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Books 57/146

1281751. Suspended Apocalypse: White Supremacy, Genocide, and the Filipino Condition by Dylan Rodriguez
1281755. Territory of Desire: Representing the Valley of Kashmir by Ananya Jahanara Kabir
1281762. The Frankfurt School in Exile by Thomas Wheatland
1281763. The Frankfurt School in Exile by Wheatland, Thomas
1281768. The Face of Minnesota by John Szarkowski
1281770. Logics of Empowerment: Development, Gender, and Governance in Neoliberal India by Aradhana Sharma
1281772. The Somali Diaspora: A Journey Away by Abdi Roble
1281774. Future Anterior 1.1 by Jorge Otero Pailos
1281775. Future Anterior 2.1 by Jorge Otero Pailos
1281776. Future Anterior 2.2 by Jorge Otero Pailos
1281777. Future Anterior 3.1 by Jorge Otero Pailos
1281778. Future Anterior 3.2 by Jorge Otero Pailos
1281779. Future Anterior 4.1 by Jorge Otero Pailos
1281780. Future Anterior, Volume IV: Number 2, Winter 2007 by Jorge Otero Pailos
1281790. Little Saigons: Staying Vietnamese in America by Karin Aguilar San Juan
1281793. Reticulations: Jean- Luc Nancy and the Networks of the Political by Philip Armstrong
1281802. Mainland Passage: The Cultural Anomaly of Puerto Rico by Ramon E Soto Crespo
1281803. Essaying Shakespeare by Karen Newman
1281804. Essaying Shakespeare by Karen Newman
1281805. Everything Is Now: New and Collected Stories by Michelle Cliff
1281806. Everything You Know about Indians Is Wrong by Paul Chaat Smith
1281807. The Once and Future New York: Historic Preservation and the Modern City by Randall Mason
1281808. The Once and Future New York: Historic Preservation and the Modern City by Randall Mason
1281810. String, Felt, Thread: The Hierarchy of Art and Craft in American Art by Elissa Auther
1281813. Dialectical Materialism by Henri Lefebvre
1281814. The Rise of the Ku Klux Klan: Right-Wing Movements and National Politics by Rory Mc Veigh
1281817. Milwaukee Road Remembered by Jim Scribbins
1281819. Urban Design by Alex Krieger
1281823. Are Girls Necessary? by Julie Abraham
1281825. Doorstep Democracy: Face-To-Face Politics in the Heartland by James H Read
1281827. Masterpiece Photographs of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts: The Curatorial Legacy of Carroll T. Hartwell by Christian A Peterson
1281829. Wicked Theory, Naked Practice: A Fred Ho Reader by Fred Wei Han Ho
1281830. Three Gay Tales from Grimm by Wanda Gag
1281832. Socrates and Legal Obligation by R E Allen
1281833. The Mind and Art of Victorian England by Josef L Altholz
1281834. Studies in Criticism and Aesthetics, 1660- 1800 by Howard Anderson
1281835. Man's Quest for Political Knowledge: The Study and Teaching of Politics in Ancient Times by William Anderson
1281836. The Art of Eastern India, 300- 800 by Frederick M Asher
1281840. Merovingian Military Organization, 481- 751 by Bernard S Bachrach
1281841. Balsam Fir: A Monographic Review by E V Bakuzis
1281843. The Sugar Hacienda of the Marqueses del Valle by Ward J Barrett
1281844. Beginning with Plato by Joseph Warren Beach
1281845. Obsessive Images by Joseph Warren Beach
1281846. A Blake Bibliography: Annotated Lists of Works, Studies, and Blakeana by G E Bentley Jr
1281848. Tahitian Journal by George Biddle
1281849. The Old Land and the New by Robert H Billigmeier
1281850. Land of Their Choice: The Immigrants Write Home by Theodore C Blegen
1281852. Toward a Democratic New Order by David Bryn Jones
1281853. Mainsprings of Indian and Pakistani Foreign Policies by S M Burke
1281854. Verdi's Aida by Hans Busch
1281855. Animals, Aging, and the Aged by Leo K Bustad
1281857. Dante's Craft: Studies in Language and Style by Glauco Cambon
