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Books 56/41

1243503. Historical Dictionary of United States- Japan Relations by John E Van Sant
1243520. Money: Getting It, Using It, and Avoiding the Traps by Robin F Brancato
1243528. Self- Advocacy: The Ultimate Teen Guide by Cheryl Gerson Tuttle
1243534. Origins and Development of Musical Instruments by Jeremy Montagu
1243536. A Bibliography of the Samaritans by Alan David Crown
1243539. French Strategic and Tactical Bombardment Forces of World War I by Rene Martel
1243544. Directory of Conductors' Archives in American Institutions by Henry Bloch
1243547. Designing for the Movies: The Memoirs of Laurence Irving by Laurence Irving
1243556. Cuban-American Fiction in English: An Annotated Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources by M Delores Carlito
1243559. Principal Characters: Film Players Out of Frame by Christopher Neame
1243561. Jimmie Foxx: The Pride of Sudlersville by Mark R Millikin
1243563. Orchestral Music Database by David Daniels
1243566. Content Management Systems in Libraries: Case Studies by Bradford Lee Eden
1243567. Photography Books Index III: A Subject Guide to Photo Anthologies by Martha Kreisel
1243574. Music Production: A Manual for Producers, Composers, Arrangers, and Students with CD (Audio) by Michael Zager
1243580. Chord Changes on the Chalkboard: How Public School Teachers Shaped Jazz and the Music of New Orleans by Al Kennedy
1243583. Black's Medical Dictionary by Marcovitch, Harvey
1243584. Inside Science Fiction by James E Gunn
1243585. Singer's Repertoire, Part IV: Baritone and Bass by Berton Coffin
1243593. What They Didn't Tell You about Knowledge Management by Jay Liebowitz
1243598. All of Me: The Complete Discography of Louis Armstrong by Jos Willems
1243600. Clarinet Secrets: 52 Performance Strategies for the Advanced Clarinetist with CD (Audio) by Michele Gingras
1243614. Historical Dictionary of Norway by Jan Sjavik
1243631. Adopted: The Ultimate Teen Guide by Suzanne Slade
1243635. Seize, Burn, or Sink: The Thoughts and Words of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson by Steven E Maffeo
1243651. Names and Naming in Young Adult Literature by Alleen Pace Nilsen
1243665. The Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church in Print: A Selective Union List with Annotations of Serial Publications Issued by the Augustana Evangelical by Virginia P Follstad
1243681. New York Philharmonic: The Authorized Recordings, 1917- 2005: A Discography by James H North
1243682. The Kubrick Facade: Faces and Voices in the Films of Stanley Kubrick by Jason Sperb
1243689. Slavery, Secession, and Civil War: Views from the UK and Europe, 1856-1865 by Charles Adams
1243698. The Crucifixion in Music: An Analytical Survey of Settings of the Crucifixus Between 1680 and 1800 by Jasmin Melissa Cameron
1243702. To Boulez and Beyond by Joan Peyser
1243707. Screening Politics: The Politician in American Movies by Harry Keyishian
1243713. Erich Wolfgang Korngold's the Adventures of Robin Hood: A Film Score Guide by Ben Winters
1243716. High Voice by Suzanne Rhodes Draayer
1243717. Low Voice by Suzanne Rhodes Draayer
1243718. The Columbus Panhandles: A Complete History of Pro Football's Toughest Team, 1900- 1922 by Chris Willis
1243726. Music Theory for Musical Theatre by John Bell
1243727. Ethel Waters: Stormy Weather by Stephen Bourne
