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Books 129/26

2883752. The Poet and the Critic by Duncan Campbell Scott
2883754. Welfare, Property Rights and Economic Policy by Thomas K Rymes
2883756. Trans- Atlantic Partners: Canadian Approaches to the European Union by Evan H Potter
2883757. Restructuring Societies: Insights from the Social Sciences by David B Knight
2883761. Nation State in a Global/Information Era: Policy Challenges by Thomas J Courchene
2883762. Reforming the Canadian Financial Sector: Canada in Global Perspective by Thomas J Courchene
2883764. The 2000 Federal Budget: Retrospect and Prospect by Paul A Hobson
2883771. The North American Democratic Peace: Absence of War and Security Institutions Building in Canadians- U. S. Relations (1867- 1958) by Stephane Roussel
2883773. Let's Talk Facts about Childhood Disorders by American Psychiatric Association
2883774. Tongue a Creative Force DS by Capps, Charles
2883775. Understanding Persecution DS by Annette Capps
2883778. Organizational Communication Structure by J David Johnson
2883779. Information Problem- Solving: The Big6 Skills Approach to Library and Information Skills Instruction by Michael B Eisenberg
2883780. Gatekeepers in Ethnoloinguistic Communities by Cheryl M Duran
2883781. Literacy, Gender, and Work: In Families and in School by Judith W Solsken
2883782. Colonialism and After: An Algerian Jewish Community by Elizabeth Friedman
2883783. Cultural Pedagogy: Art/Education/Politics by David Trend
2883787. Enneagram Intelligences: Understanding Personality for Effective Teaching and Learning by Janet Levine
2883789. Revolutionary Social Transformation: Democratic Hopes, Political Possibilities and Critical Education by Paula Allman
2883790. Uc: Taste of Home: Market Fresh Cookbook Over 300 Recipes Burting with Just- Picked Flavor: Over 300 Recipes Bursting with Just- Picked Flavor by Taste Of Home Magazine
2883791. Environment as Hazard, The: Second Edition by Et Al Burton
2883798. Intuition and Management: Research and Application by Daniel Cappon
2883799. The Innovation Matrix: Culture and Structure Prerequisites to Innovation by Paul Herbig
2883801. Eaa 52 the Fenland Project No. 4 by R J Silvester
2883802. Eaa 67: Spong Hill 5: Catalogue of Cremations by Catherine Hills
2883803. Barrow Excavations in Norfolk, 1984- 8 Degreesd by John Wymer
2883804. Eaa 80: Barton Bendish and Caldecote: Fieldwork in South West Norfolk by Alan Davison
2883805. Eaa Occ. Paper 2: A Moritarium Kiln at Ellingham, Norfolk by Kay Hartley
2883806. Eaa Occ. Paper 4: Roman Burials in Norfolk by David Gurney
2883807. A Moated Rectory at Wimbotsham, Norfolk by Andy Shelley
2883808. Earthworks of Norfolk by Brian Cushion
2883809. The Excavation of Romano- British Pottery Kilns at Ellingham, Postwick and Two Mile Bottom, Norfolk, 1995- 7 by Sarah Bates
