
267071. Set Theory and Its Philosophy: A Critical Introduction by Michael Potter
267085. Charles Dickens and His Performing Selves: Dickens and the Public Readings by Malcolm Andrews
267096. Literature and Complaint in England, 1272- 1553 by Wendy Scase
267097. Sentencing and Punishment: The Quest for Justice by Christine Piper
267100. Applicative Constructions by David A Peterson
267106. The Law of State Immunity by Hazel Fox
267108. The Oxford Handbook of Archaeology by Barry Cunliffe
267118. The Globalization of World Politics: An Introduction to International Relations by Steve Smith
267121. Denmark, 1513- 1660: The Rise and Decline of a Renaissance Monarchy by Paul Douglas Lockhart
267126. Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights: A Commentary on the TRIPS Agreement by Carlos Correa
267128. International Law and the Use of Force by Christine D Gray
267137. Inequality, Growth, and Poverty in an Era of Liberalization and Globalization by Giovanni Andrea Cornia
267141. The Redemption: An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Christ as Redeemer by Stephen T Davis
267147. English Private Law: Second Cumulative Updating Supplement by Peter Birks
267150. Worlds of Food: Place, Power, and Provenance in the Food Chain by Morgan, Kevin
267153. Modern Architecture in an Oxford College: St John's College 1945- 2005 by Geoffrey Tyack
267162. Defence Industry Transformation and Eu and NATO Enlargement: The Choices of Central Europe by Kiss, Yudit
267169. Marketing Management for Nonprofit Organizations by Adrian Sargeant
267174. The Politics of Working Life by Paul Edwards
267178. The Oxford Handbook of English Literature and Theology by Andrew Hass
267179. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology by Elliott, William H.
267185. Shakespeare in Parts by Simon Palfrey
267189. Multinationals and Global Capitalism: From the Nineteenth to the Twenty- First Century by Geoffrey Jones
267197. How Things Might Have Been: Individuals, Kinds, and Essential Properties by Penelope Mackie
267202. Secondary Predication and Adverbial Modification: The Typology of Depictives by Nikolaus P Himmelmann
267213. Mind and Emergence: From Quantum to Consciousness by Clayton, Philip
267217. A Practical Approach to Criminal Procedure by Sprack, John
267218. Understanding Jurisprudence: An Introduction to Legal Theory by Wacks, Raymond
267231. The Bridges of Medieval England: Transport and Society 400- 1800 by David Harrison
267255. Policies and Perceptions of Insurance Law in the Twenty First Century by Malcolm A Clarke
267257. Lexicon of Greek Personal Names: Volume IV: Macedonia, Thrace, Northern Regions of the Black Sea by P M Fraser
267267. International Relations of the European Union by Christopher Hill
267271. The Great Game of Genocide: Imperialism, Nationalism, and the Destruction of the Ottoman Armenians by Donald Bloxham
267280. Second Philosophy: A Naturalistic Method by Penelope Maddy
267282. Granite Landscapes of the World by Piotr Migon
267291. Concurrent Proceedings in Competition Law: Procedure, Evidence and Remedies by Renato Nazzini
267292. Reforming Company and Takeover Law in Europe by Ferrarini, Guido
267298. Varieties of Capitalism and Europeanization: National Response Strategies to the Single European Market by Menz, Georg
