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Books 49/12

1081651. Visions of Erotica by Naomi
1081652. Blenko Glass: 1962- 1971 Catalogs by Leslie A Piina
1081653. Halloween: Collectible Decorations and Games by Pamela Apkarian Russell
1081656. Naturally '70s Fabric by Constance Korosec
1081657. Encyclopedia of Cabbage Patch Kids* r: The 1990s by Jan Lindenberger
1081658. Bachem Ba 349 Natter by Myhra, David
1081659. The Personnel Armor System Ground Troops (Pasgt) Helmet: An Illustrated Study of the U.S. Military's Current Issue Helmet by Reynosa, Mark A.
1081660. Universal Dinnerware and Its Predecessors by Timothy J Smith
1081661. Beautiful Bauer: A Pictorial Study with Prices by Jeffrey B Snyder
1081662. Germany's Tiger Tanks D.W. to Tiger I: Design, Production & Modifications by Jentz, Thomas L.
1081664. Eyeglass Retrospective: Where Fashion Meets Science by Nancy Schiffer
1081665. Hula Girls and Surfer Boys by Mark Blackburn
1081666. Japanese Export Ceramics: 1860- 1920 by Nancy Schiffer
1081667. The Definitive Guide to Colorful Insulators by Michael Bruner
1081668. Bears with an Attitude; Promotional Advocate Toys by Joyce Gerardi Rinehart
1081670. Discovering Antique Phonographs by Timothy C Fabrizio
1081671. Josef Originals: A Second Look by Jim Whitaker
1081672. Paperweights by Peter Von Brackel
1081673. Dunbar: Fine Furniture of the 1950s by Leslie Pina
1081675. A Collector's Book of Willow Ware by Jennifer A Lindbeck
1081676. Soda Advertising Openers by Donald A Bull
1081677. Forest Green Glass by Philip Hopper
1081678. British Art Deco Ceramics by Colin Mawston
1081679. Convair F-102: Delta Dagger by Mutza, Wayne
1081680. A Collector's Guide to African Sculpture by Theodore Toatley
1081682. Coffee Antiques by Edward C Kvetko
1081685. Elsie* r the Cow & Borden's* r Collectibles: An Unauthorized Handbook and Price Guide by Albert Coito
1081686. The Collector's Guide to Lady Figurine Planters by Pat Armes
1081687. Paperweights from Great Britain by John Simmonds
1081689. Cast Iron Automotive Toys by Myra Yellin Outwater
1081690. M& M'S* r Around the World: An Unauthorized Collector's Guide by Ken Clee
1081691. Complete Book of Hot Wheels by Bob Parker
1081692. Georg Jensen: A Tradition of Splendid Silver by Janet Drucker
1081693. Historical Staffordshire: American Patriots & Views by Jeffrey B Snyder
1081694. McDonald's* r Happy Meal* r Toys Around the World: 1975- 1995 by Terry Losonsky
1081695. Miniature Lamps-II by Smith, Ruth E.
1081696. Pez* r Collectibles by Richard Geary
1081697. A Pocket Guide to Flow Blue by Jeffrey B Snyder
1081698. Evolution of Havil and China Design by Nora Travis
1081699. Tinplate Toys from Schuco, Bing, & Other Companies by Jurgen Franzke
1081701. The Fashionable Fan by Bella Veksler
1081702. Collecting Edgar Rice Burroughs by Glenn Erardi
1081703. The Collector's World of Inkwells by Jean Hunting
1081704. An Unauthorized Guide to Collecting Sohio: Bring Your Car Up to Standard by W Clark Miller
1081705. Uniforms and Equipment of the German Army: Nineteen Hundred to Nineteen Eighteen by Charles L Woolley
1081706. Pepsi Memorabilia: Then and Now: An Unauthorized Handbook and Price Guide by Phil Dillman
1081707. The Contemporary Blacksmith by Dona Z Meilach
1081709. World War II Troop Type Parachutes Axis: Germany, Italy, Japan: An Illustrated Study by Guy Richards
1081714. The Unauthorized Collector's Guide to Garfield and the Gang by Robert Gipson
