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Books 138/39

3088241. Algebraic Programming with Magma II: An Introduction to the Magma Categories (v. 2) by Wieb Bosma
3088280. MathInsight 2002 by Martin Rumpf
3088285. Complications in Laparoscopic Surgery: Prevention, Detection, Management, and Treatment by B V Mac Fadyen
3088304. Handbook of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics by Peter Warneck
3088327. Aromaticity in Heterocyclic Compounds by Tadeusz M Krygowski
3088330. Treatment Failure and Success: Improving Your Patient302222s Outcome by Jorgen Serup
3088340. Ramanujan's Notebooks (Pt. 4) by Bruce C Berndt
3088343. Diaspora Identities: Exile, Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism in Past and Present by Kirsten Heinsohn
3088344. Moys Classification and Thesaurus for Legal Materials by K Charles Rudd
3088345. Information Seeking in the Online Age by Richard J Hartley
3088346. Indexing: The Manual of Good Practice by K G Saur Books
3088347. Semantics of Retrieval by Alan Gilchrist
3088348. The Impact of Information on Society: An Examination of Its Nature, Value and Usage by Michael W Hill
3088349. The Nuremberg Trials: International Criminal Law Since 1945 / Die Nurnberger Prozesse: Volkerstrafrecht Seit 1945: 60th Anniversary Internat by Herbert R Reginbogin
3088351. Information Sources in the Social Sciences (Guides to Information Sources) by Terry Hanstock
3088352. National Reporting 1941- 1986: From Labor Conflicts to the Challenger Disaster by K G Saur
3088355. Hyginus: Fabulae: 2nd revised edition (Bibliotheca scriptorum Graecorum et Romanorum Teubneriana) (Latin Edition) by Peter Marshall
3088356. Chariton: Callirhoe (Bibliotheca Teubneriana) (Latin Edition) by Bryan Reardon
3088357. Prolegomenon Sylloge by Hugo Rabe
3088358. Isis Regina- - Zeus Sarapis (Bibliotheca Teubneriana) by Reinhold Merkelbach
3088359. Historical Aspects Of American Trypanosomiasis (chagas' Disease) (Medizin in Entwicklungslandern, Bd. 43) by Matthias Perleth
3088360. Fragments of Desire: Sapphic Fictions in Works by H. D. , Judy Grahn, and Monique Wittig by Johanna Dehler
3088361. The Individual At The Crossroads: The Works Of Robert Bolt, Novelist, Dramatist, Screenwriter (European University Studies Series) by Sabine Prufer
3088362. Riccardo Zandonai: A Biography by Konrad Claude Dryden
3088363. Ideology, Aesthetics, Literary History: Socialist Realism And Its Others (Literary and Cultural Theory, Vol. 3) by Piotr Fast
3088364. Learner Autonomy In Language Learning: Defining The Field And Effecting Change (Bayreuth Contributions to Glottodidactics) by Sara Cotterall
3088365. Individualization Of Youth In Post- industrial Society: Dilemmas And Perspectives by Darja Zorc Maver
3088366. Rethinking Language Pedagogy from a Corpus Perspective: Papers from the Third International Conference on Teaching and Language Corpora by Lou Burnard
3088367. Cahiers/Notebooks by Paul Valery
3088368. De L'Improvisation Au Rite: L'Epopee De Notre Temps (Studien Und Dokumente Zur Geschichte der Romanischen Literat) (German Edition) by Anne Neuschafer
3088369. Indicators Of Typology Within The Old Testament: The Exodus Motif (Friedensauer Schriftenreihe. Reihe a, Theologie, Bd. 4) by Friedbert Ninow
3088370. Natural Law Reconsidered: The Ethics Of Human Liberation by Stephen Theron
3088371. Indigenous Grammar Across Cultures by Hannes Kniffka
3088372. A Framework for Freedom: Learner Autonomy in Foreign Language Teacher Education by Oliver St John
3088373. Race and Realpolitik: The Politics of Colonisation in German Samoa (Germanica Pacifica, ) by Evelyn Wareham
3088374. Der Wiedereinstellungsanspruch Des Arbeitnehmers (Europaische Hochschulschriften) (German Edition) by Armin Krull
3088375. America: The New World or the Old? by Werner Muller
3088376. James Baldwin: His Place in American Literary History and His Reception in Europe by Jakob Kollhofer
