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Books 120/92

2691152. Le Testament D'Abraham: Introduction, Traduction Du Texte Grec Et Commentaire de La Recension Grecque Longue. Suivi de La Tr by M Delcor
2691153. Jean Gerson: Principles of Church Reform by L B Pascoe
2691154. The Problem of Tolerance and Social Existence in the Writings of Felicite Lamennais 1809-1831 by J J Oldfield
2691156. A Complete Concordance to Flavius Josephus, Volume 1 A-D (?-?) by Karl Heinrich Rengstorf
2691157. Die Kommagenischen Kultreformen Unter Konig Mithradates I: Kallinikos Und Seinem Sohne Antiochus I (German) by H Waldmann
2691158. Sparsa Collecta, Volume 29 Part 1. Evangelia, Paulina, ACTA by W C Unnik
2691161. Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions: History, Culture, Religion, Ideas, the Spiritual Power: Republican Florence Under Interdict by Richard C Trexler
2691165. Nag Hammadi Codices, Volume 11 Codices XI, XII, XIII by Farid, S.
2691167. Part IV Fasc. 3. Apocalypse of Baruch; 4 Esdras by Brill Academic
2691168. Greek Philosophy: A Collection of Texts, with Notes and Explanations. 3. the Hellenistic-Roman Period by C J Vogel
2691174. Syntax and Meaning: Studies in Hebrew Syntax and Biblical Exegesis by C J Labuschagne
2691175. Original Sin in the Roman Liturgy: Research Into the Theology of Original Sin in the Roman Sacramentaria and the Early Baptismal Liturg by Gerard Lukken
2691177. 1. the Mosque and Its Early Development: Muslim Religious Architecture by Dogan Kuban
2691179. Necrologie, Kroniek En Cartularium C. A. Van Het Fraterhuis Te Doesburg (1432-1559).: Met Een Inleiding by A G Weiler
2691181. Ecclesia in Via: Ecclesiological Developments in the Medieval Psalms Exegesis and the Dictata Super Psalterium (1513-1515) of Martin Lu by S H Hendrix
2691182. Die Attisch-Hethitischen Bilinguen, Volume 1 I. Einleitung, Texte Und Kommentar, Teil 1 by Hans Siegfried Schuster
2691183. Chronicle of the First Seven Months of the French Occupation of Egypt, Mu?arram-Rajab 1213/15 June-December 1789: T?r?kh Muddat Al Farans's Bi-Misr. E by
2691185. Andreas Bodenstein Von Karlstadt: The Development of His Thought 1517-1525 by Ronald J Sider
2691186. Hommage Universel, Tome I. (Commimoration Cyrus. Actes Du Congrhs de Shiraz 1971, Tome I). by
2691187. Hommage Universel, Tome II. (Commimoration Cyrus. Actes Du Congrhs de Shiraz 1971, Tome II). by
2691190. Contra Eunomium Liber III: Pars Altera: Liber III (Vulgo III-XII); Refutatio Confessionis Eunomii (Vulgo Lib. II) by Gregorius Nyssenus
2691191. Some T'Ang and Pre- T'Ang Texts on Chinese Painting: With Annotations. Vol. II. Chang Yen- Yuan. Li Tai Ming Hua, Chapters IV- X. 1. Translation and Anno by W R B Acker
2691192. Language and Meaning: Studies in Hebrew Language and Biblical Exegesis. Papers Read at the Joint British-Dutch Old Testame by James Barr
2691193. Yoseph Shlomo Delmedigo (Yashar of Candia).: His Life, Works and Times by I Barzilay
2691198. The Haida Indians: Cultural Change Mainly Between 1876-1970 by J H Brink
2691201. John Wyclif as Legal Reformer by W Farr
2691202. Humanistische Bibelphilologie ALS Reformproblem Bei Erasmus Von Rotterdam, Thomas More Und William Tyndale by H Holeczek
2691203. Introduction by Alan B Lloyd
2691204. Commentary 1-98 by A B Lloyd
2691205. Le Sanctuaire Et Le Culte Des Divinitis Igyptiennes Iritrie: by P Bruneau
2691206. Epistola de Vita Et Passione Domini Nostri: Der Lateinische Text Mit Einleitung Und Kommentar Kritisch Herausgegeben by M Hedlund
2691208. Quaestiones on the Book of Samuel: Pseudo-Jerome by Pseudo Jerome
2691209. Hommage Universel, Tome III. (Commimoration Cyrus. Actes Du Congrhs de Shiraz 1971, Tome III). by
2691210. The Delian Aretalogy of Sarapis by H Engelmann
2691213. Christianity, Judaism and Other Greco-Roman Cults, Volume 2 Early Christianity by Jacob Neusner
2691214. Selected Studies of Jan Gonda, Volume 1 Indo-European Linguistics by J Gonda
