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Books 125/95

2804102. Investment Strategies for Agriculture and Natural Resources: Investing in Knowledge for Development by G J Persley
2804113. Internet and Wireless Security by J Regnault
2804116. Opportunities for Consumer Waste Recycling by Centre For
2804117. Computational Fluid Dynamics: Tool or Toy? (Institution of Mechanical Engineers- Seminar) by T C Dwyer
2804118. Rotating Equipment for the Water and Sewage Industries (IMechE) by Institution Of
2804122. Spectroscopy of Molecular Ions by B A Thrush
2804123. Prevention and Avoidance of Genetic Disease by J H Edwards
2804124. Industrial Quality and Reliability by G A Barnard
2804125. The Magnetosphere, the High Latitude Ionosphere and Their Interactions: Proceedings of a Royal Society Discussion Meeting Held on 11 and 12 May 1988 by Robert Boyd
2804142. Contemporary Chemistry for Schools and Colleges by Atlantic Publishing
2804181. Introduction To Problems In The Philosophy Of Social Science by Keith Webb
2804183. Trinity College Library Dublin: Descriptive Catalogue of the Medieval and Renaissance Latin Manuscripts by Marvin L Colker
2804187. The Expansion of the Early Islamic State (The Formation of the Classical Islamic World) by Fred Mc Graw Donner
2804188. Structural and Civil Engineering Design (Studies in the History of Civil Engineering, Vol 12) by William Addis
2804191. Constructing Deafness by Gillian Hartley
2804196. Dngerous Animals by Paula Hammond
2804210. Costume Jewelry Variations: A Collector's Identification and Price Guide by Marion Cohen
2804213. Interpersonal Skills Training for Information Technology Professionals Instructor Guide by Sheila Thomas
2804221. Flappers 2 Rappers: American Youth Slang by Tom Dalzell
2804222. Evolutionary Biology, Third Edition by Douglas J Futuyma
2804223. Genetic Analysis of Pathogenic Bacteria: A Laboratory Manual by Ronald K Taylor
2804230. Bottom Line Home Book (Better Ways to Maintain, Improve and Enjoy Your Home and Garden) by Martha Storey
2804231. Dictionary of World Biography: Index by C Moose
2804252. Leather Technician's Handbook by J H Sharphouse
2804255. Images of Irish Nature by Mike Brown
2804257. Words and Rules: The Ingredients of Language by Steven Born Pinker
2804267. Exploring 3D Animation with Maya 6 (Design Exploration) by Young
2804268. The Illustrated AutoCAD 2004 Quick Reference (Illustrated AutoCAD Quick Reference) by Ralph Grabowski
2804296. Risk and Nursing Practice (Sociology in Nursing Practice) by Paul Godin
2804309. Amazon Grace: Re- Calling the Courage to Sin Big by Mary Daly
2804320. Community Care in Perspective: Care, Control and Citizenship by John Welshman
2804366. Lucky Number: Starter (Macmillan Readers) by John Milne
2804390. Readings in Philosophy of Religion: Ancient to Contemporary by Timothy D Miller
2804400. Food Microbiology by Thomas Montville
2804407. Tapas by Susanna Tee
2804421. Microsoft Visual Basic 2005: RELOADED, Second Edition by Diane Zak
2804425. Discovering Computers 2007: A Gateway to Information, Complete by Gary B Shelly
2804426. Computer Concepts Illustrated Introductory (Illustrated Series) by Dan Oja
2804427. When Time Management Fails: How Efficient Managers Create More Value with Less Work by Hunkar Ozyasar
2804431. Atlas of Human Central Nervous System Development- 5 Volume Set by Shirley A Bayer
2804433. Discovering Computers 2008: Gateway to Information, Complete by Cti
2804435. The Making of Economic Policy: History, Theory, Politics (Macroeconomics and Finance) by Steven M Sheffrin
2804443. Cotton Fibers: Developmental Biology, Quality Improvement, and Textile Processing by Amarjit S Basra
2804446. Crisp: ISO 9000: Worldwide Quality Standard (A Fifty- Minute Series Book) by James L Patterson
2804468. Floorcloth Magic: How to Paint Canvas Rugs for Decorative Home Use by Lisa Curry Mair
2804477. The LightWave 7.5 Primer (Graphics Series) by Patrik Beck
2804479. Visual Design Fundamentals: A Digital Approach (Graphics Series) by Alan Hashimoto
2804480. 3ds max 6 Essentials: A Real- World Approach (Graphics Series) by David Kalwick
2804481. Grid Computing: Practical Guide To Technology & Applications (Programming Series) by Ahmar Abbas
