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Books 122/54

2730452. Splitting Extrapolation Method by C B Liem
2730453. Computational Analysis of One- Dimensiona by Burton H Voorhees
2730454. Number Theory with Applications by W C Winnie Li
2730458. Modelling and Planning for Sensor Based Intelligent Robot Systems by Horst Bunke
2730459. Frontier Orbitals and Reaction Paths: Se by Kenichi Fukui
2730466. Lecture Notes on Solution Chemistry by Viktor Gutmann
2730471. Nonlinear Optical Phenomena in Semiconductors and Semiconductor Microstructures by L V Keldysh
2730476. Numerical Ocean Acoustic Propagation in by Ding Lee
2730478. Mathematical Modeling and Simulation in by D N Riahi
2730479. Introduction to Mathematical Immunobiology of Cancer by V A Kunznetsov
2730483. Renormalization Geometry One Dimen by Yunping Jiang
2730485. Expertmedia: Expert Systems and Hypermedia by R Rada
2730487. Barings Bankruptcy and Financial Derivatives by Peter G Zhang
2730490. Systems and Control: An Introduction to Linear, Sampled and Nonlinear Systems by T Dougherty
2730497. Symmetry as a Developmental Principle in by W Hahn
2730504. NMR in Structural Biology: A Collection of Papers by Kurt Wuthrich by Kurt Wuthrich
2730508. Mathematical Modeling & Computer Simulation of Biomechanical Systems: by A V Zinkovsky
2730514. Nonlinear Dynamics in Circuits by T Carroll
2730515. A Primer of Chemical Pathology by R N Walmsley
2730521. History and Science of Knots by J C Turner
2730522. Global Dynamical Properties of Lotka- Volterra Systems by Y Takeuchi
2730523. Parallel Image Analysis: Theory and Appl by L S Davis
2730526. Towards a War-Free World: Annals of Pugwash, 1994 by Joseph Rotblat
2730533. Fractional Statistics and Quantum Theory by Avinash Khare
2730535. Julian Schwinger: The Physicist, the Teacher, and the Man by Yee Jack Ng
2730536. Green, Brown, & Probability by
2730537. Physico- Chemical Applications of NMR: A by A B Kudryavtsev
2730538. Continuum Mechanics Via Problems and Exercises: Part I: Theory and Problems; Part II: Answers and Solutions by Margarita E Eglit
2730548. Nonlinear Optics by N Bloembergen
2730551. The Saga of the Nerve Growth Factor by Rita Levi Montalcini
2730552. Basic Neuroanatomy by D T W Yew
2730567. Parallel Impelementations of Backpropogation Neural Networks on Transputers: J. A. Majors Company y ACT y y 01/01/1996 by P Saratchandran
2730573. Evolution of Synthetic Pathways: Paralla by Tse Lok Ho
2730577. Nobel Lectures in Chemistry, Vol 7 (1991- 1995) by Bo G Malmstrom
2730578. Nobel Lectures In Chemistry, Vol 7 (1991 (Paperback) by Bo G Malmstrom
2730582. A Brief History of Chinese Medicine by F P Lisowski
2730583. Nobel Lectures in Literature: 1991-1995 by Sture Allen
2730597. Genetics Manual: Current Theory, Concept by George P Redei
2730600. Animal Spatial Cognition: Behavioural and Brain Approach by Catherine Thinus Blanc
2730602. Software Visualization by Peter Eades
2730604. Knowledge- Based Systems: Advanced Concepts, Techniques and Applications by S G Tzafestas
2730606. Rapid Thermal Processing by Singh
2730609. Patient's Interest Foremost: The Good Do by Arthur Siew Ming Lim
2730623. Mushroom Biology by Philip G Miles
2730628. Economic Management and Transition Towards a Market Economy: An Asian Perspective by A Chin
2730635. Acquisition of Software Engineering Knowledge - Sweep: An Automatic Programming System Based on Genetic Programming and Cultural Algorithms by Jr George Cowan
2730638. Handbook Series on Semiconductor Parameters, Vol. 1: Si, GE, C (Diamond) , GAAS, Gap, Gasb, Inas, Inp, Insb; Vol. 2: Ternary and Quaternary III- V Compo by M Levinshtein
2730639. Linus Pauling- Selected Scientific Papers (in 2 Volumes) by Linus Pauling
2730644. Chemical Dynamics and Kinetics of Small Radicals, the (in 2 Parts) by Kopin Liu