1081715. Victorian Staffordshire Figures, 1835- 1875: Book Three by Adrian Harding
1081716. Steiff* r Bears and Other Playthings Past and Present by Dee Hockenberry
1081717. Quilting Traditions: Pieces from the Past by Trish Herr
1081718. Skateboard Retrospective: A Collector's Guide by Rhyn Noll
1081721. Garden Ornaments and Antiques by Myra Yellin Outwater
1081722. America's Salt & Pepper Shakers by Sylvia Tompkins
1081724. Washday Collectibles by Pamela Apkarian Russell
1081727. Occupied Japan for the Home by Florence Archambault
1081728. Crackle Glass in Color Depression to '70s by Leslie Pina
1081729. 1930s Lighting: Deco & Traditional by Chase by Donald Brian Johnson
1081730. Beads on Bags: 1880s- 2000 by Lorita Winfield
1081731. Fifties Furniture by Paul McCobb: Directional Designs by Paul Mc Cobb
1081732. Seneca Glass: A Guide to Catalogs and Prices by Seneca Glass Company
1081733. Elegant Seneca Glass: Victorian--Depression--Modern by Jennifer A Lindbeck
1081734. Fine Fashion Jewelry from Sarah Coventry by Jennifer A Lindbeck
1081735. Bassett's Roseville Prices by Mark Bassett
1081736. Ethnic Jewelry: From Africa, Europe, & Asia by Sibylle Jargstorf
1081737. The Patti Playpal*t Family: A Guide to Companion Dolls of the 1960s by Carla Marie Cross
1081738. The Best of Golden Oak Furniture: With Details and Prices by Nancy Schiffer
1081739. Fiesta, Harlequin & Kitchen Kraft Tablewares: The Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association Guide by
1081741. Popular Royal Bayreuth for Collectors by Douglas Congdon Martin
1081742. Chocolate Memorabilia by Donna S Baker
1081744. The Official U. S. Casino Chip Price Guide by James Campiglia
1081746. Range Unlimited: A History of Aerial Refueling by William G Holder
1081749. Scandinavian Ceramics and Glass: 1940s to 1980s by George Fischler
1081751. Contemporary Marbles & Related Art Glass by Mark P Block
1081752. R.S. Prussia: The Early Years by Lee Marple
1081753. Beer Advertising: Knives, Letter Openers, Ice Picks, Cigar Cutters, and More by Donald A Bull
1081754. Photographica: The Fascination with Classic Cameras by Rudolf Hillebrand
1081756. Office Collectibles: 100 Years of Business Technology by Thomas A Russo
1081758. U.S. Army Aviation Color Schemes and Markings 1942-To the Present by Lennart Lundh
1081760. The Ghosts of New Orleans by Daena Smoller
1081761. 1006 Salt & Pepper Shakers: Advertising by Larry Carey
1081762. Planes of the Presidents by Bill Holder
1081767. Lefton China: Old and New by Ruth Mc Carthy
1081768. Lesney's Matchbox*r Toys: Regular Wheel Years, 1947-1969 by Charlie Mack
1081769. Ronson's Art Metal Works by Stuart L Schneider
1081770. Quilts: The Fabric of Friendship by Sharon P Angelo
1081771. Toy Cars of Japan and Hong Kong by Andrew G Ralston
1081772. Pocket Guide to Carnival Glass by Monica Lynn Clements
1081773. Collecting Matchbox*t Regular Wheels, 1953-1969 by Charlie Mack
1081774. The Encyclopedia of Glass by Mark Pickvet
1081775. Antique Ice Skates for the Collector by Russell Herner
1081777. Dfs 228 by David Myhra
1081779. Lockheed C-5 Galaxy by Reed, Chris
1081781. A Century of Carnival Glass by Glen Thistlewood
1081782. Glass Candle Holders: Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Depression Era, Modern by Paula Pendergrass
1081783. Great Kitchen Designs: A Visual Feast of Ideas and Resources by Tina Skinner
1081785. Plastic Passion by Steve Nankervis
1081786. Pens & Pencils by Regina Martini
1081787. Hot Wheels* t: A Collector's Guide by Bob Parker