2883810. Excavations at Canterbury Castle by Paul Bennett
2883811. Excavations on the Roman and Medieval Defences of Canterbury by Sheppard S Frere
2883812. Excavations in the St George's Street and Burgate Street Areas by Sheppard S Frere
2883813. Canterbury Excavations Intra- And Extra- Mural Sites 1949- 55 and 1980- 84 by Sheppard S Frere
2883814. Economic Development: A Flight Plan for Success by H Mc Kinley Conway
2883815. Icefields by Thomas Wharton
2883819. California Birds: Their Status and Distribution by Arnold Small
2883822. Your Greatest Power- Su Extraordinario Poder by J Martin Kohe
2883828. New Leaves: A Journal for the Suddenly Single Woman by Margaret Flesher Ribaroff
2883829. Thresholds: A Journal of Living Independently by Beth Olsson
2883830. When Words Hurt: How to Keep Criticism from Undermining Your Self- Esteem by Heldmann, Mary Lynne
2883831. Too Smart to Be Rich: On Being a Yuffie by Friedmann, Patty
2883834. Gr8 Pl8s by Sam G Riley
2883835. A Distant Thunder: Intimate Recollections of the Kaiser's Court by Topham, Anne
2883836. The Earth House by DuPrau, Jeanne
2883837. More Rules of Neighborhood Poker According to Hoyle by Wolpin, Stewart
2883842. Lines in the Sand: Middle to Late Bronze Age Settlement at Game Farm, Brandon by Catriona Gibson
2883843. Eaa 59: The South- West Fen Dyke Survey Project 1982- 86 by C A I French
2883844. Research and Archaeology: A Framework for the Eastern Counties by J Glazebrook
2883846. Frigid Women by Sue Riches
2883849. Excavations at Ford Airfield, Yapon, West Sussex, 1999 by Chris Place
2883851. Legends: Beginnings, the by Robert Connolly
2883859. Rachel by K B Sykes
2883860. The Complete Guide to Age Related Macular Degeneration: For Patients and Carers by A J Ryman
2883862. The World According to My Pets by Lydia Townsend
2883863. Walk with Me by S P Woolley
2883864. A Special Place by Giles, Beverly
2883865. Mastership and the Understanding of Life by
2883866. Strip Naked by Rich Smith
2883871. This Is Living by Ophelia Finsen
2883872. A Yearning for Jacob's Son by Ross Robertson
2883873. Visualise the 'New You'- Easy_ to_ follow Weight Loss Program by Wayne Lambert
2883875. Psychology of Weight Loss- Combine Mind & Body for Permanent Success by Wayne Lambert
2883880. The Long of It by
2883881. The Travel Map 2 by Marko Tusar
2883900. New York Showdown by Perry Zyms
2883905. I Sell on Ebay: Loose Leaf Binder by Lynn Dralle
2883907. Marriage Isn't for Sissies by Beth M Erickson
2883908. What the Abenaki Say about Dogs by Dan Close
2883910. Hoop City: Touchdown Edition by Scott Blumenthal
2883911. The Kid from Courage by Ron Berman
2883912. Keeper by Holly Goldberg Sloan
2883913. Chasing the King: Touchdown Edition by Josh Stein
2883914. The Highest Stand: Touchdown Edition by Tonie Campbell
2883920. Inland Empire Electric Line: Spokane to Coeur D'Alene and the Palouse by Clive Carter
2883922. Ski Magazine's Guide to New England and Quebec by Ski Magazine
2883923. What Are the Spiritual Blessings in Christ? by Susan Sherwood Parr
2883924. The Treasures in His Word by Susan Sherwood Parr
2883926. Surviving the Storm by Al Pittman
2883928. Stains: Early Poems by Lori A May
2883929. Smoke Signals from the Heat: Fourteen Years of the First Nations Drum by Natasha Davies
2883930. Innocent Until Proven Indian by Frank Larue
2883931. Tales from Moccasin Avenue: An Anthology of Native Stories by Stafford O Neal
2883933. Leaving Lovestiff Annie by Chris F Needham
2883934. Dragging the River by Trevor Clark
2883936. A Clap for Cadence by R W Dunlop
2883939. Chasing the King by Joshua Stein
