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Books 15/17

317422. From Trust to Tragedy: The Political Memoirs of Frederick Nolting, Kennedy's Ambassador to Diem's Vietnam by Nolting, Frederick
317431. Persuasive Encounters: Case Studies in Constructive Confrontation by Woodward, Gary C.
317440. Dancing on a Volcano: The Latin American Drug Trade by Scott B Mac Donald
317441. Exceptional Entrepreneurial Women: Strategies for Success by Russell R Taylor
317442. Successful Corporate Turnarounds by Eugene F Finkin
317465. Richard Durham's Destination Freedom: Scripts from Radio's Black Legacy, 1948-50 by Durham, Richard
317466. American Military Leaders by Joseph Dawson
317467. Terrorism and the State: A Critique of Domination Through Fear by William D Perdue
317478. Saving the Savings and Loan: The U.S. Thrift Industry and the Texas Experience, 1950-1988 by M Manfred Fabritius
317494. South Africa's War Against Capitalism by Walter E Williams
317500. Changing the Guard in Brussels: An Insider's View of the EC Presidency by De Bassompierre, Guy
317524. Rasputin: A Life by Fuhrman, Joseph T.
317537. Dream and Culture: An Anthropological Study of the Western Intellectual Tradition by Susan Parman
317541. Mountain High, White Avalanche: Cocaine and Power in the Andean States and Panama by MacDonald, Scott B.
317549. Journalism: State of the Art by Willis, William James
317552. Actual Malice: Twenty-Five Years After Times V. Sullivan by W Wat Hopkins
317561. The Economics of Political Violence: The Effect of Political Instability on Economic Growth by Gupta, D. K.
317575. Stress Management in Work Settings by Lawrence R Murphy
317583. Planning and Managing School Facilities by Theodore J Kowalski
317584. Communication Tomorrow: New Audiences, New Technologies, New Media by E W Brody
317592. Being Urban: A Sociology of City Life; Second Edition by Karp, David Allen
317593. Being Urban Being Urban: A Sociology of City Life; Second Edition a Sociology of City Life; Second Edition by David Allen Karp
317603. Qaddafi, Terrorism, and the Origins of the U.S. Attack on Libya by Brian L Davis
317605. A Winter of Discontent: The Nuclear Freeze and American Politics by Meyer, David S.
317611. Trade Wars Against America: A History of United States Trade and Monetary Policy by William J Gill
317618. American Film and Society Since 1945 by Quart, Leonard
317621. The Economic Development of Japan and Korea: A Parallel with Lessons by Ippei Yamazawa
317623. The O. S. S. in Italy, 1942- 1945: A Personal Memoir by Max Corvo
317626. American Interests, American Purpose: Moral Reasoning and U.S. Foreign Policy by George Weigel
317638. Women's Life Cycle and Economic Insecurity: Problems and Proposals by Ozawa, Martha N.
317639. Population and Community in Rural America by Lorraine Garkovich
317647. International Organizations, Constitutional Law, and Human Rights by John S Gibson
317649. American Rhetoric and the Vietnam War American Rhetoric and the Vietnam War by J Justin Gustainis
317651. Mr. Justice Brennan and Freedom of Expression by W Wat Hopkins
317661. Attack Politics: Strategy and Defense by Pfau, Michael William
317663. The Future of the Arts: Public Policy and Arts Research by Pankratz, David B.
317664. Selected Takes: Film Editors on Editing by Vincent Lobrutto
317674. How Public Organizations Work: Learning from Experience by Christopher Bellavita
317684. New Product Development and Marketing: A Practical Guide by Servi, Italo S.
317711. Let Freedom Ring: A Documentary History of the Modern Civil Rights Movement by Peter B Levy
317717. Beyond Stalingrad: Manstein and the Operations of Army Group Don by Dana V Sadarananda
317723. Online Education: Perspectives on a New Environment by Linda M Harasim
317737. Managing Communication Processes: From Planning to Crisis Response by E W Brody
317738. Managing Communication Processes: From Planning to Crisis Response by E W Brody
317743. Guderian's Xixth Panzer Corps and the Battle of France: Breakthrough in the Ardennes, May 1940 by Rothbrust, Florian K.