2691215. Selected Studies of Jan Gonda, Volume 2 Sanskrit Word Studies by J Gonda
2691216. Selected Studies of Jan Gonda, Volume 3 Sanskrit: Grammatical and Philological Studies by J Gonda
2691217. Teachers and Meaning: Definitions of Classroom Situations by Robert A Stebbins
2691218. Encyclopedie de L'Islam, Volume 1 - Tome I A-B: [Livr. 1-22] by R M Savory
2691219. Encyclopedie de L'Islam, Volume 3 - Tome III H-Iram: [Livr. 41-60, 60a] by V L Minage
2691220. Itinerarium Italicum: The Profile of the Italian Renaissance in the Mirror of Its European Transformations: Dedicated to Paul Oskar Kristeller on the by H A Oberman
2691223. Monuments from Outside Egypt by
2691224. In Primum Librum Sententiarum Annotatiunculae D. Lohanne Eckio: Praelectore. Anno AB Christo NATO 1542, Per Dies Caniculares Quos Alioqui a Studiis Gr by Johann Eck
2691226. Wolfgang Capito: From Humanist to Reformer by J M Kittelson
2691228. A Great Expectation: Eschatological Thought in English Protestantism to 1660 by B W Ball
2691229. Papal Crusading Policy 1244-1291: The Chief Instruments of Papal Crusading Policy and Crusade to the Holy Land from the Final Loss of Jerusalem to the by M Purcell
2691231. Concordance to Wittgenstein's Philosophische Untersuchungen by Hans Kaal
2691232. Monumentum H.S. Nyberg, Tome I. (Hommages Et Opera Minora, Tome I). by
2691233. Monumentum H.S. Nyberg, Tome II. (Hommages Et Opera Minora, Tome II). by
2691236. Une Nouvelle Aretalogie D'Isis a Maronee (French) by Yves Grandjean
2691237. A Complete Concordance to Flavius Josephus, Volume 2 E-K (?-?) by K H Rengstorf
2691238. Mithras Platonicus: Recherches Sur L'Hellenisation Philosophique de Mithra by Robert Turcan
2691240. Word-Indices and Word-Lists to the Gothic Bible and Minor Fragments: In Cooperation with F. Van Coetsem, PH.H. Smith JR. and Hon Tom Wong by F De Tollenaere
2691242. George of Trebizond: A Biography and a Study of His Rhetoric and Logic by John Monfasani
2691243. Tauferisches Taufverstandnis: Balthasar Hubmaiers Lehre Zwischen Traditioneller Und Reformatorischer Theologie by C Windhorst
2691246. Concordance to the Hesiodic Corpus by William W Minton
2691249. A Reader in Manichaean Middle Persian and Parthian. (Textes Et Mimoires, Tome II). by Mary Boyce
2691251. Monumentum H.S. Nyberg, Tome III. (Hommages Et Opera Minora, Tome III). by
2691252. Philosophia Antiqua, Alexander of Aphrodisias on Stoic Physics: A Study of the de Mixtione with Preliminary Essays, Text, Translation and Commentary by Robert B Todd
2691254. Les Varietes de La Pensee Biblique Et Le Probleme de Son Unite: Esquisse D'Une Theologie de La Bible Sur Les Textes Originaux Et Dans Leur Contexte Hi (French) by Henri Clavier
2691255. Papacy and Development: Newman and the Primacy of the Pope by P Misner
2691256. Dharma Stra and Related Ideas by J Duncan M Derrett
2691258. Calvinism and Scholasticism in Vermigli's Doctrine of Man and Grace by J P Donnelly
2691260. Die Alte Chinesische Religion Und Das Staatskultwesen by Werner Eichhorn
2691262. Musae Reduces.: Anthologie de La Poesie Latine Dans L'Europe de La Renaissance. Textes Choisis, Presentes Et Traduit by P Laurens
2691264. The Hebrew University Bible. the Book of Isaiah, Volume 1 Parts 1 and 2: Chapters 1-22 by M H Goshen Gottstein
2691265. A Concordance to the Peshi?ta Version of Ben Sira by M M Winter
2691267. Aspekte Der Platonischen Kosmologie: Untersuchungen Zum Dialog 'Timaios'. by Wolfgang Scheffel
2691269. Part II Fasc. 4. Kings by
2691271. Les Cultes Orientaux Dans La Dacie Meridionale by I Berciu
2691272. Les Fonctionnaires Belges Au Service de La Perse, 1898- 1915. (Textes Et Memoires, Tome VI) . by Annette Destree
2691274. The Daily Evening and Morning Offering (Agnihotra) According to the Br Hman as by H W Bodewitz
2691276. AB? Sa'?d-I AB? L-Hayr (357-440/967-1049).: Wirklichkeit Und Legende. (Textes Et Memoires, 4). by F Meier
