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3227551. Henry Demarest Lloyd, 1847- 1903 V1: A Biography (1912) by Caro Lloyd
3227553. Tittlebat Titmouse: Abridged from Dr. Samuel Warren's Famous Novel, Ten Thousand a Year (1903) by Samuel Warren
3227555. The Eradication of Ankylostomiasis: Methods and Administrative Measures as Illustrated by the Campaign in British Guiana (1915) by Hector Holdbrook Howard
3227556. Erasmus in Praise of Folly: With Portrait, Life of Erasmus, and His Epistle to Sir Thomas More (1922) by Desiderius Erasmus
3227559. The King Who Came: A Tale of the Great Revolt (1913) by Joseph William Sharts
3227561. Daniel Everton, Volunteer Regular: A Romance of the Philippines (1902) by Israel Putnam
3227562. West Point: An Intimate Picture of the National Military Academy and of the Life of the Cadet (1917) by Robert Charlwood Richardson
3227564. Life, Letters and Travels of Father Pierre-Jean de Smet Among the Wild Tribes of the North American Indians V2 (1905) by Pierre Jean De Smet
3227565. The Huguenots: Their Settlements, Churches, and Industries in England and Ireland (1889) by Samuel Smiles
3227566. Red Plume: Or a Friendly Redskin (1902) by Edward Sylvester Ellis
3227568. The Siege of Quebec and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham (1901) by Arthur George Doughty
3227569. Christian Theism: Its Claims and Sanctions (1889) by Daniel Boardman Purinton
3227570. The Philology of the Greek Bible: Its Present and Future (1908) by Lionel Strachey
3227571. Dorset Dear: Idylls of Country Life (1905) by M E Francis
3227572. The First Three Years of Childhood (1892) by Bernard Perez
3227574. Aunt Charlotte's Stories of Greek History for the Little Ones (1885) by Charlotte Mary Yonge
3227575. The Cocoon: A Rest Cure Comedy (1915) by Ruth Mc Enery Stuart
3227576. Reminiscences and Letters of Sir Robert Ball (1915) by Robert Stawell Ball
3227578. The New Social Democracy: A Study for the Times (1911) by John Hunter Harley
3227580. Emblems of Love: Designed in Several Discourses (1912) by Lascelles Abercrombie
3227581. Ads and Sales: A Study of Advertising and Selling, from the Standpoint of the New Principles of Scientific Management (1911) by Herbert Newton Casson
3227582. The Life and Adventures of George Augustus Sala V1 (1895) by George Augustus Sala
3227584. Decorative Elements in Architecture: Random Observations on the Eternal Fitness of Things from a Decorative Point of View (1917) by William Francklyn Paris
3227585. At the North of Bearcamp Water: Chronicles of a Stroller in New England from July to December (1917) by Frank Bolles
3227586. Progress of Art in the Century (1906) by William Sharp
3227587. Soldier Legislation: Passed by the Forty-Fourth Session of the California Legislature (1921) by Jerome B Kavanaugh
3227588. Rhesa: A Romance of Babylon (1922) by Walter Bliss Newgeon
3227590. The Labor Movement: Its Conservative Functions and Social Consequences (1921) by Frank Tannenbaum
3227591. Parallel Paths: A Study in Biology, Ethics and Art (1908) by Thomas William Rolleston
3227594. Mont Oriol or a Romance of Auvergne V3: A Novel (1903) by Guy De Maupassant
3227595. The Nut Culturist: A Treatise on the Propagation, Planting and Cultivation of Nut-Bearing Trees and Shrubs (1896) by Andrew Samuel Fuller
3227596. Travels of a Naturalist in Northern Europe V2: Norway, 1871, Archangel, 1872, Petchora, 1875 (1905) by John Alexander Harvie Brown
3227597. Mountains and Mountain Climbing: Records of Adventure and Enterprise Among the Famous Mountains of the World (1883) by W H Davenport Adams
3227598. The Life of Louis XI: The Rebel Dauphin and the Statesman King, from His Original Letters and Other Documents (1907) by Christopher Hare
3227599. A Survey of American History: Source Extracts (1898) by Howard Walter Caldwell