1281858. American Policy Toward Communist Eastern Europe by John C Campbell
1281859. All Faithful People: Change and Continuity in Middletown's Religion by Theodore Caplow
1281861. Seedtime of Reform by Clarke A Chambers
1281862. An American Social Worker in Italy by Jean Charnley
1281865. Muslim Spain: Its History and Culture by Anwar G Chejne
1281866. Grain Storage: The Role of Fungi in Quality Loss by Clyde M Christensen
1281868. Molds, Mushrooms, and Mycotoxins by Clyde M Christensen
1281870. The City Man's Guide to the Farm Problem by Willard W Cochrane
1281871. Farm Prices: Myth and Reality by Willard W Cochrane
1281873. The Makah Indians: A Study of an Indian Tribe in Modern American Society by Elizabeth Colson
1281874. Immigration and American History: Essays in Honor of Theodore C. Blegen by Henry Steele Commager
1281875. The Reconstruction of Georgia by Alan Conway
1281876. The Welsh in America: Letters from the Immigrants by Alan Conway
1281877. Alms for Oblivion by Edward Dahlberg
1281881. American Interests and Policies in the Middle East, 1900- 1939 by John A Denovo
1281883. Hitler and His Generals by Harold Deutsch
1281885. St. Paul and Epicurus by Norman Wentworth De Witt
1281887. Five Plays from the Children's Theatre Company of Minneapolis by John Clark Donahue
1281889. Milton's Earthly Paradise by Joseph E Duncan
1281890. Sir Thomas Browne by William P Dunn
1281893. Opera Production II: A Handbook by Quaintance Eaton
1281895. The Mayflies of North and Central America by George F Edmunds Jr
1281896. The Continental Model by Scott Elledge
1281897. Poetic Creation: Inspiration or Craft by Carl Fehrman
1281898. The Mental and the Physical: The Essay and a PostScript by Herbert Feigl
1281899. The Foundations of Science and the Concepts of Psychology and Psychoanalysis by Herbert Feigl
1281900. Concepts, Theories, and the Mind-Body Problem by Herbert Feigl
1281901. Masterworks of the Orchestral Repertoire: A Guide for Listeners by Donald N Ferguson
1281902. The Why of Music: Dialogues in an Unexplored Region of Appreciation by Donald N Ferguson
1281905. Friedrich Schlegel's Lucinde and the Fragments by Peter Firchow
1281906. Memoirs and Letters by Oscar W Firkins
1281907. The Revealing Moment and Other Plays by Oscar W Firkins
1281908. Highlights in the History of the American Press: A Book of Readings by Edwin H Ford
1281909. The Population Ahead by Roy G Francis
1281910. Place Names of Southwest Peloponnesus: Register and Indexes by Demetrius J Georgacas
1281911. The Interval of Freedom: Soviet Literature During the Thaw, 1954-1957 by George Gibian
1281912. Minnesota Farmer-Laborism: The Third-Party Alternative by Millard L Gieske
1281913. The Soybean Industry: With Special Reference to the Competitive Position of the Minnesota Producer and Processor by Ray A Goldberg
1281914. Protestant Diplomacy and the Near East: Missionary Influence on American Policy, 1810-1927 by Joseph L Grabill
1281916. Old Brick: Charles Chauncy of Boston, 1705-1787 by Edward M Griffin
1281917. The Mammals of Minnesota by Harvey L Gunderson
1281918. Language, Mind, and Knowledge by Keith Gunderson
1281919. The Manuscript Poems of A.E. Housman: Eight Hundred Lines of Hitherto Uncollected Verse from the Author's Notebooks by Tom Burns Haber
1281920. Voices from an Empire: A History of Afro-Portuguese Literature by Russell G Hamilton
1281921. Economy and Society in Baroque Portugal, 1668-1703 by Carl A Hanson
1281922. A Concordance to Finnegans Wake by Clive Hart
1281923. John A. Johnson: The People's Governor by Winifred G Helmes
1281924. Excavations at Tel Michal, Israel by Ze Ev Herzog
