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Books 144/44

3223958. The Centenary Life of O'Connell by John O Rourke
3223962. Autobiographical Sketch of James Croll: With Memoir of His Life and Work by James Croll
3223969. Memoir and Correspondence of Susan Ferrier, 1782- 1854: Based on Her Private Correspondence by Susan Ferrier
3223970. The Life and Work of Duncan McLaren V1 by John Beveridge Mac Kie
3223973. Letters and Exercises of the Elizabethan Schoolmaster, John Conybeare by John Conybeare
3223975. Educational Plans for the American Army Abroad by Jr Anson Phelps Stokes
3223976. The Life and Works of Dante Allighieri: Being an Introduction to the Study of the Divina Commedia by John F Hogan
3223983. The History of English Dramatic Poetry to the Time of Shakespeare: And Annals of the Stage to the Restoration by John Payne Collier
3223984. Political Science and Comparative Constitutional Law: Government V2 by John William Burgess
3223988. The Complete Works of Josh Billings, Henry W. Shaw by Josh Billings
3223990. An Appeal to Conscience: America's Code of Caste, a Disgrace to Democracy by Kelly Miller
3223994. Short Rations: An American Woman in Germany, 1915-1916 by Madeleine Zabriskie Doty
3223997. The Story of Nuncomar and the Impeachment of Sir Elijah Impey V2 by James Fitzjames Stephen
3224001. Sir William Osler, Bart.: Brief Tributes to His Personality, Influence and Public Service by Minnie Wright Blogg
3224002. Gleanings from Chinese Folklore by Nellie Naomi Russell
3224004. Constantine the Great: A Tragedy by Newman Howard
3224006. Orchidaceae: Illustrations and Studies of the Family Orchidaceae by Oakes Ames
3224009. Aristocracy and Justice: Shelburne Essays by Paul Elmer More
3224010. The Age of the Renascence: An Outline Sketch of the History of the Papacy from the Return from Avignon to the Sack of Rome by Paul Van Dyke
3224011. The Mythical Interpretation of the Gospels: Critical Studies in the Historic Narratives by Thomas James Thorburn
3224014. The Messages of Jesus According to the Gospel of John: The Discourses of Jesus in the Fourth Gospel by James Stevenson Riggs
3224020. Christ and His Friends: A Series of Revival Sermons by Louis Albert Banks
3224023. Across Mongolian Plains: A Naturalist's Account of China's Great Northwest by Roy Chapman Andrews
3224025. Historical Portraits of the Tudor Dynasty and the Reformation Period V4 by S Hubert Burke
3224026. Hindu Logic as Preserved in China and Japan by Sadajiro Sugiura
3224028. Autobiography of Samuel D. Gross, M.D., with Reminiscences of His Times and Contemporaries V1 by Samuel David Gross
3224030. The Great American Canals: Historic Highways of America V13 by Archer Butler Hulbert
3224033. The Dramatic Works of Shackerley Marmion: With Prefatory Memoir, Introductions and Notes by Shackerley Marmion
3224035. The Nicholas Papers: Correspondence of Sir Edward Nicholas V1 by Edward Nicholas
3224037. Spencer Kellogg Brown: His Life in Kansas and His Death as a Spy, 1842- 1863, as Disclosed in His Diary by Spencer Kellogg Brown
3224038. The Menace of Spiritualism by Elliott O Donnell
3224039. Stories from Thousand and One Nights: The Arabian Nights' Entertainments by Edward William Lane
3224040. China from Within: Or the Story of the Chinese Crisis by Stanley Peregrine Smith
3224045. Algernon Charles Swinburne: A Study by Theodore Wratislaw
3224048. A Golden Age of Authors: A Publisher's Recollection by William Webster Ellsworth
3224052. The History and Government of West Virginia by Richard Ellsworth Fast
3224057. The Basis of Practical Teaching: A Book in Pedagogy by Elmer Burritt Bryan
3224058. Genius Loci: Notes on Places by Vernon Lee
3224062. Memoirs of Emma, Lady Hamilton: The Friend of Lord Nelson and the Court of Naples by Walter Sydney Sichel
3224063. Ordered to China: Letters of Wilbur J. Chamberlin, Written from China During the Boxer Uprising by Wilbur J Chamberlin
3224066. The Seigniorial System in Canada: A Study in French Colonial Policy by William Bennett Munro
3224069. Cowper: The Task, with Tirocinium and Selections from the Minor Poems 1787-1799 V2 by William Cowper
3224070. The Flight of Pony Baker: A Boy's Town Story by William Dean Howells
3224071. Dueling Days in the Army by William Douglas
3224072. The Mikado's Empire: History of Japan; And Personal Experiences, Observations and Studies in Japan 1870-1874 by William Elliot Griffis
3224074. On Hazardous Service: Scouts and Spies of the North and South by William Gilmore Beymer
3224086. Short Story Classics: Foreign V1 by William Patten
3224093. An Ode to Harvard: And Other Poems by Witter Bynner
3224096. St. Chantal and the Foundation of the Visitation V2 by Emile Bougaud