3088377. Pentecost, Mission and Ecumenism Essays on Intercultural Theology: Festschrift in Honour of Professor Walter J. Hollenweger (Studien Zur Interkulturellen Geschichte Des Christentums) by Jan A B Jongeneel
3088378. Language Contact (University of Bamberg Studies in English Linguistics) by Sandor Rot
3088379. A Socio- Historical Study in Address: Polish and English (Bamberger Beitrage Zur Englischen Sprachvissenschaft, University of Bamberg Studies in Engl) by Agnieszka Kielkiewicz Janowiak
3088380. Weierstrass- Stone: The Theorem by Joao B Prolla
3088381. The Church of North India: A Historical and Systematic Theological Inquiry into an Ecumenical Ecclesiology (Studien Zur Interkulturellen Geschichte Des Christentums) by Dhirendra Kumar Sahu
3088382. Inverse Scattering and Potential Problems in Mathematical Physics: Proceedings of a Conference Held in Oberwolfach, December 12- 18, 1993 (Methoden U) by Rainer Kress
3088383. Categories And Complements Of Illocutionary Verbs In A Cognitive Perspective (Duisburger Arbeiten Zur Sprach- Und Kulturwissenschaft, Bd. 26) by Johan Vanparys
3088384. Language Use in Ethiopia from a Network Perspective: Results of a Sociolinguistic Survey Conducted Among High School Students by Ronny Meyer
3088385. European Perspectives on Drug Addicted People. Drogenabhaengige Menschen Aus Europaeischen Blickwinkeln (German) by Ase Britt Falch
3088386. Missionary Linguistics in East Asia: The Origins of Religious Language in the Shaping of Christianity? by Sandra Breitenbach
3088387. Language Contact in the History of English by Dieter Kastovsky
3088388. Das Verhaeltnis Von Freiheit Und Rationalitaet Bei Martin Luther Und Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (German) by Thomas Hoesl
3088389. Heidegger And A New Possibility Of Dwelling (Europaische Hochschulschriften. Reihe XX, Philosophie, Bd. 660. ) by Remmon E Barbaza
3088390. K. C. F. Krauses Urbild Der Menschheit: Richtmab Einer Universalistischen Globalisierung Kommentierter Originaltext Und Aktuelle Weltsystemanalyse (German Edition) by Siegfried Pflegerl
3088392. The Economics of Volunteer Labor Supply: An Application to Countries of a Different Development Level by Susanne M Ziemek
3088393. The Theory And Practice Of Free Economic Zones: A Case Study Of Tianjin/people's Republic Of China by Guangwen Meng
3088394. Epistemological Perspectives on Linguistic Semiotics by Zdzislaw Wasik
3088395. Der Wiedereinstellungsanspruch Des Arbeitnehmers Nach Wegfall Des Kuendigungsgrundes (German) by Simone Naedler
3088396. World Trends in Environmental Education (Environmental Education, Communication and Sustainability) by Mario Pereira
3088397. Barlach Und Die Avantgarde: Eine Studie Zur Rezeptionsgeschichte Und Avantgardeproblematik (Kunstgeschichte) (German Edition) by Andrea Fromm
3088398. Myths for the Millions: Thomas Bulfinch, His America, and His Mythology Book (Kulturtransfer Und Geschlechterforschung. Transcultural and Gender Studies) by Marie Sally Cleary
3088399. Musiktherapie Und Sauglingsforschung: Zusammenspiel. Einschatzung Der Beziehungsqualitat Am Beispiel Des Instrumentalen Ausdrucks Eines Autistischen Kindes 3. , Durchgesehene Auflage (German Edition) by Karin Schumacher
3088400. Colonial Encounters: Issues of Culture, Hybridity and Creolisation, Portuguese Mercantile Settlers in West Africa (Ic- Studien Zur Interkulturellen Geschichte. . . Studies in the Intercultural Histor) by Jose Lingna Nafafe
3088401. Sociolinguistic Impact Of Ethnic- state Policies: The Effects On The Language Development Of The Arab Population in Israel (European University Studies) by Salma Arraf
3088402. Agency Theory: Methodology, Analysis, A Structured Approach To Writing Contracts (Forschungsergebnisse Der Wirtschaftsuniversitat Wien) by Alexander Stremitzer
