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Books 18/112

399156. EMQs in Clinical Medicine by Irfan Syed
399158. Pocket Prescriber: 2004-5 by Timothy R J Nicholson
399160. Respiratory Emergencies by Alan Fein
399173. Developing Practical Nursing Skills by Baillie, Lesley
399176. Cell and Molecular Biology by Rangarajan, Desikan
399181. Bayesian Statistics: An Introduction by Lee, Peter M.
399186. Cultivating Creativity in Babies, Toddlers and Young Children by Bruce, Tina
399189. OSCEs for MRCOG Part 2: A Self-Assessment Guide by Antony Hollingworth
399191. Spain 1812-2004 by Ross, Chris
399195. Examination Notes in Psychiatry: Basic Sciences by Gin Malhi
399196. The Essentials of Human Rights by Van Den Anker, Christien
399210. Core Clinical Cases in Basic Biomedical Science: A Problem-Based Learning Approach by Azer, Samy
399213. Kendall's Library of Statistics 10: Times Series by Prado, Raquel
399214. Livewire Chillers Murder in Mind by Bob Read
399218. Respiratory Infections by Antoni Torres
399220. Mrs. Pig's Night Out by Ros Asquith
399222. Festival (Bite) by David Belbin
399223. Ruby's Big Ideas by S Mc Connell
399224. City of Shadows by Celia Rees
399228. The Deverell Woman by Meg Hutchinson
399237. Balham to Bollywood by Chris England
399242. Burn Out by Pat O Keeffe
399250. Corsets to Camouflage: Women and War by Adie, Kate
399254. Dickie Bird's Britain by Dickie Bird
399272. The Proposal by Owen Slot
399273. The Proposal by Owen Slot
399286. The Alchemy of Voice: Transform and Enrich Your Life Through the Power of Your Voice by Pearce, Stewart
399290. Sweet Venom by Rowlands, Betty
399300. Spells and Rituals by Teresa Moorey
399302. Chakras by Naomi Ozaniec
399305. Savage Tide by Glenn Chandler
399306. Dead Sight by Glenn Chandler
399308. Last to Know by Liz Allen
399322. Mortal Coil by Anthony Mc Gowan
399323. Salt of the Earth by Michael Taylor
399328. Heart of Ice by Alys Clare
399334. The Arrival of Fergal Flynn by Brian Kennedy
399335. Roman Song by Brian Kennedy
399339. Ant Egg Soup: The Adventures of a Food Tourist in Laos by
399342. The Taoiseach: Power, Whatever the Cost by Peter Cunningham
399343. The Road to Croker by Eamonn Sweeney
399345. Straight Left: A Journey in Politics by Ruairi Quinn
399346. Straight Left: A Journey in Politics by Ruairi Quinn
399349. Walking the Mist: Celtic Spirituality for the 21st Century by Donald Mc Kinney
399353. The Man Manual: Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know about Your Man by Linda Papadopoulos
399356. My Spin on Cricket by Richie Benaud
399366. Her Mother's Sins by Gwen Madoc
399388. GAA: The Glory Years: Hurling and Football 1991-2005 by Ronnie Bellew
399389. GAA: The Glory Years of Hurling and Football by Ronnie Bellew
399399. The Charmer by Mandasue Heller
399432. The Saint: My Autobiography by Ian St John
399437. Magenta Orange: The Trials of a Teenage Temptress by Echo Freer
399440. Smash 'n' Grab Squirrels by J J Murhall
399441. Stick 'em Up, Bunny! by J J Murhall
399442. Riddle of a Rich Rat by J J Murhall
399443. Moon Eyes by Josephine Poole
399446. Caesar by Antony Kamm
399450. Castro by Sean Connolly
399451. J.F. Kennedy by Neville, Peter
399452. Van Gogh by Andrew Forrest
399453. W.B. Yeats by Frank Startup
399455. Contatti 1: A First Course in Italian Complete Pack: Student Book, Support Book, 2 Audio Cassettes by Giuliana Checketts