3227600. Hughes's Illustrated Anecdotal Natural History (1882) by John George Wood
3227601. Out of the Rut: A Business Life Story (1912) by John Adams Thayer
3227604. Before and After Waterloo: Letters from Edward Stanley, Sometime Bishop of Norwich, 1802, 1814, 1816 (1908) by Edward Stanley
3227608. The University of Virginia: Memoirs of Her Student Life and Professors (1908) by David Marvel Reynolds Culbreth
3227611. The Book Fancier: Or the Romance of Book Collecting (1886) by Percy Hetherington Fitzgerald
3227612. The National Capitol: Its Architecture, Art and History (1907) by George Cochrane Hazelton
3227613. Tour of the St. Elmo's: From the Nutmeg State to the Golden Gate, 1883 (1883) by Edwin Brownson Everitt
3227615. Syria: The Land of Lebanon (1913) by Lewis Gaston Leary
3227616. The Federal Trade Commission: Its History, Activities and Organization (1922) by William Stull Holt
3227617. Introducing Irony: A Book of Poetic Short Stories and Poems (1922) by Maxwell Bodenheim
3227619. Abraham Lincoln and His Presidency V1 (1904) by Joseph Hartwell Barrett
3227620. The Composition and Date of Acts: Harvard Theological Studies (1916) by Charles Cutler Torrey
3227623. American Archery: A Vade Mecum of the Art of Shooting with the Long Bow (1917) by Robert Potter Elmer
3227624. Ancestry: The Objects of the Hereditary Societies and the Military and Naval Orders of the United States (1895) by Eugene Zieber
3227625. Forest Neighbors: Life Stories of Wild Animals (1914) by William Davenport Hulbert
3227626. Sancta Croce: A Nicotian Treatise with Illustrative Antitheses (1887) by Alfred Waites
3227627. Foreign Exchange: A Study of the Exchange Mechanism of Commerce (1920) by Harry Gunnison Brown
3227629. Selections from the Clinical Works of Dr. Duchenne de Boulogne (1883) by Guillaume Benjamin Duchenne
3227630. The Statues in the Block and Other Poems (1884) by John Boyle O Reilly
3227632. Ballads of Lost Haven: A Book of the Sea (1897) by Bliss Carman
3227634. The Splendor of God: Being Extracts from the Sacred Writings of the Bahais (1911) by Eric Hammond
3227637. A California Pilgrimage: By One of the Pilgrims (1884) by Amelia Woodward Truesdell
3227640. The Prevention of Dampness in Buildings: With Remarks on the Causes, Nature and Effects of Saline Efflorescences and Dry-Rot (1902) by Adolf Wilhelm Keim
3227641. Occasional Addresses: 1773-1890 (1890) by Laurence Hutton
3227642. Vivette: Or the Memoirs of the Romance Association (1897) by Gelett Burgess
3227643. Pepys's Ghost: His Wanderings in Greater Gotham; His Adventures in the Spanish War; Together with His Minor Exploits in the Field of by Edwin Emerson
3227644. Pharais: A Romance of the Isles (1907) by Fiona Mac Leod
3227646. Solar Heat: Its Practical Applications (1903) by Charles Henry Pope
3227651. Cardinal Newman: The Story of His Life (1882) by Henry James Jennings
3227652. The Chronicle History of King Leir: The Original of Shakespeare's King Lear (1909) by Sidney Lee
3227654. Saint Ignatius of Loyola: Imitator of Christ, 1494 to 1555 (1922) by John Hungerford Pollen
3227656. Mr. Fortner's Marital Claims and Other Stories (1892) by Richard Malcolm Johnston
3227658. The Secret of Narcisse: A Romance (1892) by Edmund Gosse
3227659. Traveling Publicity Campaigns: Educational Tours of Railroad Trains and Motor Vehicles (1920) by Mary Swain Routzahn
3227660. The King's Highway: A Romance of the Franciscan Order in Alta, California (1913) by Madeline Deaderick Willard
3227662. The Summer Garden: New Poems (1919) by James Edward Richardson
3227664. The Sheaf: A Bundle of Poems (1882) by George Castle Rankin
3227666. Natural Money: The Peaceful Solution (1912) by John Raymond Cummings
3227668. Getting Your Money's Worth: A Book on Expenditure (1922) by Isabel Ely Lord
3227669. The Verbalist: A Manual Devoted to Brief Discussions of the Right and the Wrong Use of Words (1882) by Alfred Ayres