1081788. Spongeware and Spatterware by Kevin Mc Connell
1081792. Handbook for American Brilliant Cut Glass by Bill Boggess
1081793. Depression Era Kitchen Shakers by Barbara E Mauzy
1081795. Kimono Vanishing Tradition: Japanese Textiles of the 20th Century by Cheryl Imperatore
1081796. German Jet Aircraft: 1939-1945 by Diedrich, Hans-Peter
1081797. Further Adventures in the Simpsons Collectibles: An Unauthorized Guide by Robert W Getz
1081798. Promotional Cars & Trucks, 1934- 1983: Dealership Vehicles in Miniature by Steve Butler
1081799. Carving Caricature Figures from Scratch by Pete Le Clair
1081800. Garden Projects for the Backyard Carpenter by Tina Skinner
1081801. The Best of Shaving Mugs by Keith E Estep
1081804. Boxes Full of Corkscrews by Donald A Bull
1081805. Collectors Guide to Childrens Automobiles by G G Weiner
1081806. Meissen Figures 1730-1775: The Kaendler Period by Yvonne Adams
1081807. Carving Traditional Style Kachina Dolls by Tom Moore
1081809. Pennsylvania German Arts: More Than Hearts, Parrots, and Tulips by Irwin Richman
1081812. Cera* mica: Mexican Pottery of the 20th Century by Amanda Thompson
1081813. Fancy Coffins to Make Yourself by Dale Power
1081814. Majolica: British, American & European Wares by Jeffrey B Snyder
1081816. Cowboy Americana by Joice I Overton
1081817. Foulards: A Picture Book of Prints for Men's Wear by Tina Skinner
1081820. Distinctive Limoges Porcelain: Objets Dart, Boxes, and Dinnerware by Keith Waterbrook Clyde
1081821. Milk Glass: & Other Opaque Novelties by Myrna Garrison
1081822. Mego Action Figure Toys by John Bonavita
1081824. Photographic Cases: Victorian Design Sources 1840- 1870 by Adele Kenny
1081825. Hartland Horses and Dogs by Gail Fitch
1081827. Spongeware, 1835- 1935: Makers, Marks, and Patterns by Henry E Kelly
1081828. The V1 and It's Soviet Successors by Kopenhagen, Wilfried
1081829. Marvelous Majolica: An Easy Reference & Price Guide by Jeffrey B Snyder
1081831. Collector's Guide to Trenton Potteries by Thomas L Rago
1081833. Beer Signs for the Collector by Scott Faragher
1081834. Coin Banks by Banthrico by James L Redwine
1081837. The History of German Aviation: Bombers and Reconnaissance Aircraft 1939 to the Present by Roderich Cescotti
1081838. The Ghetto Men: The SS Destruction of the Jewish Warsaw Ghetto April-May 1943 by French L Mac Lean
1081839. Tactical Air Command: An Illustrated History, 1946-1992 by Campbell, John
1081842. The Chaseera: 1933 & 1942 Catalogs of the Chase Brass & Copper Co. by Donald Brian Johnson
1081843. Silver Novelties in the Gilded Age: 1870- 1910 by Deborah Crosby
1081844. Collecting Men's Belt Buckles by Joseph V Saitta
1081845. Ceramic Art Tile for the Home by Deborah Goletz
1081846. Collectible Blowtorches by Dick Sarpolus
1081847. Direct Wood Sculpture: Technique- Innovation- Creativity by Milt Liebson
1081849. John Rogers Statuary by Paul Meta Bleir
1081852. 500 Years of German Cannon by Gerhard Taube
1081853. Decorating Gourds: Carving, Burning, Painting, and More by Sue Waters
1081855. Carving the Green-Wing Teal: Quick Tips for Hen and Drake by Jeffrey Moore
1081856. The Glass of Frederick Carder by Paul Vickers Gardner
1081858. Gonder Ceramic Arts: A Comprehensive Guide by James R Boshears
1081859. Architectural Ironwork by Dona Z Meilach
1081862. Country Store Advertising, Medicines, and More by Rich Bertoia
1081863. Carving a Street-Corner Band by Al Streetman
1081864. Comic Character Wristwatches by Debra S Braun