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Books 15/17

317401. Central America: Democracy, Development, and Change by John M Kirk
317402. Soviet Aims in Central America: The Case of Nicaragua by Sand, G. W.
317403. The Politics of the Caribbean Basin Sugar Trade by Georges A Fauriol
317404. High Performance and Human Costs: A Public-Sector Model of Organizational Development by Golembiewski, Robert T.
317409. Strategic Minerals: The Geopolitical Problems for the United States by Ewan W Anderson
317411. Captive Continent: The Stockholm Syndrome in European-Soviet Relations by Pilevsky, Philip
317412. Litigation, Courts, and Women Workers by Karen J Maschke
317413. Accounting in the Soviet Union by Ash, Ehiel
317414. Democracy and the Arts: The Role of Participation by Terri Lynn Cornwell
317415. The Constitutional Bases of Political and Social Change in the United States by Shlomo Slonim
317417. States and Companies: Political Risks in the International Oil Industry by Lax, Howard L.
317419. Paradise Regained: Memoir of a Rebel by C L Sulzberger
317422. From Trust to Tragedy: The Political Memoirs of Frederick Nolting, Kennedy's Ambassador to Diem's Vietnam by Nolting, Frederick
317428. The First Amendment- - The Challenge of New Technology by Sig Mickelson
317429. Religion and Political Behavior in the United States by Jelen, Ted G.
317430. Persuasive Encounters: Case Studies in Constructive Confrontation by Gary C Woodward
317431. Persuasive Encounters: Case Studies in Constructive Confrontation by Woodward, Gary C.
317432. Pacific Cooperation and Development by Kozmetsky, George
317434. The Emerging Religion of Science by Rothschild, Richard C.
317435. Democracy and Equality: Theories and Programs for the Modern World by Glassman, Ronald M.
317438. Chinese Film Theory: A Guide to the New Era by George S Semsel
317439. The Energy-Economy Link: New Strategies for the Asia-Pacific Region by James, William E.
317440. Dancing on a Volcano: The Latin American Drug Trade by Scott B Mac Donald
317441. Exceptional Entrepreneurial Women: Strategies for Success by Russell R Taylor
317442. Successful Corporate Turnarounds by Eugene F Finkin
317443. Monetary Reform and Cooperation Theory by George Macesich
317444. Mental Health of Ethnic Minorities by R Russell
317447. Welsh Nationalism in the Twentieth Century: The Ethnic Option and the Modern State by Davies, Charlotte Aull
317448. Law and Market Society in Mexico by Lsi
317449. Soviet Strategy Toward Southern Africa: The National Liberation Movement Connection by Kempton, Daniel R.
317450. The State and Capitalist Development in Africa: Declining Political Economies by Nyang'oro, Julius Edo
317454. Soviet Regional Elite Mobility After Khruschev by Clark, William A.
317456. Institutional Search: A Practical Guide to Executive Recruitment in Nonprofit Organizations by Stephen A Garrison
317460. The Crash Put Simply: Oct- 87 by John Morris
317461. A Unified Theory of Global Development by Weigel, Van B.
317465. Richard Durham's Destination Freedom: Scripts from Radio's Black Legacy, 1948-50 by Durham, Richard
317466. American Military Leaders by Joseph Dawson
317467. Terrorism and the State: A Critique of Domination Through Fear by William D Perdue
317468. Stars, Stripes, and Italian Tricolor: The United States and Italy, 1946-1989 by Wollemborg, Leo J.
317470. The 1988 Presidential Election in the South: Continuity Amidst Change in Southern Party Politics by Robert P Steed