3224100. The Creed of Science: Religious, Moral and Social by William Graham
3224102. The House of Strange Secrets: A Detective Story by A Eric Bayly
3224103. The Loves of Pelleas and Etarre by Zona Gale
3224105. What Have the Greeks Done for Modern Civilisation? the Lowell Lectures of 1908-09 by John Pentland Mahaffy
3224108. The Truth about Port Arthur by E K Nozhin
3224111. The Anecdotage of Glasgow: Comprising Anecdotes and Anecdotal Incidents of the City of Glasgow and Glasgow Personages by Robert Alison
3224116. French Canada and the St. Lawrence: Historic, Picturesque and Descriptive by John Castell Hopkins
3224124. The Shorthand Clerk: A Manual of Practical Instruction by Henry R Evans
3224127. A History of Mississippi: From the Discovery of the Great River by Hernando Desoto by Robert Lowry
3224128. Judge and Jury: A Popular Explanation of Leading Topics in the Law of the Land by Benjamin Vaughan Abbott
3224129. Life, Letters and Journals of Sir Charles Lyell V2 by Charles Lyell
3224130. The History of Company E, 308th Infantry 1917-1919 by Alexander T Hussey
3224132. Moses and the Monuments: Light from Archaeology on Pentateuchal Times by Melvin Grove Kyle
3224133. The Letters of Horace Howard Furness V2 by Horace Howard Furness
3224136. Gabriele Rossetti: A Versified Autobiography by Gabriele Rossetti
3224137. Selections from the Latin Poets: Catullus, Lucretius, Tibullus, Propertius, Ovid and Lucan by Edward Payson Crowell
3224140. Real Democracy in Operation: The Example of Switzerland by Felix Bonjour
3224141. The Flower of the Forest: A Romance by Charles Gibbon
3224143. The Salt-Box House: Eighteenth Century Life in a New England Hill Town by Jane De Forest Shelton
3224145. Principles of Western Civilization by Benjamin Kidd
3224146. A Geographical Account of Countries Round the Bay of Benga, 1669 to 1679 by Thomas Bowrey
3224147. Marching to Victory: The Second Period of the War of the Rebellion Including the Year 1863 by Charles Carleton Coffin
3224148. Revolutionary Reader: Reminiscences and Indian Legends by Sophie Lee Foster
3224149. Reminiscences of Public Men: With Speeches and Addresses by Benjamin Franklin Perry
3224155. The Life of Sir Martin Frobisher, Knight: Containing a Narrative of the Spanish Armada by Frank Jones
3224156. An Introduction to the History of the Church of England: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day by Henry Offley Wakeman
3224158. Territories and Dependencies of the United States: Their Government and Administration by William Franklin Willoughby
3224159. The Annals of Bristol in the Nineteenth Century by John Latimer
3224161. A Source Book of Mediaeval History: Documents Illustrative of European Life and Institutions from the German Invasions to the Renaissance by Frederic Austin Ogg
3224162. The Life and Repentance of Marie Magdalene: A Morality Play by Lewis Wager
3224164. The Love of Pelleas and Etarre by Zona Gale
3224166. The Wreck of the Grosvenor: An Account of the Mutiny of the Crew and the Loss of the Ship When Trying to Make the Bermudas by William Clark Russell
3224172. The Republic of Ragusa: An Episode of the Turkish Conquest by Luigi Villari
3224175. The History of the Virginia Federal Convention of 1788 V2: With Some Account of Eminent Virginians of That Era by Hugh Blair Grigsby
3224176. Theories of Americanization: A Critical Study, with Special Reference to the Jewish Group by Isaac Baer Berkson
3224177. Ireland, Under Elizabeth and James I by Edmund Spenser
3224179. Red Rock: A Chronicle of Reconstruction by Thomas Nelson Page
3224188. Roman Roads in Britain: Early Britain by Thomas Codrington
3224195. The Writings of George Eliot: Impressions of Theophrastus Such by George Eliot
3224196. The Old Inns of Old England V1: A Picturesque Account of the Ancient and Storied Hostelries of Our Own Country by Charles George Harper
3224199. Things I Have Seen, and People I Have Known V1 by George Augustus Sala
3224200. Explorers: Columbus, Lewis and Clarke, Zebulon Pike, Charles Wilkes, Clarence King and John W. Powell by George Iles
3224204. The German Empire Between Two Wars: A Study of the Political and Social Development of the Nation Between 1871 and 1914 by Robert Herndon Fife
3224205. The German Terror in Belgium: An Historical Record by Arnold Joseph Toynbee
3224206. German Socialism and Ferdinand Lassalle: A Biographical History of German Socialistic Movements During This Century by William Harbutt Dawson
3224207. The German Universities: Their Character and Historical Development by Friedrich Paulsen
3224209. The Life of Gilbert Haven: Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church by George Prentice
3224211. The Affair at Pine Court: A Tale of the Adirondacks by Nelson Rust Gilbert
