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Books 40/71

888013. Ethics by James P Sterba
888014. Ethics: The Big Questions by James P Sterba
888021. Archaeological Theory by Matthew Johnson
888023. Comtemp Urban Japan by John Clammer
888026. Economic Policy 22 by David Begg
888039. Postcolonial African Philosophy: A Critical Reader by Emmanuel Chukwudi Eze
888069. Phonological Theory by Marian Ed Goldsmith
888086. Gend & Bod in ANC Medn by Wyke
888091. A View of the State of Ireland by Hadfield, Andrew
888102. England and Its Rulers: 1066-1272 by M T Clanchy
888105. The Dictionary of Human Geography by Gregory, Derek
888113. Metaphysics: The Big Questions by Dean W Zimmerman
888123. Laws of Markets by Michel Callon
888131. Studying Culture: A Practical Introduction by Judy Giles
888132. Studying Culture by Giles
888133. Film and Theory: An Anthology by Robert Stam
888152. After Writing: On the Liturgical Cosummation of Philosophy by Catherine Pickstock
888156. The Myth and Ritual Theory by Segal, Robert A.
888161. The Blackwell Companion to Modern Theology by Bertrand Piccard
888162. A Companion to the Modern American Novel, 1900- 1950 by John T Matthews
888163. Social Identity: An Introduction - Context, Commitment, Content by Naomi Ellemers
888180. The Corporate Triangle by Lazonick, William
888188. European Cases in Retailing by Marc Dupuis
888195. The Blackwell Reader in Pastoral and Practical Theology by Stephen Pattison
888202. A Dictionary of Cultural and Critical Theory by Alex Payne
888217. Man Bus Imp & Qua by Barrie Dale
888219. Philosophical Perspectives, Mind, Causation and World: Philosophical Perspectives Volume 11 by James E Tomberlin
888220. Cases in Retailing Instructor's Manual: Operational Perspectives by Hart, Cathy
888246. Engaging Scripture by Stephen E Fowl
888247. Engaging Scripture by Michel De Certeau
888252. Discourse Analysis by Barbara Johnstone
888258. The Year's Work in English Studies Volume 76: Yw 1995 by Peter Kitson
888262. Restoration Drama by David Womersley
888264. Life Death and Money by Renn
888273. Managing Yourself by Roger Cartwright
888281. An Historical Dictionary of German Figurative Usage, Supplement by Keith Spalding
888316. A Companion to Colonial America by Daniel Vickers
888356. The Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Operations Management by Nigel Slack
888357. The American West: A Concise History by Anne M Butler
888369. Archaeologies of Landscape by Wendy Ashmore
888386. Cases Internatl Org Behavior C by Oddou
888398. Philosophical Theology and Christian Doctrine by Brian Hebblethwaite
888399. Divine Attributes by Joshua Hoffman
888403. Handbook of International Trade by Winifred M Aldrich
888408. Varieties of American English by Bethany K Dumas
888433. Governing Japan 3e by J A A Stockwin
888441. Money and Finance in the Age of Merchant Capitalism 1200-1800 by John Day
888485. An Introduction to Catholic Theology by Buckley, James J.
888490. Modernist Literature: Challenging Fictions by Vicki Mahaffey
888499. Philosophy: A Beginners Guide by Jenny Teichman
888510. A Course in Phonology by Roca, Iggy
888512. Classic Sociologic Theory 1e P by Terry Ed Moody
888513. Contemporary Sociological Theory by Craig Calhoun
888520. The European Reformations Sourcebook by Carter Lindberg
888530. Sources and Debates in English History: 1485-1714 by Newton Key
888531. Sources and Debates in English History 1485-1714 by Bucholz, Robert
888532. Early Modern England, 1485-1714: A Narrative History by Key, Newton
888538. Ideas of Human Nature 2e by Trigg
888552. The Blackwell Handbook of Cross- Cultural Management by Gannon
888588. Economic Policy, Number 28 by David Begg
888592. The Blackwell Handbook of Principles of Organizational Behavior by Locke, Edwin A.
888600. A World Religions Reader by Ian S Markham
888616. The Tocqueville Reader: A Life in Letters and Politics by Alan S Kahan
888627. The Economics of the Environment and Natural Resources by DuPont, Diane
888650. Seventy Serious Years: The Political Quarterly 1930-2000 by Crick, Bernard
888655. A New Introduction to Islam by Daniel W Brown
888656. A New Introduction to Islam by Brown, Daniel W.
888671. Introducing Child Psychology by H Rudolph Schaffer
888678. Strategic Management: An Active Learning Approach by Brahim Herbane
888699. Debating Organization by Robert Westwood
888704. A Companion to Early Modern Women's Writing by Arturo Pacheco
888708. Popular Culture: Production and Consumption by C Lee Harirngton
888713. The Making of Modern South Africa by Nigel Worden
888715. Identities: Race, Class, Gender, and Nationality by Alcoff
888741. Managing Strategy Implementation by Flood
888745. Human Resource Management in Northern Europe by Chris Brewster
888756. Companion to Early Twentieth-Century Britain by Chris Wrigley
888768. Developmental Disorders: The Essential Readings by Wendy M Williams
888769. Economic Policy, Number 29 by Georges De Menil
888774. The Year's Work 1997: The Year's Work in English Studies 78 / The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory by Peter Kitson
888784. Cases Prjcts Intl Mngt by Richard Mead
888794. Blackwell Dictionary of Social Policy by Peter Alcock
888803. The Blackwell Handbook of Strategic Management by R Edward Freeman
888859. The Practice of Ethics by Hugh La Follette
888866. Understanding Biological Psychology by Philip J Corr
888883. Geographies of Health: An Introduction by Gatrell, Anthony C.
888912. British Social Policy Since 1945 by Howard Glennerster
888922. Gender, Race, and Class: An Overview by Lynn S Chancer
888923. Surveys in Economic Dynamics: Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development by Donald A R George
888965. Free Will by John Ed Kane
888974. Linguistic Anthropology by Alessandro Duranti
888975. Linguistic Anthropology by Duranti, Alessandro
888982. The Blackwell Guide to Continental Philosophy by David L Sherman
888996. The Rise of the Network Society: The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture, Volume I by Castells, Manuel