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Books 144/44

3223969. Memoir and Correspondence of Susan Ferrier, 1782- 1854: Based on Her Private Correspondence by Susan Ferrier
3223973. Letters and Exercises of the Elizabethan Schoolmaster, John Conybeare by John Conybeare
3223988. The Complete Works of Josh Billings, Henry W. Shaw by Josh Billings
3224001. Sir William Osler, Bart.: Brief Tributes to His Personality, Influence and Public Service by Minnie Wright Blogg
3224009. Aristocracy and Justice: Shelburne Essays by Paul Elmer More
3224010. The Age of the Renascence: An Outline Sketch of the History of the Papacy from the Return from Avignon to the Sack of Rome by Paul Van Dyke
3224023. Across Mongolian Plains: A Naturalist's Account of China's Great Northwest by Roy Chapman Andrews
3224028. Autobiography of Samuel D. Gross, M.D., with Reminiscences of His Times and Contemporaries V1 by Samuel David Gross
3224035. The Nicholas Papers: Correspondence of Sir Edward Nicholas V1 by Edward Nicholas
3224038. The Menace of Spiritualism by Elliott O Donnell
3224058. Genius Loci: Notes on Places by Vernon Lee
3224063. Ordered to China: Letters of Wilbur J. Chamberlin, Written from China During the Boxer Uprising by Wilbur J Chamberlin
3224072. The Mikado's Empire: History of Japan; And Personal Experiences, Observations and Studies in Japan 1870-1874 by William Elliot Griffis
3224093. An Ode to Harvard: And Other Poems by Witter Bynner
3224127. A History of Mississippi: From the Discovery of the Great River by Hernando Desoto by Robert Lowry
3224129. Life, Letters and Journals of Sir Charles Lyell V2 by Charles Lyell
3224136. Gabriele Rossetti: A Versified Autobiography by Gabriele Rossetti
3224143. The Salt-Box House: Eighteenth Century Life in a New England Hill Town by Jane De Forest Shelton
3224147. Marching to Victory: The Second Period of the War of the Rebellion Including the Year 1863 by Charles Carleton Coffin
3224149. Reminiscences of Public Men: With Speeches and Addresses by Benjamin Franklin Perry
3224161. A Source Book of Mediaeval History: Documents Illustrative of European Life and Institutions from the German Invasions to the Renaissance by Frederic Austin Ogg
3224177. Ireland, Under Elizabeth and James I by Edmund Spenser
3224179. Red Rock: A Chronicle of Reconstruction by Thomas Nelson Page
3224188. Roman Roads in Britain: Early Britain by Thomas Codrington
3224206. German Socialism and Ferdinand Lassalle: A Biographical History of German Socialistic Movements During This Century by William Harbutt Dawson
3224207. The German Universities: Their Character and Historical Development by Friedrich Paulsen
3224214. Business Competition and the Law: Everyday Trade Conditions Affected by the Anti- Trust Laws by Gilbert Holland Montague
3224243. My Diaries: Being a Personal Narrative of Events, 1888-1900 by Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
3224266. History of the Mackenzies: With Genealogies of the Principal Families of the Name by Alexander Mac Kenzie
3224292. The World's Navies in the Boxer Rebellion: China, 1900 by Charles Cabry Dix
3224296. The Justice of the Mexican War: A Review of the Causes and Results of the War by Charles Hunter Owen
3224302. The Life and Campaigns of Hugh, First Viscount Gough, Field-Marshal V2 by Robert Sangster Rait
3224350. Voyages on the Yukon and Its Tributaries: A Narrative of Summer Travel in the Interior of Alaska by Hudson Stuck
3224373. Travel and Adventure in South- East Africa: Being the Narrative of the Last Eleven Years Spent by the Author on the Zambesi and Its Tributaries by Frederick Courteney Selous