2883941. The Highest Stand by Tonie Campbell
2883946. Quick Clicks: 40 Fast and Fun Behaviors to Train with a Clicker by Book, Mandy
2883947. Anti- Vigilante and the Rips in Time by Diane Tegarden
2883951. Ratology: Way of the Un- Dammed by Michael John Wallace
2883953. The Girl Made of Cool (First Edition) by Alan Sean Fox
2883955. Come Up Higher Woman of Valor by Emily A Mockovciak
2883956. Peace on the Homefront by S S Parr
2883957. Peace in the Valley by Susan Sherwood Parr
2883960. Trash to Cash with Lynn Dralle: DVD by Lynn Dralle
2883961. Ebay Shipping Made Easy, DVD: Save Time and Money with These Simple Tips! by Lynn Dralle
2883962. Blind Ambition: The End of the Story by Dean, John W.
2883965. Movements in Jars by Meghan Jackson
2883966. Disappointment Island by Monty Reid
2883967. The Desmond Road Book of the Dead by Clare Latremouille
2883968. Decalogue: Ten Ottawa Poets by Rob Mc Lennan
2883970. The Ottawa City Project: Poems by Rob McLennan by Rob Mc Lennan
2883971. Everything Is Movies by Nicholas Lea
2883973. A Long Continual Argument: The Selected Poems of John Newlove by Robert F Barsky
2883974. In a Mist by Devon Code
2883975. Interstellar by Allan Briesmaster
2883976. Room Tone by Gale Zoe Garnett
2883978. My Etruscan Face by Gianna Patriarca
2883979. Garden Variety by Michael Wex
2883980. MIC Check: An Anthology of Canadian Spoken Word Poetry by David Silverberg
2883982. The Hawk by Rob Rolfe
2883983. Looking at Renaissance Paintings, and Other Poems by Caroline Morgan Digiovanni
2883984. This Is How I Love You by Barbara Landry
2883985. Old Winter by Anne Le Dressay
2883986. Casemate Poems (Collected) by Joe Blades
2883988. Soft Where by Marcus Mc Cann
2883991. Living in Gravity by Valerie Stetson
2883993. The Life of Queen Victoria and the Story of Her Reign by Charles Morris
2884000. Spiritual Reality by Donald C Decker
2884010. Schema Therapy by Jeffery E Young
2884020. Reconciliation and Justice as a Way of Life by Fawn Parish
2884021. A Wild Ride: The Story of Morey's Piers, Planet Earth's Greatest Seaside Amusement Park by Jack Wright
2884026. Landed: New Poetry by Caryn Mirriam Goldberg
2884027. Growing Up with Jessica, Second Edition by James Walker
2884028. Under New Management (Runt Farm, Book 1) by Amanda Lorenzo
2884029. Beatrice and Blossom (Runt Farm, Book 2) by Amanda Lorenzo
2884030. The Heart of Him by Iris Bolling
2884031. Diabetes Cured by Richard Green
2884032. The Bachelor's Fool & Life, Nothing But Drama by Kimberly Lynn Mc Kenzie
2884042. The Stupendous Adventure of Gregory Green by Noble, Jason
2884044. The Extraordinary Event of Pia H. by Nicola Vulpe
2884045. A River at Night by Paul Zemokhol
2884052. My Book of Chrymes by Wifred Kanu
2884058. Working to Fail in Rwanda: The Mirage of Un Peacekeeping by Amadou Deme
2884063. Caught in the Net of Deception by Rose M Jackson Beavers
2884064. Snakes, Snails, Puppy Dog Tales by Katherine Douglas
2884067. Yes, You Can! Become a Community College President by J Neil Admire
2884068. Goodbye, Fat Guy! by Starke Taylor
2884070. Summer League by Melissa Marie Williams
2884073. Bait for Lunch by K A Okagaki
2884075. Staglieno: The Art of the Marble Carver by Walter S Arnold
2884076. Bad Moon on the Rise by Katy Munger
2884078. Falling from the Moon by Lise Marinelli
2884079. This Is Not Goodbye by Christine Sandor
2884082. Etruscan Studies Volume 11 (2008) by Etruscan Foundation The
2884083. English & Medical Spanish: Vocabulary, Phrases, and Dialogue by Craig Alan Sinkinson
2884088. Words Only I Can Speak by Tracey Robinson