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Books 58/148

1304553. Oscar de La Hoya, Gold Medal Boxer/Boxeador de Medalla de Oro by Rob Kirkpatrick
1304558. Storms of the Past and the Future by Karen J Donnelly
1304559. Droughts of the Past and the Future by Karen J Donnelly
1304562. Shots Fired at Fort Sumter: Civil War Breaks Out! by Wendy Vierow
1304565. The Assault on Fort Wagner: Black Soldiers Make a Stand in South Carolina Battle by Wendy Vierow
1304566. The 1864 Presidential Election: A War-Weary Nation Reelects President Abraham Lincoln by Wendy Vierow
1304567. The Battle of Gettysburg: The Civil War's Biggest Battle by Wendy Vierow
1304568. A Day in the Life of a Colonial Lighthouse Keeper by Laurie Krebs
1304569. A Day in the Life of a Colonial Shipwright by Laurie Krebs
1304570. A Day in the Life of a Colonial Indigo Planter by Laurie Krebs
1304571. A Day in the Life of a Colonial Miller by Laurie Krebs
1304572. A Day in the Life of a Colonial Sailmaker by Laurie Krebs
1304573. Why Are the North and South Poles So Cold? by Patricia J Murphy
1304574. Why Is the Sun So Hot? by Patricia J Murphy
1304575. Why Is Earth Round? by Patricia J Murphy
1304576. Why Do Some Animals Shed Their Skin? by Patricia J Murphy
1304577. Dung Beetles by Andrew Hipp
1304578. Orchid Mantises by Andrew Hipp
1304579. Assassin Bugs by Andrew Hipp
1304580. Leafhoppers by Andrew Hipp
1304581. Peanut-Head Bugs by Andrew Hipp
1304582. Gardening Ants by Andrew Hipp
1304585. Valentina Tereshkova: The First Woman in Space by Heather Feldman
1304586. Columbia: The First Space Shuttle by Heather Feldman
1304588. Dennis Tito: The First Space Tourist by Heather Feldman
1304589. Brown V. Board of Education of Topeka: Challenging School Segregation in the Supreme Court by Jake Miller
1304590. The Montgomery Bus Boycott: Integrating Public Buses by Jake Miller
1304591. Sit- Ins and Freedom Rides: The Power of Nonviolent Resistance by Jake Miller
1304592. The March from Selma to Montgomery: African Americans Demand the Vote by Jake Miller
1304593. The 1963 March on Washington: Speeches and Songs for Civil Rights by Jake Miller
1304595. Cave of Lascaux: The Cave of Prehistoric Wall Paintings by Brad Burnham
1304596. Mammoth Cave: The World's Longest Cave System by Brad Burnham
1304597. Qumran Caves: Hiding Place for the Dead Sea Scrolls by Brad Burnham
1304598. Caves of the Thousand Buddhas: Treasure House of Chinese Art by Brad Burnham
1304599. Kazumura Cave: The World's Longest Lava Tube by Brad Burnham
1304601. Water Under Ground by Isaac Nadeau
1304606. Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum by Amy Margaret
1304607. John F. Kennedy Library and Museum by Amy Margaret
1304608. Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum by Amy Margaret
1304609. Jimmy Carter Library and Museum by Amy Margaret
1304610. Ronald Reagan Presidential Library by Amy Margaret
1304611. George Bush Presidential Library by Amy Margaret
1304612. Birth of the American Navy by Jeremy Thornton
1304615. Foreign-Born Champions of the American Revolution by Jeremy Thornton
1304616. History of Early New York by Jeremy Thornton
1304617. Tories and Patriots: Neighbors at War by Jeremy Thornton
1304618. Craftsmen and Craftswomen of the California Mission Frontier by Jack S Williams
1304619. Indians of the California Mission Frontier by Jack S Williams
1304620. Sailors, Merchants, and Muleteers of the California Mission Frontier by Jack S Williams
1304622. Townspeople and Ranchers of the California Mission Frontier by Jack S Williams
1304623. Soldiers and Their Families by Jack S Williams
1304625. Jedediah Smith: Mountain Man of the American West by Charles W Maynard
1304626. Jim Bridger: Frontiersman and Mountain Guide by Charles W Maynard
1304627. John Charles Fremont: The Pathfinder by Charles W Maynard
1304628. John Wesley Powell, Soldier, Scientist, and Explorer by Charles W Maynard
1304629. John Muir: Naturalist and Explorer by Charles W Maynard
1304630. Santa Fe Trail by Ryan P Randolph
1304633. Frontier Schools and Schoolteachers by Ryan P Randolph
1304634. Following the Great Herds: The Plains Indians and the American Buffalo by Ryan P Randolph
1304637. Street Luge by Christopher Bloomquist
1304638. Skateboarding by Christopher Bloomquist
1304639. Wakeboarding in the X Games by Christopher Blomquist
1304640. In-Line Skating in the X Games by Christopher Blomquist
1304647. Animals with Backbones by Elaine Pascoe
1304648. Animals Without Backbones by Elaine Pascoe
1304649. Fungi by Janet Powell
