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Books 122/54

2730452. Splitting Extrapolation Method by C B Liem
2730453. Computational Analysis of One- Dimensiona by Burton H Voorhees
2730454. Number Theory with Applications by W C Winnie Li
2730458. Modelling and Planning for Sensor Based Intelligent Robot Systems by Horst Bunke
2730459. Frontier Orbitals and Reaction Paths: Se by Kenichi Fukui
2730465. Design of Intelligent Control Systems Ba by Pedro U Lima
2730466. Lecture Notes on Solution Chemistry by Viktor Gutmann
2730471. Nonlinear Optical Phenomena in Semiconductors and Semiconductor Microstructures by L V Keldysh
2730476. Numerical Ocean Acoustic Propagation in by Ding Lee
2730478. Mathematical Modeling and Simulation in by D N Riahi
2730479. Introduction to Mathematical Immunobiology of Cancer by V A Kunznetsov
2730482. Compound Semiconductor Electronics, the Age of Maturity by Michael S Shur
2730483. Renormalization Geometry One Dimen by Yunping Jiang
2730485. Expertmedia: Expert Systems and Hypermedia by R Rada
2730487. Barings Bankruptcy and Financial Derivatives by Peter G Zhang
2730488. Reliable Plan Selection by Intelligent M by George N Saridis
2730489. Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing by Bernadette Bouchon Meunier
2730490. Systems and Control: An Introduction to Linear, Sampled and Nonlinear Systems by T Dougherty
2730493. Infrared Characterization for Microelectronics by W S Lau
2730497. Symmetry as a Developmental Principle in by W Hahn
2730504. NMR in Structural Biology: A Collection of Papers by Kurt Wuthrich by Kurt Wuthrich
2730506. Fuzzy Sets, Fuzzy Logic, Applications by George Bojadziev
2730508. Mathematical Modeling & Computer Simulation of Biomechanical Systems: by A V Zinkovsky
2730514. Nonlinear Dynamics in Circuits by T Carroll
2730515. A Primer of Chemical Pathology by R N Walmsley
2730517. Green, Brown, and Probability by Kai L Chung
2730521. History and Science of Knots by J C Turner
2730522. Global Dynamical Properties of Lotka- Volterra Systems by Y Takeuchi
2730523. Parallel Image Analysis: Theory and Appl by L S Davis
2730525. Wavelets: An Elementary Treatment of the by T H Koornwinder
2730526. Towards a War-Free World: Annals of Pugwash, 1994 by Joseph Rotblat
2730533. Fractional Statistics and Quantum Theory by Avinash Khare
2730535. Julian Schwinger: The Physicist, the Teacher, and the Man by Yee Jack Ng
2730536. Green, Brown, & Probability by
2730537. Physico- Chemical Applications of NMR: A by A B Kudryavtsev
2730538. Continuum Mechanics Via Problems and Exercises: Part I: Theory and Problems; Part II: Answers and Solutions by Margarita E Eglit
2730545. Math Problems in Elasticity by Remigio Russo
2730548. Nonlinear Optics by N Bloembergen
2730551. The Saga of the Nerve Growth Factor by Rita Levi Montalcini
2730552. Basic Neuroanatomy by D T W Yew
2730554. Mathematical Methods Sample Surveys by Howard G Tucker
2730560. Physics of Comets by K S Krishna Swamy
2730567. Parallel Impelementations of Backpropogation Neural Networks on Transputers: J. A. Majors Company y ACT y y 01/01/1996 by P Saratchandran
2730573. Evolution of Synthetic Pathways: Paralla by Tse Lok Ho
2730577. Nobel Lectures in Chemistry, Vol 7 (1991- 1995) by Bo G Malmstrom
2730578. Nobel Lectures In Chemistry, Vol 7 (1991 (Paperback) by Bo G Malmstrom
2730580. Advanced Calculus, an Introduction to Mathematical Analysis by Samuel Zaidman
2730582. A Brief History of Chinese Medicine by F P Lisowski
2730583. Nobel Lectures in Literature: 1991-1995 by Sture Allen
2730586. Infinite Matrices and the Gliding Hump, Matrix Methods in Analysis by Charles Swartz
2730589. Cervical Spondylosis and Similar Disorde by Keiro Ono