2730645. Chemical Dynamics and Kinetics of Small Radicals, the (in 2 Parts) by Kopin Liu
2730647. Modern Electronic Structure Theory (in 2 Parts) by David Yarkony
2730649. Tongue of the Tiger: Overcoming Language Barriers in International Trade by Rolf Cremer
2730658. Nobel Lectures in Economic Sciences, Vol 3 (1991- 1995) : The Sveriges Riksbank (Bank of Sweden) Prize by Torsten Persson
2730659. Nobel Lectures in Physiology or Medicine 1991- 1995 by Nils Ringertz
2730660. Nobel Lectures in Physiology or Medicine by Nils Ringertz
2730666. Fuzzy-Logic-Based Programming by Chin Liang Chang
2730673. Jacobians of Matrix Transformation and F by A M Mathai
2730681. Decision Technologies for Financial Engineering: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Neural Networks by Andreas S Weigend
2730683. Uncertainty Modeling in Finite Element, by A Haldar
2730686. Advances in Abrasive Technology by L C Zhang
2730687. Coastal Stabilization by Richard Silvester
2730688. Fields, Strings and Duality Tasi 96 by Greene, Brian
2730697. Modern Electronic Structure Theory & Applications in Organic Chemistry by Ernest R Davidson
2730702. Some New Directions in Science on Computers by G Bhanot
2730707. Introduction to Mathematical Population Dynamics by K Yang
2730717. Differential Geometry on Complex Manifolds by F Y Zheng
2730719. Distinctinve Techniques for Organic Synthesis by Tse Lok Ho
2730728. Integrable Systems and Algebraic Geometry: Proceedings of the Taniguchi Symposium by M H Saito
2730732. Neutrinos in Supersymmetry by J C Romao
2730733. Biocomputing '98: Proceedings of the Pacific Symposium Maui, Hawaii 4-9 Jan. 1998 by Russ B Altman
2730738. Hypercomplex Interations, Distance Estimation and Higher Dimensional Fractals by Yumei Dang
2730740. Introduction to Semiconductor Physics by H T Grahn
2730746. Advances in Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Vol 4 by Philip L F Liu
2730747. Introduction to Pattern Recognition, Sta by Menahem Friedman
2730754. The Tau Lepon and Its Neutrino by R Stroynowski
2730756. Mathematical Methods for Systems Theory by F Gentili
2730759. Complex Matters of the Mind by Franco Orsucci
2730768. China Business Review 1997: A Supplement of the Accounting and Business Review by World Scientific
2730770. Frontiers of Reliability by Asit P Basu
2730774. Stochastic Methods in Hydrology: Rain, Landforms & Floods by Ole E Barndorff Nielson
2730775. Macroscopic Quantum Coherence by Sassaroli, E.
2730779. Methods of Qualitative Theory in Nonlinear Dynamics, Part I by Leonid Shilnikov
2730780. Stochastically Excited Nonlinear Ocean S by M F Shleginger
2730784. Shadows of the Circle: Conic Sections, O by Vagn Lundsgaard Hansen
2730785. Chinese Culture and Industrial Management by Pan Yunhe
2730790. Quantum Hall Effects: Field Theoretical Approach and Related Topics by Zyun Francis Ezawa
2730791. Sixth Asian Logic Conference: Proceeding by Chi Tat Chong
2730802. Parallel Image Analysis, Tools and Model by Serge Miguet
2730819. Lectures on Differential Geometry by Shiing Shen Chern
2730824. Handbook of Accelerator Physics & Engineering: A Compilation of Forulae & Data by Chao
2730833. Moment Functions in Image Analysis: Theory & Applications by R Mukundan
2730834. A Guide to Dissection of the Human Body by F P Lisowski
2730841. Quantum Probability Communications by R L Hudson
2730848. Modern Differential Geometry for Physicists by C J Isham
2730862. Semirings: Algebraic Theory & Applications in Computer Science by Udo Hebisch
2730868. Robust Nonlinear Control of Industrial Evaporation Systems: Implementation of Differential Geometric Techniques by L C To
2730870. Sea Level Changes and Their Effects, Ocean and Atmosphere Pacific: Oap 95 by John Noye
2730873. Fuzzy Commutative Algebra by John N Mordeson
