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Books 120/96

2691751. Martin Bucer Opera Latina: Consilium Theologicum Privatim Conscriptum by Pierre Fraenkel
2691752. Itudes Priliminaires Aux Religions Orientales Dans L'Empire Romain, Bona Dea: The Sources and a Description of the Cult by H H J Brouwer
2691753. The Sanskrit Grammar and Manuscripts of Father Heinrich Roth S.J. (1620-1668).: Facsimile Edition of Biblioteca Nazionale, Rome, Mss. Or. 171 and 172. by Heinrich Roth
2691754. Alexander the Great and Bactria: The Formation of a Greek Frontier in Central Asia by Frank Lee Holt
2691755. Suicide and Its Prevention: The Role of Attitude and Imitation by Rene F W Diekstra
2691756. Monograph of Living Chitons (Mollusca: Polyplacophora), Volume 3 Ischnochitonidae: Chaetopleurinae and Ischnochitoninae (Pars). by P Kaas
2691757. Catalogue Des Manuscrits de La Collection Prosper Marchand by C Berkvens Stevelinck
2691758. Mooruvallabok, Am 132 Fol.: I. Index and Concordance. II. Text by
2691759. Studies in Graeco-Roman Religions and Gnosticism: by Miroslav Marcovich
2691760. Chaos and Cosmos: Ritual in Early and Medieval Japanese Literature by Herbert E Plutschow
2691763. Correspondance de Martin Bucer: Tome II (1524-1526) by Martin Bucer
2691764. Anthologies, Livre I by Vettius Valens D Antioche
2691765. Wirtschafts- Und Technikgeschichte Japans by K M Ller
2691767. Studies in the Kitab As-Sina'atayn of Abu Hilal Al-'Askari by George J Kanazi
2691768. Jeux D'Errance Du Chevalier Midiival: Aspects Ludiques de La Fonction Guerrihre Dans La Littirature Du Moyen Age Flamboyant by Michel Stanesco
2691769. The Concept of Disciple in Matthew's Gospel, as Reflected in the Use of the Term "Mathetes" by Michael J Wilkins
2691771. Noordelijke Kristallijne Gidsgesteenten. : Een Beschrijving Van Ruim Tweehonderd Gesteentetypen (Zwerfstenen) Uit Fennoscandinavie by J G Zandstra
2691772. Stoneflies (Plecoptera) of Fennoscandia and Denmark: by A Lillehammer
2691773. Longhorn Beetles (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) of Fennoscandia and Denmark: by Svatopluk Bily
2691775. Sabbath and Sectarianism in Seventeenth-Century England: by David S Katz
2691776. Crisis in the Built Environment: The Case of the Muslim City by Jamel Akbar
2691777. Die Christlichen Lehrer Im Zweiten Jahrhundert: Ihre Lehrtdtigkeit, Ihr Selbstverstdndnis Und Ihre Geschichte by Ulrich Neymeyr
2691778. Sprache Und Schrift Japans: by Bruno Lewin
2691779. Mantra Interpretation in the Satapatha-Brahmana by J Gonda
2691780. Studies on Amphipoda: Proceedings of the Vith International Colloquium on Amphipod Crustaceans, Ambleteuse, France, 28 Jun by Brill Academic
2691781. Crustaceana: International Journal of Crustacean Research; Supplement 12 Part III (S-Z) Addenda Et Corrigenda Supplement 1981-1985 by W Vervoort
2691782. Die Einheit der Polis: Eine Studie Uber Platons Staat by J F M Arends
2691783. Declamationes Sullanae: Part One: Introductory Material, Declamations I and II by Juan Luis Vives
2691785. International Studies in Sociology and Social Anthropology, Third World Workers: Comparative International Labour Studies by P C W Gutkind
2691786. Language and Society: Steps Towards an Integrated Theory by Jayant Lele
2691787. Inviting Death: Indian Attitude Towards the Ritual Death by S Settar
2691788. Neo-Hindu Views of Christianity: by Arvind Sharma
2691789. The Great Perfection (Rdzogs Chen): A Philosophical and Meditative Teaching of Tibetan Buddhism by Samten Gyaltsen Karmay
2691790. The Visigoths in Gaul and Spain Ad 418-711: A Bibliography by Alberto Ferreiro
2691791. Larvae of Owlet Moths (Noctuidae): Biology, Morphology, and Classification by O I Merzheevskaya
