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Books 19/129

424203. Computer Science and Communications Dictionary by Martin Weik
424211. Robust Electronic Design Reference Book: Volume 1; Volume 2: Appendices by John R Barnes
424212. Cross- Cultural Anthropology: A Reference Collection by Carol R Ember
424217. Essentials of Molecular Pathology by Debra G B Leonard
424222. Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender: Men and Women in the World's Cultures Topics and Cultures A- K- Volume 1; Cultures L- Z- Volume 2 by Carol R Ember
424233. Running Group Visits in Your Practice by Noffsinger, Edward B.
424237. Restricted Parameter Space Estimation Problems: Admissibility and Minimaxity Properties by Eeden
424264. Net Neutrality or Net Neutering: Should Broadband Internet Services Be Regulated by Thomas M Lenard
424268. Genetic Engineering by Jane K Setlow
424293. Managing in the Information Economy: Current Research Issues by Uday Apte
424308. Spectroscopic Data of Steroid Glycosides by Viqar Uddin Ahmad
424310. Springer Handbook of Experimental Solid Mechanics by Jr William N Sharpe
424367. The Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers by Thomas Hockey
424374. Quadratic Diophantine Equations by Titu Andreescu
424392. Encyclopedia of Aging and Public Health by Sana Loue
424434. The ASCRS Textbook of Colon and Rectal Surgery by James W Fleshman
424454. Incompatible Solid Organ Transplantation: Crossing Abo-Incompatible and Positive Crossmatch Barriers by Segev, Dorry
424649. Number Theory: New York Seminar 2003 by David Chudnovsky
424676. Temporal Dimensions of Landscape Ecology: Wildlife Responses to Variable Resources by John A Bissonette
424688. Design of Micromechanical Devices by Zhili Hao
424708. Prenatal Mouse Brain Atlas[ With DVD] by Uta B Schambra
424717. TCP/IP: Vulnerabilities and Solutions by Pandya, Pramod
424765. Functional Equations and How to Solve Them by Christopher G Small
424793. Strength and Stiffness of Engineering Systems by Frederick A Leckie
424795. Environmental Chemistry: Microscale Laboratory Experiments by Jorge G Ibanez
424827. Parsing Theory II by Seppo Sippu
424831. Energy Management Systems: Operation and Control of Electric Energy Transmission Systems by Edmund Handschin
424834. Preparative Polar Organometallic Chemistry V2: Experimental Collaboration by L Brandsma
424838. Visual Geometry and Topology by Anatolij Fomenko
424839. Finite Dimensional Algebras by Yu A Drozd
424840. Human Microscopic Anatomy by Krstic, V. R.
424841. Chernobyl- Insight from the Inside by Chernousenko
424842. Progress in Molecular and Subcellular Biology V12: by Philippe Jeanteur
424845. A History of Chinese Mathematics by Jean Claude Martzloff
424848. Book of Nurbs by Les Pirgl
424849. Nucelic Acids & Molecular Biology Volume 6: by Fritz Eckstein
424850. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: Conservative and Operative Management by G Jakse
424852. Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology Volume 7: by Eckstein
424857. Bioclimatology III by F I Woodward
424864. Radiation Oncology of Gynecological Cancers by H W Vahrson
424865. The Inadequate Environment: Nitrogen and the Abundance of Animals by T C R White
424869. The Development of the Number Field Sieve by A K Lenstra
424870. The Algebraic Theory of Spinors and Clifford Algebras by C Chevalley
424872. The Mid-Oceanic Ridges: Mountains Below Sea Level by Adolphe Nicolas
424883. Programming in Modula-3: An Introduction in Programming with Style by L Boeszoermenyi
424884. Industrial Pollution Prevention by Thomas T Shen
424885. Stellar Structure and Evolution by Rudolph Kippenhahn
424886. Plant Physiology by H Mohr
424891. Physiological Plant Ecology by W Larcher
424894. Remote Sensing Digital Image Analysis: An Introduction by J A Richards
424902. Practical Guide to Astrophotography by John Birdlebough
424908. Ambient Media and Beyond by Artur Lugmayr
424916. Advanced Organic Chemistry: Part B: Reactions and Synthesis by Francis A Carey
424933. Passing the USMLE: Basic Science by Ahmad Wagih Abdel Halim
424934. Passing the USMLE: Clinical Knowledge by Ahmad Wagih Abdel Halim
424944. Cancer Pharmacogenetics by Sharon Marsh
424953. A Practical Guide to Bariatric Surgery by Eric J De Maria
424954. Androgen Action in Prostate Cancer by Donald Tindall
424986. Energiya- Buran: The Soviet Space Shuttle by Bart Hendrickx
424989. Ontology Management: Semantic Web, Semantic Web Services, and Business Applications by Martin Hepp
424994. Soft Computing for Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining by Oded Maimon
425000. Weak Dependence: With Examples and Applications by Jrme Dedecker
425010. Neurovascular Neuropsychology by Joanne R Festa
425011. Stress and Coping in Human Performance: Theory and Practice by Anshel, Mark
425023. Genetics and Genomics of Cotton by Andrew H Paterson
425051. Additive Number Theory: Density Theorems and the Growth of Sumsets by Nathanson, Melvyn B.
425053. Stream Data Processing: A Quality of Service Perspective: Modeling, Scheduling, Load Shedding, and Complex Event Processing by Sharma Chakravarthy
425060. Power System Infrastructure: Cris Conference on Interdependencies and Applications by Centeno, Virgilio A.
425061. Advanced Analog-To-Digital and Digital-To-Analog Convertors by Gulati, Kush
425102. Bayesian Computation with R by Albert, Jim
425130. Icy Worlds at the Edge of the Solar System by Noll, Keith
425143. Computer Security on the Edge by Adrian Perrig
425167. Probabilistic Networks and Expert Systems: Exact Computational Methods for Bayesian Networks by Philip Dawid
425171. Ajcc Cancer Staging Illustrations in Powerpointa(r): From the Ajcc Cancer Staging Atlas by April G Fritz
425176. Evaluating and Applying Decision Models: Vol. 1: Evaluation and Decision Models: A Critical Perspective; Vol. 2: Evaluation and Decision Models W. Mul by Denis Bouyssou