3224214. Business Competition and the Law: Everyday Trade Conditions Affected by the Anti- Trust Laws by Gilbert Holland Montague
3224215. Brown Heath and Blue Bells: Being Sketches of Scotland, with Other Papers by William Winter
3224218. Earth Sculpture: Or the Origin of Land-Forms by James Geikie
3224219. Some Colonial Mansions and Those Who Lived in Them: With Genealogies of the Various Families Mentioned by Thomas Allen Glenn
3224220. The Gordon Elopement: The Story of a Short Vacation by Carolyn Wells
3224222. The Story of Perugia by Margaret Symonds
3224224. The Collected Writings of Dougal Graham V1 by Dougal Graham
3224231. Life and Letters of Samuel Fisk Green, M. D. by Samuel Fisk Green
3224232. Blue and Green; Or the Gift of God V1: A Romance of Old Constantinople by Henry Pottinger
3224233. Patriotism and Radicalism: Addresses and Letters by Mercer Green Johnston
3224234. Jeremiah: The Modern Reader's Bible by Richard Green Moulton
3224235. Little Mr. Bouncer and His Friend, Verdant Green: Also, Tales of College Life by Cuthbert Bede
3224241. Earth's Eventide: And the Bright Dawn of the Eternal Day by John George Gregory
3224243. My Diaries: Being a Personal Narrative of Events, 1888-1900 by Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
3224245. Wycliffe to Wesley: Heroes and Martyrs of the Church in Britain by Gregory J Robinson
3224246. The Messages of Jesus According to the Synoptists: The Discourses of Jesus in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke by Thomas Cuming Hall
3224247. Even as You and I: Parables, True Life by Bolton Hall
3224252. The Leaguer of Lathom: A Tale of the Civil War in Lancashire by William Harrison Ainsworth
3224253. The Flitch of Bacon or the Custom of Dunmow: A Tale of English Home by William Harrison Ainsworth
3224255. The Inner Life of Syria, Palestine and the Holy Land V1 by Isabel Burton
3224257. Southern Arabia by Theodore Bent
3224261. The Scarlet Shadow: A Story of the Great Colorado Conspiracy by Walter Hurt
3224262. Documentary Source Book of American History, 1606- 1913 by William Mac Donald
3224264. The Hector of Germanie: Or the Palsgrave Prime Elector by Wentworth Smith
3224266. History of the Mackenzies: With Genealogies of the Principal Families of the Name by Alexander Mac Kenzie
3224269. A Biographical Sketch of Sir Henry Havelock by William Brock
3224277. The Peasant and the Prince: A Story of the French Revolution by Harriet Martineau
3224279. The Two Great Questions: The Existence of God and the Immortality of the Soul by Lysander Hill
3224280. Decisive Battles of the Law: Narrative Studies of Eight Legal Contests Affecting the History of the U.S., 1800-1886 by Frederick Trevor Hill
3224282. The Vision of Misery Hill: A Legend of the Sierra Nevada by Miles I Anson
3224284. The Autobiography of Thomas Collier Platt by Thomas Collier Platt
3224290. The Flight of the Lapwing: A Naval Officer's Jottings in China, Formosa and Japan by Henry Noel Shore
3224292. The World's Navies in the Boxer Rebellion: China, 1900 by Charles Cabry Dix
3224296. The Justice of the Mexican War: A Review of the Causes and Results of the War by Charles Hunter Owen
3224299. The Iron Hand: A Story of the Times by Howard Dean
3224301. Hugh Latimer by R Monti Carlyle
3224302. The Life and Campaigns of Hugh, First Viscount Gough, Field-Marshal V2 by Robert Sangster Rait
3224304. Black Sheep: Adventures in West Africa by Jean Kenyon Mac Kenzie
3224308. Scally: The Story of a Perfect Gentleman by Ian Hay
3224309. The Girl at the Halfway House: A Story of the Plains by Emerson Hough
3224316. The Reign of Queen Isyl by Gelett Burgess
3224322. The Book of the Prophet Isaiah, Chapters 1- 39 by John Skinner
3224324. Education in Ancient Israel: From Earliest Times to 70 A. D. by Fletcher Harper Swift
3224332. My Year in an Indian Fort V1 by Katharine Blanche Guthrie
3224335. The History of Israel by Heinrich Ewald
3224339. The Bible for Home Reading: First Part, to the Second Visit of Nehemiah to Jerusalem by Claude Goldsmid Montefiore
3224345. Miller Manning: Or a Story of Cornish Life by Matthew Forester
3224347. By Stream and Sea: A Book for Wanderers and Anglers by William Senior
3224348. The House with the Mezzanine: And Other Stories by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
3224350. Voyages on the Yukon and Its Tributaries: A Narrative of Summer Travel in the Interior of Alaska by Hudson Stuck
3224355. A Pastor's Recollections: The Quaint Couple and Other Narratives by Edward Jackson
3224356. Napoleon Jackson: The Gentleman of the Plush Rocker by Ruth Mc Enery Stuart
3224357. Silas Marner; The Lifted Veil; Brother Jacob by George Eliot