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Books 128/126

2876257. Essays on the Practice of Midwifery, in Natural and Difficult Labors (1792) by William Osborn
2876264. The Cryptography of Dante (1921) by Walter Arensberg
2876265. The Shadow (1911) by Harold Begbie
2876266. The Wright- Chamberlin Genealogy: From Emigrant Ancestors to Present Generations (1914) by Eunice Miena Barber
2876280. Life of Vice- Admiral Edmund, Lord Lyons: With an Account of Naval Operations in the Black Sea and Sea of Azoff, 1854- 1856 (1898) by Sydney Marow Eardley Wilmot
2876285. Elements of Natural History and of Chemistry V3 (1788) by Antoine Francois De Fourcroy
2876286. Heads of the People: Or Portraits of the English (1840) by Kenny Meadows
2876293. History of the Affairs of Greece: In Seven Books (1685) by Xenophon
2876294. History of the Eighty- Fifth Regiment: Illinois Volunteer Infantry (1901) by Henry J Aten
2876295. History of the Origin, Development and Condition of Missions Among the Sherbro and Mendi Tribes, in Western Africa (1885) by Daniel Kumler Flickinger
2876314. History of the Baptists of Texas (1907) by Benjamin Franklin Riley
2876327. Fur Aerzte Und Kranke Bestimate Abhandlung Von Einer Neuen Methode, Die Hartnackigsten Krankheiten (1784) by Johannes Kaempf
2876336. Histoire Du Ministere Du Cardinal Martinusius (1715) by Antoine Bechet
2876337. Histoire Ecclesiastique Et Civile V3: Politique, Litteraire Et Topographique Du Diocese de Langres, Et de Celui de Dijon (1765) by Mangen De Mangen
2876342. The Ancren Riwle: A Treatise on the Rules and Duties of Monastic Life (1853) by James Morton
2876344. Dictionnaire Universel V2: Historique Et Critique Des Moeurs (1772) by Anonymous
2876345. Experiments and Observations on Animal Heat, and the Inflammation of Combustible Bodies (1788) by Adair Crawford
2876347. History of the Afghans (1858) by Jean Pierre Ferrier
2876349. The Works of Archibald McLean V3: Late Pastor of the Baptist Church, Edinburgh (1823) by Archibald Mc Lean
2876351. Modern German Classics from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century: A German Reading Book (1858) by Friedrich Maximilian Muller
2876355. Collecta Medicinae Practicae Generalis: Quibus Subjunctus Est Dialogus de Optima Medicorum Secta (1715) by Johann Conrad Barchusen
2876359. de Epistelen En Evangelien, Met de Collecte, Secrete En Naer- Communie Gebeden (1719) by Anonymous
2876360. Essays on Poetry and Music, as They Affect the Mind: On Laughter and Ludicrous Composition, on the Usefulness of Classical Learning (1779) by James Beattie
2876364. Hermas or the Acarian Shepherds V1- 2: A Poem, in Sixteen Books (1772) by John Spencer
2876370. Leipziger Magazin Zur Naturkunde Und Oekonomie (1787) (German) by Anonymous
2876371. Translations of the Writings of the Fathers V9: Down to A. D. 325 (1869) by Alexander Roberts
2876374. Des Ritters Carl Von Linne Vollstandiges Natursystem Des Mineralreichs (1778) by Carl Von Linne
2876375. General Braddock: A Historical Romance of Old Fort Duquesne and the Early Days of Pittsburg (1873) by Charles Mc Knight
2876382. de Primatu Romani Pontificis: de La Primaute Du Pape (1770) by Anonymous
2876388. Letters and Correspondence V1: Public and Private, of the Right Honorable Henry St. John, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke (1798) by Henry St John
2876397. Free Masonry in North America: From the Colonial Period to the Beginning of the Present Century (1889) by Henry Whittemore
2876400. Histoire de L'Eglise Et de L'Empire, Part 8 (1688) by Jean Le Sueur
2876402. The History of Music, from the Christian Era to the Present Time (1880) by Frederic Louis Ritter
2876408. Ledger of Andrew Halyburton, 1492- 1503: Together with the Book of Customs and Valuation of Merchandises in Scotland, 1612 (1867) by Andrew Halyburton