2691792. Die Gottin MR. T. : Entstehung Und Verehrung Einer Personifikation by W Guglielmi
2691793. Medizingeschichte Japans by Erhard Rosner
2691794. Diathesis in the Semitic Languages: A Comparative Morphological Study by Jan Retso
2691796. Conservation and Development in Irian Jaya: A Strategy for Rational Resource Utilization by Ronald G Petocz
2691797. Imperialism and War: Essays on Colonial Wars in Asia and Africa by J A De Moor
2691798. The System of Nominal Accentuation in Sanskrit and Proto-Indo-European by A M Lubotsky
2691799. Adventus Domini: Eschatological Thought in 4th-Century Apses and Catecheses by Geir Hellemo
2691800. Inimici Ecclesiae: Das Ekklesiologische Feinbild in Luther's Dictata Super Psalterium (1513-1515) Im Horizont Der Theologischen Tradition by T Rasmussen
2691801. Change and Continuity in Chinese Local History: The Development of Hui-Chou Prefecture 800 to 1800 by Harriet T Zurndorfer
2691802. Paths from Ancient Greece by C G Thomas
2691803. A.E. Housman at University College, London: The Election of 1892 by P G Naiditch
2691804. Thomas Muntzer: Herkunft Und Bildung by Ulrich Bubenheimer
2691805. Richard Hooker's Doctrine of the Royal Supremacy: by W J Torrance Kirby
2691806. Elenchus Fontium Historiae Urbanae, Volume 2 by Susan Reynolds
2691810. The Clothes Moths (Tineidae). Part 5: Subfamily Myrmecozelinae: Fauna of the USSR. Lepidoptera [Vol. 4, Part 5] by A K Zagulajev
2691811. Mammals of the Soviet Union, Volume 1 Ungulates by V G Geptner
2691812. Mammals of the Soviet Union, Volume 2 Part 2 Carnivora (Hyenas and Cats) by V G Geptner
2691813. Studies in the History of Christian Traditions, Origins of Papal Infallibility, 1150-1350: A Study on the Concepts of Infallibility, Sovereignty and T by Tierney, B.
2691814. Germania, Raetia, Noricum, Pannonia, Dalmatia, Macedonia, Thracia, Moesia, Dacia, Regnum Bospori, Colchis, Scythia Et Sarmatia by M J Vermaseren
2691815. Taxonomy and Ecology of the Jumping Plant-Lice of Panama by R G Brown
2691816. The Treatises of Later Han: Their Author, Sources, Contents and Place in Chinese Historiography by B J Mansvelt Beck
2691817. De Conscribendis Epistolis by Juan Luis Vives
2691818. Rufin Von Aquileia: de Ieiunio I, II by Heinrich Marti
2691820. Nematodes of Plants and Soils: Neotylenchoidea by N I Sumenkova
2691821. Plant Nematodes and Their Control (Phytonematology) by Heinz Decker
2691823. Historia Religionum, Volume 1 Religions of the Past by G Widengren
2691824. La France Et La Miditerranie: Vingt-Sept Siecles D'Interdependance by Irad Malkin
2691825. Josephus, the Bible and History by L H Feldman
2691826. A Study of the Vernacular Poetry of Ahmad Fu'ad Nigm by Kamal Abdel Malek
2691827. Dreaming, Religion and Society in Africa by M C Jedrej
2691828. Perspectives on Human Conduct: by Lars Hertzberg
2691829. The Iconography of Korean Buddhist Painting by Henrik Hjort Sorensen
2691830. Science and Comparative Philosophy: Introducing Yuasa Yasuo by David Edward Shaner
2691831. Dutch Calvinists in Early Stuart London: The Dutch Church in Austin Friars 1603-1642 by Ole Peter Grell
2691832. A Selective Guide to Chinese Literature 1900-1949: Volume 3: The Poem by Lloyd Haft
2691833. Ayyubid Metalwork with Christian Images: by Eva Baer
2691835. Evaluations of Sung Dynasty Painters of Renown: Liu Tao-Ch'un's Sung-Ch'ao Ming-Hua P'Ing. Translated with an Introduction by Tao Ch Un Liu
2691836. The Cicadas of the Fiji, Samoa and Tonga Islands: Their Taxonomy and Biogeography by J P Duffels
2691837. Proceedings of the 7th International Congress of Myriapodology by A Minelli
2691839. Die Entstehung Der Judischen Martyrologie by J W Van Henten
