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Books 58/43

1288801. Reciprocities in the Nonfiction Novel by John Russell
1288818. Textual Studies and the Common Reader by Alexander Pettit
1288820. Let Them Eat Data: How Computers Affect Education, Cultural Diversity, and the Prospects of Ecological Sustainability by C A Bowers
1288824. Blue Coat or Powdered Wig: Free People of Color in Pre-Revolutionary Saint Domingue by Stewart R King
1288828. Woman in Front of the Sun: On Becoming a Writer by Judith Ortiz Cofer
1288829. Ice Age by Robert Anderson
1288831. Introducing Cultural Studies by Elaine Baldwin
1288832. Anchored Yesterdays: The Log Book of Savannah's Voyage Across a Georgia Century by Elfrida De Renne Barrow
1288849. Serendib by Jim Toner
1288860. Little Women by Elizabeth Lennox Keyser
1288865. Measured Word by Kurt Brown
1288901. Leaving Saturn: Poems by Major Jackson
1288903. River of Lakes: A Journey on Florida's St. Johns River by Bill Belleville
1288906. Selected Poems of Byron Herbert Reece by Jim Clark
1288907. Panama and the United States: The Forced Alliance by Michael L Conniff
1288912. Southern Indians and Anthropologists: Culture, Politics, and Identity by Lisa J Lefler
1288946. Writing Revolution: Aesthetics and Politics in Hawthorne, Whitman, and Thoreau by Peter J Bellis
1288956. The Spirit of International Law by Bederman, David J.
1288968. Life's Philosophy: Reason and Feeling in a Deeper World by Arne Naess
1288978. The History and Adventures of the Renowned Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra
1288985. An Outdoor Guide to Bartram's Travels by Charles D Spornick
1288987. Making Freedom Pay by Sharon Ann Holt
1288991. Jekyll Island's Early Years: From Prehistory Through Reconstruction by June Hall Mc Cash
1288996. Always the Mountains by David Rothenberg
1289018. Flatness and Other Landscapes by Michael Martone
1289035. Colors of Africa by James Kilgo
1289040. Guarding Greensboro: A Confederate Company in the Making of a Southern Community by G Ward Hubbs
1289053. The Violence Within/The Violence Without: Wallace Stevens and the Emergence of a Revolutionary Poetics by Jacqueline Vaught Brogan
1289058. Woody Plants of the Southeastern United States: A Winter Guide by Ron Lance
1289065. Taming the Storm: The Life and Times of Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr., and the South's Fight Over Civil Rights by Jack Bass
1289106. The Protestant Voice in American Pluralism by Martin E Marty
1289113. Walker Percy's Search for Community by John F Desmond
1289127. Black Masculinity and the U.S. South: From Uncle Tom to Gangsta by Riche Richardson
1289146. Ossabaw: Evocations of an Island by Jack Leigh
1289171. Chicken Dreaming Corn by Roy Hoffman
1289180. Trembling Earth: A Cultural History of the Okefenokee Swamp by Megan Kate Nelson
1289186. Creating the Culture of Reform in Antebellum America by T Gregory Garvey
1289192. Fluorescence by Jennifer K Dick
1289201. Down to the Waterline: Boundaries, Nature, and the Law in Florida by Sara Warner
1289205. Reading Southern Poverty Between the Wars, 1918-1939 by Richard Godden
1289208. Lord Brain by Bruce Beasley
1289217. Converging Stories: Race, Ecology, and Environmental Justice in American Literature by Jeffrey Myers
1289218. Copy Cats by David Crouse
1289234. Up from the Mudsills of Hell: The Farmers' Alliance, Populism, and Progressive Agriculture in Tennessee, 1870-1915 by Connie L Lester
1289246. Unconventions: Attempting the Art of Craft and the Craft of Art by Michael Martone
1289250. The Sweet Everlasting by Judson Mitcham
1289255. John Burroughs and the Place of Nature by James Perrin Warren
1289262. Dragonflies and Damselflies of Georgia and the Southeast by Giff Beaton
1289263. Reconnecting with John Muir: Essays in Post-Pastoral Practice by Terry Gifford
1289282. Spirits of the Air: Birds & American Indians in the South by Iii Shepard Krech
1289285. Eugene Bullard, Black Expatriate in Jazz- Age Paris by Craig Lloyd
1289301. The Celestial Jukebox by Cynthia Shearer
1289303. El Deli Latino by Judith Ortiz Cofer
1289304. Favorite Wildflower Walks in Georgia by Hugh O Nourse
1289305. Origins of the Dred Scott Case: Jacksonian Jurisprudence and the Supreme Court, 1837-1857 by Austin Allen
1289309. Themes for English B: A Professor's Education in and Out of Class by J D Scrimgeour
