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Books 139/15

3107102. Managing Industrial Research Effectively by Roli Varma
3107103. Reinventing Advertising: The New Reality by Neeraj Mankad
3107106. Inclusion and Exclusion: A Study of Women and Men in Police by Punam Sahgal
3107111. Knowledge society opportunies and challenges by P V L Raju
3107113. Team Development and Team Effectiveness- A Facilitator s Handbook by Srinath T T
3107115. Tourism: Socio- Economic and Ecological Impact by Keka Lahiri
3107117. Global Water Pollution: Perspectives and Cases by Sandipa Lahiri Anand
3107119. Marketing to Children: Concepts and Experiences by Partha Sarathy V
3107120. Contingent Staffing- Concepts and Applications by Sumati Reddy
3107127. Marketing to Women: An Introduction by Sreedhar G V S
3107133. Effective E- CRM: Practices and Perspectives by Jaya Krishna S
3107134. Employee Relations in the Emerging Business Environment by Bharati Thakar K
3107135. Economic Growth in India and China: A Comparative Study- Vol. III by Leena Mary Eapen
3107137. Business Intelligence Implementation: Issues and Perspectives by Sujatha B
3107138. Advances in Research in Business and Finance, 2005- Vol. II: Corporate Finance by Jitendra Mahakud
3107140. Cases on Marketing Strategy- Vol. I by Vedpuriswar A V
3107143. Indian Vs. Multinational IT Companies: Challenges and Perspectives by Sthanumoorthy R
3107145. Competition Policy: Concepts and Experiences by Sridhar Krishna
3107147. Cases on Marketing Strategy- Vol. II by Vedpuriswar A V
3107149. IT- Enabled Workforce Management by Jaya Krishna S
3107151. Advances in Research in Business and Finance, 2005- Vol. I: Capital Markets by Malhotra D K
3107154. Customer Focus: The New Imperative- Vol I (Customer Service and Satisfaction) by Kaushik Mukerjee
3107158. The Indian Textile Industry: MFA Abolition and Its Impact by Keka Lahiri
3107164. Case Studies on Growth Strategies- Vol. II by Souvik Dhar
3107165. Case Studies on Managing in Troubled Times by Sumit Kumar Chaudhuri
3107166. The Icfai University Press on Insurance- Global Insurance Environment by Kumar K B S
3107167. Women in Workforce- Triumphs and Tribulations by Ratnaja Gogula
3107171. Bancassurance- Trends and Opportunities by Ravi Kumar V V
3107174. Indian Automotive Sector: Issues and Cases by Suresh K
3107183. Case Studies on Corporate Turnarounds- Vol. I by Rajender Singh Rathore
3107184. Case Studies on Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances- Vol. I by Muthu Kumar R
3107186. Case Studies on Market Entry Strategies- Vol. I by Souvik Dhar
3107187. MNC Branding in India: Strategies and Cases by Shanthi N M
3107188. New Trends in Banking by Ravi Kumar V V
3107191. BPOs: An Emerging Paradigm by Harsh Bhargava
3107192. Advances in Research in Business and Finance, 2005- Vol. V: International Finance by Hilda Amalraj
3107195. The Design Business by Nirmala Rao Khadpekar
3107197. Brand Management: The Emerging Paradigm by Shanthi N M
3107198. Rural Credit and Microfinance by Katuri Nageswara Rao
3107201. Enterprise risk management industry experiences by A V Vedpuriswar
3107203. Social Audit- Concepts and Practices by Sujatha B
3107219. Financial Distress Prediction Models- An Introduction by Venkata Seshaiah Sakalya
3107220. Trade Protection in the Rice Industry- Implications of Tariffs on Rice Imports in Timor Leste (East Timor) by Mahinda Siriwardana
3107223. Cases on MNCs in India by Vedpuriswar A V
3107224. Reflections on Free Market: Economy, Capital Markets, Banking, Forex Markets and Governance by Murty Grk
3107239. Anatomy of Stock Market Bubbles by Gyrgy Komromi
3107241. Global human resource management concepts and cases by Amitabh Deo Kodwani
3107244. IT & Business Strategy: An User Interface by Rajesh Prabhakar
