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Books 124/69

2777701. Educational vocational guidance and counselling by Rashmi Agarwal
2777702. Land and caste politics in bihar by R K Barik
2777704. Gandhi & ambedkar a study in contrast by Ramashray Roy
2777706. Ambedkars role in economic planning water and power policy by Sukhdeo Thorat
2777707. Ambedkar's Role In Economic Planning And Water Policy by Sukhadeo Thorat
2777708. Critical readings in human rights and peace by Ramnarayan Kumar
2777709. Basic ideas in education by J C Agarwal
2777710. Communal Violence: A Sociological Study Of Gujarat by V Kannupillai
2777712. Sonia in power by C P Bhambari
2777713. Pursuing idealism through civil service by P R Dubhashi
2777714. India 2025: Social, Economic And Political Stability by R K Sinha
2777715. Modern indian education history development and problems by J C Agarwal
2777716. Pratibhashaliyon Ki Siksha (Hindi) by Manjulata Sharma
2777717. Elementary Guidance And Counselling by Rashmi Agrawal
2777718. Bharat me shiksa vyavasta ka vikas by J C Agarwal
2777720. Nirwachan Adarsh Aachar Sanhita: Sandharbh Pustika (Hindi) by K C Saha
2777721. Nirwachan Adarsh Aachar Sanhita: Sandharbh Pustika (Hindi) by K C Saha
2777723. Teaching learning ecological security by Samar Singh
2777725. School management by S Gupta
2777727. EDUCATION CHILD LABOUR AND NGOs by Srinivas Shirur
2777731. Elementary educational technology by J C Agarwal
2777732. Teaching of science by Rajinder M Kalra
2777733. Teaching of science by Rajinder M Kalra
2777735. Bangladeshi Immigrants In Meghalaya by Sengjrang N Sangma
2777736. Reservation Policy And Obc Movement In Assam by Troilukya Gogoi
2777737. The garo tribal religion beliefs and practices by Paulinus R Marak
2777738. Traditional religious sysytems of the rengma nagas by Kenilo Kath
2777739. Assam- Bhutan Trade Relations: 1865- 1949 by Smriti Das
2777740. Indigenous industries of assam by Priyam Goswami
2777741. Students' Politics In Assam by Monuj Phukan
2777742. Environmental History Of Naga Hills 1881- 1947 by Pushpanjoli Deori
2777743. Adivasis And The Culture Of Assam by Harka Bahadur Chhetri
2777744. Early Homo Sapiens And Their Migration by Ch Budhi Singh
2777745. Ethno- Narratives: Identity And Experience In North East India by Rajesh Dev
2777749. Perspectives On The Constitution by Subhash C Kashyap
2777750. Shelter For Poor In The Fourth World(2 Vols) by R G Gupta
2777751. Vedas For The Young by J C Aggarwal
2777752. Criminalization Of Politics by Susheela Bhan
2777753. Castor: Diseases And Crop Improvement by S J Kolte
2777754. Recitation of vaidic hymns and their daily schedule by Ramchander Mahajan
2777755. Recitation Of Vedic Hymns And Their Daily Schedule (bilingual) by Ramchand Mahajan
2777756. Ceremonies And Festivals: Vaidic Rituals (bilingual) by Ramchand Mahajan
2777758. Drug Abuse: Socio- Psychological Perspectives And Intervention Strategies by Rashmi Agrawal
2777759. What They Don't Teach You At Army School: (a Critique Of Indian Military Thought) by B N Sharma
2777760. Child ragpickers by A N Singh
2777761. Service Heart Of Hospitality by R P Singh
2777762. FOUR DECADES IN PARLIAMENT: 3 Vols Set by Atal Bihari Vajpayee
2777763. Who Runs The Risk Of Cancer by A Ramesha Rao
2777764. INDIAN ARMS BAZAR: 2nd Edition by Maj Gen Partap Narain
2777765. Election In India: 1952- 96 by N K Chowdhary
2777766. Election In India: 1952- 96 by N K Chowdhary
2777767. Aparth: (translation Of Hindi Novel) by Kamal Kumar
2777768. Thomas Hardy's Realism And Pessimism by Ganpat Rai
2777769. Debt Financing: A Study Of Corporate Sector In India by Gopal K Panigrahy
2777770. Peasant Movement In Karnataka 1980- 94 by Muzaffar H Assadi
2777771. BASICS OF SATELLITE COMMUNICATION: 2nd Impression by Kali Shanker
2777772. Food Grain Economy Of India: Government Intervention In Rice & Wheat Markets by Pradeep K Sharma
2777773. Prevention Of Aids: In Search Of Answers by Gracious Thomas
2777774. Globalisation and dimensions of management in india by Atmanand
2777775. Diseases Of Linseed And Fibre Flax by Bruce D L Fitt
2777776. Education, Polity And Society: A Study Of Education And Democratic Consciousness by Ehsanul Haq
2777777. Socio- Economic Change In West Bengal: (a Study Of The Sunderbans Region) by Satyendra Lal De
2777778. Highways Of Higher Life: Principles & Practice Of Bhaava Yoga & Spiritual Technology by Shiv Das
2777779. Basic ideas in education by J C Agarwal
2777780. Philosophical And Sociological Perspectives On Education by J C Aggarwal
2777781. Philosophical and sociological perspectives on education by J C Agarwal
2777782. Education for a global society by Marmar Mukhopadhyay
2777784. Educational technology knowledge assessment by Marmar Mukhopadhyay
2777785. Development Of Education System In India by J C Aggarwal
2777787. Teaching And Inculcating A Healthy Life Style Among Students: Prevention Of Hiv/aids by S Kalra
2777788. Educational Technology: Towards Better Teacher Performance by Surender S Dahiya
