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Books 43/65

954676. Learning about Money by First Facts Books
954681. Maiasaura by Cohen, Daniel
954682. Pachycephalosaurus by Daniel Cohen
954683. Parasaurolophus by Daniel Cohen
954685. Sarcosuchus Imperator by Daniel Cohen
954686. Spinosaurus by Daniel Cohen
954687. Stegosaurus by Cohen, Daniel
954688. Triceratops by Daniel Cohen
954689. Troodon by Daniel Cohen
954690. Velociraptor by Cohen, Daniel
954693. Painted Lady Butterflies by Donna Schaffer
954698. Space Ship One: Making History in Outerspace by Tom Sibila
954699. Rock Climbing: Making It to the Top by Cynthia A Dean
954703. The Water Patrol: Saving Surfers' Lives in Big Waves by Linda Barr
954705. The Mannings: Football's Famous Family by J A Worthington
954706. Young Champions: It's All about Attitude by Linda Barr
954707. Tsunami!: Deadly Wall of Water by Jeff Putnam
954708. SpaceShipOne: Making Dreams Come True by Tom Sibila
954710. Michelle Wie: She's Got the Power by Cynthia A Dean
954711. Lebron James: King of the Court by Tom Sibila
954712. Comic Books: From Superheroes to Manga by Joshua Hatch
954713. The Water Patrol: Saving Surfers' Lives in Big Waves by Linda Barr
954722. Big Babies by Daniel Jacobs
954723. Discover the Rain Forest by Lisa Trumbauer
954724. How Do You Move? by Ellen Catala
954725. Our Moon by Debra Lucas
954726. Snow by Susan Ring
954728. Seeing Is Believing by Elena Martin
954729. Stone Is Strong! by Michael A Auster
954730. Up, Up, and Away by Ellen Catala
954731. A Year in the Desert by Lisa Trumbauer
954732. Scientists at Work by Susan Ring
954734. Good Dog! by Susan Ring
954735. Helping Hands by Susan Ring
954736. What Has Changed? by Ellen Catala
954737. Set in Stone by Lisa Trumbauer
954738. Boats, Boats, Boats by Susan Ring
954739. Come to Mexico by Susan Ring
954740. We Live in North America by Susan Ring
954741. Corn by Lisa Trumbauer
954742. Fancy Feet by Abby Jackson
954743. National Parks by Lisa Trumbauer
954744. They Led the Way by Michael A Auster
954745. Places We Live by Susan Ring
954746. Patterns by Daniel Jacobs
954747. Fair Share by Hollie J Endres
954748. Solid Shapes by Daniel Shepard
954749. Double the Animals by Lisa Trumbauer
954750. Is It Odd or Even? by Danielle Caroll
954751. Measurement Action! by Benjamin Benjamin
954752. Tiling with Shapes by Danielle Caroll
954753. Place Value by Danielle Caroll
954754. How Much Money? by Hollie J Endres
954755. What Is a Hundred? by Danielle Caroll
954756. The Great Divide by Danielle Caroll
954757. Animal Giants by Lisa Trumbauer
954781. What Is in Space? by Vita Jimenez
954783. My Apple Tree by David Bauer
954784. What Is an Insect? by Lisa Trumbauer
954785. On All Kinds of Days by Susan Ring
954788. So Many Circles by Elena Martin
954791. Numbers All Around by Daniel Shepard
954792. Big or Small by Susan Ring
954794. Green Means Go by Susan Ring
954797. Taking Care of Pets by Susan Ring
954798. Signs by David Bauer
954799. Que Hay en el Espacio? = What Is in Space? by Jimenez, Vita
954800. Que Sonidos Hay? = What Kind of Sound? by Vita Jiminez
954801. Mi Manzano = My Apple Tree by Bauer, David
954802. Que Es un Insecto? by Trumbauer, Lisa
954803. Nos Divertimos = On All Kinds of Days by Ring, Susan
954804. Agua = Water by Lisa Trumbauer
954805. Veo Patrones = I See Patterns by Susan Ring
954808. Me Gustan los Desfiles = I Love a Parade by Ellen Catala
954809. Numeros en Todas Partes = Numbers All Around by Daniel Shepard
