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Books 4/142

88652. Microsoft Windows Scripting Self- paced Learning Guide by Wilson
88657. Abnormal Psychology: The Problem Of Maladaptive Behavior, 11th Ed. by Sarason Irwin G
88659. Microsoft Manual Of Style For Technical Publications by Microsoft Corporation
88662. Guidelines For Application Integration patterns& Practices by Microsoft Corporation
88689. Architecting And Building Enterprise Solutions With Com+ And. net by Gupta Manu
88692. Numerical Methods With C+ + Programming by Somasundaram R M Chandrasekaran
88697. Discrete Mathematics And Graph Theory by Biswal Purna Chandra
88712. Marketing Research: An Applied Orientation- Fourth Edition by Malhotra Naresh K
88714. Wireless Communications And Networking by Zhuang Weihua
88716. Computer Systems Design And Architecture- second Edition by Jordan Harry
88718. Digital Design: Principles& Practices- Third Edition Updated by Wakerly John F
88725. Logistics Engineering And Management- sixth Edition by Blanchard Benjamin S
88727. Essentials Of Entrepreneurship And Small Business Management- fourth Edition by Zimmerer Thomas W
88728. Introduction To Risk Management And Insurance- Eighth Edition by Dorfman Mark S
88729. Polymer Science& Technology- Second Edition by Fried Joel R
88730. Elements Of Environmental Science And Engineering by Meenakshi P
88743. C# Precisely by Hansen I. Henrik,Sestoft Peter
88744. Data Mining: Next Generation Challenges And Future Directions by Kargupta Hillol Joshi Anupam
88764. Advanced Management Accounting- - third Edition by Kaplan Robert S Atkinson
88765. Principles Of Marketing- - eleventh Edition by Armstrong Gary
88788. Modern Political Analysis by Dahl Robert A Stinebrickner
88790. Comparative Economics In A Transforming World Economy by Rosser J Barkley Jr
88792. Principles Of Environmental Science And Engineering by Rao P Venugopala
88796. Engineering Mathematics by A Gangadharan
88798. Theory Of Mechanisms And Machines by Sharma C S Purohit
88803. Fundamentals Of Electromagnetics With Matlab by Savov Sava V
88804. Microsoft Asp.net 2.0 Step By Step by Shepherd
88809. Microsoft Sql Server 2005 Administrator's Pocket Consultant by Stanek
88829. The Elements Of International English Style: A Guide To Writing Correspondence, Reports, Technical Documents, And Internet Pages For A Global Audience by Weiss Edmond H
88837. Administrative Theories And Management Thought by R K Sapru
88840. Biochemical Engineering: Principles And Concepts by Syed Tanveer Ahmed Inamdar
88842. Corporate Governance by Prasad Kesho
88844. Digital Power System Protection by Ravindra P Singh
88846. Fundamentals Of Financial Management by D Chandra Bose
88848. Numerical Methods With Computer Programs In C++ by Ghosh Pallab
88858. Microsoft Sql Server 2005 Analysis Services Step By Step by Et Al Jacobson
88878. Introduction To Data Mining With Case Studies by G K Gupta
88885. Environmental Science: Toward A Sustainable Future by Richard T Wright
88894. Elements Of Engineering Electromagnetics by Nannapaneni Narayana Rao
88900. Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 4. 0 by Greef
88907. The Ultimate Six Sigma: Beyond Quality Excellence To Total Business Excellence by Bhote Keki R
88921. Advances in Small Millets by Kenneth Riley
88930. South Indian Customs by P V Jagadisaayyar
88956. English - Punjabi Dictionary (Punjabi in Roman Script) by W P Hares
88961. New Konkani English Dictionary by Furtad Dacho
88972. English Konkani Dictionary by Maffei Xavier
88973. Konkani- English Dictionary by Xavier Maffei
88982. Concise Dictionary of the Persian Language by E H
88985. The Self Urdu Teacher by John Edward
89000. Percival's English- Tamil Dictionary by P Percival
89001. Essence of Buddhism by P Lakshmi Narasu
89007. Arabic English Dictionary by F
89016. Japanese Self- Taught by W J S
89046. An Unfrequented Highway by John Easton
89047. Oceanic Languages by D
89056. Rulers of Indian Ocean by G A Ballard
89058. Guide to 14 Asiatic Languages (Tamil, Hindi, Hindustani, Burmese, Persian, Farsi, Arabic, Chinese) by A
89066. Sinhalese Self Taught by M De Z Wickremasinghe
89067. Serbo- Croatian Self Taught by Obreirne
89068. Gujarati Self Taught (Thimm s System) by Dhruva N M
89070. Afrikaans Self Taught by Leonard W Vano S
89106. Portuguese SelfTaught by E
89107. Arabic English Dictionary by Wortabet Porter
89134. World History by B V Rao
89137. Secrets of Yantra, Mantra and Tantra by L R Chawdhri
89138. Masterpieces of Urdu Rubaiyat by K C Kanda
89141. Tablets of Truth: Sayings of Sai Baba by Sai Baba
89144. Quest For Perfection by O P Ghai
89145. Sai Baba (Source of Light, Love and Bliss) by Kailash Kumar
89149. The Art of Writing a Biography: Structures and Strategies by M Sivaramkrishna
89159. A Guide to Kathakali: With Stories of 35 Plays by David Bolland
89160. Value Management by S Lomash
89162. Singer Saints of India by Rajinder Singh Verma
89165. Poet Saints of India by Sumita Roy
