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Books 125/48

2797051. Confessions Of Shameless Self Promoters by Debbie Allen
2797056. Tenali Ram ke Kisse (Hindi) by Jyotsna Atre
2797061. Panchtantra Ke Moti- 1 (Hindi) by Santhini Govindan
2797062. Panchtantra Ke Moti- 2 (Hindi) by Santhini Govindan
2797065. Panchtantra Ke Moti- 5 (Hindi) by Santhini Govindan
2797093. Inside Windows NT , Second Edition by David A Solomon
2797095. Network Programming for Microsoft Windows by Anthony Jones
2797101. XML and SOAP Programming for BizTalk Servers by Brian E Travis
2797105. Developing XML Solutions by Jake Sturm
2797108. Dynamics of Software Development by Jim Mc Carthy
2797112. After the Gold Rush: Creating a True Profession of Software Engineering by Steve Mc Connell
2797116. Designing Component- Based Applications by Mary Kirtland
2797117. Designing for Scalability with Microsoft Windows DNA by Per Sundblad
2797118. Designing Relational Database Systems by Rebecca Riordan
2797119. Designing Secure Web- Based Applications for Microsoft Windows 2000 by Michael Howard
2797127. Inside Server- Based Applications by Douglas J Reilly
2797132. Microsoft Visual Basic Design Patterns by William Stamatakis
2797133. Programming ADO by David Sceppa
2797134. Programming Collaborative Web Applications with Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server by Mindy Martin
2797135. Programming Distributed Applications with COM and Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 by Ted Pattison
2797137. Programming Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange, Second Edition by Thomas Rizzo
2797141. Inside C# by Tom Archer
2797143. Microsoft Visual Studio. NET by Microsoft Corporation
2797146. Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with XML by Graeme Malcolm
2797147. Writing Secure Code by Howard Le Blanc
2797149. Upgrading Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 to Microsoft Visual Basic. NET by Ed Robinson
2797150. Microsoft. NET My Services Specification by Microsoft
2797151. Coding Techniques for Microsoft VB. NET by John Connell
2797154. Applied Microsoft. NET Framework Programming by Jeffrey Richter
2797157. Building. NET Applications for Mobile Devices by Peter Roxburgh
2797164. Programming Microsoft Visual Basic. NET by Francesco Balena
2797165. Programming Microsoft. NET Core Reference by Jeff Prosise
2797169. Programming Microsoft Windows CE. NET, Third Edition by Douglas Boling
2797171. Introducing WinFX (Next Gen Windows Code Named LONGHORN) by Brent Rector
2797178. Test- Driven Development in Microsoft. NET by James W
2797187. Web Services Architecture and Its Specifications: Essentials for Understanding WS- * by Chris Kurt
2797193. Inside SQL Server 2005: T- SQL Querying by Itzik Ben Gan
2797204. Writing Secure Code for Windows Vista by
2797206. Inside Windows Communication Foundation by Justin Smith
2797207. Inside SQL Server 2005: Query\, Tuning and Optimization by Kalen Delaney
2797210. Microsoft . NET XML Web Services Step by Step by Allen Jones
2797211. Software Requirement Patterns by Stephen Withall
2797212. The Enterprise and Scrum by Ken Schwaber
2797215. Practical Project Initiation: A Handbook with Tools by Karl E Wiegers
2797217. I. M. Wright's" Hard Code" by Eric Brechner
2797218. Programming Microsoft Composite UI Application Block and Smart Client Software Factory by David S Platt
2797222. Inside Exchange Server 2007 Web Services by Michael Mainer
2797230. Hollywood Secrets of Project Management Success by James Persse
2797242. Excel with Fundamentals of Physics Vol. IV- Electrodynamics by Ajay Pratap Singh Aps
2797251. The Power to Succeed by Dr Joe Rubino
2797253. Public Speaking by Pearson
2797255. Innovative Strategies* by Andrew J Sherman
2797270. Systems Thinking & Learning by Stephen Haines
2797271. Short Fiction by The Great
2797273. Strategic and Business Planning by Stephen Haines
2797275. A Guide to Entrepreneurship* by David Oates
2797276. 50 Case Studies in Management Training* by Dr Alan B Calrdy
2797277. Heat Conduction^ by Latif M Jiji
2797279. 50 Companies That Changed the World* by Howard Rothman
2797284. Goal Analysis* by Robert F Mager
2797285. Making Instruction Work* by Robert F Mager
2797306. Introduction to Technical Services for Library Personnel by Mary L Kao
2797317. Brilliance by Compiled By Dan Zadra
2797331. Preparing Instructional Objectives by Robert F Mager
2797335. Howzzat! by Nitaa Jaggi
2797363. The Employee Retention Handbook* by Stephen Taylor
2797366. Kaizen & You by Igor Popovich
2797368. The Secrets Of Successful Selling by Tony Adams
2797370. Making Conflict Resolution Happen by Laurie Dicker
2797371. Making Assertiveness Happen by Robert Burns