2804491. Death of Distance 2.0 by Frances Cairncross
2804494. Empires of Profit: Commerce, Conquest and Corporate Responsibility by Daniel Litvin
2804505. Advances in Machine Learning Applications in Software Engineering by Du Zhang
2804507. Game Programming with Python, Lua, and Ruby (Game Development) by Tom Gutschmidt
2804516. Adobe Photoshop CS Fast & Easy (Fast & Easy (Premier Press) ) by Eric D Grebler
2804531. Molly Fox's Yoga Weight Loss Program: The Stress- Free Way to Get the Body You Love by Jonny Bowden
2804542. Advances in Universal Web Design And Evaluation: Research, Trends And Opportunities by Panayiotis Zaphiris Sri Kurniawan
2804543. Intelligent Computational Paradigms in Earthquake Engineering (Computational Intelligence and Its Applications) by
2804550. Information And Communication Technologies for Economic And Regional Developments by M Hakikur Rahman
2804552. Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Intelligent Information Systems: Emerging Technologies and Applications by Xuan F Zha
2804553. Integrating Information & Communications Technologies into the Classroom (Advances in Information and Communication Technology Education) by Lawrence Tomei
2804560. Competencies in Organizational E- learning: Concepts and Tools by Miguel Angel Sicilia
2804563. Semantic Web- Based Information Systems: State- of- the- Art Applications (Advances in Semantic Web and Information Systems, Vol. 1) by Amit Sheth
2804567. I Buy Houses: The Property Investor's Handbook by
2804568. Active Investing: How to Manage Your Portfolio Like a Professional in Less Than One Hour a Week by Alan Hull
2804578. Social Work: The Social Organisation of an Invisible Trade (Cadiff Papers in Qualitative Research) by Andrew Pithouse
2804591. The Ballad of Sylvia and Ted by Emma Tennant
2804595. Asian Firms by Tipton
2804614. SPSS 12 Made Simple by Paul Kinnear
2804621. Curtain Design Sourcebook by Caroline Clifton Mogg
2804630. Migraine in Women by E Anne Mac Gregor
2804645. The Zulu Principle by Jim Slater
2804651. Sexual Desire: A Philosophical Investigation by Roger Scruton
2804654. At 12 Mr. Byng was Shot by Dudley Pope
2804659. Litt's Pocketbook of Drug Eruptions and Interactions, Third Edition by Jerome Z Litt
2804666. The Dolphins of Laurentum (Roman Mysteries) by Caroline Lawrence
2804669. The Colossus of Rhodes (Roman Mysteries) by Caroline Lawrence
2804670. The Politico's Guide to Local Government (Politico's Guides) by Andrew Stevens
2804673. Meeting the Early Learning Goals Through Role Play: A Practical Guide for Teachers and Assistants by Marie Aldridge
2804676. Nature, Living and Growing by Sue Harper
2804683. Helping Children to Stay Healthy by Ann Roberts
2804702. First Knits by Kate Haxell
2804710. Islamic Finance (International Library of Critical Writings in Economics) by Mervyn K Lewis
2804712. Pioneers OF Industrial Organization: How the Economics of Competition and Monopoly Took Shape by William G Shepherd
2804714. Research Handbook In International Economic Law by Guzman
2804722. State of the World's Cities: Globalization and Urban Culture by Un Habitat
2804732. Cynics by William D Desmond
2804745. Mysterious Lands (Encounters with Ancient Egypt) by Quir
2804750. International Human Resource Management by Denice E Welch
2804755. Managing Sacred Sites: Service Provision and the Visitor by Myra Shackley
2804768. The Pivot of the Universe: Nasir al- Din Shah and the Iranian Monarchy by Abbas
2804778. New Voices Of Islam: Reforming Politics And Modernity- A Reader (library Of Modern Middle East Studies) by Mehran
2804785. " Amelie" (Cine- file French Film Guides) by Isabelle Vanderschelden
2804795. Handbook of Fiscal Federalism by Giorgio Brosio
2804797. Trading Places: Smes in the Global Economy: A Critical Research Handbook (Elgar Original Reference) by Leigh Sear
2804798. Complexity And Co- Evolution: Continuity And Change In Socio- Economic Systems by James Mc Glade
2804799. Environment and Industry in Developing Countries: Assessing the Adoption of Environmentally Sound Technology by Frank Van Rompaey
2804803. Regional Knowledge Economies: Markets, Clusters and Innovation (New Horizons in Regional Science) by Michaela Trippl