3088404. Handbook of Renewable Energies in the European Union: Case Studies of the Eu- 15 States by Danyel Reiche
3088405. On Jewish Music: Past And Present by Joachim Braun
3088406. Distribution of Sequences: A Sampler by Stefan Porubsky
3088407. The Cognitive Basis of Polysemy: New Sources of Evidence for Theories of Word Meaning by Marina Rakova
3088408. Accountibility Issus In International by Filho
3088410. Earnings Management And Its Determinants: Closing Gaps in Empirical Accounting Research (European University Studies: ) by Igor Goncharov
3088411. Finno- ugric Language Contacts (Opuscula Fenno- Ugrica Gottingensia) by Pekka Hirvonen
3088413. The Beginnings of Standardization: Language and Culture in Fourteenth- century England (Studies in English Medieval Language and Literature) by Ursula Schaefer
3088414. What Kind of Regionalism? : Regionalism And Region Building in Northern European Peripheries by Josefina Syssner
3088415. Empirical Perspectives on CLIL Classroom Discourse (Sprache Im Kontext) by Ute Smit
3088416. Identity, Education And Citizenship: Multiple Interrelations (Comparative Studies) by Thyge Winther Jensen
3088417. The Musical Voyager: Berlioz in Europe (Perspektiven Der Opernforschung) by Katharine Ellis
3088418. Temporal Oppositions As Hermeneutical Categories in the Epistle to the Hebrews (European University Studies: Series 23, Theology) by Antonio Portalatin
3088419. Academic Writing in a Foreign Language: An Extended Genre Analysis of Student Texts (Sprache Im Kontext) by Julia Isabel Huttner
3088420. Konstruktion Der Gegenwart Und Zukunft / Shaping the Present and the Future (Medieval to Early Modern Culture / Kultureller Wandel Vom Mittelalter Zur Fruhen Neuzeit) by Jan R Veenstra
3088421. Lingua Legis in Translation: English- Polish and Polish- English Translation of Legal Texts by Aleksandra Matulewska
3088422. The International Order at the Beginning of the 21st Century: Theoretical Considerations (International Security Studies) by Andrea K Riemer
3088423. Otto Neurath: Museum and Exhibition Work: Spaces (Designed) for Communication by Hadwig Krautler
3088424. Participation of Non- State Actors in the Dispute Settlement System of the Wto: Benefit or Burden? by Christina Knahr
3088426. An Endless War: The Russian- Chechen Conflict in Perspective by Emil Souleimanov
3088427. The Thinking Indian: Native American Writers, 1850s- 1920s by Bernd C Peyer
3088428. Gender and Engineering: Strategies and Possibilities (Angewandte Genderforschung/ Gender Research Applied) by June Larkin
3088429. New Testament and Mission: Historical and Hermeneutical Perspectives by Johannes Nissen
3088430. Modelling Performance in Tests of Spoken Language by Barry O Sullivan
3088431. Toward Multilateral Competition Law? : After Cancun: Reevaluating the Case for Additional International Competition Rules Under Special Consideration of. . . Und Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht) by Daniela Kroll
3088432. Gender and Citizenship in a Multicultural Context by Berteke Waaldijk
3088433. Highly Active Immigrants: A Resource for European Civil Societies by Dita Vogel
3088434. Being in Pain by Abraham Olivier
3088435. Galileo's Inquisition Trial Revisited by Jules Speller
3088436. Using Biographical and Life History Approaches in the Study of Adult and Lifelong Learning: European Perspectives (European Studies in Lifelong Learning and Adult Learning Research) by Barbara Merrill
3088437. Index Theory and Price Statistics by Peter Von Der Lippe
3088438. La traduccion literaria en la epoca contemporanea: Actas de la Conferencia Internacional Traduccion e Intercambio Cultural en la Epoca de la Globalizacion, . . . Translationswissenschaft) (Spanish Edition) by Lew Zybatow
3088439. und Medea war eine Arztin: Constructions of Femininity in Public Debates About Medical Education for Women in Germany and Austria Between 1870 and 1910. . . Zur Literatur- Und Kulturgeschichte) by Magdalena Tarnawska
