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97353. Quantitative Techniques B. Com. I GNDU, 7th Edi. 2008 by Bhardwaj S L
97354. Programming using C+ + 5th Edition 2008 by Gupta Amardeep
97360. Mathematics B. Com. 1st Yr. Dibrugarhlst Edition 2008 by Nag N K
97366. Financial Accounting Management BCA 2nd H. P. 1st Edition 2008 by Aggarwal Manav
97368. Management Accounting (B. Com. Prof. ) , 4th Edi. 2008 by Gupta Shashi
97369. System Analysis and Design B. Teeh. BCA& MCA 1st Edition 2008 by Wadhawa Puneet
97370. Business Mathematics (Gauhati) B. Com. I, 3rd Edition 2008 by Nag N K
97371. Programming in C+ + 1st Edition 2008 by Bhatia S S
97372. Object Oriented Programming in C+ + 1st Edi. 2008 by Sukhdev Singh
97373. Computer and Mathematics for Bio- Tech 1st Edition 2008 by Mehta Pallavi
97375. Operating System PG DCA Punjab Uni. 1st Edition 2008 by Mukesh Kumar
97381. The Economy of Assam, 4th Edition 2008 by Dhar P K
97384. Business Mathematics& Statistics (B. Com. Pb. ) 11th Edition 2008 by Bhardwaj S L
97389. Operating System 2nd Edition 2008 by Saini K S
97390. Research Methology in Social Sciences 1st Edition 2008 by Reddy C R
97392. Indian Economy (Pb. ) 10th Edition 2008 by Dhar P K
97395. Indian Economy: It Growing Dimensions 16th Edi. 2008 by Dhar P K
97397. Kalyani Bio- Inorganic Chemistry, 2nd Edition 2008 by Seji B K
97398. Business Mathematics& Statistics (Pbi. Uni. Edition) 9th Edition 2008 by Bhardwaj S L
97399. Marketing Management BBM 3rd Semester Bangalore 3rd Edition 2008 by Sontakki C N
97402. Economics for Managers MBA (MG) 2nd Edi. 2008 by Jasvir Singh
97403. Production and Operations Management BBA Punjabi 1st Edition 2008 by Mandeep
97405. Financial Accounting B. Com. I, (A. P. ) 10th Edi. 2008 by Narang K L
97408. Financial Accounting (Punjabi Uni. ) 11th Edition 2008 by Narang K L
97410. Corporate Tax Planning and Management 6th Edition 2008 by Puri Rajeev
97411. Basics of Accounting BBA (Pb. ) , 3rd Edi. 2008 by Narang K L
97415. Patent Law and Entrepre- neurship 2nd Edition 2008 by Baljinder Kaur
97421. Philosphy of Geography and Political Thought 1st Edi. 2008 by Sengupta Purab
97423. Indian Economic Development and Elementary Statistics+ 2 Art& Science Students, 2nd Edition 2008 by Dash B
97428. Management Information System 2nd Edi. 2008 by Jindal Aman
97431. Fundamentals of Insurance (Gauhati) 4th Edi. 2008 by Surjeet Kaur
97432. Business English and Communication (Gauhati) 1st Edi. 2008 by Varinder Kumar
97433. Marketing Research PTU 1st Edition 2008 by Kular Inderpreet
97434. DBMS with MS Access BCA II Punjabi Uni. 2nd Edi. 2008 by Gupta Vikram
97435. Text book of Scripting Language and Web Designing 5th Edition 2008 by Mahindru Sonia
97436. Organisation Development (PTU) 2nd Edition 2008 by Mehta Sandhya
97437. Software Engineering 3rd Edition 2008 by Ramandeep Kaur Aman Jindal
97438. Accounting for Management and Information Technology MBA and MCA 5th Edition 2008 Rept. 2009 by Bagga Rajesh
97441. Kalyani Unified Chemistry Vol. 14th Edi. 2008 by Rama
97442. Poultry Farming 1st Edi. 2008 by Ghosh Nilotpal
97446. Marketing Research BBA PTU 1st Edition 2008 by Aggarwal Navdeep
97452. World History 1453- 1945 BA Orissa 1st Edition 2008 by Swain R
97453. Digital Electronics 1st Edition 2007 Rept. 2008 by Malhi Manpreet
97454. Modern School Management 1st Edition 2008 by Gera Manju
97455. Advanced Financial Accounting ([ M. Com. ] MG Univ. ) 5th Edition 2008 by Narang K L
97457. Contemporary Issues in Accounting 5th Edition 2008 by Mehra Arun