317747. Women Directors: The Emergence of a New Cinema by Barbara K Quart
317769. Peace Through Agreement: Replacing War with Non-Violent Dispute-Resolution Methods by Gerald Rabow
317770. My Fellow Americans: Presidential Addresses That Shaped History by James C Humes
317774. Object Relations Theory and Religion: Clinical Applications by Mark Finn
317780. Pride, Prejudice, and Politics: Roosevelt Versus Recovery, 1933- 1938 by Gary Dean Best
317792. Gorbachev's Economic Strategy in the Third World by Graziani, Giovanni
317796. The Political Pundits by Dan Nimmo
317800. The Supreme Court and the Mass Media: Selected Cases, Summaries, and Analyses by Douglas S Campbell
317814. Reagan and the World by David E Kyvig
317818. Decision-Making Under Uncertainty: An Applied Statistics Approach by George Kuttickal Chacko
317833. Human Behavior in Today's World by Waris Ishaq
317847. The New Servants of Power: A Critique of the 1980s School Reform Movement by Shea, Christine M.
317848. Homelessness in the United States: State Surveys by Jamshid A Momeni
317849. Minorities and Criminality by R Barri Flowers
317863. Televised Presidential Debates: Advocacy in Contemporary America by Steven R Brydon
317864. Psychological Operations and Political Warfare in Long- Term Strategic Planning by Janos Radvanyi
317865. Beyond Blue Economic Horizons: U.S. Trade Performance and International Competitiveness in the 1990s by Allen J Lenz
317871. Privatization in the Developing World by Cowan, L. Gray
317875. Government, Ethics, and Managers: A Guide to Solving Ethical Dilemmas in the Public Sector by Sheldon S Steinberg
317877. Stress Scripting: A Guide to Stress Management by Jonathan C Smith
317880. Sendero Luminoso and the Threat of Narcoterrorism by Gabriela Tarazona Sevillano
317885. Avoiding the Cracks: A Guide to the Workers' Compensation System by Anne Tramposh
317888. The Concepts of Comparative Politics by Martin C Needler
317891. The Declining Hegemon: The United States and European Defense, 1960-1990 by Lepgold, Joseph
317903. Leadership for the Twenty-First Century by Joseph C Rost
317906. Alcoholism and Drug Abuse in the Workplace: Managing Care and Costs Through Employee Assistance Programs Second Edition by Scanlon, Walter F.
317909. Managing Conflict in Organizations by Rahim, M. Afzalur
317917. Listening to Africa: Developing Africa from the Grassroots by Pradervand, Pierre
317923. The Life and Death Debate: Moral Issues of Our Time by J P Moreland
317926. Go Spy the Land: Military Intelligence in History by
317930. Effective Sanctions on South Africa: The Cutting Edge of Economic Intervention by Shepherd, George W.
317942. The Cmea in Crisis: Toward a New European Order? by Sobell, Vladimir
317958. Entrepreneurship and Dynamic Capitalism: The Economics of Business Firm Formation and Growth by Bruce A Kirchhoff
317962. Marine and Coastal Law: Cases and Materials by Dennis W Nixon
317973. Dissent on Keynes: A Critical Appraisal of Keynesian Economics by Mark Skousen
317978. Medical Risks: Trends in Mortality by Age and Time Elapsed by Lew, Edward A.
317979. Medical Risks: Trends in Mortality by Age and Time Elapsed Volume 1 by Edward A Lew
317980. Medical Risks: Trends in Mortality by Age and Time Elapsed Volume 2 by Edward A Lew
317985. Sex and Love: Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery by Eric Griffin Shelley
317987. Africa's Media Image by Beverly G Hawk
318006. Journalism for the 21st Century: Online Information, Electronic Databases, and the News by Tom Koch
318021. Unleashing Our Unknown Selves: An Inquiry Into the Future of Femininity and Masculinity by Morrow, France
318025. Rewriting the United States Constitution: An Examination of Proposals from Reconstruction to the Present by Vile, John R.
