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Books 128/109

2873714. Legislative History and Souvenir of Rhode Island: 1899 and 1900 (1900) by William Harrison Taylor
2873725. Het Leven Van de Godtvruchtighe Ende Deughtsaeme Anna de Torres Geestelycke Dochter (1710) (Chinese) by V O C S
2873726. Histoire Entiere Et Veritable Du Procez de Charles Stuard, Roi D'Angleterre (1792) (French) by Charles Of England King
2873743. Letters from an Old Man to a Young Prince V3: With Answers (1759) by Carl Gustaf Tessin
2873769. Lessons in Personal Efficiency (1918) by Robert Grimshaw
2873788. How to Visit Europe on Next to Nothing: With Memoranda of Actual Expenses, Coinage Tables, Etc. (1908) by Elsie Pym Prentys
2873800. Graecae Linguae Radices Praecipuae: In Suas Orationis Partes Ordine Alphabetico Degestae (1741) by Anonymous
2873830. Les Principes de La Morale Et Du Gout En Deux Poemes (1745) (French) by Alexander Pope
2873852. Incidents and Memories of the Christian Life: Under the Similitude of a Voyage to the Celestial Land (1852) by George B Cheever
2873896. Lives of American Merchants: Eminent for Integrity, Enterprise and Public Spirit (1844) by John Frost
2873909. History of the Fortieth Ohio Volunteer Infantry (1884) by John N Beach
2873915. The Art of Correspondence: How to Construct and Write Letters According to Approved Usage (1883) by John Staples Locke
2873952. Leitfaden Fur Die Erinnerungskraft in Der Geschichtskunde (1771) (German) by Anonymous
2873953. Levensbeschryving Van Verscheidene Vermaarde Italiaansche Mannen En Vrouwen (1769) by Anonymous
2873962. Eydgenossisch- Katholischen Kirchen- Regiments, Part 2 (1761) by Anonymous
2873965. Essays on the Venereal Disease and Its Concomitant Affections (1798) by William Blair
2873983. Examen Des Critiques Du Livre Intitule de L'Esprit (1760) by Charles Georges Leroy
2874063. Literature and Art Books, Book 5 (1909) by Bridget Ellen Burke
2874065. The Youth's Plutarch: Or Select Lives of Greeks and Romans (1843) by Eliza Robbins
2874074. Forms of Prayer, and Other Offices: For the Use of Unitarian Societies (1783) by Joseph Priestley
2874081. Le Nouveau Spectateur V1, Part 1 (1760) (French) by Jean Francois De Bastide
2874106. La Vie Et La Philosophie D'Epictete, Avec Le Tableau de Cebes (1772) by Gilles Boileau
2874127. Historie Van Het Oudt En Nieuw Testament (1732) (Chinese) by Ghendt Publisher Tot Ghendt
2874137. Lessons in Commerce: A Textbook for Students (1904) by Raffaele Gambaro
2874161. Histoire de Francois Eugene V1: Prince de Savoie Et de Piemont, Marquis de Saluces (1739) (French) by C D C L
2874169. The Young Exiles V2: Or Correspondence of Some Juvenile Emigrants (1799) by Stephanie Felicite Du Crest
2874240. Early Revenue History of Bengal and the Fifth Report, 1812 (1917) by Frank David Ascoli
2874254. Historical, Genealogical, and Biographical Account of the Jolliffe Family of Virginia, 1652- 1893 (1893) by William Jolliffe
2874256. Illustrations of Euripides, on the Ion and the Bacchae (1781) by Richard Paul Jodrell
2874263. Plutarch's Life of Themistocles (1892) by Plutarch
2874264. The Art and the Business of Story Writing (1913) by Walter Broughton Pitkin
2874321. Der Kinderfreund: Ein Wochenblatt (1781) by Anonymous
2874324. Macaulay's Essay on Lord Clive (1907) by Thomas Babington Macaulay Macaulay
2874327. Fishes I Have Known (1905) by Arthur Henry Beavan
2874340. Letters from Altamont in the Capital, to His Friends in the Country (1776) by Charles Jenner
2874394. Geschichte Der Merkwurdigsten Rebellionen Und Verschworungen Aus Den Mittlern Und Neueun Zeiten (1788) by Friedrich Schiller
2874396. Gold Dust: For the Beautifying of Lives and Homes (1871) by Mark Mills Pomeroy
2874405. Institution Et Fondation de L'Ordre de La Tressaincte Et Individue Trinite (1612) by Anonymous
2874451. Letters from the Scenes of the Recent Massacres in Armenia (1897) by J Rendel Harris
2874495. Early Sonnets, Juvenilia, and English Idylls (1892) by Alfred Tennyson
2874504. Goethe's West- Easterly Divan (1877) by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
2874506. Xenophontis Memorabilium Socratis Doctorum Libri IV (1772) (German) by Xenophon
2874558. The Works of John and Charles Wesley: A Bibliography, Containing an Exact Account of All the Publications Issued by the Brothers Wesley (1906) by Richard Green
2874559. The Young Speaker: An Introduction to the United States Speaker (1849) by John Epy Lovell
2874562. Contre La Nouvelle Apparition de Luther, Et de Calvin (1669) by Anonymous
2874564. de Vitis Stephanorum: Celebrium Typographorum Dissertatio Epistolica (1683) (Latin) by Jansson Ab Almeloveen Theodoor
2874565. Disquisitions on the Antipapel Spirit Which Produced the Reformation V1: Its Secret Influence on the Literature of Europe in General (1834) by Gabriele P Rossetti
2874581. Het Gulden Paradys Des Hemels Ofte Hand- Boexken (1760) by Anonymous
2874593. Dr. Bentley's Dissertations on the Epistles of Phalaris, and the Fables of Aesop (1698) by Charles Boyle
2874594. Epitome Privilegiorum Graduatorum Universitatis Avenionensis (1710) (French) by D Avignon Universite D
2874604. History of the Rebellion in Bradley County, East Tennessee (1866) by J S Hurlburt
2874636. Gedenkschriften Betreklyk Tot Het Kweekschool Voor de Zeevaart (1791) by Anonymous
2874653. Desenganos Sobre Las Preocupaciones del Dia V1- 2 (1796) (Spanish) by D S H P
2874658. Einleitung Zur Rechen- Kunst Zum Gebrauch Des Gymnasii (1738) (German) by A Akademii Khudozhes Imperatorskai
2874668. Histoire Du Marechal de Boucicaut (1697) (French) by Pilham De Pilham
2874673. Le Nouveau Vrai Supplement Aux Deux Volumes Du Nobiliaire Des Pays Bas Et de Bourgogne (1774) (French) by J F De Ghislain
2874694. Cara Mustapha, Grand Vizir (1684) (French) by Prechac De Prechac
2874697. Fishing and Shooting (1902) by Sydney Charles Buxton