954811. Quienes Nos Protegen? = Who Keeps Us Safe? by Ellen Catala
954812. Verde Dice Adelante = Green Means Go by Susan Ring
954813. Esta Granja = Thhis Farm by Rubin, Alan
954814. Toys Long Ago by Jeri S Cipriano
954815. Cuidando A las Mascotas = Taking Care of Pets by Ring, Susan
954816. Senales y Rotulos = Signs by Bauer, David
954818. Que Sonidos Hay? = What Kind of Sound? by Vita Jimenez
954819. Mi Manzano = My Apple Tree by David Bauer
954823. Veo Patrones = I See Patterns by Susan Ring
954824. Hay Muchos Circulos = So Many Circles by Elena Martin
954826. Me Gustan Los Desfiles/I Love a Parade by Ellen Catala
954827. Numeros en Todas Partes = Numbers All Around by Daniel Shepard
954828. Grande O Chiquito? = Big or Small? by Susan Ring
954829. Quienes Nos Protegen? = Who Keeps Us Safe? by Ellen Catala
954876. Patience by Rebecca Olien
954877. Peacefulness by Rebecca Olien
954887. Mountains by Webster, Christine
954888. Plains by Christine Webster
954897. Storms by Terri Sievert
954913. Aggressive In-Line Skating by Kaelberer, Angie Peterson
954915. Ice Climbing by Kaelberer, Angie Peterson
954928. The Valley of the Kings: Egypt's Greatest Mummies by Michael Burgan
954962. Broken Bones by Jason Glaser
955129. Shapes Around Town by Nathan Olson
955130. Our Government Set by Muriel L Du Bois
955331. La Batalla del Alamo by Matt Doeden
955355. Footballs and Falling Leaves: A Fall Counting Book by Rebecca Fjelland Davis
955381. Phillis Wheatley: Colonial American Poet by Laura Purdie Salas
955418. England by Tracey Boraas
955426. Israel by Tracey Boraas
955430. Pakistan by Marc Tyler Nobleman
955432. Sweden by Tracey Boraas
955433. Thailand by Tracey Boraas
955442. Junipero Serra: Explorer and Missionary by Tyler Schumacher
955446. Bugs A to Z by Terri De Gezelle
955447. More Bugs? Less Bugs? by Curry, Don L.
955448. Birds A to Z by DeGezelle, Terri
955449. How Many Birds? by Don L Curry
955450. My ABCs by Don L Curry
955451. My Counting Book by Don L Curry
955456. Animales en Peligro by Ellen Catala
955457. Como Te Mueves? by Catala, Ellen
955458. Descubre la Selva Tropical by Trumbauer, Lisa
955459. Nuestra Luna by Lucas, Debra
955460. Ver Es Creer by Elena Martin
955461. La Nieve by Susan Ring
955463. La Historia del Jugo de Naranja by Trumbauer, Lisa
955464. Construimos Con Piedra by Auster, Michael A.
955465. Vamos A Volar by Ellen Catala
955466. Cientificos Trabajando by Ring, Susan
955467. Un Ano en el Desierto by Lisa Trumbauer
955468. Es Impar O Par? by Carroll, Danielle
955469. Duplica los Animales by Lisa Trumbauer
955470. Compartiendo Igualmente by Hollie J Endres
955471. Figuras Solidas by Daniel Shepard
955472. Patrones by Daniel Jacobs
955473. Tomando Medidas by Lindsay Benjamin
955474. Animales Gigantescos by Lisa Trumbauer
955475. Cuanto Dinero? by Hollie J Endres
955477. Tu Puedes Dividir by Danielle Carroll
955478. Ensamblando Figuras Geometricas by Danielle Carroll
955479. Cuanto Es Cien? by Carroll, Danielle
955482. Buen Perro! by Ring, Susan
955483. Vamos A Ayudar! by Ring, Susan
955484. Esculpidos en Piedra by Lisa Trumbauer
955485. Que Ha Cambiado? by Catala, Ellen
955486. Maiz by Trumbauer, Lisa
955487. Zapatos Con Historia by Abby Jackson
955488. Parques Nacionales by Libros Sombrilla Amarilla
955489. Los Lugares Donde Vivimos by Ring, Susan
955491. Lideres Importantes by Auster, Michael A.
955493. Sorting by Jenny Marks
955494. Simple Machines to the Rescue by First Facts Books
955495. Animales en Peligro by Ellen Catala
955496. Como Te Mueves by Ellen Catala