3088440. The Language of the Peterborough Chronicle (Studies in English Medieval Language and Literature) by Janne Skaffari
3088441. Borrowing Of Inflectional Morphemes In Language Contact (European University Studies. : Omgiostocs; Europaische Hochschulschriften Publications Universitaires Europeennes) by Francesco Gardani
3088442. New Approaches to Linguistic Evidence Pilot Studies / Neue Ansatze Zu Linguistischer Evidenz Pilotstudien (Metalinguistica) by Csilla Rakosi
3088443. When Knowledge Sparks a Flame: Knowledge Communication in the International Non- profit Organisation SOS Children's Villages by Rudiger Reinhardt
3088444. Shrinking Cities: Effects on Urban Ecology and Challenges for Urban Development by Wilfried Endlicher
3088445. Foundations of Culture: Knowledge- Construction, Belief Systems and Worldview in Their Dynamic Interplay by Harald Haarmann
3088446. From English in Australia to Australian English, 1788- 1900 (English Corpus Linguistics) by Clemens W A Fritz
3088447. The Media and International Communication (Lodz Studies in Language) by Dolores V Tanno
3088448. The Gender Balanced Scorecard: A Management Tool to Achieve Gender Mainstreaming in Organisational Culture by Sonja W Floeter Van
3088449. Caribbean(s) on the Move / Archipielagos Literarios Del Caribe: A TransArea Symposium by Ottmar Ette
3088450. Multicultural Dilemmas: Identity, Difference, Otherness (Literary and Cultural Theory) by Marzena Kubisz
3088451. Impulsore Chresto: Opposition to Christianity in the Roman Empire C. 50- 250 AD (Early Christianity in the Context of Antiquity) by Jakob Engberg
3088452. Money And Culture by Hans Walter Schmidt Hannisa
3088453. The United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education and the Inclusion of National Minorities by Anja Mihr
3088454. Three Greek Apologists / Drei Griechische Apologeten: Origen, Eusebius, and Athanasius / Origenes, Eusebius Und Athansius (Early Christianity in the Context of Antiquity) by Jorg Ulrich
3088455. Applying Item Response Theory in Language Test Item Bank Building by Gabor Szabo
3088456. Bonhoeffer and Beyond: Promoting a Dialogue Between Religion and Politics by Ralf K Wustenberg
3088457. Literature as History- History as Literature: Fact and Fiction in Medieval to Eighteenth- Century British Literature (Kulturelle Identitaten. Studien Zur. . . Der Europaischen Kulturen Der Neuzeit) by Sonja Fielitz
3088458. Education As a Societal Contributor: Reflections by Finnish Educationalists by Hannele Niemi
3088459. Action Research and Organisation Theory (Labour, Education & Society) by Olav Eikeland
3088460. A Corpus- Based Study of Nominalizations Predicated by English Deverbal Nouns in- tion (European University Studies Series XVI Anglo- Saxon Language and Literature) by Michal Szawerna
3088461. Diverse Contexts- Converging Goals: CLIL in Europe (Mehrsprachigkeit in Schule Und Unterricht) by Dieter Wolff
3088462. Poor Paul: L Vocalisation and the Process of Syllable- Coda Weakening (Polish Studies in English Language and Literature) by Christina Laurer
3088463. Active Credit Portfolio Management: Bringing the Capital Market Perspective into Bank Lending, a Practitioner's View (European University Studies: Series 5, Economics and Managem) by Jochen Durr
3088464. The Soul's Logical Life: Towards a Rigorous Notion of Psychology by Wolfgang Giegerich
3088465. Studies in Formal Slavic Linguistics: Contributions from Formal Description of Slavic Languages 6.5 (Linguistik International) by Rok Zaucer
3088466. The Land Between: A History of Slovenia by Oto Luthar
3088467. Managing Technology Innovation: The Human Resource Management Perspective (Labour, Education & Society) by Yunus Dauda
3088468. Social Capital and the Happiness of Nations: The Importance of Trust and Networks for Life Satisfaction in a Cross- National Perspective by Christian Kroll
