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Books 28/122

625651. The New Testament in English According to the Version by John Wycliffe, about 1380, and Revised by John Purvey about 1388 by John Wycliffe
625652. A West Pointer with the Boers by John Y F Blake
625659. American Constitutions: A Compilation of the Political Constitutions of the Independent Nations of the New World by Jose Ignacio Rodriguez
625666. Our Village by Joseph C Lincoln
625668. Introduction to the Study of the Chinese Characters by Joseph Edkins
625672. Memoirs of Fouche V1: Memoirs of the Court of France by Joseph Fouche
625673. The History of Equal Suffrage in Colorado, 1868-1898 by Joseph G Brown
625676. Poems and Prose of Joseph Gwyer: With a Short Autobiography, Also Anecdotes of and Personal Interviews with the REV. C. H. Spurgeon and Others by Joseph Gwyer
625685. Nature Sketches in Temperate America: A Series of Sketches and Popular Account of Insects, Birds and Plants by Joseph Lane Hancock
625686. Darcy and Friends: An Irish Tale by Joseph Mc Kim
625696. The Black Phalanx: A History of the Negro Soldiers of the United States in the Wars of 1775-1812 and 1861-65 by Joseph T Wilson
625697. Nathaniel Hawthorne: An Oration by Joseph W Symonds
625698. The Rose of Joy by Josephine L Roberts
625699. The Wolf of Gubbio: A Comedy in Three Acts by Josephine Preston Peabody
625708. Across Asia on a Bicycle: The Journey of Two American Students from Constantinople to Peking by Jr Thomas G Allen
625709. The Diadem of Stars and Other Tales by Juan E Hartzenbusch
625710. Saint Nicholas I by Jules Roy
625711. In a Day: A Drama by Augusta Webster
625712. Restdale by Julia Eliza Shotland
625714. The Violet by Julia Magruder
625716. Sebastian Strome V2 by Julian Hawthorne
625717. The Annals of Tennis by Julian Marshall
625718. John-A-Dreams: A Tale by Julian Sturgis
625719. Martha By-The-Day by Julie M Lippmann
625720. A Girl Named Mary by Juliet W Tompkins
625721. Dr. Ellen by Juliet Wilbor Tompkins
625722. Trachoma by Julius Boldt
625724. The Kohl Collection of Maps Relating to America by Justin Winsor
625725. A Stumbling Block by Justus Miles Forman
625731. Sadie: The Story of a Girl, Some Men and the Eternal Fitness of Things by Karl Edwin Harriman
625736. The Chances of Death V1: And Other Studies in Evolution by Karl Pearson
625738. Ten Boys from History by Kate Dickinson Sweetser
625739. Penelope's Progress: Being Such Extracts from the Commonplace Book of Penelope Hamilton as Relate to Her Experiences in Scotland by Kate Douglas Wiggin
625740. The Dobleys by Kate Masterson
625741. The Red Lady by Katharine Newlin Burt
625742. True Women V1: A Love Story by Katharine Stuart
625743. The Dear Irish Girl by Katharine Tynan
625747. With the Army at Hoboken by King W Snell
625748. A History of Suffrage in the United States by Kirk H Porter
625752. The Bugles of Gettysburg by La Salle Corbell Pickett
625756. Books and Habits: From the Lectures of Lafcadio Hearn by Lafcadio Hearn
625758. The Color of Paris: Historic, Personal and Local by Lucien Descaves
625759. Methods of Teaching Arithmetic in Primary Schools by Larkin Dunton
625760. His Own Home Town by Larry Evans
625764. The Cloak of Friendship by Laurence Housman
625766. The Sermons of Mr. Yorick V1 by Laurence Sterne
625767. Women and Other Enigmas: Being Certain Meditations of My Friend the Cynic by Laurens Maynard
625770. The Elements of the Theory of Algebraic Numbers by Legh Wilber Reid
625778. A Study of Four Hundred Steaming Tests Made at the Fuel-Testing Plant, St. Louis, Missouri in 1904-1906 by Lester P Breckenridge
625781. The Tragedy of Saul, First King of Israel by Lewis A Storrs
625782. The Life of Roger Sherman by Lewis Henry Boutell
625783. My Lords of Strogue V3 by Lewis Wingfield
625784. The Library Chronicle V5: A Journal of Librarianship and Bibliography by Ernest C Thomas
625785. The Interference of Patricia by Lilian Bell
625787. A Philippine Romance by Lillian Hathaway Mearns
625788. The Success of Failure by A Wayfarer
625789. The Red House on Rowan Street by Roman Doubleday
625790. Mark Eylmer's Revenge V1 by Mrs J K Spender
625793. Biographical Sketch of Linton Stephens: Containing a Selection of His Letters, Speeches, State Papers, Etc. by Linton Stephens
625795. History of India Under Queen Victoria V1: From 1836 to 1880 by Lionel J Trotter
625799. Storm Country Polly by Grace Miller White
625800. The Hornet's Nest by Mrs Wilson Woodrow
625801. Under Cover by Roi Cooper Megrue
625803. Livy's History of Rome V2: The First Five Books by John Bellenden
625804. The Ffolliots of Redmarley by L Allen Harker
625805. More Trivia by Logan Pearsall Smith
625809. Royal Angus V1 by James Douglas
625810. Life in the Making: An Approach to Religion Through the Method of Modern Pragmatism by Loren B Mac Donald
625818. History of the Sodalities of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Louis Delplace
625820. The Churches Separated from Rome by L Duchesne
625821. The Anglo-Norman Dialect: A Manual of Its Phonology and Morphology, with Illustrative Specimens of the Literature by Louis Emil Menger