3224426. The Gifts of the Child Christ, and Other Tales V2 by George Mac Donald
3224456. A Historic View of the New Testament: The Jowett Lectures Delivered at the Passmore Edwards Settlement in London, 1901 by Percy Gardner
3224458. The Atonement Viewed as Assumed Divine Responsibility, Traced as the Fact Attested in Divine Revelation by George Whitefield Samson
3224482. The Fulness of Blessing: Or the Gospel of Christ, as Illustrated from the Book of Joshua by Sarah Frances Smiley
3224526. Rory O'More: A National Romance by Samuel Lover
3224545. The Law of the Rhythmic Breath: Teaching the Generation, Conservation, and Control of Vital Force by Ella Adelia Fletcher
3224549. The Ice- Maiden: And Other Stories by Hans Christian Andersen
3224550. Dawson Black: Retail Merchant by Harold Whitehead
3224551. B. I. Barnato: A Memoir by Harry Raymond
3224558. How to Earn the Merit Grant, an Elementary Manual of School Management and Method V2: Girls' Boys' and Mixed Schools by Henry Major
3224559. Constantinople and Its Problems: Its Peoples, Customs, Religions and Progress by Henry Otis Dwight
3224560. Among the Burmans: A Record of Fifteen Years of Work and Its Fruitage by Henry Park Cochrane
3224561. Instinct and Reason: An Essay Concerning the Relation of Instinct to Reason, with Some Special Study of the Nature of Religion by Henry Rutgers Marshall
3224562. Flotsam: The Study of a Life by Henry Seton Merriman
3224566. Tim: A Story of School Life by Howard Overing Sturgis
3224570. Frank Powderhorn: A Story of Adventure in the Pampas of Buenos Aires and the Wilds of Patagonia by J Sands
3224572. France Under Louis XV V1 by James Breck Perkins
3224579. The Comical History of Montana: A Serious Story for Free People by Jerre C Murphy
3224587. The Story of Billy Owen: An Historical Novel of the Great Oil Industry by John Garretson
3224591. Paul Errington and Our Scarlet Prince: A Book for the American People by John Mc Dowell Leavitt
3224594. English Prose Writings of John Milton by John Milton
3224597. Rudiments of Theology: A First Book for Students by John Pilkington Norris
3224602. The Croker Papers V3: The Correspondence and Diaries of John Wilson Croker, Secretary to the Admiralty, 1809-1830 by John Wilson Croker
3224603. The Haydock Papers: A Glimpse Into English Catholic Life Under the Shade of Persecution and in the Dawn of Freedom by Joseph Gillow
3224606. Come with Me Into Babylon: A Story of the Fall of Nineveh by Josiah M Ward
3224607. Talmudic and Other Legends: Facts and Fictions from Olden Times by L Weiss
3224609. Transvaal Problems: Some Notes on Current Politics by Lionel Phillips
3224611. Guide to Siena: History and Art by William Heywood
3224612. That Day of Days: A Glimpse of the Millennium by Lyman J Fisher
3224613. The Robb's Island Wreck: And Other Stories by Lynn Roby Meekins
3224614. Patricia Plays a Part by Mabel Barnes Grundy
3224615. The Woman of the Twilight: The Story of a Story by Marah Ellis Ryan
3224616. Frederica and Her Guardians: Or the Perils of Orphanhood by Margaret Murray Robertson
3224623. The Story of Duciehurst: A Tale of the Mississippi by Charles Egbert Craddock
3224629. The Black Prince: And Other Poems by Maurice Baring
3224632. Selections from the Poetical Works of Mortimer Collins by Mortimer Collins
3224633. To America and Back: A Holiday Run by Moses Jackson
3224635. From Side Streets and Boulevards: A Collection of Chicago Stories by Ella L Randall Mc
3224641. The Two-Hundredth Birthday of Bishop George Berkeley: A Discourse Given at Yale College by Noah Porter
3224642. Emancipation: An Introduction to the System of Progressive Government by Norbert Lafayette Savay