2876409. Life of John Duncan (1872) by David Brown
2876410. The Works of John Moore V5: With Memoirs of His Life and Writings (1820) by John Moore
2876412. Choix de Memoires V1: Sur Divers Objets D'Histoire Naturelle (1792) by
2876416. Etat Present de La Grande Russie Ou Moscovie (1718) by John Perry
2876417. Fur Aeltere Litteratur Und Neuere Lecture (1785) (German) by Und Meitzner Canzler Und
2876421. Introduction a la Vie Devote (1696) by Francois De Sales
2876422. Theatro Hespanol, V2, Part 1: Por Don Vicente Garcia (1785) by
2876431. English Political Thought, 1603- 1660 V1: 1603- 1644 (1644) by John William Allen
2876432. Essays on Christian Union (1845) by Thomas Chalmers
2876433. Essays V2: Biographical, Historical, and Miscellaneous (1858) by George Robert Gleig
2876440. Letter and Spirit V1: Or Annotations Upon the Holy Scriptures According to Both (1753) by Benjamin Holloway
2876459. Explication de L'Ouvrage Des Six Jours (1740) by Jacques Joseph Duguet
2876464. Histoire de La Republique de Venise V7: Depuis Sa Fondation Jusqu'a Present (1765) by Marc Antoine Laugier
2876466. History of the Propagation of Christianity Among the Heathen V2: Since the Reformation (1854) by William Brown
2876468. Lives of Boulton and Walt: A History of the Invention and Introduction of the Steam Engine (1865) by Samuel Smiles
2876470. Eleven Sermons Preached Upon Special Occasions (1714) by John Piggott
2876478. Die Sittlichkeit in Verbindung Mit Der Gluckseligkeit Einzelner Menschen Und Ganzer Staaten (1790) (German) by Christian Wilhelm Snell
2876488. Some Familiar Letters Between Mr. Locke, and Several of His Friends (1708) by John Locke
2876491. Geschichte Giafars Des Barmeciden in Funf Buchern (1799) by Friedrich Maximilian Klinger
2876492. Great Cities of the World, in Their Glory and in Their Desolation: Embracing Cities of Europe, Asia, Africa and America (1852) by John Frost
2876494. History of the Jews, in All Ages (1832) by Edward Parsons
2876495. History of the War of the Succession in Spain (1836) by Philip Henry Stanhope Stanhope
2876496. Il Mercurio Italico: O Sia, Ragguaglio Generale Intorno Alla Letteratura, Belle Arti, Utili Scoperte, EC Di Tutta L'Italia (1789) by
2876497. The Works of Mr. de St. Evremont V1 (1700) by
2876509. Dissertations on the Genuineness of the Pentateuch V2 (1847) by Ernst Wilhelm Hengstenberg
2876510. Ecclesiasticae Historiae Gentis Anglorum, Libri V (1601) by
2876514. In the Shadow of the Alhambra: Or the Last of the Moorish Kings (1893) by W M Greenlee
2876515. Lives of the Bishops of Exeter: And a History of the Cathedral (1861) by George Oliver
2876524. Essentials of New Testament Study: Intended as a Companion to the New Testament (1872) by William Edensor Littlewood
2876530. Dictionnaire Des Livres Jansenistes V2: Ou Qui Favorisent Le Jansenisme (1755) by Dominique De Colonia
2876532. Essais Nouveaux de Morale, Premier Essai: de L'Ame de L'Homme (1686) (French) by Maucroy Publisher Veuve Maucroy
2876541. History of the Life, Writings and Doctrines of Luther V1 (1854) by M Audin
2876543. The Modern Sportsman's Gun and Rifle V1: Game and Wildfowl Guns (1882) by John Henry Walsh
2876546. de Vier Uyterste Van Den Mensch: Met Eene Voor- Afgaende Beschryvinge Van de Kortheyd, Ellendigheyd En Het Oogwit Van't Menschelyk Leven (1743) by Anonymous
2876553. The History of the Peloponnesian War V3 (1835) by Thucydides
2876556. Hinsdale Genealogy: Descendants of Robert Hinsdale of Dedham, Medfield, Hadley and Deerfield (1906) by Sanford Charles Hinsdale
2876565. History of the Family of Benjamin Snow, Who Is a Descendant of Richard Snow (1907) by Owen Nelson Wilcox
2876569. The Works of John Robinson V1: Pastor of the Pilgrim Fathers (1851) by John Robinson
2876575. History of Dogmas V3 (1916) by Joseph Tixeront
2876576. Jubilee History of Latter- Day Saints Sunday Schools: 1849- 1899 (1900) by