1243735. Gabriel Yared's the English Patient: A Film Score Guide by Heather Laing
1243747. Alice Munro: An Annotated Bibliography of Works and Criticism by Cathy Moulder
1243749. Ngaio Marsh: The Woman and Her Work by B J Rahn
1243753. Cataloging and Classification: An Introduction by Lois Mai Chan
1243755. Mission Impossible: My Life in Music[ With CD] by Composer Lalo Schifrin
1243756. Sarah Caldwell: The First Woman of Opera by Daniel Kessler
1243763. Historical Dictionary of the Shakers by Stephen Paterwic
1243785. Gore Vidal: A Comprehensive Bibliography by S T Joshi
1243788. Emigration from the United Kingdom to America, Volume 3: Lists of Passengers Arriving at U. S. Ports, January 1871- June 1871 by Ira A Glazier
1243789. Emigration from the United Kingdom to America: Lists of Passengers Arriving at U. S. Ports: July 1871- 1872 by Ira Glazier
1243790. Rudolf Laban: The Dancer of the Crystal by Evelyn Doerr
1243793. John Steinbeck and His Contemporaries by Stephen K George
1243798. Hmong-Related Works, 1996-2006: An Annotated Bibliography by Mark Edward Pfeifer
1243800. Butterfly McQueen Remembered by Stephen Bourne
1243801. The Beatles' Abbey Road Medley: Extended Forms in Popular Music by Thomas Mac Farlane
1243807. Film, Folklore, and Urban Legends by Mikel J Koven
1243819. The New (Ethno)musicologies by Henry Stobart
1243823. The Films of Sergio Leone by Robert C Cumbow
1243825. Zombie Culture: Autopsies of the Living Dead by Shawn Mc Intosh
1243826. Babies in the Library! by Jane Marino
1243827. Jesus Maria Sanroma: An American Twentieth-Century Pianist by Alberto Hernndez
1243836. Toddler Storytimes II by Diane Briggs
1243851. Historical Dictionary of the Coptic Church by Gawdat Gabra
1243859. African Americans and the Oscar: Decades of Struggle and Achievement by Edward Mapp
1243865. User's Guide to Sears List of Subject Headings by M P Satija
1243866. Core Collection for Children and Young Adults by Rachel E Schwedt
1243867. Literary Research and the American Modernist Era: Strategies and Sources by Robert Matuozzi
1243874. Long Ago and Far Away: Hollywood and the Second World War by Robert Fyne
1243876. The Jazz Trope: A Theory of African American Literary and Vernacular Culture by Alfonso W Hawkins
1243894. A Guide to Library Research in Music by Pauline Shaw Bayne
1243916. Peter Greenaway's Postmodern/Poststructuralist Cinema by Paula Willoquet Maricondi
1243917. A History of Folk Music Festivals in the United States: Feasts of Musical Celebration by Ronald D Cohen
1243919. Origins of Cuban Music and Dance: Changui by Benjamin L Lapidus
1243922. The Commedia dell'Arte of Flaminio Scala: A Translation and Analysis of 30 Scenarios by Richard Andrews
1243925. Recent American Art Song: A Guide by Keith E Clifton
1243934. Historical Dictionary of African American Theater by Hill, Anthony D.
1243935. Historical Dictionary of Denmark by Alastair H Thomas
1243954. Alex North's a Streetcar Named Desire by Annette Davison
1244008. Facing the World: Great Moments in Photojournalism by Agence France-Presse
1244010. Philip Pearlstein: Since 1983 by Robert Storr
1244012. Studios by the Sea: Artists of Long Island's East End by Colacello, Bob
1244013. Jewish Holidays All Year Round: A Family Treasury by Ilene Cooper
1244014. Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis by Pisano, Dominick A.