97458. Business Environment BBA V Semester PTU 1st Edi. 2008 by Juneja Harleen
97463. International Marketing PTU 1st Edition 2008 by Brar A S
97464. Quantitative Techniques[ MBA] PTU 3rd Edition 2008 by Patri D N
97467. Teaching of Mathematics 1st Edition 2008 by Harinder Singh
97468. Education of Exceptional Childen 2nd Edition 2008 by Sekhon M K
97469. Computer Applications in Management B. Com. Orissa 1st Edition 2008 by Malhotra Sunil
97474. Computer Mathematical Foundation MCA PTU 1st Edition 2008 by Kaushal B
97476. Management and Accountancy BCA W. B. Tech 1st Edi. 2008 by Gupta Shashi
97477. Business Communication I BBA PTU 1st Edition 2008 by Kaur S R
97480. Farm Power 1st Edition 2008 by Das Dhirindra K
97481. Modern Approach to Practical Chemistry B. Sc. { Pass& Hons) Orissa 1st Edition 2008 by Sharma Y R
97484. A Book of Political Science for Beginner 3rd Edition 2008 by Ghai K K
97485. Teacher and Education in Emerging Indian Society 1st Edition 2008 by Deoibedi Ramanath
97487. Principles of Guidance and Counselling 3rd Edition 2008 by Bhatia K K
97491. Textbook of Family Resource Management Hygiene and Physiology, 9th Edition 2008 by Aggarwal Amita
97492. Panjab Basha Da Adyapam 3rd Edition 2008 by Sekho M K
97495. Business Economics 1st Edition 2008 by Surendar V Gopalakrishna Murty
97496. Public Finance 15th Edi. 2008 by Lekhi R K
97497. Data Structure using C+ + 4th Edition 2008 by Nischay Behl
97498. A Text Book of Modern Physical Education Health& Sports I, (Pb. Uni. ) 4th Edi. 2009 by Bains J
97503. A Textbook of Complite Origanic Chemistry B. Sc. Orissa 1st Edition 2008 by Sharma Y R
97505. B. Tech Chemistry I 2nd Edition 2008 by Mishra Biswajit
97506. Modern School Management 1st Edition 2008 by Jaspal Singh
97511. Micro Economics Theory BBA PTU 2nd Edition 2008 by Charanjit Kaur
97512. Education of Exceptional Children 1st Edition 2008 by Sekho S S
97513. Resource Geography 2nd Edition 2008 i by Sengupta Purab
97517. Bases of Educational Psychology 2nd Edition 2008 by Bhatia K K
97519. Modern Textbook of Physical Education II, (Pb. Uni. ) 4th Edition 2008 by Bains J
97520. Principles of Guidance and Counselling 3rd Edition 2008 by Bhatia K K
97521. Practical Problems in Financial Accounting 8th Edi. 2008 by Tandon Renu
97522. Practical Problems in Corporate Accounting 6th Edition 2008 by Aggarwal M
97523. Security Analysis& Portfolio Management 1st Edition 2008 by Jain Ruchika
97527. Fundamentals of Information Technology AP Edition 1st Edition 2008 by Gopisetty Rambabu
97528. Indian Business Environment (Assam) 6th Edition 2008 by Dhar P K
97531. Quantitative Methods for Management MBA Orissa 1st Edition 2008 by Patri D N
97532. Practical Problems in CBSE Accountancy 8th Edi. 2008 by Mahajan R K
97534. Direct Taxes M. Com. MG IV Semester 5th Edition 2008 by Narang D B
97536. Accountancy II 2nd Year (Pre- Unit) Karnatakalst Edi. 2008 by Janardhan T G
97537. Computer Fundaments and C Programming 4th Edi. 2008 by Rachhpal Singh
97538. Business Organisation& Manageemnt B. Com. A. P. 1st Edition 2008 by Vasudeva Suraswathi G
97541. Textbook of Veterinary Toxicology 1st Edition 2008 by Brar R S
97547. Crops Diseases 1st Edition 2008 by Tripathi D P
97553. Microbiology 2nd Edition 2009 by Singh R P
97555. Entrepreneurship Develop- maent B. Com. BBA Orissa 1st Edition 2008 by Sood S K
97556. Financial Accountancy Vol. I 1st Edition 2008 by Sridhar Y
97557. Textbook of Engineering Chemistry 2nd Edition 2008 by Mitra P
