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Books 124/62

2776651. Mechanisms and Models by Donald Dryden
2776652. Screening Choice by Heather Macgibbon
2776653. Education Reform at the" Edge of Chaos" by Irene Conrad
2776654. Forest Valuation Under Carbon Pricing by Richard Meade
2776655. The Role of Smmes in the Socio- Economic Development of Buffalo City by Nomhle Beauty Sinxoto
2776656. For When the Guests Come by Kjersti Berre
2776657. Apply Computable General Equilibrium (Cge) Model by Xe Do
2776658. Financial Interventions by Suleyman Degirmen
2776659. An Examination of Science Teachers' Learning by Melissa Kiehl
2776660. Cost of Capital in Investment Decisions by Edouard De Mzerac
2776661. A Translational Journey by Melike Ylmaz Batu
2776662. In Quest of Golden Deer by Md Mizanur Rahman
2776663. Interpretation, Performance, Play, and Seduction by Ragnhild Tronstad
2776664. Suburban Students Become Urban Teachers: Are They Prepared? by Allison Novick
2776665. They Didn't Tell Us That by Robin Mills
2776666. News Media Communication of Sustainability and the Environment by Komathi Kolandai Matchett
2776667. Ultrasonic Elastography of Porcine Coronaries by Veerdhaval Mahajan
2776669. Pinoys and Fil- Ams by Yvette Yambao
2776670. Female Labor Force Participation: A Cross- Sectional Analysis by Betilde Rincon Munoz
2776671. A Study of Perceptual Differences by Laina Molaski
2776672. Excise Taxation in the Australian Federation by Anthony Gray
2776674. Sovietization in Romania by Dumitru Cercel
2776675. Work, Study and Family: The Balancing Act of Professional Women by Christine Williams
2776676. Characterisation of Carbons Formed in Coal- Injected Blast Furnaces by Nigel Shanning Dong
2776677. Agricultural Cooperatives in Vietnam by Tuan Pham Trung
2776678. Sexual and Reproductive Issues Among the Akamba of Kenya by Harrison Maithya
2776679. Citizen Television by Rosa Caporicci
2776680. Connecting the Usability and Software Engineering Life Cycles by Pardha S Pyla
2776682. Loss Cone Refilling by Flyby Encounters by Mimi Zhang
2776683. Women Who Cross Borders- Black Magic? by Synnve Jahnsen
2776684. Students' Reasoning about Limit by Craig Swinyard
2776685. Community Based Tourism- Modern Destination Management by Marcus Dittmann
2776686. Emotional Intelligence and Health by Dr Paula C Peter
2776687. Work, Pension and Reform by Siv Midthassel
2776688. Transforming Education in South Africa by Helle Berggrav Hanssen
2776689. An Analysis of Sustainability in Business by Camila Vilaca
2776690. Controlling Visibility of Class Extensions by Alexandre Bergel
2776691. The Catastrophe Remembered by the Non- Traumatic by Yue Ma
2776692. Attitudes Towards Spatial Privacy by Larry Morgan
2776693. Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer by Louise Olsson
2776695. Identification of Athletes by Athletes at a Division I University by Jason Krump
2776697. Metalinguistic Knowledge and Language Proficiency by Simon Kinzley
2776698. Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs by Nilufar Baghaei
2776699. The Reasons for the Success or Failure of Entrepreneurs by Robert Ippaso
2776700. Behavior of Bolted Connections During and After a Fire by Liang Yu
2776701. Graph Visualization by Xiaodi Huang
2776702. Performing the Trauma of History by Mei Yu Tsai
2776703. Persian Orthography by Forogh Hashabeiky
2776704. Games, Economies and Fair Allocations by Marc Meertens
2776706. The Phenomenon of Spousal Violence by Mary Wahome
2776707. Partial Interaction Analysis of Composite Beams by Gianluca Ranzi