3227670. British Manufacturing Industries: Pottery; Glass and Silicates; Furniture and Woodwork (1877) by G Phillips Bevan
3227672. Fanny Burney, Madame D'Arblay (1903) by Austin Dobson
3227676. That Dome in Air: Thoughts on Poetry and the Poets (1895) by John Vance Cheney
3227677. Sappho and Phao: A Tragedy, Set Forth with a Prologue, Induction, Prelude, Interludes and Epilogue (1907) by Percy Mackaye
3227681. A Member of the Third House: A Story of Political Warfare (1897) by Hamlin Garland
3227682. All the Way: Being the Collected Poems of Amelia Woodward Truesdell (1913) by Amelia Woodward Truesdell
3227683. Retrospects and Prospects: Descriptive and Historical Essays (1899) by Sidney Lanier
3227686. A Christian Painter of the Nineteenth Century: Being the Life of Hippolyte Flandrin (1875) by H L Sidney Lear
3227689. John Clare: Poems Chiefly from Manuscript (1920) by John Clare
3227691. Broad Stripes and Bright Stars: Stories of American History (1919) by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
3227694. Armageddon: A Tale of Love, War and Invention (1898) by Stanley Waterloo
3227695. Talk at Country House: Fact and Fiction (1894) by Edward Strachey
3227698. Revelations of a German Attache: Ten Years of German-American Diplomacy (1916) by Emil Witte
3227699. The Boss Girl: A Christmas Story and Other Sketches (1886) by James Whitcomb Riley
3227701. Armour: Or What Are You Going to Do about It? (1881) by C H Anderson
3227702. House and Home: A Practical Book on Home Management (1904) by Mary Elizabeth Carter
3227710. Christus Redemptor: An Outline Study of the Island World of the Pacific (1906) by Helen Barrett Montgomery
3227711. Champlain: A Drama in Three Acts; With an Introduction Entitled, Twenty Years and After (1908) by J M Harper
3227712. Deacon Bradbury: A Novel (1900) by Edwin Asa Dix
3227713. Bird-Keeping: A Practical Guide for the Management of Singing and Cage Birds (1889) by C E Dyson
3227714. A Strange Pilgrimage: A Novel (1888) by Jeannette H Walworth
3227716. Lewis Carroll in Wonderland and at Home: The Story of His Life (1910) by Belle Moses
3227717. First Love Is Best: A Sentimental Sketch (1877) by Gail Hamilton
3227721. Shade-Trees in Towns and Cities: Their Selection, Planting and Care as Applied to the Art of Street Decoration; Their Diseases and Remedies; Their Con by William Solotaroff
3227723. The Azure Rose: A Novel (1919) by Reginald Wright Kauffman
3227724. The English Novel: A Study in the Development of Personality (1897) by Sidney Lanier
3227725. From Old Fields: Poems of the Civil War (1906) by Nathaniel Southgate Shaler
3227726. Grenstone Poems: A Sequence (1917) by Witter Bynner
3227727. Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1915, and Year Book of American Poetry (1915) by William Stanley Braithwaite
3227728. A History of the Chartist Movement: With an Introductory Memoir (1920) by Julius West
3227730. Red Cotton Night- Cap Country; The Inn Album; The Two Poets of Croisic (1898) by Robert Browning
3227731. Tinkling Cymbals: A Novel (1884) by Edgar Fawcett
3227732. California Three Hundred and Fifty Years Ago: Manuelo's Narrative (1888) by Cornelius Cole
3227733. A History of the Venerable English College, Rome: An Account of Its Origins and Work from the Earliest Times to the Present Day (1920) by Francis Aidan Gasquet
3227736. The Smiting of the Rock: A Tale of Oregon (1918) by George Palmer Putnam
3227737. Out of the Foam: A Novel (1897) by John Esten Cooke
3227739. The Poems and Plays of William Vaughn Moody V2: Prose Plays (1912) by William Vaughn Moody
3227740. A Soldier's Trial: An Episode of the Canteen Crusade (1905) by Charles King
3227741. Climatic Changes: Their Nature and Causes (1922) by Ellsworth Huntington
