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Books 40/86

890251. Biology of the Prokaryotes by Schlegel, Hans G.
890277. Industrial Chocolate Manufacture and Use by S T Beckett
890282. Fundamentals of Physical Volcanology by Elisabeth A Parfitt
890286. Heterocyclic Chemistry by John Joule
890288. Acute Medicine 3e by David Sprigings
890291. Immunology 2e by Jan Klein
890305. Nursing Law and Ethics by John Tingle
890307. Expert Witness Constr Dis by Reynolds, Michael P.
890310. One Hundred Contractual Problems and Their Solutions by Roger Knowles
890315. Progress in Thermochemical Biomass Conversion by A Bridgwater
890316. Mineralogy: Theory and Application by Peter Harvey
890319. Construction of Buildings by R Barry
890335. Food Intake in Fish-01 by Houlihan, Dominic
890336. Bone Marrow Pathology by Lampert, Irvin A.
890338. Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System by James Dooley
890350. Principle/Pract Pharmacology 4 by T N Calvey
890380. Human Hair Diversity by John Gray
890382. Shelf Life: Interprofessional Practice by Dominic Mann
890407. Physiotherapy Management of Haemophilia by Brenda Buzzard
890408. Roofing Ready Reckoner by R Goss
890415. Facility Management: Risks and Opportunities by Bev Nutt
890417. ECGs for Nurses by Jevon, Philip
890418. Monitoring the Critically Ill Patient by Beverley Ewens
890428. Arctic Fish Type Kk Wallchart by Yearbook Scandinavian Fishing
890429. Octopus, Squid and Cuttlefish: Type Jj Wallchart by Yearbook Scandinavian Fishing
890435. The Building Regulations: Explained and Illustrated by M J Billington
890441. Introduction to Clothing Manufacture by Gerry Cooklin
890445. Managing Epilepsy: A Clinical Handbook by Malcolm P Taylor
890450. Paleobase: Macrofossils, Part 3 (Single User) by N Mac Leod
890452. A Practical Guide to the Wiring Regulations by Stokes, Geoffrey
890470. The Midwife's Labour and Birth Handbook by Cathy Charles
890489. Fisheries Acoustics: Theory and Practice by John Simmonds
890497. The Treatment of Epilepsy by David R Fish
890498. Fossils at a Glance by Clare Milsom
890501. Lecture Notes on General Surgery by Roy Calne
890527. PaleoBase: Macrofossils Part 2.0: Ammonoids, Bivalves, Coleoids, Gastropods, and Other Mollusca with Booklet by Norman Macleod
890528. Rook's Textbook of Dermatology: 4 Volume Set by Burns, Tony
890530. Research Methods for Construction by Joanne Stepaniak
890534. Handbook on the Wiring Regulations by Blackwell Publishers
890554. Digital Diagnostic Imaging by Patrick Brennan
890564. Lecture Notes on Dermatology by Tony Burns
890566. Brewing Yeast Fermentation Performance by Katherine Smart
890574. Vascular Complications of Diabetes: Current I by Richard Donnelly
890576. The Virtuous Woman Workbook: Shattering the Superwoman Myth by Vicki Countney
890577. In His Hands by Susan Harrison
890578. Five Love Languages of Teenagers (Member Book) by Gary Chapman
890579. Gods Transforming Word: The Holy Bible: How to Study Your Bible by Lea, Thomas D.
890580. Al Fin Libre! = Living Beyond Yourself by Beth Moore
890582. El Matrimonio: Pacto y Compromiso (Spanish) by Gary Chapman
890583. Siete Pilares de una Familla del Rino = Siete Pilares de Una Familia del Reino by Thomas D Elliff
890585. Know Fear: Facing Life's Six Most Common Phobias by Ed Young
890586. Joseph from the Pit to the Palace: A Stomp Musical by Getzen, Jimmy Travis
890590. The Beatles for Easy Guitar Tab by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890593. Movie Music of the '90s by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890594. Motown Hits by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890600. Phish - The Story of the Ghost by Phish
890605. Disney's Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical by Alan Menken
890608. Contemporary Broadway by William
890621. Rock Guitar: The Essential Guitar Patterns That All the Pros Know and Use[ With CD] by Fred Sokolow
890623. Jazz Guitar: The Essential Guitar Patterns That All the Pros Know and Use[ With CD] by Fred Sokolow
890624. Bluegrass and Folk Guitar: The Essential Guitar Patterns That All the Pros Know and Use by Fred Sokolow
890626. Mandolin: The Essential Patterns That All the Pros Know and Use[ With CD] by Bob Applebaum
890627. 5- String Banjo: The Essential Patterns That All the Pros Know and Use[ With CD] by Fred Sokolow
890629. Phillips, Craig and Dean - Favorite Songs of All by Phillips Craig Dean
890635. The Goo Goo Dolls - Dizzy Up the Girl by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890642. Neil Diamond - The Movie Album: As Time Goes by by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890643. Steve Vai - Flex-Able Leftovers by Vai, Steve
890653. Today's Christian Rock by Various Artists
890654. Praise and Worship for Guitar by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890655. Foo Fighters - The Colour and the Shape by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890668. Essential Elements 2000, Book 1: Piano Accompaniment; Comprehensive Band Method by Tim Lautzenheiser
890669. The Christian Children's Songbook by Various
890672. The Joy of Music- Volume 2: Organ by Fred
890676. Creed - My Own Prison by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890677. Songs of Romance from the Movies by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890686. Third Eye Blind by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890688. Gospel's Greatest by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890702. Women of Rock by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890707. Classic Guitar Styles of Duke Robillard: A Guide to Playing Authentic Blues, Jazz and Rock 'n' Roll by Dave Rubin