2876602. History of the Byzantine and Greek Empires: From 716 to 1057 (1856) by George Finlay
2876604. The Seven Ages of Creation (1898) by John Martin Russell
2876605. Defense Des Constitutions Americaines V1: Ou de La Necessite D'Une Balance Dans Les Pouvoirs D'Un Gouvernement Libre (1792) by John Adams
2876611. The Self- Instructing Latin Classic V1- 2 (1841) by William Jacobs
2876613. Handbook of Painting, Part 2: The Italian Schools, Based on the Handbook of Kugler (1887) by Franz Kugler
2876620. History of the Parish of Ecclesfield, in the County of York (1862) by Jonathan Eastwood
2876627. Fortgesetzte Betrachtungen Uber Die Neuesten Historischen Schriften V14 (1777) by Anonymous
2876633. Epitome of Alison's History of Europe: From the Commencement of the French Revolution in 1789 to the Restoration of the Bourbons in 1815 (1848) by Archibald Alison
2876634. A History of the People Called Quakers V4: From Their First Rise to the Present Time (1790) by John Gough
2876640. Joannis Antonii Scopoli Flora Carniolica V1: Exhibens Plantas Carnioliae Indigenas (1772) by Giovanni Antonio Scopoli
2876647. Isaac Laquedem V1- 2 (1853) by Alexandre Dumas
2876656. Essays: By a Society of Gentlemen, at Exeter (1796) by Hugh Downman
2876659. Histoire Generale, Ecclesiastique Et Civile de La Ville Et Province de Namur V6 (1791) by Charles Francois Joseph Galliot
2876660. The Mythology of All Races V6: Indian, Iranian (1917) by Arthur Berriedale Keith
2876667. From Wall Street to Newgate: Via the Primrose Way (1895) by Austin Bidwell
2876669. History of the Viceroyalty of Buenos Aires: Containing the Most Accurate Details Relative to the Topography (1807) by Samuel Hull Wilcocke
2876675. History of the House of Austria: From the Accession of Francis I to the Revolution of 1848 (1889) by Franz De Paula Hartig
2876685. Inspiration: The Infallible Truth and Divine Authority of the Holy Scriptures (1865) by James Bannerman
2876697. de Medicina Libri Octo: Ad Optimas Editiones Collati (1786) by Aulus Cornelius Celsus
2876700. Early Life and Public Career of James G. Blaine: Patriot, Statesman, and Historian (1884) by Walter Raleigh Houghton
2876701. Ellie: Or the Human Comedy (1855) by John Esten Cooke
2876705. History of Architecture, Architectural Design, Specifications (1896) by
2876709. Evidences of the Genuineness of the Gospels (1890) by Andrews Norton
2876717. Exercices Du Penitent: Avec Des Regles Et Des Maximes Sur La Penitence (1747) by Anonymous
2876730. de Natura Animalium Libri 17 (1784) by Claudius Aelianus
2876731. East Tennessee and the Civil War (1899) by Oliver Perry Temple
2876740. Dernier Tableau de Paris V2: Ou Recit Historique de La Revolution Du 10 Aout (1793) by Jean Gabriel Peltier
2876742. Telemachus (1733) by
2876744. de Vrolyke Zanggodinnen: Of Mengelwerk Van Vernuft (1781) by Anonymous
2876745. Histoire Universelle V59: Depuis Le Commencement Du Monde Jusqu'a Present (1787) (French) by Moutard Publisher Chez Moutard
2876747. Justice and Jurisprudence: An Inquiry Concerning the Constitutional Limitations of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments (1889) by Of Liberty Brotherhood Of
2876748. History of Roman Literature V1: From Its Earliest Period to the Augustan Age (1823) by John Colin Dunlop
2876759. Histoires Choisies Des Auteurs Profanes V3 (1754) by Charles Simon
2876772. Essays on Indo- Aryan Mythology (1898) by Narayan Aiyangar
2876773. Essays on Natural History and Rural Economy (1812) by John Walker
2876778. Christelyke Onderwysinge En Gebeden, Getrokken (1756) by Anonymous
2876781. Il Cristianesimo Felice Nelle Missioni de' Padri Della Compagnia Di Gesu Nel Paraguai (1752) by Lodovico Antonio Muratori
2876782. Lectures, Expository and Practical V1- 2: On Select Portions of Scripture (1816) by Andrew Thomson