3088469. Prophetic Christianity in Western Kenya: Political, Cultural and Theological Aspects of African Independent Churches (Studien Zur Interkulturellen Geschichte Des Christentums) by Marko Kuhn
3088470. Mechanisms to Assure Long- Term Family Business Survival: A Study of the Dynamics of Cohesion in Multigenerational Family Business Families (Europaische. . . Reihe V, Volks- Und Betriebswirtschaft) by Torsten M Pieper
3088471. Servant of Yahweh in Second Isaiah: Isaianic Servant Passages in Their Literary and Historical Context (Europaische Hochschulschriften Reihe Xxiii, Theologie) by Antony Tharekadavil
3088472. Reinventing Art of Everyday Making by Terttu Tuomi Grohn
3088473. Filming Shakespeare, from Metatheatre to Metacinema (European University Studies: Series XXX Theatre, Film and Television) by Agnieszka Rasmus
3088474. Health And Healing In The Igbo Society: Basis and Challenges for an Inculturated Pastoral Care of the Sick (European University Studies: Series Xxiii Theology) by Victor Nkemdilim Onyeador
3088475. Von Goethe Zu Krolow: Analysen Und Interpretationen Zu Deutcher Literatur (German Edition) by Heinz Peter Niewerth
3088476. Grace and Gift: An Analysis of a Central Motif in Martin Luther's Rationis Latomianae Confutatio by Ragnar Skottene
3088477. The Biblical Models of Power and Law / Les Modeles Bibliques Du Pouvoir Et Du Droit: Papers of the International Conference, Bucharest, New Europe College, . . . College, 2005 (Rechtshistorische Reihe) by Radu G Paun
3088478. Ovids Fortleben Bei Puschkin (Studien Zur Klassischen Philologie) (German Edition) by Helmut Schneider
3088479. The Human Body in Contemporary Literatures in English: Cultural and Political Implications (Salzburg Studies in English Literature and Culture Sel & C) by Marta Fernandez Morales
3088481. Poverty, Inequality and Migration in Latin America (Gottinger Studien Zur Entwicklungsokonomik. Gottingen Studies in Development Economics) by Felicitas Nowak Lehmann
3088483. Rituals in an Unstable World: Contingency, Hybridity, Embodiment by Klaus Peter Koepping
3088484. Forces Shaping the EU: Social Science Approaches to Understanding the European Union by Josef Langer
3088485. Psychology in Organizations: Issues from an Applied Area by Kathrin Heinitz
3088486. Language and the Law: International Outlooks (Lodz Studies in Language, Vol. 16) by Dolores Valencia Tanno
3088487. Is China A Risk Or An Opportunity For Europe? : An Assessment of the Automobile, Steel, and Shipbuilding Sectors (Labour, Education & Society) by Jochen Tholen
3088488. Die Letztentscheidungskompetenz des Europaischen Gerichtshofes fur Menschenrechte in Europa (Offentliches Und Internationales Recht Vol. 8) (German Edition) by Christine Heer Reismann
3088489. Youtai- Presence and Perception of Jews and Judaism in China by Peter Kupfer
3088490. Understanding Regional Development: Absorption, Institutions and Socio- economic Growth in the Regions of the European Union (Strukturwandel Und Strukturpolitik) by Lorraine Frisina
3088491. Paul and Power Christology: Exegesis and Theology of Romans 1: 3- 4 in Relation to Popular Power Christology in an African Context (New Testament Studies. . . Studien Zur Kontextuellen Exegese) by Anthony Iffen Umoren
3088492. Jewish Everyday Life As Human Resistance 1939- 1941: Chief Rabbi Dr. Joseph Zvi Carlebach and the Hamburg- Altona Jewish Communities by Miriam Gillis Carlebach
3088493. Take off your Sandals from your Feet! : An Exegetical Study of Josh 5, 13- 15 (Osterreichische Biblische Studien) by Blazej Strba
3088494. The Austrian Business Cycle in the European Context (Forschungsergebnisse Der Wirtschaftsuniversitat Wien) by Marcus Scheiblecker
3088495. Orient and Orientalisms in US- American Poetry and Poetics (Transcription. Cultures Concepts Controversies. Kulturen Konzepte Kontroversen) by Christian Kloeckner