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Books 128/109

2873702. Etiquette for Gentlemen: Or Short Rules and Reflections for Conduct in Society (1847) by Gentleman A Gentleman
2873704. Examen Miscellaneum: Consisting of Verse and Prose (1702) by John Sheffield Buckingham
2873705. Gedichte Von Karoline Christiane Louise Rudolphi (1781) by Karoline Christiane Louise Rudolphi
2873707. Hymns of the Higher Life (1886) by Bradford Kinney Peirce
2873708. In Russia Without Russian: Being the Wanderings of an Englishman in Central Russia, by Land and Water (1898) by John Lloyd Warden Page
2873714. Legislative History and Souvenir of Rhode Island: 1899 and 1900 (1900) by William Harrison Taylor
2873716. The Curse of Paper Money and Banking: A Short History of Banking in the United States of America (1833) by William M Gouge
2873719. Dynamic Skiametry in Theory and Practice (1911) by Andrew Jay Cross
2873722. From Tent to Palace: Or the Story of Joseph (1872) by Benjamin Clarke
2873725. Het Leven Van de Godtvruchtighe Ende Deughtsaeme Anna de Torres Geestelycke Dochter (1710) (Chinese) by V O C S
2873726. Histoire Entiere Et Veritable Du Procez de Charles Stuard, Roi D'Angleterre (1792) (French) by Charles Of England King
2873731. Life of Samuel Romilly Hall: With Copious Extracts from His Diaries and Letters (1879) by Samuel Romilly Hall
2873732. The Monarchie of Man V2: By Sir John Eliot (1879) by John Eliot
2873735. Dictionary of the Artists of Antiquity (1837) by Karl Julius Sillig
2873738. Fillmore Folk Tales (1922) by Parker Hoysted Fillmore
2873743. Letters from an Old Man to a Young Prince V3: With Answers (1759) by Carl Gustaf Tessin
2873744. Letters to the Stranger in Reading (1810) by Henry Gauntlett
2873745. Life of John Davis (1886) by William Watts Hart Davis
2873747. The Angler's Complete Guide and Companion: Being a Practical Treatise on Angling and Its Requirements (1881) by George Little
2873748. The Cult of the Chafing Dish (1905) by Frank Schloesser
2873749. Cicero's Tusculan Disputations: The Dream of Scipio (1851) by Marcus Tullius Cicero
2873759. Fra Begge Sider Havet (1890) by Kristofer Janson
2873760. Genealogy of the Stimpson Family of Charlestown, Massachusetts, and Allied Lines (1907) by Charles Collyer Whittier
2873765. How to Become an Office Stenographer: A Handy Book Intended for the Untrained Shorthand Student (1919) by William Lesley Mason
2873766. I Doveri Della Vita Domestica (1794) by Giovanni Batista Benigni
2873769. Lessons in Personal Efficiency (1918) by Robert Grimshaw
2873770. The Shakespearian Stage (1909) by Victor Emanuel Albright
2873775. Don Emilio Castelar (1896) by David Hannay
2873788. How to Visit Europe on Next to Nothing: With Memoranda of Actual Expenses, Coinage Tables, Etc. (1908) by Elsie Pym Prentys
2873791. Life Thoughts on the Rest of Faith (1877) by Asa Mahan
2873794. Extracts from the Pentateuch Compared with Similar Passages from Greek and Latin Authors: With Notes (1801) by Edward Popham
2873797. Genealogy of the Claypoole Family of Philadelphia, 1588- 1893 (1893) by Rebecca Irwin Graff
2873798. Popular Songs, Illustrative of the French Invasions of Ireland (1845) by John Francis Durand
2873799. Gleanings from Indian Classics (1894) by Manmatha Nath Dutt
2873800. Graecae Linguae Radices Praecipuae: In Suas Orationis Partes Ordine Alphabetico Degestae (1741) by Anonymous
2873802. Heart of My Heart (1904) by Ellis Meredith
2873804. History of the Keller Family (1905) by Eli Keller