1304650. Plants with Seeds by Elaine Pascoe
1304651. Plants Without Seeds by Elaine Pascoe
1304652. Miami Metrozoo by Sherrie Avery
1304653. Smithsonian National Zoological Park by Diana Estigarribia
1304654. Saint Louis Zoo by Powerkids Press
1304655. San Antonio Zoo by Stacy Mc Reynolds
1304656. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden by David A Oehler
1304657. San Diego Zoo by Claudia Pearce
1304658. Vampire Bats by Emily Raabe
1304659. Plain-Nosed Bats by Emily Raabe
1304660. Flying Foxes by Emily Raabe
1304661. Free- Tailed Bats by Emily Raabe
1304662. Bulldog Bats by Emily Raabe
1304663. Horseshoe Bats by Emily Raabe
1304664. The Battle of Lexington and Concord by Scott P Waldman
1304665. The Battle of Bunker Hill by Scott P Waldman
1304666. The Battle of Monmouth by Scott P Waldman
1304667. The Battle of Yorktown by Wendy Vierow
1304668. The Battle of Saratoga by Wendy Vierow
1304669. The Battle of Trenton by Wendy Vierow
1304672. From the Farm to the Table by Autumn Leigh
1304677. I Am an Artist by Janet Carson
1304685. Animals in Winter by Jane Snyder
1304686. Koala Bears by Eliza Robbins
1304688. Grow a Plant Inch by Inch by Sandy Richter
1304690. Our Sun by Greg Moskal
1304691. How We Make Music by Roland Graham
1304692. Washington, D.C. by Meghan Ann Landolfi
1304693. Maps Show Us the Way by Jessica Leithauser
1304695. Let's Draw! by Carlie Todoro
1304699. At Home Around the World by Tina Mc Dowell
1304701. Desert Animals by Jane Snyder
1304703. We Honor America by Laura Young
1304705. A Look at the Calendar by Sharon Moore
1304706. Rocks and Fossils by William Mc Connell
1304724. Dennis Tito: First Space Tourist by Joanne Randolph
1304726. What Lives on a Prairie? by Janey Levy
1304730. Space Math by Greg Roza
1304737. Yellowstone: Our First National Park by Jane Pecorella
1304738. Hawaii: The Aloha State by Colleen Adams
1304739. The Galapagos Islands by Greg Roza
1304742. Meet Daniel Pinkwater by Alice B Mc Ginty
1304743. Meet Jane Yolen by Alice B Mc Ginty
1304744. Meet Jerry Spinelli by Alice B Mc Ginty
1304745. Meet Eve Bunting by Alice B Mc Ginty
1304746. Bearded Dragon by Jake Miller
1304747. The Leopard Gecko by Jake Miller
1304748. The Gila Monster by Jake Miller
1304750. The Komodo Dragon by Jake Miller
1304751. The Chameleon by Jake Miller
1304752. An Online Visit to South America by Erin Hovanoc
1304753. An Online Visit to Europe by Erin Hovanoc
1304754. An Online Visit to Africa by Erin Hovanoc
1304755. An Online Visit to Australia by Erin Hovanoc
1304756. An Online Visit to Asia by Erin Hovanoc
1304757. An Online Visit to Antarctica by Erin Hovanoc
1304758. An Online Visit to North America by Erin Hovanoc
1304759. The Iroquois of New York by Greg Roza
1304760. The Chumash of California by Jack S Williams
1304761. The Algonquian of New York by David M Oestreicher
1304762. The Potawatomi of Wisconsin by Damon Mayrl
1304763. The Tongva of California by Jack S Williams
1304764. The Ohlone of California by Jack S Williams
1304765. The Luiseno of California by Jack S Williams
1304766. The Oneida of Wisconsin by Gillian Houghton
1304767. The Esselen of California by Jack S Williams
1304768. The Caddo of Texas by Lucile Davis
1304769. The Pomo of California by Jack S Williams
1304770. Library of Native Americans (California): 12 New Books on 12 Important Native American Groups Across North America by
1304771. Inventions of Thomas Alva Edison: Father of the Light Bulb and the Motion Picture Camera by Holly Cefrey
1304772. The Inventions of Alexander Graham Bell: The Telephone by Holly Cefrey
1304773. Inventions of Granville Woods: The Railroad Telegraph System and the "Third Rail" by Holly Cefrey
1304774. The Inventions of Eli Whitney: The Cotton Gin by Holly Cefrey
1304775. The Inventions of Martha Coston: Signal Flares That Saved Sailors' Lives by Holly Cefrey
1304776. The Inventions of Amanda Jones: The Vacuum Method of Canning and Food Preservation by Lewis K Parker
1304777. John D. Rockefeller and the Oil Industry by Lewis K Parker
1304778. John Jacob Astor and the Fur Trade by Lewis K Parker
1304779. Andrew Carnegie and the Steel Industry by Lewis K Parker
1304780. J. Pierpont Morgan and Wall Street by Lewis K Parker
1304781. Cornelius Vanderbilt and the Railroad Industry by Lewis K Parker
1304782. Henry Ford and the Automobile Industry by Lewis K Parker
1304785. Deciduous Forests by Holly Cefrey
1304786. Coniferous Forests by Holly Cefrey
1304794. Why Japanese Immigrants Came to America by Lewis K Parker