1244017. The Italians by Bruno Barbey
1244018. Hunt Slonem: An Art Rich and Strange by Kuspit, Donald B.
1244019. Hare and Tortoise Race to the Moon by Oliver J Corwin
1244020. Degas and the Dance: The Painter and the Petits Rats, Perfecting Their Art by Susan Goldman Rubin
1244021. Prudy's Problem and How She Solved It by Carey Armstrong Ellis
1244022. Christo and Jeanne-Claude in the Vogel Collection by Donovan, Molly
1244027. Sacred Lands of Indian America by Charles E Little
1244028. Jasper Johns to Jeff Koons: Four Decades of Art from the Broad Collections Lacma by Barron, Stephanie
1244029. The Shuberts Present: 100 Years of American Theater by Maryann Chach
1244036. The Light-Bearer's Daughter by Melling, O. R.
1244037. Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base
1244043. Photography Transformed: The Metropolitan Bank and Trust Collection by Klaus Kertess
1244047. Haym Salomon: American Patriot by Rubin, Susan Goldman
1244049. Jack and the Beanstalk: How a Small Fellow Solved a Big Problem by Lorenz, Albert
1244051. The Christmas Story by Mary Jane Pool
1244053. Kittens! Kittens! Kittens! by Susan Meyers
1244054. We Live in Brazil by Freland, Francois-Xavier
1244055. Josephine: Napoleon's Incomparable Empress by Eleanor P Delorme
1244056. Hello Kitty, Hello Playtime!: Rocking Horse: A Press-Out and Play Book by Steve Light
1244057. First Impressions: Leonardo Da Vinci by McLanathan, Richard B.
1244058. L8r, G8r by Lauren Myracle
1244059. We Live in Japan by Messager, Alexandre
1244060. Monet by Seidt, William
1244061. Napoleon: The Story of the Little Corporal by Robert Burleigh
1244063. Hotel Des Voyageurs: A Naughty Pillow Book by Gilles Bachelet
1244064. The Arctic by Frederic Malenfer
1244065. Vanishing Histories: 100 Endangered Sites from the World Monuments Watch by Amery, Colin
1244071. Ships by Philip Plisson
1244072. New York City: A State of Mind by Bruno Moyen
1244075. 006 and a Half by Kes Gray
1244077. Water Boy by David M Mc Phail
1244078. Where Is the Cake? by T T Khing
1244081. Art of Walt Disney by Finch, Christopher Robin
1244086. Flowers A to Z: A Practical Guide to Buying, Growing, Cutting, Arranging by Heffernan, Cecelia
1244087. Blur: The Making of Nothing by Diller, Elizabeth
1244088. Spott's Canine Miscellany by Mike Darton
1244095. How to Look at Photographs by David Finn
1244096. Gustav Klimt by Jane Kallir
1244099. How to Look at Japanese Art by Addiss, Stephen
1244100. Art Guys by Lynn M Herbert
1244101. Power of Feminist Art by Norma Broude
1244102. Little Known Museums in and Around Paris by Kaplan, Rachel
1244103. Jean Howard's Hollywood by Watters, James
1244106. Perspectives Arts of the Pacific Islands by D'Alleva, Anne
1244109. Susan Rothenberg by Simon, Joan
1244115. Kids Culture Catalog by Alliance For The Arts
1244119. Discoveries: The Search for Ancient Greece by Roland Etienne
1244120. Discoveries: Cleopatra by Edith Flamarion
1244121. Discoveries: The Wisdom of the Buddha by Jean Boisselier
1244122. Discoveries: Leonardo Da Vinci by Alessandro Vezzosi
1244124. Discoveries: Francis Bacon by Christophe Domino
1244125. Cathedrals and Castles: Building in the Middle Ages by Alain Erlande Brandenburg
1244127. Discoveries: Birth of the Universe by Trinh Xuan Thuan
1244128. The Search for Ancient Egypt by Jean Vercoutter
1244129. Discoveries: Goya by Baticle, Jeannine
1244130. Discoveries: Matisse by Xavier Girard
1244131. Discoveries: Forbidden City by Giles Beguin
1244133. Discoveries: Heraldry by Michel Pastoureau
1244134. Discoveries: Easter Island by Catherine Orliac
1244135. Discoveries: Diamonds and Precious Stones by Voillot, Patrick
1244136. The Search for Ancient Rome by Claude Moatti
1244137. The Birth of Greece by Pierre Leveque
1244138. Discoveries: Numbers by Denis Guedj
1244140. Discoveries: Celts by Christiane Eluere
1244141. Khmer: The Lost Empire of Cambodia by Thierry Zephir
1244142. Discoveries: India and the Mughal Dynasty by Valerie Berinstain
1244143. Art and Culture of Japan by Nelly Delay
1244144. Discoveries: Toulouse- Lautrec by Claire Freches