2873807. Life of Charles James Fox (1890) by Henry Offley Wakeman
2873809. The Social Philosophy of Rodbertus (1899) by Edward Carter Kersey Gonner
2873817. English Roots, and the Derivation of Words from the Ancient Anglo- Saxon: Two Lectures (1863) by Edward Newenham Hoare
2873820. From Over the Border: Or Light on the Normal Life of Man (1889) by Benjamin George Smith
2873821. Furlough Reminiscences, Thoughts and Strayings, the Kote Masool, and the Duel (1849) by William Henry Jeremie
2873830. Les Principes de La Morale Et Du Gout En Deux Poemes (1745) (French) by Alexander Pope
2873832. Miscellanea: The First Part (1705) by William Temple
2873834. Christian Blessedness: Or Practical Discourses Upon the Beatitudes of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (1724) by John Norris
2873840. English Lyrics from Spenser to Milton (1898) by Robert Anning Bell
2873842. Fables Nouvelles, Mises En Vers Par M. Richer (1729) by Henri Richer
2873843. Froebel as a Pioneer in Modern Psychology (1914) by Elsie Riach Murray
2873846. German Prose Writing (1882) by Franz K W Lange
2873847. Girl Scouts in the Adirondacks (1921) by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
2873848. Historic Nuns (1898) by Bessie Rayner Belloc
2873849. History of the Twelfth West Virginia Volunteer Infantry: The Part It Took in the War of the Rebellion, 1861- 1865 (1892) by William Hewitt
2873850. How to See the British Museum: In Four Visits (1852) by William Blanchard Jerrold
2873852. Incidents and Memories of the Christian Life: Under the Similitude of a Voyage to the Celestial Land (1852) by George B Cheever
2873858. Lessons on Number, as Given in a Pestalozzian School, Cheam, Surrey: The Master's Manual (1835) by Charles Reiner
2873859. Vom Fanatismus in Der Revolutionssprache (1797) by
2873865. Eenvoudig Onderzoek of de Gereformeerden in 't Stuk Van Religie Den Bybel Alleen Volgen (1741) by Anonymous
2873866. English Retraced or Remarks, Critical and Philological: Founded on a Comparison of the Breeches Bible with the English of the Present Day (1862) by James Gurnhill
2873873. Fifty- Six Short Sermons: For the Use of Lay Readers (1922) by Gilbert White
2873874. For My Name's Sake (1908) by Gaston Bascle De Lagreze
2873875. French Exiles of Louisiana (1881) by J T Lindsay
2873890. Intimations and Evidences of a Future State (1792) by Jr Thomas Watson
2873892. La Chronique Scandaleuse Ou Memoires Pour Servir Al'histoire Des Moeur de La Generation Presente (1783) by Guillaume Imbert De Boudeaux
2873893. La Foire de Beaucaire (1708) by
2873895. Little Stories of Courtship (1905) by Mary Stewart Doubleday Cutting
2873896. Lives of American Merchants: Eminent for Integrity, Enterprise and Public Spirit (1844) by John Frost
2873898. The Slaves' Champion: Or a Sketch of the Life, Deeds, and Historical Days of William Wilberforce (1861) by Henry M Wheeler
2873899. Wagner's Life and Works V2 (1896) by Gustav Kobbe
2873909. History of the Fortieth Ohio Volunteer Infantry (1884) by John N Beach
2873910. Human Life and Its Conditions: Sermons Preached Before the University of Oxford in 1876- 1878, with Three Ordination Sermons (1878) by Richard William Church
2873911. Influence and Example or the Recluse: A Tale (1823) by Relfe Publisher Lupton Relfe
2873914. Literary Art: A Handbook for Its Study (1897) by Harriet Noble
2873915. The Art of Correspondence: How to Construct and Write Letters According to Approved Usage (1883) by John Staples Locke
2873916. The Sir Roger de Coverley Papers from the Spectator (1897) by Roger De Coverly