2730875. Regulations for Agricultural Products Derived from Biotechnology: Proceedings of the ASEAN Workshop by Primary Production Department Singapore
2730876. China's New Oil Development Strategy Taking Shape by John Wong
2730878. History and Science of Knots by P Van De Griend
2730882. Algebraic Engineering by C L Nehaniv
2730883. Geometry in Present Day Science: Proceed by Ole E Barndorff Nielson
2730898. Accelerator Physics by S Y Lee
2730903. Advances in Handwriting Recognition by Seong Whan Lee
2730906. Lectures on Functional Analysis and Appl by V S Pugachev
2730907. Lectures on Functional Analysis and Appl by V S Pugachev
2730913. Theory of Formal Languages with Applicat by Dan A Simovici
2730916. Information Processing for Remote Sensin by C H Chen
2730920. Psychophysics, Physiology & Models of Hearing by Torsten Dau
2730925. Electrorheological Fluids, Magnetorheological Suspensions and Their Application by M Nakano
2730927. Computational Chemistry: Reviews of Current Trends, Vol. 3 by Jerzy Leszczynski
2730931. Clinical Electrocardiography (Third Edition) by B L Chia
2730932. Clinical Electrocardiography (Third Edition) by B L Chia
2730935. Wages and Wages Policies: Tripartism in by Chong Yah Lim
2730938. Topics in Circular Statistics (with Floppy Diskette) by A Sengupta
2730939. Under the Microscope: A Brief History of Microscopy by William J Croft
2730942. Quantitative Analysis in Financial Marke by Marco Avellaneda
2730947. Asian Crisis: A New Agenda for Euro- Asian Cooperation by Jean Claude Berthelemy
2730948. Wavelet Theory and Its Application to Pattern Recognition by Yuan Y Tang
2730951. Neuronal Information Processing, from Biological Data to Modelling and Application by P Combe
2730952. Recent Advances in Numerical Methods and Applications II by Oleg P Illiev
2730956. Study Guide for Statistics for Business by Ronald L Moy
2730958. Chaos and Fractals in Engineering by Masao Nakagawa
2730960. Physiology, Promiscuity and Prophecy at by Bruce J West
2730963. Human Resource Strategies in China by Alma M Whiteley
2730964. Regionalism in Trade Policy: Essays on P by Arvind Panagariya
2730965. Regionalism in Trade Policy: Essays on P by Arvind Panagariya
2730968. Emerging Financial Markets in the Global Economy by Larry Sawers
2730978. Advances in Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Vol 5 by Philip L F Liu
2730979. China's Power Sector by Chee Kong Wong
2730980. Optical Spectroscopies of Electronic ABS by J R Lalanne
2730986. Aspects of Complex Analysis, Differential Geometry, Mathematical Physics and Applications by Stancho Dimiev
2730996. Multisensor Fusion: A Minimal Representation Framework by Rajive Joshi
2731035. Relativity and Gravitation in General by F Atrio
2731040. Dynamical Systems: A Collection of Papers by Ya G Sinai
2731043. Wolf Prize in Mathematics, Vol 1 by Shiing Shen Chern
2731044. Wolf Prize in Mathematics, Volume 2 by Shiing Shen Chern
2731045. Computational Chemistry: Reviews of Current Trends, Vol. 4 by Jerzy Leszczynski
2731047. A Fragile Nation: The Indonesian Crisis by Khoon Choy Lee
2731049. International Consumption Comparisons: OECD Versus LDC by E Anthony Selvanathan
2731053. Proceedings of the XI Brazilian Topology Meeting by S Firmo
2731055. Nuclear Energy: Promise or Peril? by C R Hill
2731056. Trends in Probability and Related Analysis by N R Shieh
2731064. The Nonlinear Workbook: Chaos, Fractals, Cellular Automata, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Logic with C++, Java, Symbolic C++, and by Willi Hans Steeb
2731065. The Nonlinear Workbook by Willi Hans Steeb
2731074. Topics in Low-Dimensional Topology by A Banyaga
2731075. Circuit Analysis by Leonard J Tung
2731090. Neural Networks in Chemical and Physical Systems by Jerry A Darsey
2731100. Topics in Analysis and Its Applications, Selected Theses by Ronald Coifman