2804804. Competitive Advantage and Competition Policy in Developing Countries (Crc Series on Competition, Regulation and Development) by Cassey Lee
2804806. Tax Compliance and Tax Morale: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis by Benno Torgler
2804807. Competing Claims in Work and Family Life by Pascale Peters
2804808. Applied Evolutionary Economics and Economic Geography by Koen Frenken
2804811. Competitive Electricity Markets And Sustainability by Francois Leveque
2804812. Health Care and Public Policy by David A Reisman
2804817. Where There Is No Midwife: Birth and Loss in Rural India (Fertility, Reproduction & Sexuality) (Fertility, Reproduction, and Sexuality) by Sarah Pinto
2804821. Cavendish: Jurisprudence Lawcards by Cavendish
2804822. Cavendish: Constitutional Lawcards 5/E by Cavendish
2804839. Novel Food Ingredients for Weight Control by C J K Henry
2804846. Food Preservation by Pulsed Electric Fields: From Research to Application by
2804851. Modifying Flavour in Food by
2804854. Medical Modelling: The Application of Advanced Design and Development Techniques in Medicine by Richard Bibb
2804855. Food Fortification and Supplementation: Technological, Safety and Regulatory Aspects by
2804860. Technology of Functional Cereal Products by
2804865. Environmentally Compatible Food Packaging by
2804875. Local Probe Techniques for Corrosion Research by
2804881. Corrosion Issues in Light Water Reactors: Stress Corrosion Cracking by Damien Feron
2804883. Joint Replacement Technology by
2804895. Degradation Rate of Bioresorbable Materials: Prediction and Evaluation by
2804903. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Motorcycles by Erwin Tragatsch
2804904. Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Railways by Robert Tufnell
2804905. Organic Agriculture: A Global Perspective (Cabi Publishing) by J Reganold
2804910. Evolution of Economic Institutions: A Critical Reader by Geoffrey M Hodgson
2804913. International Handbook on the Economics of Education by Jill Johnes
2804914. Private Institutions and Global Governance: The New Politics of Environmental Sustainability by Philipp H Pattberg
2804916. International Business Marketing in Emerging Country Markets: The Third Wave of Internationalization of Firms by Hans Jansson
2804924. The Economics of International Integration by Miroslav N Jovanovic
2804937. Violence and Diplomacy in Lebanon (Violence & Diplomacy in Lebanon) by Elie A Salem
2804941. An Atlas of Transvaginal Color Doppler, Second Edition by S Kupesic
2804943. An Atlas of Dermatology by L Fry
2804958. Pakistan: At the Crosscurrent of History (One World) by Lawrence Ziring
2804965. Norris McWhirter's Book of Millennium Records by Norris Mc Whirter
2804966. Medic One: On Scene by Heather Clark
2804980. A Poetry Teacher's Toolkit: Book 2: Rhymes, Rhythms and Rattles by Collette Drifte
2804981. A Poetry Teacher's Toolkit: Book 3: Style, Shape and Structure by Collette Drifte
2804986. European Environmental Almanac 1994 by Jonathan Hewett
2804987. Environmental Law and Citizen Action by Alan Murdie
2804992. Tough Choices: Facing the Challenge of Food Scarcity (World Environmental Alert) by Lester R Brown
2804999. Secret Firearms: An Illustrated History of Miniature and Concealed Handguns by John D Walter
2805005. Who Was Who in the Second World War by Dale Manning
2805009. Ecolinguistics: Toward a New* Ed. * Paradigm* Ed. * for the Science of Language? (Open Linguistics) by Adam Makkai
2805015. Geopolitics: Past, Present and Future by Geoffrey Parker
2805016. Tourism and Economic Development in Asia and Australasia (Tourism, Leisure, and Recreation Series) by Carson L Jenkins
2805019. Tourism and Health: Risks, Research, and Responses (Cutting Edge of Tourism Series) by Peter Grabowski
2805047. New Sacred Architecture by Phyllis Richardson
2805051. From Tsar to Soviets by Christopher Read
2805054. Planetary Interest, The by Kennedy Graham
2805078. The Economics of the Mass Media (International Library of Critical Writings in Economics) by Gillian Doyle
2805093. Succession (Lawcards) by Cavendish Publishing Limited
2805094. Evidence (Essential) by Tracey Aquino
2805096. Cavendish: Jurisprudence Lawcards (Law Cards) by Routledge Caven