2691277. Varia 1976 by Brill Academic
2691279. Religion in a Pluralistic Society: Essays Presented to Professor C.G. Baeta in Celebration of His Retirement from the Service of the Un by J S Pobee
2691285. Die Griechische Daniel-Diegese: Eine Altkirchliche Apokalypse. Text, Ubersetzung Und Kommentar by Klaus Berger
2691288. Inscriptions, Coins and Addenda by M J Vermaseren
2691290. Nag Hammadi Codices, Volume 9 Codex VIII by G Quispel
2691291. The Religion of Palmyra: by H J W Drijvers
2691294. Religion D'Israel Et Proche Orient Ancien: Des Pheniciens Aux Esseniens by M Delcor
2691296. Selected Papers. 2.: Hommages Et Opera Minora, 6 by W B Henning
2691297. Calvin and Classical Philosophy by Ch Partee
2691300. Galen on Language and Ambiguity: An English Translation of Galen's de Captionibus (on Fallacies), with Introduction, Text and Comment by Galen
2691304. Le Christ Et L'Homme Dans La Theologie D'Athanase D'Alexandrie: Etude de La Conjonction de Sa Conception de I'homme Avec Sa Christologie by J Roldanus
2691305. Briefe Aus Dem British Museum (CT 52) by F R Kraus
2691307. Anubis Alexandrin Et Romain by J C Grenier
2691309. The Principles of Samaritan Bible Exegesis by S Lowy
2691310. Makhz?miyy?t: Etudes Sur L'Histoire Economique Et Financiere de L'Egypte Medievale by Claude Cahen
2691311. Studies in the New Testament, Volume 1 Glimpses of the Legal and Social Presuppositions of the Authors by J Duncan M Derrett
2691313. Selected Papers by Harold F Cherniss
2691314. Pope Eugenius IV, the Council of Basel and the Secular and Ecclesiastical Authorities in the Empire by J W Stieber
2691316. Recueil de Textes Demotiques Et Bilingues: Avec La Collaboration de J. Quaegebeur Et R.L. Vos. 1. Transcriptions. 2. Traductions. 3. Index Et P by P W Pestman
2691319. Adam Wodeham: An Introduction to His Life and Writings by Wj Courtenay
2691320. Studies on Gammaridea, Volume 4 1. Proceedings of the Third International Colloquium on Gammarus and Niphargus, Schlitz, 1975 by M P D Meijering
2691321. Lexicon Latinitatis Nederlandicae Medii Aevi, Volume 1 - Volume I. A-B: Fasc. 1-7 by J W Fuchs
2691322. Ruling Class, Regime and Reformation at Strasbourg 1520-1555: by Jr Thomas A Brady
2691323. Part I Fasc. 1. Preface. - Genesis; Exodus by Rijksuniversiteit Te Leiden
2691324. The Confidence of British Philosophers: An Essay in Historical Narrative by A Quinn
2691330. A Word- List of Manichaean Middle Persian and Parthian. (Textes Et Memoires, Tome II, Suppl. ) . by Mary Boyce
2691331. Studies in the New Testament, Volume 2 Midrash in Action and as a Literary Device by J Duncan M Derrett
2691332. International Studies in Sociology and Social Anthropology, the Warrior Tradition in Modern Africa by A A Mazrui
2691334. Plutarch's Ethical Writings and Early Christian Literature by H D Betz
2691335. Dispute and Settlement in Rural Turkey: An Ethnography of Law by J Starr
2691336. Hommages a Maarten J. Vermaseren: Recueil D'Etudes Offert Par Les Auteurs de La Serie Etudes Preliminaires Aux Religions Orientales Da by M B Boer
2691337. Hommages Maarten J. Vermaseren, Volume 1 Volume 1 by Brill Academic
2691338. Hommages Maarten J. Vermaseren, Volume 2 Volume 2 by Brill Academic
2691339. Hommages Maarten J. Vermaseren, Volume 3 Volume 3 by Brill Academic
2691340. Michael Gaismair: Revolutionary and Reformer by W Klaassen
2691342. Miscellanea Neotestamentica, Volume 47 I: Studia Ad Novum Testamentum Praesertim Pertinentia a Sociis Sodalicii Batavi C.N. Studiosorum Novi T by T Baarda
2691343. Miscellanea Neotestamentica, Volume 48 II: Studia Ad Novum Testamentum Praesertim Pertinentia a Sociis Sodalicii Batavi C.N. Studiosorum Novi T by T Baarda
2691348. Jean Gerson Et L'Assemblee de Vincennes (1329): Ses Conceptions de La Juridiction Temporelle de L'Eglise: Accompagne D'Une Edition Critique Du de Juri by Posthumus Meyjes, G. H. M.