2776708. A Study of Educational Leadership by Erasmus Chirume
2776709. Becoming an Engaged Citizen by Won Yong Jang
2776710. The Constitutive Role of Occupational Safety in Chile by Rodrigo Finkelstein
2776711. The Significance of the CEO's Internal Communication Programme by Irma Meyer
2776712. The Brazilian Shoe Industry- Competing in International Markets by Pedro Kayser
2776713. Aberrant Cell Biology in Cystic Fibrosis Cells by Joseph Fazio
2776714. Stock Price Bubbles by Clemens Eder
2776716. Information Systems and DNA by David Rim
2776717. Fantasy and Drama by Tudor Feraru
2776718. Implementation of Hopfield Neural Network Using Double Gate Mosfet by Amit Borundiya
2776719. Orphan Diseases and Drugs- Widen the Horizon by Gurpreet Randhawa
2776720. Science and Technology Journalism Education by Don Cunningham
2776721. Evaluation of Driver Fatigue on Truck Seats by Chris Boggs
2776722. Demographic Change and Consequences for Businesses by Ulrich Heitzlhofer
2776723. Landslides: Causes, Consequences and Their Mitigation by Golden Msilimba
2776724. Global Differential Geometry of Weingarten Surface and Hypersurface by Rania Amer
2776725. Oncology and Infectious Diseases in Ancient Egypt by Paula Veiga
2776726. Expanding the Frame by Lindsay Chipman
2776727. Human Rights in Vietnam by Tam Mai
2776728. A Singular Voice by Jennifer Gay Albertson
2776729. Stoppardian Drama by Zekiye Antakyalioglu
2776730. Religion and International Politics by Ludwig Gelot
2776731. Spatial Analysis of Land Use Change and Land Degradation by Derege Meshesha
2776732. Retention of Volunteers by Valerie Van Loggerenberg
2776733. Better Decision Tree from Intelligent Instance Selection by Shuning Wu
2776734. An Updated Marxian Theory of the Commodity by Pablo Emiliano Ahumada
2776735. On Combining Classification Algorithms by Joao Gama
2776736. Family Businesses and the Learning Organisation by Naomi Birdthistle
2776737. The Importance of Storytelling in Today's Business by Eivor Erkas
2776738. GIS and Remote Sensing Integrated Environmental Impact Assessment in Irrigation Development by Ahmed Amdihun
2776739. Narrative in the Ballades of Fryderyk Chopin by I Chen Chen
2776740. Port Competition by Adolf Ng
2776741. Orthography Has Mnemonic Value for Learning Vocabulary Words by Julie Rosenthal
2776742. Making a Grouped- Data Frequency Table by Hippolyte Lohaka
2776743. Internationalization of the Yarra Valley Wine Industry Cluster by Milan Sedoglavich
2776744. Probabilistic Performance Prediction of Flexible Pavements by Hao Yin
2776745. Performance of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks by Jinghao Xu
2776746. An Iterative Cluster Formation Routing Protocol by Mohammad Rashedul Hasan
2776748. Empowerment in College Health Classes: Perceptions and Determinants by Bojana Beric
2776750. Latent Variables in Panel Data Models by Eleonora Patacchini
2776752. Investigating the Neural Substrates of Relapse Behavior by Russell Frohardt
2776753. Gas Hydrate Occurence and Morpho- Structures Along Chilean Margin by
2776754. Distributed Antenna Systems by Srividya Kannan Ramachandran
2776755. Several New Developments in Quantum Reaction Dynamics by Dunyou Wang
2776756. Internet Banking in Sweden by Solomon Okhiria
2776757. How a Country Treats Its Citizens No Longer Exclusive Domestic Concern by Harry Akoh
2776758. Fluoromethylation Reactions by Sujith Chacko
2776759. Mitochondria Abnormalities in Alzheimer's Disease by Xinglong Wang
2776760. School Bus Routing and Scheduling Using GIS by Mohammed Abdul Khader Nayati