2691840. Islam in South-East Asia by M B Hooker
2691841. Empire of Reason: Exact Sciences in Indonesia, 1840-1940 by Lewis Pyenson
2691842. Al-Kasim B. Ibrahim on the Proof of God's Existence: Kitab Al-Dalil Al-Kabir by Binyamin Abrahamov
2691844. Die Entstehung Des Kabuki: Transkulturation Europa-Japan Im 16. Und 17. Jahrhundert by Thomas F Leims
2691845. Buddhavacana and Dei Verbum: A Phenomenological and Theological Comparison of Scriptural Inspiration in the Saddharmapu AR?Ka by Michael Fuss
2691846. Emvlemy I Simvoly (1788).: The First Russian Emblem Book. Edited and Translated by A. Hippisley by Nestor Maksimovich Ambodik
2691847. The One and Its Relation to Intellect in Plotinus: A Commentary on Selected Texts by John Bussanich
2691850. Simplicius Commentaire Sur Les Catigories: Fascicule III by Ilsetraut Hadot
2691851. An Annotated Bibliography of the Peshitta of the Old Testament by P B Dirksen
2691852. Nag Hammadi Codex II, 2-7, Together with XIII, 2* Brit. Lib. Or. 4926(1) and P. Oxy. 1, 654, 655: I. Gospel According to Thomas, Gospel According to P by Bentley Layton
2691853. L'Espace Architectonique: Quinze Lecons Sur La Disposition de La Demeure Humaine by
2691854. Leiden Oriental Connections 1850-1940: by Willem Otterspeer
2691855. Theology and Science in the 14th Century: Three Questions on the Unity and Subalternation of the Sciences from John of Reading's Commentary on the Sen by Steven J Livesey
2691856. Italo-Turkish Diplomacy and the War Over Libya, 1911-1912: by Timothy Winston Childs
2691857. Theology, Biblical Scholarship and Rabbinical Studies in the Seventeenth Century: Constantijn L'Empireur (1591-1648), Professor of Hebrew and Theology by Peter T Van Rooden
2691858. The Economic Problem in Biblical and Patristic Thought: by Barry Gordon
2691859. Emerging Sexual Inequality Among the Lisu of Northern Thailand: The Waning of Dog and Elephant Repute by Otome Klein Hutheesing
2691860. Studies in Greek Culture and Roman Policy: by Erich S Gruen
2691861. L'Image D'Idris II, Ses Descendants de Fas Et la Politique Sharifienne Des Sultans Marinides (656- 869/1258- 1465) by Herman L Beck
2691863. The Harappan Civilization and Its Writing: A Model for the Decipherment of the Indus Script by Walter Ashlin Fairservis
2691864. Lexicon Latinitatis Nederlandicae Medii Aevi, IV. F-I, Fasc. 31 by
2691865. The Cichlids of Surinam: Teleostei: Labroidei by Sven O Kullander
2691866. A History of Writing in Japan: by Christopher Seeley
2691867. The Brussels Horloge de Sapience: Iconography and Text of Brussels, Bibliotheque Royale, MS. IV 111 by Peter Rolfe Monks
2691868. Iter Italicum: A Finding List of Uncatalogued or Incompletely Catalogued Humanistic Mss, Volume 5 Alia Itinera 3: Sweden to Yugoslavi by Paul Oskar Kristeller
2691869. Prosper of Aquitaine: de Providentia Dei by Prosper Of Aquitaine
2691870. Part I Fasc. 2. Leviticus; Numbers; Deuteronomy; Part II, Fasc. 1b. Joshua by Dirksen
2691871. Genres in Visual Representation by Hans G Kippenberg
2691872. Boethius on Signification and Mind: by John Magee
2691873. Inquiry Into the Ethnic Resolution of Mesolithic Regional Groups: The Study of Their Decorative Ornaments in Time and Space by R R Newell
2691876. Studies in the New Testament: The Sea-Change of the Old Testament in the New by J Duncan M Derrett
2691877. Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Medicine in Bible and Talmud, Jerusalem, December 7-9, 1987 (=Koroth 9, 1985, Special Issue). by
2691878. Strukturale Beobachtungen Zum Neuen Testament by Werner Stenger
2691879. Menasseh Ben Israel and His World by Y Kaplan