267299. Poverty and Human Rights: Sen's 'Capability Perspective' Explored by Polly Vizard
267301. Hrm and Performance: Achieving Long- Term Viability by Jaap Paauwe
267306. West African Literatures: Ways of Reading by Stephanie Newell
267307. Strategic Marketing: Creating Competitive Advantage by Douglas West
267316. The World Trade Organization: Law, Practice, and Policy by Matsushita, Mitsuo
267332. Telecommunications Law and Regulation by Ian Walden
267348. Yearbook of International Environmental Law: Volume 14 2003 by Geir Ulfstein
267355. Gradience in Grammar: Generative Perspectives by Gisbert Fanselow
267356. Contract Law: Text, Cases, and Materials by Ewan Mc Kendrick
267361. Strategic Advertising Management Second Edition by Larry Percy
267362. Choice of Law for Equitable Doctrines by T M Yeo
267365. A Life of H. L. A. Hart: The Nightmare and the Noble Dream by Nicola Lacey
267367. Environmental Chemistry: A Global Perspective by Gary W Van Loon
267368. An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry by Patrick, Graham L.
267370. Commentary on the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG) by Peter Schlechtriem
267376. Taking a Case to the European Court of Human Rights by Philip Leach
267389. Law for Social Workers by Hugh Brayne
267404. Diplomatic Law: A Commentary on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations by Denza, Eileen
267408. Personal Injury Law: Liability, Compensation, and Procedure by Peter Barrie
267413. The Hindu Equilibrium: India C. 1500 B. C. - 2000 A. D. by Deepak Lal
267421. Life and Society in the Hittite World by Trevor Bryce
267426. The Industrialization of Rural China by Chris Bramall
267432. Visualizing the Tragic: Drama, Myth, and Ritual in Greek Art and Literature; Essays in Honour of Froma Zeitlin by Chris Kraus
267433. Wills, Probate & Estates by Nuala Casey
267435. Merger Control in the Eu: Law, Economics and Practice by Edurne Navarro
267456. The Oxford Handbook of Computational Linguistics by Ruslan Mitkov
267457. All Souls Under the Ancien Regime: Politics, Learning, & the Arts, C. 1600- 1850 by S J D Green
267461. Extradition Law Handbook by
267463. Pacific Islands Writing: The Postcolonial Literatures of Aotearoa/New Zealand and Oceania by Michelle Keown
267466. Questions & Answers Land Law 2005-2006 by Margaret Wilkie
267474. William Empson: Volume II: Against the Christians by John Haffenden
267480. The Irish in Post- War Britain by Enda De Laney
267484. Internationalized Criminal Courts: Sierra Leone, East Timor, Kosovo, and Cambodia by Cesare P R Romano
267501. Medical Law and Ethics by Herring, Jonathan
267504. Economics of Monetary Union by De Grauwe, Paul
267527. Aristotle on the Common Sense by Pavel Gregoric
267529. The WTO Agreement on Safeguards: A Commentary by Alan O Sykes
267533. The Greek Theatre and Festivals: Documentary Studies by Peter Wilson
267536. Persons: Human and Divine by Peter Van Inwagen
267537. Persons: Human and Divine by Peter Van Inwagen
267541. Multiculturalism in Asia by Kymlicka, Will
267547. Resource- Based Theory: Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage by Jay B Barney
267551. An Introduction to Modern Standard Arabic by G N Groffman
267555. The Art of Love: Bimillennial Essays on Ovid's Ars Amatoria and Remedia Amoris by Roy Gibson
267559. Introduction to Bioinformatics by Arthur M Lesk
267589. Scientific Representation: Paradoxes of Perspective by Bas C Van Fraassen
267591. Domain Name Law and Practice: An International Handbook by Tony Willoughby
267607. Virtue Ethics: A Pluralistic View by Christine Swanton
267615. New Sources of Development Finance by A B Atkinson
267623. Constitutional Environmental Rights by Tim Hayward
267628. Perspectives on Punishment: The Contours of Control by Sarah Armstrong
267631. Cases and Materials on Constitutional and Administrative Law by Michael Allen
267632. Cannabis Britannica: Empire, Trade, and Prohibition 1800-1928 by Mills, James H.
267633. Interfacial Science: An Introduction by Geoffrey Barnes
267635. The Samaritan's Dilemma: The Political Economy of Development Aid by Clark C Gibson
267642. Edmund Curll, Bookseller by Paul Baines
267665. Greek Athletics in the Roman World: Victory and Virtue by Zahra Newby
267667. Churchill: The Unexpected Hero by Paul Addison
267669. Textbook on Administrative Law by Leyland, Peter
267670. A Natural History of Infixation by Alan C L Yu
267671. A Natural History of Infixation by Alan C L Yu
267682. The Language and Reality of Time by Thomas Sattig
267686. The Last Medieval Queens: English Queenship 1445-1503 by J L Laynesmith
267688. Family Newspapers? : Sex, Private Life, and the British Popular Press 1918- 1978 by Adrian Bingham
267689. EU Law by Steiner, Josephine
267692. Oxford English Law: English Private Law & Second Cumulative Updating Supplement and English Public Law by Birks, Peter
267696. Cultural Responses to the Persian Wars: Antiquity to the Third Millennium by Emma Bridges
267698. Beyond Selflessness: Reading Nietzsche's Genealogy by Christopher Janaway
267704. Marriage, Celibacy, and Heresy in Ancient Christianity: The Jovinianist Controversy by David G Hunter
267706. Religion in Public Life: Must Faith Be Privatized? by Roger Trigg
267711. Aspects of the Theory of Clitics by Andrew Anderson
267718. New Pragmatists by Cheryl Misak
267722. EC Employment Law by Catherine Barnard
267723. The Technology and Construction Court: Practice and Procedure by Michael E Davis