2873917. The Struggle for Religious Liberty in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries (1905) by John Churchwood Wilson
2873921. Don Luis' Wife, a Romance of the West Indies: From Her Letters (1897) by Lillian Hinman Shuey
2873924. Frank's Ranch or My Holiday in the Rockies: Being a Contribution to the Inquiry Into What We Are to Do with Our Boys (1886) by Edward Marston
2873925. From India to the War Zone (1915) by Elbert Curtiss Fisher
2873927. Henry St. Clare: Or Light Is Sown for the Righteous (1876) by Mrs A E Stevenson
2873930. Lil Grey: Or Arthur Chester's Courtship (1878) by E Beavan
2873931. The Art of Golf (1892) by Walter Grindlay Simpson
2873932. The Cure of Souls (1908) by William Cunningham
2873939. Essays de Jean Rey, Docteur En Medecine (1777) by Jean Rey
2873940. Essays by Father Fitz- Eustace (1822) by Father Fitz Eustace
2873944. Girl Scouts in the Rockies (1921) by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
2873945. Henry Somerville V2: A Tale (1797) by Henry Somerville
2873946. Heroes for the Truth (1840) by William King Tweedie
2873950. La Conduite Des Chefs de La Revolution Hollandoise Envers Leur Nation (1797) by Publisher Leipsich Publisher
2873952. Leitfaden Fur Die Erinnerungskraft in Der Geschichtskunde (1771) (German) by Anonymous
2873953. Levensbeschryving Van Verscheidene Vermaarde Italiaansche Mannen En Vrouwen (1769) by Anonymous
2873954. Materialien Zur Geschichte Der Critischen Philosophie V2: Metaphysischen Innhalts (1793) (German) by Karl Gottlob Hausius
2873961. Early Judaism (1920) by Laurence E Browne
2873962. Eydgenossisch- Katholischen Kirchen- Regiments, Part 2 (1761) by Anonymous
2873965. Essays on the Venereal Disease and Its Concomitant Affections (1798) by William Blair
2873966. Favole E Novelle del Dottore Lorenzo Pignotti (1786) by Lorenzo Pignotti
2873972. History of the Twenty- First U. S. Infantry: From 1812 to 1863 (1911) by Celwyn Emerson Hampton
2873977. Daily Evening Rest: Or Thoughts of Peace about the Master (1883) by Agnes Giberne
2873982. Everyday Religion: Or the Common Sense Teaching of the Bible (1893) by Hannah Whitall Smith
2873983. Examen Des Critiques Du Livre Intitule de L'Esprit (1760) by Charles Georges Leroy
2873985. From the Five Rivers (1893) by Flora Annie Webster Steel
2873986. Genealogical Sketch of the Descendants of Samuel Spencer of Pennsylvania (1904) by Howard Malcolm Jenkins
2873990. Le Telemaque Moderne, Ou Les Intrigues (1701) by
2873992. The Art of Accompanying Plain Chant (1908) by Max Springer
2874001. Four Years in the Army of the Potomac: A Soldier's Recollections (1881) by Evan Rowland Jones
2874003. Golden Days: From the Fishing Log of a Painter in Brittany (1919) by Romilly Fedden
2874004. Hidden Witchery (1898) by Nigel Tourneur
2874007. Howard and His Teacher; The Sister's Influence; And Other Stories (1858) by Madeline Leslie
2874008. Hymnes de Callimaque (1775) by Callimachus
2874010. Inspiration Considered as a Trend (1896) by Daniel Worcester Faunce
2874012. Some Aspects of the Blessed Life (1886) by Mark Guy Pearse
2874015. Description of Chinese Pottery and Porcelain: Being a Translation of the Tao Shuo (1910) by Stephen Wootton Bushell
2874017. Die Reise Nach Braunschweig (1794) by
2874018. Dilston Hall: Or Memoirs of James Radcliffe, Earl of Derwentwater, a Martyr in the Rebellion of 1715 (1850) by William Sidney Gibson
2874023. Early and Imperial Rome: Or Promenade Lectures on the Archaeology of Rome (1884) by Hodder Michael Westropp