625822. At Random: Essays and Stories by L F Austin
625826. The Star in the Dust-Heap by Mrs Greene
625827. How Shall My Child Be Taught: Practical Pedagogy; Or the Science of Teaching Illustrated by Louisa P Hopkins
625829. Steadfast Unto Death by Louise Berens
625830. Life of Edward the Black Prince by Louise Creighton
625831. Apple Seed and Brier Thorn by Louise Stockton
625832. In Love and in Hate V3 by Brothers Tinsley Brothers
625833. Accented Five-Figure Logarithms of Numbers from 1 to 99,999 Without Differences by Lowis D Aguilar Jackson
625834. The Lusiad; Or the Discovery of India: An Epic Poem by Luis De Camoens
625837. The Real Hawaii: Its History and Present Condition, Including the True Story of the Revolution by Lucien Young
625838. The Friendship of Nations: A Story of the Peace Movement for Young People by Lucile Gulliver
625839. The Satire of Seneca on the Apotheosis of Claudius, Commonly Called the Apocolocyntosis: A Study by Allan Perley Ball
625841. Professor Conant: A Story of English and American Social and Political Life by L S Huntington
625842. Checkerberry by Lucretia S Mc Donald
625844. The One Good Guest by L B Walford
625846. New Folklore Researches: Greek Folk Poesy V1, Folk-Verse by J S Stuart Glennie
625847. Turkish Life in Town and Country by Lucy M J Garnett
625848. What Is Modern History? by Lucy Maynard Salmon
625849. Mary North by Lucy Rider Meyer
625850. The Listening Child: A Selection from the Stores of English Verse Made for the Youngest Readers and Hearers by Lucy W Thacher
625851. Siberian Pictures V1 by Ludwik Niemojowski
625854. South America: Past and Present by Luis Cincinato Bollo
625860. Travels in the Interior: Or the Wonderful Adventures of Luke and Belinda by Luke Theophilus Courteney
625861. The Morning Star: A Treatise on the Nature, Offices and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ by Luke Woodard
625862. For a Free Conscience by L C Wood
625865. Where Honor Leads by Lynde Palmer
625866. The Clean Sword by Lynn Harold Hough
625867. The Opinions of John Clearfield by Lynn Harold Hough
625868. The Inevitable Book by Lynn Harold Hough
625869. Adam Rush by Lynn Roby Meekins
625876. Grisel Romney V2 by M E Fraser Tytler
625877. Happy Memories of Robert Barnes by Robert Barnes
625878. The Fortunes of Maurice Cronin V2 by M L Kenny
625879. The Cause of Earthquakes by Scientia
625880. Margery O' the Mill by M E Francis
625882. Timoleon, a Friend of Paul: Being the Romantic Adventures of a Waif of Tarsus, Together with a Setting Forth of the Great Apostle's Journeys by Mabel Ansley Murphy
625888. Orloff and His Wife: Tales of the Barefoot Brigade by Maxim Gorky
625889. Songs in the Night by Malcolm James Mc Leod
625890. The Bards of Galloway: A Collection of Poems, Songs, Ballads, Etc. by
625893. The Armenians in America by M Vartan Malcolm
625894. Great Commanders: General Sherman by Manning F Force
625895. In Love's Domains: A Trilogy by Marah Ellis Ryan
625896. Merze: The Story of an Actress by Marah Ellis Ryan
625897. That Girl Montana by Marah Ellis Ryan
625899. Miss Moccasins by Marah Ellis Ryan
625900. My Quaker Maid by Marah Ellis Ryan
625905. Selected Epigrams of Martial by Marcus Valerius Martialis
625906. Cartoons by Margaret J Preston
625908. Matthew Ferguson by Margaret Blake
625909. A Wayside Snowdrop by M E Winchester
625910. Free Soil by Margaret Lynn
625913. The Primrose Path V3: A Chapter in the Annals of the Kingdom of Fife by Mrs Oliphant
625923. A Child of the Revolution by Margaret Roberts
625925. Fifth Reader Graded Classics by M W Haliburton
625930. Robin Adair V2 by Mrs Fetherstonhaugh
625934. Lindy Loyd: A Tale of the Mountain by Marie E Hoffman
625936. Samantha in Europe by Marietta Holley
625938. Abraham Lincoln: An American Migration, Family English Not German by Marion Dexter Learned
625939. Essays on Robert Browning by Marion Little
625942. Boston: The Place and the People by
625943. The Atlantic Monthly and Its Makers by Mark A De Wolfe
625945. The Favor of Princes by Mark Lee Luther
625946. The Henchman by Mark Lee Luther
625952. Mildred Carver, U.S.A. by Martha Bensley Bruere
625959. The Poems of Mary Queen of Scots by Mary Queen Of Scots
625960. That Husband of Mine by Mary A Denison
625961. Four Years of Personal Reminiscences of the War by Mary A Newcomb
625963. The Farm in the Karoo: Or What Charley Vyvyan and His Friends Saw in South Africa. by Mary Ann Carey Hobson
625965. The Story of the Mary Fisher Home by Mary A Fisher
625968. A Woman of Uncertain Age by Mary Anne Berry
625973. The Trial and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ of Nazareth by M Brodrick
625975. The American by Mary Dillon
625977. Nora's Love Test V2 by Mary Cecil Hay
625978. The Squire's Legacy V2 by Mary Cecil Hay
625979. Like His Own Daughter: A Story by Mrs Disney Leith
625980. A History of the English Church: From Its Foundation to the Reign of Queen Mary by Mary Charlotte Stapley
625981. Cousin Deborah's Whim V3: A Tale by Mary E Shipley
625983. The Eglamore Portraits by Mary E Mann
625984. The Sheep and the Goats by Mary E Mann