2876783. Des P. Ovidius Naso Verwandlungen (1797) (German) by Publius Ovidius Naso
2876788. Ex Libris Polybii Megalopolitani Selecta de Legationibus (1582) by Polybius
2876797. History of the Slocums, Slocumbs and Slocombs of America V2: Genealogical and Biographical (1908) by Charles Elihu Slocum
2876802. The Works of Richard Hooker: Containing Eight Books of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity, and Several Other Treatises (1839) by Richard Hooker
2876807. Les Pretendus Reformez Convaincus de Schisme (1723) by Pierre Nicole
2876808. The Economic History of India in the Victorian Age: From the Accession of Queen Victoria in 1837 to the Commencement of the Twentieth Century (1906) by Romesh Chunder Dutt
2876809. Exposition Du Chapitre VIII de L'Epitre de L'Apotre S. Paul Aux Romains V2: Thirty- Three Sermons (1703) by Jean Mestrezat
2876821. Documents Relating to the Revolutionary History of the State of New Jersey V2 (1903) by Francis B Lee
2876825. Della Guerra Di Fiandra, Part 3 (1639) (Italian) by Guido Bentivoglio
2876828. Archaeologia Cambrensis V4: The Journal of the Cambrian Archaeological Association (1875) by Archaeological Associat Cambrian Archaeological
2876830. Hedendaagsche Historie, of Tegenwoordige Staat Van Alle Volkeren (1745) by Thomas Salmon
2876831. Henry Wilson's Regiment: History of the Twenty- Second Massachusetts Infantry, the Second Company Sharpshooters, and the Third Light Battery (18 by John Lord Parker
2876834. The Seven Books of Paulus Aegineta V3 (1847) by Paulus
2876845. A History of England (1913) by Allen Clapp Thomas
2876847. History of Schoharie County, and Border Wars of New York: Containing Also a Sketch of the Causes Which Led to the American Revolution (1845) by Jeptha Root Simms
2876850. The Works of John Hunter V1: With Notes (1835) by John Hunter
2876851. Florentine History V1: From the Earliest Authentic Records to the Accession of Ferdinand the Third, Grand Duke of Tuscany (1846) by Henry Edward Napier
2876854. Memoirs and Travels of Mauritius Augustus Count de Benyowsky (1904) by Maurice Auguste Benyowsky
2876859. Foote Family V1: Comprising the Geneaology and History of Nathaniel Foote and His Descendants (1907) by Abram William Foote
2876865. Experiments in Psychical Research at Leland Stanford Junior University (1917) by John Edgar Coover
2876870. Generalis Temporum Notio Brevissime Exhibens Vicissitudinem Rerum Humanarum (1773) (Latin) by Louis Danes Pierre Louis
2876873. Hancock's Diary or a History of the Second Tennessee Confederate Cavalry: With Sketches of First and Seventh Battalions (1887) by Richard R Hancock
2876876. History of a Lawsuit: Or a Treatise on the Practice in Suits and Proceedings of Every Description (1866) by Abraham Caruthers
2876879. Histoire Des Revolutions D'Espagne V5 (1724) by Louis Ellies Du Pin
2876880. Dictionnaire Historique Et Geographique V1, a- M: Portatif de L'Italie (1775) (French) by La Combe Publisher Paris
2876886. Die Nywe Testament Van Ons Heer Jesus Christus (1781) by J M Magens
2876898. Histoire de La Rebellion V3: Et Des Guerres Civiles D'Angleterre, Depuis 1641, Jusqu'au Retablissement Du Roi Charles II (1709) (French) by Hyde Of Clarendon Edward
2876911. Evolution of Law V2: Primitive and Ancient Legal Institutions (1915) by Albert Kocourek
2876921. Antiquitatum Homericarum, Book 4 (1743) by Everhard Feith
2876927. Die Geschichte Der Deutschen Von Den Altesten Bis Auf Die Neuern Zeiten V2 (1771) (German) by Anonymous
2876928. Greek and Roman Sculpture: A Popular Introduction to the History of Greek and Roman Sculpture (1882) by Walter Copland Perry
2876929. Lexicon Latinae Linguae Antibarbarum Quadripartitum (1780) by Johann Friedrich Nolte
2876935. Dictionnaire Des Antiquites Romaines V1: Ou Explication Abregee Des Ceremonies (1766) by Samuel Pitiscus