318035. A Nazi Legacy: Right-Wing Extremism in Postwar Germany by Rand C Lewis
318043. Law and Business of the Sports Industries: Common Issues in Amateur and Professional Sports Second Edition by Robert C Berry
318070. The Last Jew from Wegrow: The Memoirs of a Survivor of the Step-By-Step Genocide in Poland by Louis W Liebovich
318075. History, Historians, and the Dynamics of Change by William A Green
318099. Economics of State and Local Government by Henry John Raimondo
318104. The Superpowers and the Syrian- Israeli Conflict: Beyond Crisis Management? by Helena Cobban
318107. Women's Movements in America: Their Successes, Disappointments, and Aspirations by Simon, Rita James
318111. Foundations of Criminal Science: Volume 2: The Use of Knowledge by Walters, Glenn D.
318117. Unarmed Against Hitler: Civilian Resistance in Europe, 1939- 1943 by Jacques Semelin
318122. Origins of Legislative Sovereignty and the Legislative State: Volume One; Corasius and the Renaissance Systematization of Roman Law by Fell, A. London
318123. Origins of Legislative Sovereignty and the Legislative State: Volume Two; Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Foundations of Corasius' Systematic Met by Fell, A. London
318124. Origins of Legislative Sovereignty and the Legislative State: Volume Three; Bodin's Humanistic Legal System and Rejection of "Medieval Political Theol by Fell, A. London
318128. World Perspectives and Emergent Systems for the New Order in the New Age: Book I: Western Hemisphere (Current News History) by A London Fell
318132. La Chicana and the Intersection of Race, Class, and Gender by Irene I Blea
318134. Education and Leadership for the Twenty-First Century: Japan, America, and Britain by Benjamin C Duke
318138. Education's Role in National Development Plans: Ten Country Cases by R Murray Thomas
318141. Soviet Policy Toward Israel Under Gorbachev by Robert Owen Freedman
318144. The Urban West: Managing Growth and Decline by Weatherby, James B.
318151. The Human Dimension of Depression: A Practical Guide to Diagnosis, Understanding, and Treatment by Martin Kantor
318152. The Founders of Humanistic Psychology by Roy Jose Decarvalho
318166. The Responsible Judge: Readings in Judicial Ethics by Noonan, John T., JR.
318170. By Design: Interviews with Film Production Designers by Vincent Lobrutto
318178. The Inaugural Addresses of Twentieth- Century American Presidents by Halford R Ryan
318186. Film in Contemporary China: Critical Debates, 1979-1989 by Xia Hong
318188. Nervous Laughter: Television Situation Comedy and Liberal Democratic Ideology by Darrell Y Hamamoto
318200. Transitions: Handbook of Managed Care for Inpatient to Outpatient Treatment by Douglas H Ruben
318218. The Publisher-Public Official: Real or Imagined Conflict of Interest? by Daniel Riffe
318228. Racetrack Betting: The Professor's Guide to Strategies by Peter Asch
318250. Foundations of Criminal Science: Set Volume 1: The Development of Knowledge Volume 2: The Use of Knowledge by Walters, Glenn D.
318257. Friedrich Nietzsche: His Life and Thought by A J Hoover
318271. High-Tech Campaigns: Computer Technology in Political Communication by Gary W Selnow
318281. United States Technology Export Control: An Assessment by Douglas E Mc Daniel
318300. Winzig, Germany, 1933-1946: The History of a Town Under the Third Reich by Rita S Botwinick
318302. Talking Politics: Choosing the President in the Television Age by Liz Cunningham
318304. The Salem Witch Crisis by Larry Gragg
318329. Plans for Peace: Negotiation and the Arab- Israeli Conflict by Karen A Feste
318334. The Media and the Persian Gulf War by Robert E Denton
318343. Media Coverage and Political Terrorists: A Quantitative Analysis by Richard W Schaffert
318344. I. A. M. * : A Common Sense Guide to Coping with Anger by Melvyn L Fein
318349. Philip II of Macedon Philip II of Macedon: A Life from the Ancient Sources a Life from the Ancient Sources by Alfred S Bradford
318352. From Stagnation to Catastroika: Commentaries on the Soviet Economy, 1983- 1991 by Philip Hanson
318357. The Art of War in the Age of Peace: U.S. Military Posture for the Post-Cold War World by O'Hanlon, Michael E.
318363. Action Research and Organizational Development by J Barton Cunningham
318383. Managing Modern Capitalism: Industrial Renewal and Workplace Democracy in the United States and Western Europe by M Donald Hancock
318387. Iran After Khomeini by Hunter, Shireen
318389. Staying Human in the Organization: Our Biological Heritage and the Workplace by J Gary Bernhard