3224647. Birth and Adoption: A Book of Prose and Poetry by Patrick O Brien
3224648. Christianity and a Personal Devil: An Essay by Patrick Scott
3224652. The Sistine Eve: And Other Poem by Percy Mackaye
3224671. Old Testament Law for Bible Students: Classified and Arranged as in Modern Legal Systems by Roger Sherman Galer
3224672. Plain Living: A Bush Idyll by Rolf Boldrewood
3224673. Women of the Orient: An Account of the Religious, Intellectual and Social Condition of Women in Japan, China, India, Egypt, Syria and Turke by Ross C Houghton
3224674. Paul Travers' Adventures: Being a Faithful Narrative of a Boy's Journey Around the World by Sam T Clover
3224676. God's Remnants: Stories of Israel Among the Nations by Samuel Gordon
3224681. Fireside Lays: Miscellaneous Poems by Sarah Louisa Moore
3224688. Excursions in Criticism: Being Some Prose Recreations of a Rhymer by William Watson
3224689. Religion and Science: The Letters of Alpha on the Influence of Spirit Upon Imponderable Actienic Molecular Substances by Stephen Merrill Allen
3224691. The Evolution of the Constitution of the United States: Showing That It Is a Development of Progressive History and Not an Isolated Document by Sydney George Fisher
3224693. A Scamper Through America: Or Fifteen Thousand Miles of Ocean and Continent in Sixty Days by T S Hudson
3224694. The Gull's Hornbook by Thomas Dekker
3224696. The Bloody Bridge: And Other Papers Relating to the Insurrection of 1641; Sir Phelim O'Neill's Rebellion by Thomas Fitzpatrick
3224710. Stray Papers: Being Stories, Reviews, Verses and Sketches, 1821-1847 by William Makepeace Thackeray
3224718. Longinus on the Sublime: The Greek Text Edited After the Paris Manuscript by Longinus
3224719. Germany vs. Civilization: Notes on the Atrocious War by William Roscoe Thayer
3224720. Maude Adams Acting Edition of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
3224725. Memorials of the Pilgrim Fathers: John Eliot and His Friends of Nazing and Waltham Abbey by William Winters
3224726. From Infidelity to Christianity: Life Sketches of Willis M. Brown by Willis M Brown
3224727. Homespun: A Story of Some New England Folk by Lottie Blair Parker
3224729. The Development of Intelligence in Children by Alfred Binet
3224731. The Cry of the Children from the Brickyards of England: And How the Cry Has Been Heard, with Observations Upon the Carrying Out of the ACT by George Smith
3224735. Town and City: The Gulick Hygiene Series, Book Three by Frances Gulick Jewett
3224742. Outdoor Philosophy: The Meditations of a Naturalist by Stanton Davis Kirkham
3224743. Rosamund: A Dramatic Poem by George Sterling
3224744. The Caged Eagle: And Other Poems by George Sterling
3224745. Thirst: And Other One Act Plays by Eugene O Neill
3224747. Souls in Pawn: A Story of New York Life by Margaret Blake Robinson
3224750. A Brief Sketch of the Life and Character of Mrs. Elizabeth Adam by Moses Stuart
3224753. Pilgrim-Memories: Or Travel and Discussion in the Birth-Countries of Christianity with Henry Thomas Buckle by John S Stuart Glennie
3224757. Autobiography of Henry Taylor, 1800-1875 V1: 1800-1844 by Henry Taylor
3224760. The Pinch of Poverty: Sufferings and Heroism of the London Poor by Thomas Wright
3224761. Yourself and the Neighbors by Seumas Mac Manus
3224764. Smith Brunt: A Story of the Old Navy by Waldron Kintzing Post
3224766. A Hidden Phase of American History: Ireland's Part in America's Struggle for Liberty by Michael Joseph O Brien
3224768. California Under Spain and Mexico, 1535-1847: A Contribution Toward the History of the Pacific Coast by Irving Berdine Richman