3107245. Corporate Espionage- An Introduction by Jayshree Bose
3107247. Organizational Learning- Perspectives and Practices by Bhaskar Basu
3107248. Microfinance- Case Studies by Rajagopalan S
3107249. RFID aplications and cases by S Jayakrishna
3107255. Outsourcing of Financial Services by Aparna Bellur
3107256. Mergers in the Banking Industry: A Global Perspective by Sandipa Lahiri Anand
3107259. Indian Banking in the 21st Century- Emerging Perspectives by Amit Singh Sisodiya
3107260. Rural infrastructure issue and perspectives by P Nair
3107263. Economic Reforms In India: An Appraisal by Sthanumoorthy R
3107266. Indian Capital Markets 2006: Trends and Reforms by Arindam Banerjee
3107267. Cyber Forensics: Tools And Practises by Ravi Kumar Jain B
3107271. Leadership for Institution Building in Education by Marmar Mukhopadhyay
3107275. Management of Technology: Practical Perspectives by Nirmala Rao Khadpekar
3107277. Effective Promotions- concepts and cases by Thiruloga Chander M
3107281. Case Studies on Ethics and Corporate Governance- Vol. I by Ramaseshan Iyer H
3107284. Intellectual proprety rights in the emerging business environment by Bharti Thakar
3107286. Human Development: Concepts and Issues by Sanjeev Kumar Singh
3107290. Multicultural Marketing- An Introduction by Sreedhar G V S
3107299. E- Banking in India: The Paradigm Shift by Jayshree Bose
3107302. The Icfai University Press on Customer Retention Management- Concepts and Applications by Jaya Krishna S
3107305. Remade in India: Political Modernization in The Indian Context by Abel M
3107306. Knowledge workers issues and perspectives by N Janardhan Rao
3107310. Artificial Intelligence in the Real World by Naveen Kumar E
3107315. Case Studies on New Age Marketing- Vol. I by Maldar Nusrath Jahan Yesav
3107316. Case Studies on Macroeconomics- Vol. I by Mercy Mathew
3107317. Business Communities of India by Swapna Gopalan
3107334. Poverty and Environment- An Introduction by Amrita Chakraborty
3107336. Creativity in Training: Ideas with Impact by Sumati Reddy
3107339. International Financial Institutions- An Introduction by Mrudula E
3107349. Visual Merchandising: An Introduction by Gopal V V
3107356. Road safety management issue and perspectives by Prabha Shastri Ranade
3107361. Case Studies on Corporate Restructuring- Vol. I by Rajender Singh Rathore
3107370. Exchange Rate Management- In Emerging Asian Economies by Katuri Nageswara Rao
3107371. NPAs in the Banking System: Trends and Challenges by Gopala Krishna Murthy G
3107378. Managing Microfinance: A Corporate Approach by Rajeev Sharma
3107380. Institutional Investors- Emerging Trends by Arindam Banerjee
3107385. Media and Advertising Management- New Trends by Sabyasachi Chatterjee
3107394. E- Governance in India: Issues and cases by Jayshree Bose
3107398. Thought Leaders on Leadership by Kumar K B S
3107399. Event- based Marketing- Strategies and Cases by Bala Krishna A V
3107400. Contract Manufacturing in The Electronics Industry: Concepts and Practices by Rajmanohar T P
3107409. IPO Markets: Perspectives and Experiences by Vandana Shajan
3107419. Stress Audit: Concepts and Cases by Sujatha B
3107420. Rural urban dynamics perspectives and experience by S Rajagopalan
3107423. The Icfai Dictionary of Software Engineering by Pradeep Kumar
3107425. Case Studies on Business Environment- Vol. I by Mercy Mathew
3107426. Case Studies on Managing Innovation- Vol. I by Rajender Singh Rathore
3107429. Case Studies on International Trade and Exchange Rates- Vol. I by Chiradeep Chatterjee
3107433. Case Studies on Outsourcing Trends- Vol. I by Girija P
3107434. Case Studies on Global Automobile Industry- Vol. I by Muthu Kumar R
3107436. Financing of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) : Indian and Global Scenario by Gopala Krishna Murthy G