2691350. Encyclopedie de L'Islam, Volume 4 - Tome IV Iran-Kha: [Livr. 61-78] by E J Donzel
2691351. Encyclopaedia of Islam, Volume 4 - Volume IV (Iran-Kha): [Fasc. 61-78a] by B Lewis
2691356. Pietismus Und Reveil: Referateder Internationalen Tagung--Der Pietismus in Den Niederlanden Und Seine Internationalen Beziehungen. Zeist 18. by J Berg
2691357. Vom Kynismus by Epiktet
2691358. The Age of Haskalah: Studies in Hebrew Literature of the Enlightenment in Germany by Moshe Pelli
2691361. Die Weltentstehung Des Platonischen Timaios Nach Den Antiken Interpreten: Teil 2. Proklos by Matthias Baltes
2691364. Le Monument D'Ottaviano Zeno Et Le Culte de Mithra Sur Le Celius by M J Vermaseren
2691366. The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs: A Critical Edition of the Greek Text. by M Dejonge
2691368. Religion Populaire En Egypte Romaine: Les Terres Cuites Isiaques Du Musee Du Caire (French) by Francoise Dunand
2691370. The King and Kingship in Achaemenid Art: Essays in the Creation of an Iconography of Empire by Margaret Cool Root
2691375. Part II Fasc. 2. Judges; Samuel by
2691376. Continuity and Discontinuity in Church History: Essays Presented to George Huntston Williams on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday by F F Church
2691379. The Defense of Chalcedon in the East (451-553) by P T R Gray
2691381. Bio- Bibliographies de 134 Savants. (Repertoires, Tome I) . by P Lecoq
2691384. Augustin ]Ber Schvpfung, Ewigkeit Und Zeit: Das Elfte Buch Der Bekenntnisse by E P Meijering
2691387. Bibliographie Zu Flavius Josephus: Supplementband Mit Gesamtregister by Heinz Schreckenberg
2691388. J.L. Vives: In Pseudodialecticos by Juan Luis Vives
2691389. South Asian Archaeology 1975: Papers from the Third International Conference of the Association of South Asian Archaeologists in W by
2691390. Tradition and Change in Ethiopia: Social and Cultural Life as Reflected in Amharic Fictional Literature CA. 1930-1974 by Reidulf Knut Molvaer
2691392. A Complete Concordance to Flavius Josephus, Volume 3 L-Pi (?-?) by K H Rengstorf
2691403. Documenta Anabaptistica Volume 2: Amsterdam (1536-1578) by F Mellink
2691409. V?lm?ki's Sanskrit by L A Daalen
2691412. Adrianus Saravia (CA. 1532-1613): Dutch Calvinist, First Reformed Defender of the English Episcopal Church Order on the Basis of the Ius Divinum by Willem Nijenhuis
2691414. Seven Against Christ: A Study of 'Essays and Reviews' by I Ellis
2691415. Part II Fasc. 3. the Book of Psalms by Peshitta Institute Leiden
2691419. Chinesische Rechtsgeschichte by O Weggel
2691421. La Statuaire Du Proche-Orient Ancien by Agnes Spycket
2691424. La Reforme Protestante Du Culte a Strasbourg Au Xvie Siecle (1523-1598): Approche Sociologique Et Interpretation Theologique by R Bornert
2691425. Johannes Polyander: Een Dienaar Van Kerk En Universiteit by A J Lamping
2691427. The Short Stories of Y?suf Idr's: A Modern Egyptian Author by P M Kurpershoek
2691429. Part III Fasc. 4. Dodekapropheton - Daniel-Bel-Draco by
2691431. A Guide to the Zenon Archive: A. Lists and Surveys. B. Indexes and Maps by P W Pestman
2691433. The Old Testament in Syriac According to the Peshi Ta Version, Part II Fasc. 1a. Job: Edited on Behalf of the International Organization for the Study by L G Rignell
2691438. Lexicon Latinitatis Nederlandicae Medii Aevi, Volume 2 - Volume II. C: Fasc. 8-16 by O Weijers
2691441. The Complete Works, Volume 2 Orations XVII-LIII: Translated Into English by C.A. Behr by P A Aristides
2691443. Joseph as an Ethical Model in the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs by Harm W Hollander
2691446. The Jews Under Roman Rule from Pompey to Diocletian. by E M Smallwood
2691450. The Vedic Morning Litany (PR?Taranuv?ka). by J Gonda