2730596. Chemical from Plants: Perspectives on Plant Secondary Products by N J Walton
2730597. Genetics Manual: Current Theory, Concept by George P Redei
2730600. Animal Spatial Cognition: Behavioural and Brain Approach by Catherine Thinus Blanc
2730601. Studies in Pattern Recognition by K S Fu
2730602. Software Visualization by Peter Eades
2730604. Knowledge- Based Systems: Advanced Concepts, Techniques and Applications by S G Tzafestas
2730605. Protocol Conformance Testing Using Uniqu by Hsiao Sun
2730606. Rapid Thermal Processing by Singh
2730609. Patient's Interest Foremost: The Good Do by Arthur Siew Ming Lim
2730616. Fuzzy Topology by Ying Ming Liu
2730622. Chaos and Complexity in Nonlinear Electronic Circuits by Maciej J Ogorzalek
2730623. Mushroom Biology by Philip G Miles
2730628. Economic Management and Transition Towards a Market Economy: An Asian Perspective by A Chin
2730630. Fuzzy and Uncertain Object- Oriented Data by Rita De Caluwe
2730635. Acquisition of Software Engineering Knowledge - Sweep: An Automatic Programming System Based on Genetic Programming and Cultural Algorithms by Jr George Cowan
2730638. Handbook Series on Semiconductor Parameters, Vol. 1: Si, GE, C (Diamond) , GAAS, Gap, Gasb, Inas, Inp, Insb; Vol. 2: Ternary and Quaternary III- V Compo by M Levinshtein
2730639. Linus Pauling- Selected Scientific Papers (in 2 Volumes) by Linus Pauling
2730644. Chemical Dynamics and Kinetics of Small Radicals, the (in 2 Parts) by Kopin Liu
2730645. Chemical Dynamics and Kinetics of Small Radicals, the (in 2 Parts) by Kopin Liu
2730647. Modern Electronic Structure Theory (in 2 Parts) by David Yarkony
2730648. Laser Spectroscopy and Photochemistry on Metal Surfaces (in 2 Parts) by Kopin Liu
2730649. Tongue of the Tiger: Overcoming Language Barriers in International Trade by Rolf Cremer
2730650. Advances in Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Volume 3 by Philip L F Liu
2730653. High Power Lasers in Production Engineering by Dieter Schuocker
2730658. Nobel Lectures in Economic Sciences, Vol 3 (1991- 1995) : The Sveriges Riksbank (Bank of Sweden) Prize by Torsten Persson
2730659. Nobel Lectures in Physiology or Medicine 1991- 1995 by Nils Ringertz
2730660. Nobel Lectures in Physiology or Medicine by Nils Ringertz
2730666. Fuzzy-Logic-Based Programming by Chin Liang Chang
2730667. Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision (2nd Edition) by C H Chen
2730669. Diagonal Infinity - Problems of Multiple Scales by H M Hubey
2730672. Linear Algebra by C Y Hsiung
2730673. Jacobians of Matrix Transformation and F by A M Mathai
2730678. Statistics and Truth: Putting Chance to Work by C R Rao
2730681. Decision Technologies for Financial Engineering: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Neural Networks by Andreas S Weigend
2730683. Uncertainty Modeling in Finite Element, by A Haldar
2730686. Advances in Abrasive Technology by L C Zhang
2730687. Coastal Stabilization by Richard Silvester
2730688. Fields, Strings and Duality Tasi 96 by Greene, Brian
2730692. Applications of Neural Adaptive Control by Jens Kalkkul
2730697. Modern Electronic Structure Theory & Applications in Organic Chemistry by Ernest R Davidson
2730698. Physiology and Pathophysiology of Temper by Clark M Blatteis
2730699. Topics in Mathematical Analysis and Diff by N K Laos
2730702. Some New Directions in Science on Computers by G Bhanot
2730707. Introduction to Mathematical Population Dynamics by K Yang
2730712. Link Proceedings 1991, 1992: Selected Pa by Link Meeting
2730715. Regression and Time Series Model Selection by Allan D R Mc
2730716. Delta: A Paradox Logic by N S K Hellerstein
2730717. Differential Geometry on Complex Manifolds by F Y Zheng
2730719. Distinctinve Techniques for Organic Synthesis by Tse Lok Ho