2797372. Making Meetings Happen by Robert Burns
2797373. Making Effective Media Happen by Michael Brown
2797376. Practical Guide To Past- life memories by Richard Webster
2797384. Mastering Negotiation by Patrick Forsyth
2797389. Persuasive Business Writing by Patrick Forsyth
2797392. A Complete Guide For The NRI by Raghu Palat
2797408. Team Management by Dick Mc Cann
2797413. Strategic Human Resource Leader* by M W Taylor
2797438. Employee Relations* by Graham Judge
2797440. Optimal Investing* by Cfp
2797441. Organisational Theory* by Miriam Green
2797453. The Handy Science & Technology GK Handbook by Naomi E Balaban
2797457. Network Marketing by Dr Joe Rubino
2797459. Emotional Selling by David Yule
2797460. Extraordinary Customer Services by Glen Mc Coy
2797462. HR Forecasting and Planning* by Paul Turner
2797468. Positive Power by James L Fisher
2797483. Thinking About Thinking by K R Ravi
2797506. Writing Your Life Story by Michael Oke
2797511. Focus by S K Kulkarni
2797521. A Guide To Conversations With God: Book 1 by Neale Donald Walsch
2797533. Strategic Thinking for Leaders by Editor Stephen Haines
2797562. Gas Dynamics And Space Propulsion by Ph D M C Ramaswamy
2797564. International Retail Management by Volume Set
2797571. 100 Best Weight- Loss Tips by M D Fred A Stutman
2797578. Tourism Forecasting and Marketing* by Haiyan Song
2797599. Curious Lives by Richard Bach
2797601. Ultrasound Of Fetal Anomalies by Kuldeep Singh
2797603. Textbook Of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery by Malik
2797611. The Sankara Nethralaya Atlas Of Neuro- Ophthalmology by Satyakarna
2797615. Textbook Of Physiology by Chandramouli
2797617. Basics Of Clinical Nutrition by Y K Joshi
2797619. SERIES Biostatics Buster by Vidyarthi
2797625. Basic Ophthalmology by Jogi
2797629. Diagnostic Dilemmas And Decision Making In Pediatrics And Neonatology by Rao
2797631. A Colour Atlas Of Paediatric Laparoscopic Surgery by Agarwal Prakash
2797632. Advances in Ophthalmology( Vol 1) by Garg
2797637. Colour Atlas And Synopsis Of Paediatric Dermatology by Dhar
2797641. All India 2003 And Aiims November 2002 by Arvind Gupta
2797644. Short Notes And Short Cases In Surgery by Panda
2797648. Sure Success Series In Pg Medical Entrance by Ramgopal
2797652. Basic Dental Materials by John J Manappallil
2797653. Textbook Of Surgical Laparoscopy by Palanivelu
2797656. TEXTBOOK OF ANATOMY Vol. I with Colour Atlas by Inderbir Singh
2797657. TEXTBOOK OF ANATOMY Vol. II with Colour Atlas by Inderbir Singh
2797658. TEXTBOOK OF ANATOMY Vol. III with Colour Atlas by Inderbir Singh
2797662. Textbook Of Nursing Education by Neerja
2797667. Textbook Of Ear, Nose And Throat Diseases by Maqbool
2797670. Computed Aided Tompgraphy Case Histories Brain by D Karthikeyan
2797672. Donald School Textbook Of Ultrasound In Obstetrics & Gynaecology by Frank A Chervenak
2797676. Textbook Of Biochemistry For Dental, Nursing, Pharmacy Students by M N Chatterjea
2797678. Textbook of Nephrology for the Asian Pacific Physicians by Mandal
2797680. A Guide To Mental Health And Psychiatric Nursing by Sreevani
2797682. Congenital Intrauterine Torch Infections by Deepika Deka
2797688. UNDERSTANDING MEDICAL PHYSIOLOGY A Textbook for Medical Students by Rl Bijlani
2797689. Critical Care in Paediatrics by Arvind
2797691. Textbook Of Dermatology by Virendra N Sehgal
2797692. Towards MRCPH Part- II (Theory) Examination by Chatterjee
2797697. Sankara Nethralaya Clinical Practice Patterns In Ophthalmology by Badrinath
2797699. Clinical Practice in Small Incision Cataract Surgery (Phaco Manual) with 2 CD- ROMs by Garg
2797700. SRB's MANUAL OF SURGERY with CDROM by Bhat
2797704. Atlas Of Optical Coherence Tomography Of Macular Diseases by Amod Gupta
2797708. Textbook of Pathology by Datta
2797713. Sure Success In Karnataka Pg Medical Entrance by Ramgopal
2797717. Tuberculosis Of The Skeletal System by Tuli
2797719. Textbook Of Pharmacology For Physiotherapy by Udaykumar
2797723. CLINICAL METHODS IN PAEDIATRICS (VOL. 3) Problem Oriented Approach by M L Kulkarni
2797728. Selected Topics in Pediatrics for Practitioners by Parthasarathy
2797734. Biochemistry Solved Questions Papers by Yatiraj
2797736. Critical Care Update- 2004 by Nayar
2797737. Step By Step Ultrasound by Satish K Bhargava
2797738. 3D and 4D Ultrasound: A Text and Atlas by Khurana
2797740. The Art Of History Taking by Padhihary
2797741. The Short Textbook Of Pediatrics by Suraj Gupte
2797743. Viva In Human Physiology by Ratan
2797747. Diagnostic Radiology Paediatric Imaging by Sudha Suri
2797752. Textbook Of Orthodontics by Singh
2797756. Textbook of Andrology and Artificial Insemination in Farm Animals by Singh