317471. A Moving Picture Feast: The Filmgoer's Hemingway by Oliver, Charles M.
317472. Computer Assisted Writing Instruction in Journalism and Professional Education by Williams, Frederick
317478. Saving the Savings and Loan: The U.S. Thrift Industry and the Texas Experience, 1950-1988 by M Manfred Fabritius
317479. China's Economic Opening to the Outside World: The Politics of Empowerment by Woetzel, Jonathan R.
317481. Nuclear Endings: Stopping War on Time by Stephen J Cimbala
317482. Work and Rewards: Redefining Our Work- Life Reality by William F Roth
317483. Homelessness Amid Affluence: Structure and Paradox in the American Political Economy by Michael H Lang
317485. God, Germany, and Britain in the Great War: A Study in Clerical Nationalism by Arlie J Hoover
317489. Theory and Research in Conflict Management by Rahim, M. Afzalur
317490. Coping with Cultural and Racial Diversity in Urban America by Lambert, Wallace E.
317491. Social Control in the People's Republic of China by John P Clark
317492. Women- Owned Businesses by David Sexton
317494. South Africa's War Against Capitalism by Walter E Williams
317495. Hostile Takeovers: Issues in Public and Corporate Policy by David L Mc Kee
317496. Strategic Pragmatism: Japanese Lessons in the Use of Economic Theory by Schmiegelow, Michele
317498. Women's Rights and the Law by Laura A Otten
317499. Changing the Guard in Brussels: An Insider's View of the EC Presidency by De Bassompierre, Guy
317500. Changing the Guard in Brussels: An Insider's View of the EC Presidency by De Bassompierre, Guy
317501. Culture and AIDS by Feldman, Douglas A.
317502. Korean Managerial Dynamics by Kae H Chung
317503. The Energy Illusion and Economic Stability: Quantum Causality by Tsai, Hui-Liang
317504. Energy Shocks and the World Economy: Adjustment Policies and Problems by Tsai, Hui-Liang
317505. Self-Esteem Therapy by Steffenhagen, R. A.
317506. 30-Second Politics: Political Advertising in the Eighties by Kern, Montague
317508. American Religious and Biblical Spectaculars by Forshey, Gerald E.
317512. Two Sides to the Sunbelt: The Growing Divergence Between the Rural and Urban South by Thomas A Lyson
317513. Land Reform in Latin America: The Dominican Case by Meyer, Carrie A.
317514. The Systems Approach to Problem Solving: From Corporate Markets to National Missions by Chacko, George Kuttickal
317515. The Political and Socioeconomic Transformation of Turkey by Atila Erlap
317516. The Catholic-Communist Dialogue in Italy: 1944 to the Present by Giammanco, Rosanna Mulazzi
317517. Women in Higher Education: Changes and Challenges by Welch, Lynne B.
317518. Scenarios of Change: Advocacy and the Diffusion of Job Redesign in Organizations by Lyle Yorks
317519. Self-Realization, Success, and Adjustment by Krau, Edgar
317522. Economic Adjustment Policies for Small Nations: Theory and Experience in the English- Speaking Caribbean by Worrell, Delisle
317524. Rasputin: A Life by Fuhrman, Joseph T.
317526. Heartbreak Ridge: Korea, 1951 by Hinshaw, Aened L.
317527. Israel's Quest for Security by Sicker, Martin
317532. A Classical Approach to Occupational Wage Rates by Rodney Green
317534. Alien Winds: The Reeducation of America's Indochinese Refugees by Tollefson, James W.
317537. Dream and Culture: An Anthropological Study of the Western Intellectual Tradition by Susan Parman
317538. The History of Care: A Personal Account by Campbell, Wallace J.
317539. Getting Into the Game: The Pre-Presidential Rhetoric of Ronald Reagan by Stuckey, Mary E.
317540. Advance Directives in Medicine by Hackler, Chris
317541. Mountain High, White Avalanche: Cocaine and Power in the Andean States and Panama by MacDonald, Scott B.
317542. Mountain High, White Avalanche: Cocaine and Power in the Andean States and Panama by Scott B Mac Donald
317545. European Socialism and the Conflict in Central America by Mujal-Leon, Eusebio
317549. Journalism: State of the Art by Willis, William James
317552. Actual Malice: Twenty-Five Years After Times V. Sullivan by W Wat Hopkins
317553. Strategies for Managing Intergovernmental Policies and Networks by Robert W Gage
317554. Torture: The Role of Ideology in the French-Algerian War by Rita Maran
317555. On Systemic Balance: Flexibility and Stability in Social, Economic, and Environmental Systems by Goldberg, Michael A.