2874029. Fables, Ancient and Modern: Adapted for the Use of Children (1824) by William Godwin
2874030. Famous Pictures: Famous Pictures Described with Anecdotes of the Painters (1913) by Charles Lester Barstow
2874042. The Arian Witness: Or the Testimony of Arian Scriptures in Corroboration of Biblical History and the Rudiments of Christian Doctrine (187 by Krishna Mohan Banerjea
2874043. The Student's Cicero (1889) by Eduard Munk
2874048. Easy French Reading: Being Selections of Historical Tales and Anecdotes Arranged with Copious Footnotes (1867) by Edward Thornton Fisher
2874051. Eternal Life: Its Grounds, Experience, and Practice (1884) by Neil Taylor
2874052. European Life: Readings in the History of Western Civilization (1863) by Alexander Mac Leod
2874055. Games for Children's Development (1918) by Hilda A Wrightson
2874060. Immersion: The Act of Christian Baptism (1891) by John Tyler Christian
2874062. The Life of Erasmus: With Historical Remarks on the State of Literature, Between the Tenth and Sixteenth Centuries (1825) by Charles Butler
2874063. Literature and Art Books, Book 5 (1909) by Bridget Ellen Burke
2874065. The Youth's Plutarch: Or Select Lives of Greeks and Romans (1843) by Eliza Robbins
2874066. Truths and Their Reception, Considered in Relation to the Doctrine of Homeopathy (1849) by
2874069. Early Candlelight Stories (1922) by Stella C Shetter
2874074. Forms of Prayer, and Other Offices: For the Use of Unitarian Societies (1783) by Joseph Priestley
2874080. History and Civics: Grade 5a (1918) by Giles John Swan
2874081. Le Nouveau Spectateur V1, Part 1 (1760) (French) by Jean Francois De Bastide
2874084. The Angler, a Poem, in Ten Cantos: With Proper Instructions in the Art (1819) by Piscator
2874085. The Skavlem and Odegaarden Families: Being a Genealogical Record and Pioneer History of the Skavelm and Odegaarden Families (1915) by Halvor Larsen Skavlem
2874086. Trusty John and Other Stories: From the Grey, Violet, Brown, and Blue Fairy Books (1906) by Andrew Lang
2874091. Elementi Dell' Arte Rettorica (1783) by Elia Giardini
2874100. Grandmother Stories from the Land of Used- To- Be (1913) by Howard Meriwether Lovett
2874104. History of Platte Presbytery: Or Presbyterianism in Northwest Missouri (1910) by Walter Halsey Clark
2874106. La Vie Et La Philosophie D'Epictete, Avec Le Tableau de Cebes (1772) by Gilles Boileau
2874109. Life of Patrick Hues Mell (1895) by Patrick Hues Mell
2874111. Lineamenta Institutionum Fidei Christianae Historico Criticarum (1795) by Heinrich Philipp Conrad Henke
2874112. The Sermons of Henry Smith, the Silver Tongued Preacher (1908) by Henry Smith
2874116. Desiderius Erasmus Concerning the Aim and Method of Education (1904) by William Harrison Woodward
2874120. Elfinella or Home from Fairyland, and Lord and Lady Russell (1876) by Ross Neil
2874124. Hebrew Lyrical History: Or Select Psalms, Arranged in the Order of the Events to Which They Relate (1852) by Thomas Bulfinch
2874127. Historie Van Het Oudt En Nieuw Testament (1732) (Chinese) by Ghendt Publisher Tot Ghendt
2874129. In a Fishing Country (1922) by William Hume Blake
2874131. Judas Ischariot: Oder Das Bose in Verhaltniss Zum Guten, Book 1 (1816) by Carl Daub
2874136. Le Veritable Esprit Militaire V1: Ou L'Art de Rendre Les Guerres Moins Funestes (1774) by Publisher Liege Publisher
2874137. Lessons in Commerce: A Textbook for Students (1904) by Raffaele Gambaro
2874138. Life Story of R. S. Duncan (1910) by Robert Samuel Duncan