2776761. The Information Systems and Technology Innovation Process by Antnio Eugnio
2776762. The Social and Political Bases of Environmentalism in Australia by Bruce Tranter
2776763. Radio Frequency Power Amplifiers by Magnus Isaksson
2776764. Domestic Use of Renewable Sources of Energy by Mathilda Du Preez
2776765. Spectrum Coordination Protocols and Algorithms for Wireless Networks by Xiangpeng Jing
2776766. The Evolutionary and Adaptive Economic Behavior by Kean Siang Ch Ng
2776767. Teaching Gender in Russia by Maria Karikova
2776768. Patterns in Beginning Readers by Deborah Rhein
2776769. Waiting for the Snow to Fall by Brennan Lagasse
2776770. Intuition by Gisle Henden
2776771. How Newcomers Use Role Models in Organizational Socialization by Cathrine Filstad
2776858. Knowledge Management for Health Care Procedures: Ecai 2008 Workshop K4help 2008, Patras, Greece, July 21- 22, 2008, Revised Selected Papers by David Riano
2776890. Learning by Playing: Game- Based Education System Design and Development: 4th International Conference on E- Learning and Games, Edutainment 2009, Banff by Maiga Chang
2776910. Am Abgrund (German) by Martin Egidius
2776911. Die Frau in Meinem Spiegel (German) by Ana Fay
2776912. Juvenile and Adolescent Fire Play and Fire Setting by Rene Perrin Wallqvist
2776916. Kundenreaktionen Auf Steuerungsmassnahmen in Mehrkanalsystemen (German) by Matthias B Schulten
2776917. Teenager (German) by Till S Kronsfoth
2776918. Die Magie Des Erwachens (German) by Jennifer M Brunner
2776919. Aufbrechungen by Werner Koll
2776920. Ich Liebe, Also Lebe Ich by Marcus Barrell
2776921. Mascha, Die Schwarze Russin (German) by Brigitte Cleve
2776922. Living a Longer Active Life! by Wolfgang Rietig
2776923. Unsere Eigene Gerechtigkeit (German) by Ute Anwer
2776924. Gebrauchsgegenstande Drechseln- Drechselvorlagen Fur Die Praktischen Dinge (German) by Steve Adams
2776925. Des Engels Hure by Darja Behnsch
2776926. Warten Auf Scheich Abdul- Aziz, Bd. I (German) by Sigrid Von Broich
2776927. Venezianische Trume (German) by Tobias Bhnke
2776928. Ach, Du Grune Palme (German) by Alexa Rostoska
2776929. Con- Sept- Ubungen Fur Ein Verandertes Leben (German) by Tilman Gerstner
2776930. Das Borderline- Syndrom by Hans Georg Van Herste
2776931. Die Kunst Der Selbstfuhrung (German) by Burkhard Bensmann
2776932. Spirale Des Lebens by Alfred L Rosteck
2776933. Gegenwind- Rckenwind by Jrg Winkler
2776934. Der Satirische Kreuzfahrt- Flusterer (German) by Richard F Husler
2776935. Kruterweibl's Wildkruterrezepte Fr Kche, Gesundheit Und Schnheit by Anita Tonar
2776936. Alles Was Recht Ist (German) by Birgit Gruber
2776938. Perovskite Thin Films by Roger Herger
2776939. Marker- Vaccinated Animals: A Risk of Importing the Disease or Not? by Jenny Markov
2776940. Winning Capability by Aino Piekkola
2776941. Color Image Processing for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems by Calin Rotaru
2776942. Hybrid Long- Distance Functional Dependency Parsing by Gerold Schneider
2776943. Image and Text in Advertising by Bojana Momirovic
2776944. Towards the Evolution of Laughter by Marina Davila Ross
2776945. Influence of Noise, Variability, and Time- Delayed Feedback on Networks by Martin Gassel
2776946. Regulating the Mail Market by Urs Trinkner
2776947. Behavioral Aspects of Financial Decision Making by Emanuela Trifan
2776948. Characterizations of Planar Lattices by Christian Zschalig
2776949. Hemodynamics in Cerebral Arteries and Aneurysms by Dorothea Hollnagel
2776950. New Developments in Statistical Disclosure Control and Imputation by Matthias Templ