97561. The Economics of Development and Planning 12th Edi. 2009 by Lekhi R K
97564. Human Physiology, Textile and Clothing Pass& Hons+ 3 Orissa 1st Edition 208 by Pattanik Meena
97565. Intoduction to Sociology 1st Edition 2008 by Jena P K
97566. Cost and Management Accounting MBA UP Tech. Uni. 1st Edition 2008 by Narang K L
97567. Financial Management I& II MBA Orissa 1st Edition 2008 by Gupta Shashi
97568. Kalyani Commerce Series Corporate Accounting 5th Edition 2008 by Harpal Singh
97569. + 3 Indian Polity Paper I Structure 1st Edition 2008 by Nayak G C
97570. + 3 Indian Polity Paper II Process 1st Edition 2008 by Nayak G C
97573. Kalyani Stay Ahead in Accountancy XII 3rd Edition 2009 by Mongia Rajeev
97574. Kalyani Commerce Series Corporate Accounting B. Com. II yr. GNDU 2nd Edi. 2008 by Harpal Singh
97575. Business Studies IPSEB 1st Edition 2008 by Pal V
97578. Quantitative Methods MBA 1st Semester West Bengal 2nd Edition 2009 by Nag N K
97586. Statistics for Management MBA 1st Semester VTU 2nd Edition 2008 by Patri D N
97588. Consumer Behaviour and Promotion Management MBA PTU 3rd Edition 2009 by Gupta Meenu
97593. Kalyani Commerce series Management Accounting (Pb. Uni. ) , 5th Edition 2009 by Sharma Sonia
97595. Financial Management MBA Vis. Tech. University 2nd Edition 2009 by Gupta Shashi
97597. Fundamentals of Information Technology B. Com. A. P. 1st Edition 2009 by Gopisetty R M
97598. Creative Writing Skill and Applied Grammer 1st Edi. 2009 by Mishra A K
97601. Kalyani Commerce Series Financial Accounting GNDU 4th Edition 2009 by Gulahti Sonu
97605. ISC Biology, * XII 4th Edi. 2008 by Sanga Gurbir
97606. ISC Biology XII 4th Edition 2008 by Sanga Gurbir
97610. Marketing Management BBA 4th Semester WB Uni. 1st Edition 2008 by Sontakki C N
97614. Human Resource Management MBA 2nd Sem. Ves. Tech Uni. 1st Edition 2008 by Joshi Rosy Walia
97615. Management Information System (BBM VI Sem. Bangalore) 2nd Edition 2009 by Jindal Aman
97620. ICSE Biology for X 2nd Edition 2009 by Sangha Gurbir
97621. Production and Operation Management BBA MBA Orissa 1st Edi. 2009 by Sharma Gagandeep
97622. Industrial Psychology BBA 2nd Semester H. P. 1st Edition 2008 by Ramneek Kaur
97627. Gajanan(The God with an Elephant Head) by S P Bansal
97645. Secret Treasure Disney` s Detective Mickey by
97646. Intersection of Law& Desire, The Micky Knight Mystery ( 1st Lesbian Detective in New Orleans) Redmann launches a series featuring Michelle" Mickey" Knight, a detective haunted by ghosts from her abusive childhood and driven by a desire to protect oth by
97648. Disneys Pocahontas by
97649. Winnie The Pooh Just Say Thank You by
97653. Do It Yourself Noddy Make Way For Noddy by
97654. Noddy& The Magic Bagpipes Make Way For Noddy by
97664. Barbie In The Nutcracker by
97669. Bob The Builder Dot To Dot Colouring Book: Yellow by
97679. Magic Painting: Barbie by
97690. Noddys Special Treat& Other Stories: Large Print by Enid Blyton
97695. Ssc: Disneys Cinderella: (easy To Read 3) by Disney
97723. Biggles And The Black Peril (kingston Library Series) by W E Johns
97892. Har Hal Me Khush Hai Hindi(PB) by Praveen Shukla
97913. Kalikatha Via Bypass by Alka Saraogi
98013. Tomorrow & Other Poems by Lhasang Tsering
98017. Indigo Dictionary of Education by Cosmo
98068. Rambles And Recollection by W H Sleeman
98185. The Spirit Of Indian Architecture by D K Bubbar
98215. Not Just Girls! by Deepa Agarwal
98217. Dilip Kumar: The Last Emperor by Sanjit Narwekar
98299. Poems by Rabindranath Tagore
98349. JUST POTATOES by Ambika Manchanda