399457. Nature's Revenge?: Hurricanes, Floods and Climate Change by M Hulme
399458. Viral Marketing in a Week by Andrew Whitaker
399459. Project Management in a Week by Mark Brown
399460. Balanced Scorecard by Mike Bourne
399461. Mind Maps In a Week by Jane Smith
399462. Marketing in a Week by Barry Davies
399464. Finance for Non- Financial Managers in a Week by Roger Mason
399466. Memory Techniques in a Week by Buggy
399467. Simone De Beauvoir by Holland, Alison T.
399469. The Spell to Save the Golden Snake by W J Corbett
399470. Wolf! by Geoffrey Malone
399471. My Little Life: When Ellie Cheated by Jenny Oldfield
399474. My Little Life: When Shah Went Weird by Jenny Oldfield
399479. Keep the Noise Down, Kingsley by Jenny Oldfield
399480. Bad Heart by Jenny Oldfield
399481. The Happy Hamster (Little Animal Ark) by Lucy Daniels
399482. Who? What? When? Tudors by Bob Fowke
399483. Who? What? When? World War I by Bob Fowke
399484. Pig on a Swing by Jenny Nimmo
399485. Hello Peanut! by Rachel Anderson
399488. Emily's Legs by Dick King Smith
399489. Jess: Rave Reporter by Jennie Walters
399490. Lauren: Seeing Stars by Jennie Walters
399495. Daisy Chain Dream by Joan O Neil
399499. I Love My Bed by John Prater
399502. Snuggle Nuzzles by Jan Barger
399503. Mondays Are Red by Nicola Morgan
399508. A Martian in the Supermarket by Penelope Lively
399510. The Wolf's Footprint by Susan Price
399511. Teach Yourself Icelandic (Teach Yourself Complete Courses) by Hildur Jonsdottir
399512. The Brontes by Steve Eddy
399513. Margaret Atwood by Pilar Cuder
399514. Angela Carter by Gina Wisker
399515. Direct Marketing in a Week by Dee Twomey
399516. Themes, Issues and Debates in Psychology by Richard Gross
399517. Key Studies in Psychology by Richard Gross
399518. J.R.R. Tolkien by Andrew Blake
399520. Time Management in a Week by Bird
399525. Teach Yourself Screenwriting (Teach Yourself Creative Writing) by Ray Frensham
399526. Teach Yourself Statistics by Alan Graham
399528. Teach Yourself Golf by Mark Wilson
399530. Torn Ear by Geoffrey Malone
399531. Kimba by Geoffrey Malone
399539. What about Other Faiths?: Is Jesus Christ the Only Way to God? by Martin Goldsmith
399541. Final Departures: Around the World with Britain's Most Remarkable Undertaker by Barry Albin Dyer
399542. More Than Meets the Eye: A Fast-Moving Look at Christianity by Steve Chalke
399560. The Tall Story by Frieda Hughes
399561. The Thing in the Sink by Frieda Hughes
399562. Rent a Friend by Frieda Hughes
399566. Brothers and Sisters by Rob Lewis
399568. Ed and the River of the Damned by Andrew Fusek Peters
399578. Teach Yourself Buddhism (Teach Yourself Religion) by Clive Erricker
399581. Teach Yourself Writing Poetry (Teach Yourself Creative Writing) by John Hartley Williams
399584. Instant Japanese (Teach Yourself Languages) by Elisabeth Smith
399586. Teach Yourself Art History (Teach Yourself Arts& Crafts) by Graham Whitham
399587. Teach Yourself Beginner's German (Teach Yourself Beginner's Languages) by Rosi Mc Nab
399588. Teach Yourself Beginner's Italian (Teach Yourself Languages) by Vittoria Bowles
399589. Teach Yourself Beginner's Spanish (Teach Yourself Languages) by Angela Gonzalez Hevia
399590. Teach Yourself Beginner's Mandarin Chinese (Teach Yourself Beginner's Languages) by Song Lianyi
399597. The Wilde Family: Wilde Day Out by Oldfield, Jenny
399598. Wilde Style by Jenny Oldfield
399599. The Wilde Family: Running Wilde by Jenny Oldfield
399600. Wilde Child by Jenny Oldfield
399602. Bartholomew and the Bug by Layton, Neal
399603. Vesuvius Poovius by Gray, Kes
399606. The Utterly Otterleys by Mairi Hedderwick
399608. Brief Candle by Kate Pennington
399612. Free Lance and the Lake of Skulls by Paul Stewart
399615. Mixed Up Fairy Tales by Hilary Robinson
399618. Tell Me a Story, Daddy by Moira Kemp
399621. Bullies, Bigmouths & So-Called Friends: Blue Edition by J Alexander
399623. Tusk Trouble by Jane Clarke
399624. Sold as Seen: Tales from Devana High by Bali Rai
399628. Cold Enough for Snow by Hilary Mc Kay
399630. So You Think You Know David Beckham? by Clive Gifford
399640. Kat McCrumble by Margaret Ryan
399642. Princess Lola's Wobbly Week by Miranda Maxwell Hyslop
399643. Sealed with a Kiss (Diary of a Crush) by Sarra Manning
399653. Ship's Angel by Bridget Crowley
399654. Harriet's Ghost by Bridget Crowley
399664. Amos Jellybean Gets It Right by Joanna Walsh
399677. My Mum Goes to Work by Kes Gray
399683. Drugs by Anita Naik
399687. Simply Kat McCrumble by Margaret Ryan
399700. Oscar and Arabella and Ormsby by Layton, Neal
399708. Mokee Joe Is Coming by Peter J Murray
399712. One Stop Doc Respiratory System by Dartnell, Jo
399717. The Neurology Short Case with CD (Audio) by Morris, John G. L.