890711. The Essential Wedding Collection: Piano Solo by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890717. New Age Piano Wedding Collection by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890718. Jump Swing Fever by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890721. Latin Guitar: The Essential Guide to Brazilian and Afro- Cuban Rhythms[ With CD with 79 Demo Tracks] by Bruce Buckingham
890731. Arranging in the Digital World: Techniques for Arranging Popular Music Using Today's Electronic and Digital Instruments with Disk by Corey Allen
890732. Complete Guide to Film Scoring by Richard Davis
890735. The Self-Promoting Musician by Peter Spellman
890738. Berklee Practice Method: Guitar with CD (Audio) by Larry Baione
890739. Berklee Practice Method: Bass with CD (Audio) by Rich Appleman
890746. Miles Davis: A Step- By- Step Breakdown of the Trumpet Styles and Techniques of a Jazz Innovator[ With CD] by Artemis Music Ltd
890753. Gospel Songs by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890755. Solo Jazz Piano: The Linear Approach by Neil Olmstead
890757. A Guide to Jazz Improvisation: Bass Clef Edition[ With CD] by John La Porta
890760. Berklee Practice Method: Tenor and Soprano Sax: Get Your Band Together[ With CD] by Jim Odgren
890763. Berklee Practice Method: Vibraphone: Get Your Band Together[ With CD (Audio) ] by Berklee Press
890766. The Contemporary Singer: Elements of Vocal Technique with CD (Audio) by Peckham, Anne
890768. Bad Company - The Original Anthology - Book 2 by Bad Company
890769. Blues Licks You Can Use: Music and Performance Notes for 75 Hot Lead Phrases[ With CD (Audio) ] by John Ganapes
890771. A Swingin' Holiday Season by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890772. Jazz at Christmas by Frank Mantooth
890776. Steve Kaufman's Four- Hour Bluegrass Banjo Workout by Kaufman Steve
890777. Suzanne Ciani - Turning by Ciani, Suzanne
890783. I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change: P/V/G Vocal Selections by Jimmy Roberts
890784. Jumpin' Jim's Gone Hawaiian: Ukulele Solo by
890785. Fasttrack Mini Keyboard Method - Book 1 with CD (Audio) by Blake Neely
890790. Fasttrack Mini Drum Songbook 1 - Level 1 by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890795. Drum Set Warm-Ups: Build Your Stamina, Control and Agility by Rod Morgenstein
890797. Introduction to Jazz Guitar Soloing: A Comprehensive Improvisation Method with CD (Audio) by Joe Elliott
890798. Steven Curtis Chapman - Speechless by Steven Curtis Chapman
890815. Ani Difranco - Up Up Up Up Up Up by Ani Difranco
890816. Mana - Suenos Liquidos by Mana
890817. The Music of Miles Davis: A Study and Analysis of Compositions and Solo Transcriptions from the Great Jazz Composer and Improviser by Lex Giel
890818. The Hymn Fake Book: C Edition by Various Artists
890823. Ben Folds Five- The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner by Ron
890828. David Lanz- East of the Moon by David Lanz
890829. Latin Fake Book: C Edition by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890835. Rhythm Section Drumming: Play-Along for Drums with CD (Audio) by Frank Corniola
890841. Funk Guitar: The Essential Guide[ With CD] by Ross Bolton
890846. The Greatest Rock Guitar Fake Book by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890855. Megadeth - Risk by Jason, Robert Brown
890856. The Very Best of Elvis Costello by Various
890866. Essential Elements for Band- Book 2 with Eei: BB Clarinet by Various
890873. Recording in the Digital World: Complete Guide to Studio Gear and Software by Thomas E Rudolph
890877. Reading Studies for Guitar by William G Leavitt
890878. Advanced Reading Studies for Guitar: Positions Eight Through Twelve and Multi- Position Studies in All Keys by William Leavitt
890880. What's a Synthesizer?: Simple Answers to Common Questions by Jon F Eiche
890881. What's a Sequencer?: A Basic Guide to Their Features and Use by Greg R Starr
890882. Mambos! Sambas! Rhumbas! by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890892. Jazz Solos for Guitar: Reh Pro Licks[ With CD] by Wise Les
890897. Creed - Human Clay by Creed
890902. R. E. M. - Up by R E M
890903. Inside the Hits: The Seduction of a Rock and Roll Generation by Wayne Wadhams
890905. Hammond Organ Complete: Tunes, Tones and Techniques for Drawbar Keyboards[ With CD] by Dave Limina
890906. Modern Jazz Voicings: Arranging for Small and Medium Ensembles with CD (Audio) by Ted Pease
890909. Piano Technique Book 3 - GM Disk: Hal Leonard Student Piano Library by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890910. The Encyclopedia of Double Bass Drumming by Bobby Rondinelli
890913. Best of Foo Fighters with CD (Audio) by Troy Stetina
890918. Mariah Carey - Rainbow by Mariah Carey
890923. Sting - Fields of Gold by Sting
890924. Billy Joel Collection by Joel, Billy
890925. Goo Goo Dolls - Collection by Goo Goo Dolls
890937. Baby Boomer's Guitar Bible by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890938. Carole King Collection by King, Carole
890946. Reharmonization Techniques by Randy Felts
890947. Best Contemporary Ballads by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890948. Great American Gospel for Guitar by Warner Bros Publications
890957. Fasttrack Mini Chords and Scales for Guitar[ With CD] by Blake Neely
890958. Soft Shoe Shuffle: Late Elementary - Level 3 by Bill Boyd
890964. Chord Studies for Electric Bass: Guitar Technique by Rich Appleman
890974. The Big Book of Gospel Songs by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
890978. 101 Bass Tips: Stuff All the Pros Know and Use[ With CD] by Gary Willis