3224771. Wit and Humor of the Physician: A Collection from Various Sources Classified Under Appropriate Subject Headings by Henry Frederic Reddall
3224773. Brethren of the Coast: A Tale of the West Indies by Kirk Munroe
3224778. Memories of Edmund Symes-Thompson: A Follower of St. Luke by Elizabeth Watkins Thompson
3224779. Eldmuir: An Art- Story of Scottish Home- Life, Scenery and Incident. by Jacob Thompson Jr
3224782. Atlantic Narratives: Modern Short Stories by Charles Swain Thomas
3224788. Pen Sketches by a Vanished Hand: From the Papers of the Late Mortimer Collins by Mortimer Collins
3224794. My Ogowe: Being a Narrative of Daily Incidents During Sixteen Years in Equatorial West Africa by Robert Hamill Nassau
3224806. French Portraits: Being Appreciations of the Writers of Young France by Vance Thompson
3224807. The Old Doctor: A Romance of Queer Village by John Vance Cheney
3224809. The Indigenous Drugs of India: Short Descriptive Notices of the Principal Medicinal Products Met with in British India by Kanny Lall Dey
3224820. My Life in the Army: Three Years and a Half with the Fifth Army Corps, Army of the Potomac, 1862-1865 by Robert Tilney
3224821. The Blackhalls of That Ilk and Barra: Hereditary Coroners and Foresters of the Garioch by Alexander Morison
3224823. Talks with Molly: Or an Old Woman's Thoughts about Things as They Are, and as They Should Be by Maria White
3224827. The Coming of the Lord: Will It Be Premillennial? by James Henry Snowden
3224828. The Will and Its World: Psychical and Ethical by Denton J Snider
3224830. Spirit Vitapathy: A Religious Scientific System of Health and Life for Body and Soul, with All Healing Spirit Power by John Bunyan Campbell
3224831. Son of Power by Will Levington Comfort
3224833. The New Appreciation of the Bible: A Study of the Spiritual Outcome of Biblical Criticism by Willard Chamberlain Selleck
3224851. A Night in Avignon by Cale Young Rice
3224867. The Right to Reign: A Romance of the Kingdom of Drecq by Adele Ferguson Knight
3224873. The Colonials: Revolutionary Boston by Allen French
3224874. Alice Bridge of Norwich: A Tale of the Time of Charles the First by Andrew Reed
3224876. The Cumberland Road: Historic Highways of America V10 by Archer Butler Hulbert
3224877. History, Theory, and Technique of Statistics: Part I, History of Statistics by Roland P Falkner
3224878. Andrew Marvell: English Men of Letters by Augustine Birrell
3224879. A Paladin of Philanthropy: And Other Papers by Austin Dobson
3224880. Paradoxical Philosophy: A Sequel to the Unseen Universe by Balfour Stewart
3224887. Isabel Trevithoe: A Poem by Caroline Alice Roberts
3224888. Lux Christi: An Outline Study of India, a Twilight Land by Caroline Atwater Mason
3224892. Rome in Canada: The Ultramontane Struggle for Supremacy Over the Civil Authority by Charles Lindsey
3224893. The Foregleams of Christianity: An Essay on the Religious History of Antiquity by Charles Newton Scott
3224895. A History of Roman Literature: From the Earliest Period to the Death of Marcus Aurelius by Charles Thomas Cruttwell
3224897. The Labor Party: What It Is and What It Wants by Conrad Noel
3224904. St. Laurence O'Toole and His Contemporaries: Containing the True Account of the English Invasion or How the Land War Began by Eblana
3224923. A Pastoral Prince: The History and Reminiscences of J. W. Cooper by Frank Sands
3224929. The Consolations of the Christian Seasons: Part I, Advent to Easter by George Edward Jelf
3224930. Under the Sjambok: A Tale of the Transvaal by George Hansby Russell
3224932. Records of South- Eastern Africa V6: Collected in Various Libraries and Archive Departments in Europe by George Mc Call Theal