3227743. With the Battle Fleet: Cruise of the Sixteen Battleships of the United States Atlantic Fleet from Hampton Roads to the Golden Gate, December, by Franklin Matthews
3227744. A Man Adrift: Being Leaves from a Nomad's Portfolio (1900) by Bart Kennedy
3227746. The Cup of Fury: A Novel of Cities and Shipyards (1919) by Rupert Hughes
3227747. Your Money or Your Life: A Story (1896) by Edith Carpenter
3227748. The Story Books of Little Gidding: Being the Religious Dialogues Recited in the Great Room, 1631-32 (1899) by Nicholas Ferrar
3227749. The Renascence of the English Drama: Essays, Lectures and Fragments Relating to the Modern English Stage, 1883-1894 (1895) by Henry Arthur Jones
3227754. The Spirit of Discipline: Sermons Preached by Francis Paget; Together with an Introductory Essay Concerning Accide (1906) by Francis Paget
3227755. History of the Commonwealth and Protectorate, 1649-1656 V3: 1653-1655 (1903) by Samuel Rawson Gardiner
3227756. The Intercolonial: A Historical Sketch of the Inception, Location, Construction and Completion of the Lines of Railway Uniting the Inland by Sandford Fleming
3227758. Memoirs of King Richard the Third and Some of His Contemporaries V2: With an Historical Drama on the Battle of Bostworth (1894) by John Heneage Jesse
3227759. Selections Illustrating Economic History Since the Seven Years' War (1889) by Benjamin Rand
3227760. Domesticated Trout: How to Breed and Grow Them (1877) by Livingston Stone
3227761. Manufacturing Arts in Ancient Times: With Special Reference to Bible History (1879) by James Napier
3227762. Our Admirable Betty: A Romance (1918) by Jeffery Farnol
3227763. Life of Benjamin Harris Brewster: With Discourses and Addresses (1891) by Eugene Coleman Savidge
3227764. History of Peace: Compiled from Governmental Records, Official Report, Treaties, Conventions, Peace Conferences and Arbitrations (1902) by Homer L Boyle
3227768. The Miscellaneous Works of Sir Philip Sidney: With a Life of the Author and Illustrative Notes (1893) by Philip Sidney
3227775. Brinton Eliot: From Yale to Yorktown (1902) by James Eugene Farmer
3227776. Five Great Oxford Leaders: Keble, Newman, Pusey, Liddon and Church (1902) by Augustus Blair 1841 Donaldson
3227778. Clipped Wings: A Novel (1914) by Rupert Hughes
3227779. Heralds of American Literature: A Group of Patriot Writers of the Revolutionary and National Periods (1907) by Annie Russell Marble
3227781. Stella Rosevelt: A Novel (1890) by Mrs Georgie Sheldon
3227782. Mary Rich, Countess of Warwick, 1625-1678: Her Family and Friends (1901) by Charlotte Fell Smith
3227786. The Olympian: A Story of the City (1912) by James Oppenheim
3227788. For Our Boys: A Collection of Original Literary Offerings by Popular Writers at Home and Abroad (1879) by Ambrose P Dietz
3227789. Ohio: First Fruits of the Ordinance of 1787 (1891) by Rufus King
3227790. Peter Jameson: A Modern Romance (1920) by Gilbert Frankau
3227793. New England in the Life of the World: A Record of Adventure and Achievement (1920) by Howard A Bridgman
3227795. Southern Prose and Poetry for Schools (1910) by Edwin Mims
3227796. Visiting the Sin: A Tale of Mountain Life in Kentucky and Tennessee (1900) by Emma Rayner
3227805. Flame, Electricity and the Camera: Man's Progress from the First Kindling of Fire to the Wireless Telegraph and the Photography of Color (1900) by George Iles
3227809. Life and Letters of William Barton Rogers V2 (1896) by William Barton Rogers
3227810. Orchids: A Description of the Species and Varieties Grown at Glen Ridge, Near Boston, with Lists and Descriptions of Other Desi by Edward Sprague Rand
3227814. John Cheap, the Chapman's, Library: The Scottish Chap Literature of Last Century, Classified (1877) by John Cheap
3227817. The System: As Uncovered by the San Francisco Graft Prosecution (1915) by Franklin Hichborn
3227819. Victor Serenus: A Story of the Pauline Era (1898) by Henry Wood