2730728. Integrable Systems and Algebraic Geometry: Proceedings of the Taniguchi Symposium by M H Saito
2730730. The Search for Terrestrial Intelligence by M Taube
2730732. Neutrinos in Supersymmetry by J C Romao
2730733. Biocomputing '98: Proceedings of the Pacific Symposium Maui, Hawaii 4-9 Jan. 1998 by Russ B Altman
2730738. Hypercomplex Interations, Distance Estimation and Higher Dimensional Fractals by Yumei Dang
2730740. Introduction to Semiconductor Physics by H T Grahn
2730746. Advances in Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Vol 4 by Philip L F Liu
2730747. Introduction to Pattern Recognition, Sta by Menahem Friedman
2730748. Inverse Semigroups: The Theory of Partial Symmetries by Mark V Lawson
2730751. Image Databases & Multi- Media Search by Arnold Smeulders
2730753. Chemical Biology, Selected Papers of H G Khorana (with Introductions) by H G Khorana
2730754. The Tau Lepon and Its Neutrino by R Stroynowski
2730755. Spectral Methods & Their Application by Pen Yu Kuo
2730756. Mathematical Methods for Systems Theory by F Gentili
2730759. Complex Matters of the Mind by Franco Orsucci
2730768. China Business Review 1997: A Supplement of the Accounting and Business Review by World Scientific
2730769. In Bytes We Travel by Hsin H Lin
2730770. Frontiers of Reliability by Asit P Basu
2730771. Foreign Exchange Option Symmetry by Valery A Kholodnyi
2730774. Stochastic Methods in Hydrology: Rain, Landforms & Floods by Ole E Barndorff Nielson
2730775. Macroscopic Quantum Coherence by Sassaroli, E.
2730779. Methods of Qualitative Theory in Nonlinear Dynamics, Part I by Leonid Shilnikov
2730780. Stochastically Excited Nonlinear Ocean S by M F Shleginger
2730783. Introduction to Quantum Computation and by Hoi Kwong Lo
2730784. Shadows of the Circle: Conic Sections, O by Vagn Lundsgaard Hansen
2730785. Chinese Culture and Industrial Management by Pan Yunhe
2730786. Obstacle Avoidance in Multi- Robot Systems, Experiments in Parallel Genetic Algorithms by Mark A Gill
2730789. China's Political Economy by Wang Gungwu
2730790. Quantum Hall Effects: Field Theoretical Approach and Related Topics by Zyun Francis Ezawa
2730791. Sixth Asian Logic Conference: Proceeding by Chi Tat Chong
2730798. China's Tax Reform Options by Trish Fulton
2730801. Adaptive Neural Network Control of Robot by S S Ge
2730802. Parallel Image Analysis, Tools and Model by Serge Miguet
2730808. The Analysis of Complex Nonlinear Mechanical Systems: A Computer Algebra Assisted Approach by M Lesser
2730813. China's Economy and the Asian Financial by John Wong
2730818. Pratially Ordered Groups by A M W Glass
2730819. Lectures on Differential Geometry by Shiing Shen Chern
2730822. Autonomous Rock Excavation, Intelligent Control Techniques and Experimentation by Xiaobo Shi
2730824. Handbook of Accelerator Physics & Engineering: A Compilation of Forulae & Data by Chao
2730833. Moment Functions in Image Analysis: Theory & Applications by R Mukundan
2730834. A Guide to Dissection of the Human Body by F P Lisowski
2730841. Quantum Probability Communications by R L Hudson
2730844. Discoveries in Plant Biology (Volume II) by Shain Dow Kung
2730848. Modern Differential Geometry for Physicists by C J Isham
2730849. Modelling Coastal Sea Processes: Proceedings of the International Ocean and Atmosphere Pacific Conference by John Noye
2730852. Advances in Distributed Multimedia Systems by S K Chang
2730853. Algebraic Geometry and the Theory of Curves by Daniel Bump
2730862. Semirings: Algebraic Theory & Applications in Computer Science by Udo Hebisch
2730868. Robust Nonlinear Control of Industrial Evaporation Systems: Implementation of Differential Geometric Techniques by L C To
2730869. Advances in Information Storage Systems by Bharat Bhushan