2777790. Health and physical education by J C Agarwal
2777791. Crossing the frontiers of conflict by V K Nayar
2777794. Education for value and human rights by J C Agarwal
2777795. Curriculum development 2005 by S Gupta J C Agarwal
2777796. Satelite in education by Madhu Parhar
2777797. Globalisation education and open distance learning by P R Ramanujan
2777798. A Santhali grammer by Madhusudan Mishra
2777799. Great philosophers and thinkers on education by J C Agarwal
2777801. Psychology of learning and development by J C Agarwal
2777802. Development Of Learning And Teaching Learning Process- 3rd Edition: Psychology Of Learning And Development by J C Aggarwal
2777804. Mulay, paryavaran or manav adhikar ki shiksa by Jsree
2777805. Mulay, paryavaran or manav adhikar ki shiksa. by Jaishree
2777809. Financing Of Secondary Education In India by Jandhyala B G Tilak
2777820. Contemporary Saudi Arabia And The Emerging Indo- Saudi Relations by P C Jain
2777821. Contemporary saudi arabia and the emerging indo saudi relations by Gulshan Dieti
2777822. The Indian state and political process by C P Bhambhri
2777823. The Indian State And Political Process by C P Bhambhri
2777827. Committees and commissions elementary education by M K Jain
2777828. Committees and commissions elementary education by M K Jain
2777829. Early childhood care and education by J C Agarwal
2777830. Early childhood care and education by J C Agarwal
2777831. Shiksha Ke Aadhar (Hindi) by S Gupta
2777832. Shiksha Ke Aadhar (Hindi) by S Gupta
2777834. Private higher ducation by Asha Gupta
2777836. Education gandhi and Man by Akhtarul Wasey
2777837. Adhigam Niryogyon Ki Shiksha (Hindi) by Asha Pal
2777841. Udhiyaman bhartiya samaj me shiksa by J C Agarwal
2777842. Udiyaman bhartiya samaj me shiksa by S Gupta
2777844. Education literature and islam by Mohammad Mujeeb
2777855. Shekshik Evam Vyavsayik Nirdeshan: (prathmik Ster Per) (Hindi) by Rashmi Agrawal
2777856. Shaksik evam vyavsayik nirdesan by Rasmi Agarwal
2777857. Education In North- East India by N B Biswas
2777861. Educational reforms in india by J C Aggarwal
2777865. Education in the 21st century by Asha Gupta
2777867. Perspectives On Education And Development: Revisiting Education Commission And After by K Biswal
2777870. Development of educational system in india by A S Thakur
2777873. Teaching of english language by Parveen Sharma
2777876. Teaching Of Urdu Language by Omair Manzar
2777877. Shikshak Evam Gyanvan Samaaj: (teacher And Knowledge Society) (Hindi) by Lata Chandola
2777878. Shiksak evam gyanvan samaj by Rajender Pal Singh
2777880. Vidhyalya Prabhandhan: (school Management) (Hindi) by J C Aggarwal
2777881. School management by J C Agarwal S Gupta
2777882. Mapan akalan evam mulyankan by Hansraj Pal
2777886. Educational technology management and evalution by Rashmi Agrawal
2777887. Teaching of urdu language by Omair Manzar
2777888. Teaching Of Arabic Language by Suhaib Alam
2777889. Teaching of arabic language by Suhaib Alam
2777891. Envisioning a new south asia by T Nirmala Devi
2777896. Shiksan ke shidhant tatha vidhiyan by J C Agarwal
2777897. Education for rural development by D P Nayer
2777898. Prathmik satar par shiksak ke karay by Renu Gupta
2777899. Prathmik satr par shiksak ke kary by Renu Gupta
2777901. Mapan akalan evam mulyankan by Hanshraj Pal
2777902. Population education by J C Aggarwal
2777903. Population Education by J C Aggarwal
2777904. Challenges And Dilemmas Of State- Building In Afganistan: Report Of A Stury Trip To Kabul by Arpita Basu Roy
2777907. Indian constitution and education by N K Chowdhry
2777908. Indias foreign policy contemporary trends by R S Yadav
2777909. Cultural Diversity, Governance And Policy: India- Australia by Alan Mayne
2777910. Win Win Bahujan Samaj Party: Much Beyond Uttar Pradesh by Praful Shakya
2777912. Child development and process of learning by J C Aggarwal
2777913. Bharat me prambhik shiksa swatantrata se purv tatha paschat by J C Agarwal
2777914. Bharat me prambhik shiksa swatantrata se purv tatha paschat by S Gupta
2777915. New horizons of critical theory by Piet Strydom
2777917. Psychological Philosophical And Sociological Foundations Of Education by J C Aggarwal
2777918. Shiksa manovigyan by J C Agarwal
2777919. Shiksa manovigyan by J C Agarwal
2777923. Shiksan adhigam parkirya tatha visist avasktaon vale adhigamkarta by J C Agarwal S Gupta
2777924. Shiksan adhigam parkirya tatha visist aavasktaon vale adhigamkartaon by S Gupta
2777925. Contemporary Issues In South Asia: Documents by Medha Bisht
2777930. Value education by Jagdish Chand
2777932. Environmental education by Jagdish Chand
2777933. Education for human rights by Jagdish Chand
2777934. Education for human rights by Jagdish Chand
2777935. Education in ancient and medieval india by Jagdish Chand
2777936. Education in ancient and medieval india by Jagdish Chand
2777938. Education in india during british period by Jagdish Chand
2777939. Education In India After Independence by Jagdish Chand
2777940. Education in india after independence by Jagdish Chand