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Books 16/68

347559. Chaucer and His English Contemporaries: Prologue and Tale in the Canterbury Tales by W A Davenport
347571. Competition Policy in the European Union by Michelle Cini
347590. How the Chinese Economy Works: A Multiregional Overview by Rongxing Guo
347624. Ukraine: Perestroika to Independence by Taras Kuzio
347634. A Woman's Way by Patricia Ranft
347639. Animal Rights: A Philosophical Defence by Mark Rowlands
347648. Nuclear Weapons-Free Zones by Ramesh Chandra Thakur
347665. Germany and Poland from Historical Confrontation to Partnership: The New Relationships by Kruszewski, Z. Anthony
347685. Poetics/Politics: Radical Aesthetics for the Classroom by Amitava Kumar
347688. Consuming Cultures: Power and Resistance by Hearn, Jeff
347689. State Civil Society and Apartheid by Kuperus
347695. The Kurdish Predicament in Iraq: A Political Analysis by Gunter
347706. The Military Reforms of Nicholas I: The Origins of the Modern Russian Army by Kagan, Frederick W.
347713. Auto/Biography and the Construction of Identity and Community in the Middle East by Mary Ann Fay
347746. The Church, the State and the Fenian Threat, 1861-75 by Rafferty, Oliver P.
347750. Korea: The Search for Sovereignty by Geoff Simons
347751. The Hebrew Prophets: Visionaries of the Ancient World by Lawrence Boadt
347752. The Gospel of St. John: The Story of the Son of God by John Drane
347757. Democracy by Albert Weale
347759. The Book of Job: Why Do the Innocent Suffer? by Lawrence Boadt
347760. Stories from the Old Testament, Volume II: From King David to the Return from Exile by Boadt, Lawrence
347788. Same-Sex Love in India: Readings from Literature and History by Saleem Kidwai
347794. Migrants, Ethnic Minorities and the Labour Market: Integration and Exclusion in Europe by Andrea Rea
347797. Jean-Paul Sartre: Politics and Culture in Postwar France by Scriven, Michael
347802. Gospel of St. John: The Story of the Son of God by John Drane
347805. Taxation in Britain Since 1660 by Douglas
347813. Doing Time: An Introduction to the Sociology of Imprisonment by Roger Matthews
347817. China's Economic Reform by Shangquan Gao
347825. Globalizing Concern for Women's Human Rights by Diana Zoelle
347827. Politics and Economics in Northeast Asia by Tsuneo Akaha
347839. Sylvia Plath: A Literary Life by Wagner-Martin, Linda
347843. Southeast Asia's Economic Crisis: Origins, Lessons, and the Way Forward by Hal Hill
347859. Charlotte Bronte: The Novels by Mike Edwards
347867. Still Acting Gay: Male Homosexuality in Modern Drama by John M Clum
347889. A Route to Modernism: Hardy, Lawrence, Woolf by Sumner, Rosemary
347890. Alice Walker by Maria Lauret
347894. The Asian Energy Factor: Myths and Dilemmas of Energy, Security and the Pacific Future by Robert A Manning
347898. French Connections: Hemingway and Fitzgerald Abroad by Jackson R Bryer
347921. Decision-Making in the European Union by John Peterson
347929. Developments in the European Union by Desmond Dinan
347941. The Rational Foundations of Economic Behavior: Proceedings of the Iea Conference Held in Turin, Italy by Mark Perlman
347973. Linguistics Terms and Concepts by Geoffrey Finch
347974. Rolling Back the Market: Economic Dogma and Political Choice by Peter Self
347975. A Rising Middle Power?: German Foreign Policy in Transformation, 1989-1999 by Max Otte
347989. Feminism, the State and Social Policy by Nickie Charles
347997. Shakespeare: The Comedies by Ronald P Draper
348001. Shakespeare: The Histories by Graham Holderness
348009. A Passionate Sisterhood: Women of the Wordsworth Circle by Kathleen Jones
348012. Creating Community with Food and Drink in Merovingian Gaul by Effros, Bonnie
348016. MS-Directing Shakespeare: Women Direct Shakespeare by Elizabeth Schafer
348034. Virginia Woolf's Essays: Sketching the Past by Elena Gualtieri
348037. Literary Feminisms by Ruth Robbins
348038. Literary Feminisms by Ruth Robbins
348042. East of West: Cross-Cultural Performance and the Staging of Difference by Xiaomei Chen
348053. Virginia Woolf: Public and Private Negotiations by Anna Snaith
348060. Learning to Love by John Wilson
348067. Japan and Russia: The Tortuous Path to Normalization, 1949-1999 by Rozman, Gilbert
348068. Satire and Romanticism by Steven E Jones
348071. Henry James by Jeremy Tambling
348072. Virginia Woolf by Linden Peach
348092. Power and Conflict in the Age of Transparency by Bernard I Finel
348097. Management in Western Europe by Peter A Lawrence
348106. From This Day Forward: Commitment, Marriage, and Family in Lesbian and Gay Relationships by Gretchen A Stiers
348129. The Politics of Sex and Other Essays: On Conservatism, Culture and Imagination by Robert Grant
348141. After the Asian Crises: Perspectives on Global Politics and Economics by Maria Weber
348149. Dialogue and Deviance: Male-Male Desire in the Dialogue Genre (Plato to the Middle Ages, Plato to the Enlightenment, Plato to the Postmodern) by Robert Sturges
348151. Arguing about Asylum by Niklaus Steiner
348154. Elizabeth Bishop's World War II - Cold War View by Camille Roman