1289316. Romancing the Vote: Feminist Activism in American Fiction, 1870-1920 by Leslie Petty
1289329. The Spirit of International Law by David J Bederman
1289335. Georgia's Frontier Women: Female Fortunes in a Southern Colony by Ben Marsh
1289347. Greenbackers, Knights of Labor, and Populists: Farmer-Labor Insurgency in the Late-Nineteenth-Century South by Matthew Hild
1289357. Democracy Restored: A History of the Georgia State Capitol by Timothy Crimmins
1289360. Good Observers of Nature: American Women and the Scientific Study of the Natural World, 1820- 1885 by Tina Gianquitto
1289382. Sound Wormy: Memoir of Andrew Gennett, Lumberman by Andrew Gennett
1289384. Crossing to Sunlight Revisited: New and Selected Poems by Paul Zimmer
1289396. Henry Adams & the Southern Question by Michael O Brien
1289403. What Is a City? : Rethinking the Urban After Hurricane Katrina by Phil Steinberg
1289406. Latino Immigrants and the Transformation of the U. S. South by Mary E Odem
1289407. American Wars, American Peace: Notes from a Son of the Empire by Philip D Beidler
1289408. Ecuador and the United States: Useful Strangers by Ronn F Pineo
1289427. Sam Richards's Civil War Diary: A Chronicle of the Atlanta Home Front by Wendy Hamand Venet
1289441. Entrepreneurs in the Southern Upcountry: Commercial Culture in Spartanburg, South Carolina, 1845-1880 by Bruce W Eelman
1289450. Bouquet of Hungers: Poems by Kyle Dargan
1289451. Partial Faiths by McClure, John A.
1289452. Partial Faiths: Postsecular Fiction in the Age of Pynchon and Morrison by John A Mc Clure
1289455. A Little Salvation: Poems Old and New by Judson Mitcham
1289456. Racing in Place: Collages, Fragments, Postcards, Ruins by Michael Martone
1289459. A Portrait of Historic Athens and Clarke County by Frances Taliaferro Thomas
1289461. Weeds of the South by Charles T Bryson
1289467. Listening to the Land: Native American Literary Responses to the Landscape by Lee Schweninger
1289481. Blood Ties & Brown Liquor by Sean Hill
1289485. Winners Have Yet to Be Announced: A Song for Donny Hathaway by Ed Pavlic
1289487. Uneven Development: Nature, Capital, and the Production of Space by Neil Smith
1289490. A Natural Sense of Wonder: Connecting Kids with Nature Through the Seasons by Rick Van Noy
1289493. Amphibians and Reptiles of Georgia by John B Jensen
1289501. Boy by Patrick Phillips
1289528. Stirring the Mud: On Swamps, Bogs, and Human Imagination by Barbara Hurd
1289531. Vanished Gardens: Finding Nature in Philadelphia by Sharon White
1289532. Lizards and Crocodilians of the Southeast by Whit Gibbons
1289539. A Familiar Strangeness: American Fiction and the Language of Photography, 1839-1945 by Stuart Burrows
1289546. On Tarzan by Alex Vernon
1289582. Brothers in Clay: The Story of Georgia Folk Pottery by John A Burrison
1289590. Pioneering American Wine: Writings of Nicholas Herbemont, Master Viticulturist by David S Shields
1289593. Winter Sky: New and Selected Poems, 1968-2008 by Coleman Barks
1289631. Walden by Haiku by Ian Marshall
1289654. Rising China and Its Postmodern Fate: Memories of Empire in a New Global Context by Charles Horner
1289682. If Birds Gather Your Hair for Nesting by Anna Journey
1289739. A History of New Testament Lexicography by D A Carson
1289746. Reconfigurations: Canadian Literatures and Postcolonial Identities by Donelle N Dreese
1289747. Literature, Art, History: Studies on Classical Antiquity and Tradition in Honour of W.J. Henderson by W J Henderson
1289758. Computer-Applications in Music Research: Concepts, Methods, Results by Nico Schuler
1289761. Atopian Limits: Questions of Self, Complexity, and Contingency in Postmodern American Narrative by Salah Moncef
1289767. The Hypercomplex Society by Steve Jones
1289775. The Conspiracy of the Good: Civil Rights and the Struggle for Community in Two American Cities, 1875-2000 by Michael E James
1289780. Belgium: A History by Cook, Bernard A.
1289785. Out of Place: The Writings of Robert Kroetsch by Simona Bertacco
1289786. Legacy and Contribution to Canada of European Female Emigrants by Francoise Le Jeune
1289787. Hitler's Voice: Vol 1 & Vol 2 by Muhlberger
1289792. Paul Auster and Postmodern Quest: On the Road to Nowhere by Yoshinobu Hakutani
1289797. Advertising and Societies: Global Issues by Barbara Mueller