89166. Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
89172. From Where Did You Come? by Charles P Difazio
89174. Dear Editor by Prafull Goradia
89185. It's always possible: Transforming one of the largest prisons in the world by Kiran Bedi
89189. Encyclopaedia of Indian Events& Dates by S B Bhattacherje
89190. The Dreams and Realities: Face to Face with God by Naresh Bhatia
89192. Change in People by Praveen Chadha
89199. Strikes: How to Avoid Them by P D Shenoy
89200. Daily Inspiration: A Thought for Everyday of The Year by J P Vaswani
89205. Teach Yourself French by Kiran Chaudhry
89212. English for Everyday Use by Arjuna Hulugalle
89215. Overcoming Loss A Healing Guide by Rita Freedman
89217. Sri Sathya Sai River Of Bliss by Mohan Rai R
89223. Making a Career by David Goh
89236. Teacher Education in Turmoil by Gopal Rana
89239. Spirituality Made Simple: A Book That Changes Lives by Vikas Malkani
89254. Manager's Toolkit; A Ready Reference and Reckoner for Management by Sukul Lomash
89270. Money and Microenterprises in Bhutan; The Land of Zorig Chug Sum: Thirteen Arts and Crafts by Saamdu Chetri
89271. Alawar Santo Ki Mahan Gathay by J P Vasvani
89321. Caso FARP: manipulaci n informativa. (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias del Pueblo, M xico) (TT: The FARP case: manipulation of information. ) (TA: People's. . . Forces, Mexico) : An article from: Proceso by Ral Monge
89322. Desiging Websites by Dr Smita Jain Narang
89324. Big Best Book To Color Of Power Rangers Spd by
89346. Kundalini The Liberating Force (Discourses, Questions and Answers and Views) by
89349. Disney Princess Magic (First Look and Find Series) by Di Cicco Studios
89373. Siva Sutras: The Yoga of Supreme Identity by Jaideva Singh
89375. Sixty Upanisads of the Veda, Volume I by
89383. Prapancasara Tantra of Sankaracharya by Atalananda Saraswati
89409. Essentials of Horary Astrology or Prasnapadavi by M R Bhat
89414. World Scripture: A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts by Andrew Wilson
89420. The Legend and Cult of Upagupta: Sanskrit Buddhism in North India and Southeast Asia by John S Strong
89462. Reiki: Way of the Heart- A Wonderful Method for Inner Development and Holistic Healing by Walter Lubeck
89490. Great Treasury of Merit by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
89497. Indian Alchemy or Rasayana: In the light of Ascerticism and Geriatrics by S Mahdihassan
89507. Astronomical Application of Vedic Mathematics by Kenneth R Williams
89548. Beyond the bayonet indain special operations forces in the 21st century by Brig Deepak Sinha
89549. NEO- TERRORISM: An Indian Experience by Brig Ak Lal
89550. India And South East Asia The Security Cooperation by Y M Bammi
89551. bharat ke videsh niti or atankvaad by J N Dixit
89552. Jihadi Terrorism: Making of A World War? by Shashi B Sahai
89553. Past present and future of kashmir by Dr Rajkumar Singh
89555. Financial Accounting B. Com. (1st Semester Bangalore) 11th Edition 2008 by Narang K L
89556. Daffodils on Fire (Indian writings series) by Mridula Garg
89558. Industrial Maintenance by H P
89559. Alberuni's India: An account of the religion, philosophy, literature, geography, chronology, astronomy, customs, laws and astrology of India about AD 1030, Volumes I & II, (Bound in One) by Edward C Sachau Ed
89560. Text Book Of Cytology by P S
89561. T. V. Kapali Sastri: (The Builders of Indian Philosophy Series) by Prema Nandakumar Gnrl Ed
89562. A Manual Of Practical Zoology: Chordates by P S
89563. English Grammar & Composition & Correspondence by Pink
89564. A History Of Afghanistan, 2 Vols by Percy Sykes
89565. Practical Biology for Assam Hr. Sec. Classes by P C Raj Khowa
89566. Learning Number Book- 1 (1 To 50) by Campbell
89567. ISC Biology for class XII by Verma P S
89568. Problems In Physics by M P Joshi
89570. Organisational Behaviour by S S
89571. Living with Values Book- 8 by Pratibha
89572. A Textbook of Botany- XII by S C Tripathi
89573. Software Engineering by Sajan Mathew
89574. Fundamental Of Digital Elect. & Microprocessors by Anokh Singh
89575. Wason's Analysis Of Financial Statement Xii by V Wason
89576. S. Chand's Engg. Chemistry For U. P. Tech. by Sudha Jain
89577. Operations Management & Control by Biswajit Banerjee
89578. New Healthway Book Primer by D S
89579. Wason's Double Entry Book Keeping Xi by V Wason
89580. Theory Of Power Electronics by K L Rao
89581. Cpt General Economics by S K Agarwal
89582. T B Of Entrepreneurship by S S
89583. S. Chand T B Of Physics Xii (meghalaya) by V K
89584. Projects In Electrical, Electronics Instru. And Comp. by S Chatterjee
89585. S. Chand's Biology For Class Xi by B P
89586. S. Chand T/b Of Entrepresurship Xi (nagaland) by S S
89587. Mobile Computing by Dr N N Jani
89588. Basic Computer Programming C+ + (m. P. , Bhopal) by Khandare S S
89589. Mathematics Foundation For Computer Science by S K
89590. Basic Mechanical Engg(m. P. ) by Sadhu Singh
89591. Icsc Environmental Education- 10 by M P
89592. Soloution To Icse Maths X by S K