3107437. Bank Mergers- The Indian Scenario by Jayshree Bose
3107440. The Icfai Dictionary of Database Management Systems Terms by Pradeep Kumar
3107448. Brand Management: Financial Perspectives by Santanu Ray
3107450. Competitive Intelligence: An Introduction by Amitabha Ghose
3107454. IT@ Financial Services: Banking Industry by Satish D
3107455. Internet Search Engines: An Introduction by Ravi Kumar Jain B
3107465. Women in Leadership- Opportunities and Challenges by Mrudula E
3107469. HRM in Knowledge Economy by Murty Grk
3107475. Product Management: Concepts and Applications by Londhe B R
3107477. Human Capital Measurement- An Introduction by Sangeetha K
3107480. Case Studies on Public Policy- Vol. I by Priyanka Ramgopal
3107481. Case Studies on Entrepreneurship- Vol. I by Priti Krishnan
3107482. Case Studies on Corporate Social Responsibility- Vol. I by Vara Vasanthi
3107485. Case Studies on Brand Management- Vol. I by Maldar Nusrath Jahan Yesav
3107487. The Icfai Dictionary of Structured Systems Analysis and Design by Pradeep Kumar
3107497. Investing in Art: An Introduction by Amrita Chakraborty
3107498. Structured Finance: Concepts and Perspectives by Dhandapani Alagiri
3107500. The Icfai University Press on Mergers and Acquisitions: An Introduction by Sumati Reddy
3107502. Destination Branding: An Introduction by Amit Kumar Singh
3107503. Knowledge Process Outsourcing: Perspectives and Practices by Naveen Kumar E
3107505. The Profitability of Trading Rules and Volatility in Emerging Financial Markets by Imad Moosa A
3107511. BPOs: Processes and Challenges by Deepak Kumar
3107515. World Agricultural Trade: WTO Perspective by Rahul Gupta
3107517. IPOs: Concepts and Experiences by Arindam Banerjee
3107518. Marketing in the Unpredictable World by Amitabha Ghose
3107524. Weather, Energy and Environmental Hedging: An Introduction by
3107540. The Icfai University Press on Mergers and Acquisitions in India- Perspectives and Cases by Amit Singh Sisodiya
3107543. Marketing strategies of urban women entreneurs by Sunanda Easwaran
3107546. Insurance Frauds: Concepts and Cases by Jayshree Bose
3107549. Mergers and Acquisitions: Strategies for Growth by Preeti Phuskele
3107550. Viral Marketing: Concepts and Cases by Swapna Gopalan
3107551. People management perspectives and practices by Bharti Thakar
3107554. Indian Banking: The New Vision by Katuri Nageswara Rao
3107558. The Icfai University Press on Branding Practices by Sangeetha K
3107561. Product Innovation- A Mantra for Survival by Londhe B R
3107562. Business Transformation Outsourcing- An Introduction by Jaya Krishna S
3107563. Storytelling in Management by Swapna Gopalan
3107564. Brand Communication: Contemporary Approaches by Naveen Das
3107566. GATS: An Introduction by Dipankar Dey
3107569. Technology in rail transport management by Prabha Shastri Ranade
3107570. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) : An Introduction by Simantee Sen
3107577. Through A Glass Wall by Arvind Sivaramakrishnan
3107585. Resurgent India: The Evolving Story by Rahul Gupta
3107596. Business Process Outsourcing- Growth and Country Experiences by Sivarajadhanavel P
3107597. Advances in Business and Finance Studies, 2006- Volume II: Corporate Finance by Nupur Hetamsaria
3107598. The Icfai University Press on Effective Advertising by Bala Krishna A V
3107600. Business Environment Analysis- An Introduction by Sankar Muralidaran
3107601. Accounting Standards in India: Towards Convergence by Sujatha B
3107606. IT@ Financial Services- Insurance Industry by Satish D
3107618. Advances in Business and Finance Studies, 2006- Volume III: Banking and Insurance by Vunyale Narender
3107621. Advances in Business and Finance Studies, 2006- Volume I: Capital Markets by Malhotra D K