2691880. The Middle English Weye of Paradys and the Middle French Voie de Paradis.: A Parallel-Text Edition by F N M Diekstra
2691881. The Jyotistoma Ritual: Jaiminiya Brahmana I, 66-364 by H W Bodewitz
2691882. The Nominal Sentence in Sanskrit and Middle Indo-Aryan by Andries Anne Breunis
2691883. Erasmus' Annotations on the New Testament: Acts, Romans, I and II Corinthians: Facsimile of the Final Latin Text with All Earlier Variants by Desiderius Erasmus
2691885. The Sayings of Jesus in the Teaching of the Twelve Apostles: by Clayton N Jefford
2691886. Gotisches Worterbuch by G Kvbler
2691887. Eduard Meyer: Leben Und Leistung Eines Universalhistorikers by W M Calder
2691889. The Archaistic Style in Roman Statuary: by Mark D Fullerton
2691890. The Economic Consequences of Zionism by Rafael N Rosenzweig
2691891. Cosmic and Meta-Cosmic Theology in Aristotle's Lost Dialogues: by A P Bos
2691893. St. Symeon: The New Theologian and Spiritual Fatherhood by H J M Turner
2691894. Development and Decline of Fukien Province in the 17th and 18th Centuries: by E B Vermeer
2691896. The Origins of the First United Front in China (2 Vols.): The Role of Sneevliet (Alias Maring) by Tony Saich
2691897. Oriental Responses to the West: Comparative Essays in Select Writers from the Muslim World by Nasrin Rahimieh
2691898. La Trame Et La Channe, II: Le Cycle de Noe Dans Philon D'Alexandrie by Jacques Cazeaux
2691899. Perspectives on Psychologism: by M A Notturno
2691901. The Ideal of the Self-Governing Church: A Study in Victorian Missionary Strategy by C Peter Williams
2691902. Crustaceana Supplement 16 III. Harpacticoides: International Journal of Crustacean Research by B Dussart
2691903. Bureaucracy and Development in the Arab World: by J G Jabbra
2691904. Lexicon Latinitatis Nederlandicae Medii Aevi, IV. F-I, Fasc. 32 by
2691907. Etudes Sur/Studies On Helene Metzger by Gad Freudenthal
2691908. Rationality in Question: On Eastern and Western Views of Rationality by Shlomo Biderman
2691909. Twenty Chapters: Ishr?n Maq?la. Edited, Translated and Annotated by S. Stroumsa by Sarah Stroumsa
2691910. Poems of Cupid, God of Love: Christine de Pizan's Epistre Au Dieu D'Amours and Dit de La Rose, Thomas Hoccleve's Letter of Cupid. by Thelma S Fenster
2691911. Islamic Studies Presented to Charles J. Adams: by Wael B Hallaq
2691912. Studien Zu Gregor Von Nyssa Und Der Christlichen Spatantike by Hubertus R Drobner
2691913. Early Writings 2: Epistula Forti, Vita Ioannis Dullardi, Christi Triumphus, Ovatio Mariae, Clipeus Christi, Praelectio in Quartum Rhetor by J L Vives
2691914. Lexicon Latinitatis Nederlandicae Medii Aevi, IV. F-I, Fasc. 33 by
2691916. Oriens, Volume 32: 1989/1990 by Rudolf Sellheim
2691917. Moths of Australia by I F B Common
2691918. Dorylaimida: Free-Living, Predaceous and Plant-Parasitic Nematodes by M Shamim Jairajpuri
2691919. The Divine Verdict: A Study of the Divine Judgement in the Ancient Religions by John Gwyn Griffiths
2691920. John Selden on Jewish Marriage Law: The Uxor Hebraica by John Selden
2691921. Julius Pflug (1499-1564): Et la Crise Religieuse Dans L'Allemagne Du XVI Siecle by J V Pollet
2691922. Evliya Celebi in Bitlis: The Relevant Section of the Seyahatname by Robert Dankoff
2691923. Der Ikonoklasmus Des Westens by Helmut Feld
2691924. The European Emblem: Selected Papers from the Glasgow Conference, 11-14 August 1987 by Bernard F Scholz
2691925. The Sanskrit Tradition and Tantrism: by Teun Goudriaan
2691926. Earliest Buddhism. Madhyamaka by D S Ruegg
2691928. Brill's Studies in Intellectual History, Divine Foreknowledge and Human Freedom: The Coherence of Theism: Omniscience by William Lane Craig
2691929. Mary of Nemmegen: by Margaret M Raftery