317556. Impediments to Us-Arab Economic Relations: Progress in the Midst of Crisis by Fekrat, M. Ali
317557. World Trade and Payments Cycles: The Advance and Retreat of the Postwar Order by Richard Cohen
317558. Dimensions of State Mental Health Policy by Christopher G Hudson
317561. The Economics of Political Violence: The Effect of Political Instability on Economic Growth by Gupta, D. K.
317566. Social Stratification and Socioeconomic Inequality: Volume 1: A Comparative Biosocial Analysis by Lee Ellis
317567. From the Campus: Perspectives on the School Reform Movement by Lewis C Solmon
317568. Scientific Development and Higher Education: The Case of Newly Industrializing Nations by Altbach, Philip G.
317572. Object Relations and the Family Process by Randall S Klein
317575. Stress Management in Work Settings by Lawrence R Murphy
317578. Grants for Nonprofit Organizations: A Guide to Funding and Grant Writing by Eleanor Gilpatrick
317580. The Profession of Local Government Management: Management Expertise and the American Community by Green, Roy E.
317582. Vietnam Now: A Case for Normalizing Relations with Hanoi by Richard Milhous Nixon
317583. Planning and Managing School Facilities by Theodore J Kowalski
317584. Communication Tomorrow: New Audiences, New Technologies, New Media by E W Brody
317587. International and European Monetary Systems by Claassen, Emil-Maria
317588. Intercountry Adoption: A Multinational Perspective by Howard Altstein
317589. Carlos Pellegrini and the Crisis of the Argentine Elites, 1880-1916 by Richmond, Douglas W.
317590. Economic Policy by David Schwartzman
317592. Being Urban: A Sociology of City Life; Second Edition by Karp, David Allen
317593. Being Urban Being Urban: A Sociology of City Life; Second Edition a Sociology of City Life; Second Edition by David Allen Karp
317596. The Liberal Arts in a Time of Crisis by Richard P Sloan
317598. Handbook of Developmental Education by Hashway, Robert M.
317599. Omnicide: The Nuclear Dilemma by Goodman, Lisl Marburg
317601. Middle East Studies: International Perspectives on the State of the Art by Tareq Y Ismael
317603. Qaddafi, Terrorism, and the Origins of the U.S. Attack on Libya by Brian L Davis
317604. International Crisis and Domestic Politics: Major Political Conflicts in the 1980s by James Lamare
317605. A Winter of Discontent: The Nuclear Freeze and American Politics by Meyer, David S.
317607. The Economics of Welfare: A Contemporary Analysis by Rich, David Z.
317609. Without Future: The Plight of Syrian Jewry by Saul S Friedman
317610. Space Enterprise: Beyond NASA by Gump, David P.
317611. Trade Wars Against America: A History of United States Trade and Monetary Policy by William J Gill
317612. The Uses of Television in American Higher Education by Zigerell, James
317614. Splitting the Middle: Political Alienation, Acquiescence, and Activism Among America's Middle Layers by Herring, Cedric
317616. The U.S. Sentencing Guidelines: Implications for Criminal Justice by Champion, Dean J.
317617. Labor Force Policies for Regional Economic Development: The Role of Employment and Training Programs by Seninger, Stephen F.
317618. American Film and Society Since 1945 by Quart, Leonard
317619. Stormtroop Tactics: Innovation in the German Army, 1914- 1918 by Bruce I Gudmundsson
317621. The Economic Development of Japan and Korea: A Parallel with Lessons by Ippei Yamazawa
317622. The Cost of Doing Business: Legal and Regulatory Issues in the United States and Abroad by Chinloy, Peter
317623. The O. S. S. in Italy, 1942- 1945: A Personal Memoir by Max Corvo
317624. The Political Economy of Ethnic Discrimination and Affirmative Action: A Comparative Perspective by Wyzan, Michael L.
317626. American Interests, American Purpose: Moral Reasoning and U.S. Foreign Policy by George Weigel
317629. Redefining Excellence: The Financial Performance of America's "Best-Run" Companies by Ghosh, Arabinda
317630. Gorbachev's Military Policy in the Third World by Katz, Mark N.
317633. Science Fiction from China by Wu, Dingbo
317634. Investment Strategies and the Plant- Location Decision: Foreign Companies in the United States by Haigh, Robert William
317636. China Rural Statistics 1988 by State Statistical Bureau Peoples
317638. Women's Life Cycle and Economic Insecurity: Problems and Proposals by Ozawa, Martha N.
317639. Population and Community in Rural America by Lorraine Garkovich
317641. Albert Bandura: The Man and His Ideas- - A Dialogue by Richard I Evans
317642. Violence in Dating Relationships: Emerging Social Issues by Maureen A Pirog Good
317643. Japanese Criminal Justice by Castberg, A. Didrick
317645. The Maquiladora Industry: Economic Solution or Problem? by Fatemi, Khosrow
317647. International Organizations, Constitutional Law, and Human Rights by John S Gibson
317649. American Rhetoric and the Vietnam War American Rhetoric and the Vietnam War by J Justin Gustainis
317650. The Social and Legal Status of Women: A Global Perspective by Hazou, Winnie
317651. Mr. Justice Brennan and Freedom of Expression by W Wat Hopkins
317653. The United States and North Africa: A Cognitive Approach to Foreign Policy by Azzedine Layachi
317658. The Political Economy of Mexican Oil by Randall, Laura