348161. Women and the Rise of the Novel, 1405-1726 by Josephine Donovan
348168. Theories of European Integration by Ben Rosamond
348176. Shakespeare, Film, Fin de Siecle by Burnett, Mark Thornton
348180. Byron: A Literary Life by Caroline Franklin
348187. Social Inclusion: Possibilities and Tensions by Angus Stewart
348201. The Roman-Jewish Wars and Hebrew Cultural Nationalism by Aberbach, Moshe
348223. The God/Man/World Triangle: A Dialogue Between Science and Religion by Crawford, Robert
348225. Religion, Culture and Tradition in the Caribbean by Hemchand Gossai
348235. Africa's Changing Markets for Health and Veterinary Services: The New Insitutional Issues by David K Leonard
348236. The British Republic, 1649-1660 by Hutton, Ronald
348238. Continental Divides by Anne E Goldman
348239. Organisations: A Strategic Perspective by Glenys J Ferguson
348241. Post-Colonial and African American Women's Writing: A Critical Introduction by Wisker, Gina
348246. The Humanitarian Conscience: Caring for Others in the Age of Terror by W R Smyser
348247. Founding Mothers and Others: Women Educational Leaders During the Progressive Era by Susan F Semel
348254. Gender and Policing: Comparative Perspectives by Jennifer M Brown
348258. Social Theory and Social Change by Trevor Noble
348279. Eat My Words: Reading Women's Lives Through the Cookbooks They Wrote by Janet Theophano
348284. Interpreting Shakespeare on Screen by Deborah Cartmell
348286. Banking and Economic Development: Brazil, 1889-1930 by Gail D Triner
348289. Foreign Direct Investment by John Ren Chen
348290. Beckett and Eros: Death of Humanism by Davies, Paul
348293. The Romantic Paradox: Love, Violence and the Uses of Romance, 1760-1830 by Labbe, Jacqueline M.
348309. Visible Islam in Modern Turkey by Ozdemir, Adil
348316. Women and the Women's Movement in Britain 1914 - 1999 by Martin Pugh
348317. The Gilded Age Construction of American Homophobia by Jay Hatheway
348321. Beyond Rights Talk and Culture Talk: Comparative Essays on the Politics of Rights and Culture by Mamdani, Mahmood
348326. Globalization of Japan: Japanese Sakoku Mentality and U.S. Efforts to Open Japan by Mayumi Itoh
348329. Transforming Shakespeare: Contemporary Women's Re- Visions in Literature and Performance by Marianne Novy
348367. New Developments in Film Theory by Patrick Fuery
348368. Justice by Tom Campbell
348388. Managing Green Issues by Tom Curtin
348400. A Coup Attempt in Washington: A European Mirror on Our Recent Constitutional Crisis by Merkl, Peter
348402. Security in the Persian Gulf by Lawrence G Potter
348404. The Irish Novel at the End of the Twentieth Century by Jennifer M Jeffers
348409. The American Love Lyric After Auschwitz and Hiroshima by Barbara L Estrin
348415. Twenty- First Century World Order and the Asia Pacific by James Chieh Hsiung
348424. Lockout: Dublin 1913 by Padraig Yeates
348436. Winning in Asia, U.S. Style: Market and Nonmarket Strategies for Success by Aggarwal, Vinod K.
348439. Japanese Foreign Policy in Asia and the Pacific: Domestic Interests, American Pressure, and Regional Integration by Yoichiro Sato
348441. English in Tibet, Tibet in English: Self-Presentation in Tibet and the Diaspora by Laurie Hovell Mc Millin
348444. John Ashbery and American Poetry by David Herd
348446. Chasing the Mountain of Light: Across India on the Trail of the Koh-I-Noor Diamond by Kevin Rushby
348447. Banking Reform in India and China by Lawrence Saez
348450. Fronteras No Mas by Kathleen A Staudt
348456. Broadway Boogie Woogie: Damon Runyon and the Making of New York City Culture by Schwarz, Daniel R.
348460. The Happiest Corpse I've Ever Seen: The Last Twenty- Five Years of the Broadway Musical by Ethan Mordden
348473. The North Korean System in the Post-Cold War Era by Samuel S Kim
348474. International Relations in the Asia-Pacific: New Patterns of Power, Interest, and Cooperation by Manfred Mols
348478. Secret Missions to Cuba: Fidel Castro, Bernardo Benes, and Cuban Miami by Robert M Levine
348482. Seeds of Revolution: The Culture and Politics of the Great Famine in the Irish Northwest by Joan Vincent
348484. Korean Crisis: Unraveling of the Miracle in the IMF Era by Donald Kirk
348487. The Repentant Abelard: Family, Gender, and Ethics in Peter Abelard's Carmen Ad Astralabium and Planctus by Juanita Feros Ruys
348490. AIDS and the Sexuality of Law: Ironic Jurisprudence by Rollins, Joe
348493. Warfare and the Third World by Robert E Harkavy
348508. Imagining Columbus by Ilan Stavans
348514. Absent Narratives, Manuscript Textuality, and Literary Structure in Late: Medieval England by Scala, Elizabeth
348522. Snowbird's Blood by Hensley, Joe L.
348526. For Kings and Planets by Ethan Canin
348530. Political Parties in American Society by Samuel J Eldersveld
348536. Commonsense Etiquette: A Guide to Gracious, Simple Manners for the Twenty-First Century by Stewart, Marjabelle Young
348537. Easy Enchantments by Rosean, Lexa
348542. It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It by Joan Detz
348545. Look Back All the Green Valley by Fred Chappell