1281925. Konduru: Structure and Integration in a South Indian Village by Paul G Hiebert
1281926. Radio Free Europe by Robert T Holt
1281927. Mythic Patterns in Ibsen's Last Plays by Orley I Holtan
1281928. Soybeans and Their Products: Markets, Models, and Policy by James P Houck
1281929. Life and Thought in the Middle Ages by Robert S Hoyt
1281930. The Radical Lord Radnor: The Public Life of Viscount Folkestone, Third Earl of Radnor (1779-1869) by Ronald K Huch
1281931. Germania, USA: Social Change in New Ulm, Minnesota by Noel Iverson
1281932. A Glossary of John Dryden's Critical Terms by H James Jensen
1281933. Conrad's Models of Mind by Bruce Johnson
1281934. American Imperialism in the Image of Peer Gynt: Memoirs of a Professor-Bureaucrat by E A J Johnson
1281935. Philosophical Perspectives on Metaphor by Mark Johnson
1281936. To the Third Empire: Ibsen's Early Drama by Brian Johnston
1281938. Tennysonian Love: The Strange Diagonal by Gerhard Joseph
1281939. A History of Argos to 500 B.C by Thomas Kelly
1281940. Finland in the Twentieth Century: A History and an Interpretation by D G Kirby
1281941. Eduard C. Lindeman and Social Work Philosophy by Gisela Konopka
1281942. William of Sherwood's Treatise on Syncategorematic Words by Norman Kretzmann
1281943. History and the Social Web: A Collection of Essays by August C Krey
1281945. A Flora of Northeastern Minnesota by Olga Lakela
1281946. The Comparative Anatomy and Histology of the Cerebellum: From Monotremes Through Apes by Olof Larsell
1281947. John Dryden: A Survey and Bibliography of Critical Studies, 1895-1974 by David J Latt
1281948. The Twenty-First Ballot: A Political Party Struggle in Minnesota by David Lebedoff
1281950. American-Australian Relations by Werner Levi
1281951. International Politics: Foundations of the System by Werner Levi
1281952. Modern China's Foreign Policy by Werner Levi
1281953. The Traditional Theory of Literature by Ray Livingston
1281954. Klondike Saga: The Chronicle of a Minnesota Gold Mining Company by Carl L Lokke
1281955. Flower Growing in the North: A Month-By-Month Guide by George E Luxton
1281956. Faith and History in the Old Testament by
1281958. Excavations at Nichoria in Southwest Greece: Volume III by William D E Coulson
1281959. American Studies by Tremaine Mc Dowell
1281962. Ford Madox Ford's Novels: A Critical Study by John A Meixner
1281963. Spring Flora of Minnesota: Including Common Cultivated Plants by Morley, Thomas
1281964. Minnesota in Focus by George Moses
1281965. Red Scare: A Study in National Hysteria, 1919- 1920 by Robert K Murray
1281966. Cuba: The Measure of a Revolution by Lowry Nelson
1281967. Islam and Politics in East Africa: The Sufi Order in Tanzania by August H Nimtz Jr
1281968. The Paradox of Progressive Thought by David W Noble
1281970. Charisma and Factionalism in the Nazi Party by Joseph Nyomarkay
1281971. Seven Modern American Novelists: An Introduction by William Van O Connor
1281972. The Day of the Cattleman by Ernest Staples Osgood
1281973. Finland and Europe: The Period of Autonomy and the International Crises, 1808-1914 by Juhani Paasivirta
1281974. Processed Foods and the Consumer: Additives, Labeling, Standards, and Nutrition by Vernal S Packard Jr
1281975. Paternalistic Capitalism by Andreas G Papandreou
1281976. Benito Perez Galdos and the Creative Process by Walter T Pattison
1281977. The Market-Planned Economy of Yugoslavia by Svetozar Pejovich
1281978. All Things Common: The Hutterian Way of Life by Victor Peters
1281979. Possibility and Necessity: Volume 1 by Jean Jean Piaget
1281980. Possibility and Necessity: Volume 2 by Jean Jean Piaget
1281981. The Novels of Theodore Dreiser: A Critical Study by Donald Pizer