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Books 58/49

1289729. The First Anesthetic: The Story of Crawford Long by Frank Kells Boland
1289730. Joel Chandler Harris, Folklorist by Stella Brewer Brookes
1289731. Confederate Athens by Kenneth Coleman
1289732. A List of the Early Settlers of Georgia by E Merton Coulter
1289737. The Gospel According to the Marginalized by Sindima, Harvey J.
1289738. Granville Sharp's Canon and Its Kin: Semantics and Significance by Wallace, Daniel B.
1289739. A History of New Testament Lexicography by D A Carson
1289740. Saul Bellow and American Transcendentalism by Quayum, Mohammad A.
1289746. Reconfigurations: Canadian Literatures and Postcolonial Identities by Donelle N Dreese
1289747. Literature, Art, History: Studies on Classical Antiquity and Tradition in Honour of W.J. Henderson by W J Henderson
1289748. Ghosts in the Machine: Women's Voices in Research with Technology by Yelland, Nicola
1289750. Science Fiction Curriculum, Cyborg Teachers, & Youth Culture(s) by John A Weaver
1289751. The Undiscovered Country: The Later Plays of Tennessee Williams by Kolin, Philip C.
1289755. Love, Hate, and Literature: Kleinian Readings of Dante, Ponge, Rilke, and Sarraute by Nicolette David
1289757. New Possibilities for Early Childhood Education: Stories from Our Nontraditional Students by Susan Bernheimer
1289758. Computer-Applications in Music Research: Concepts, Methods, Results by Nico Schuler
1289759. Dropping Out, Drifting Off, Being Excluded: Becoming Somebody Without School by Smyth, John
1289760. Liberal Constitutionalism, Marriage, and Sexual Orientation: A Contemporary Case for Dis-Establishment by Babst, Gordon Albert
1289761. Atopian Limits: Questions of Self, Complexity, and Contingency in Postmodern American Narrative by Salah Moncef
1289763. Imagery of Colour and Shining in Catullus, Propertius, and Horace by Jacqueline Clarke
1289764. Paul's Seven Explanations of the Suffering of the Righteous by Smith, Barry D.
1289767. The Hypercomplex Society by Steve Jones
1289768. Hearing America's Youth: Social Identities in Uncertain Times by Catherine Cornbleth
1289769. Ethos and Education in Ireland by James Norman
1289773. Hope in Times of War: A Theological Ethic of Contemporary Conflict by Roberts, David E.
1289774. Theatre and Consciousness: The Nature of Bio-Evolutionary Complexity in the Arts by Staub, August W.
1289775. The Conspiracy of the Good: Civil Rights and the Struggle for Community in Two American Cities, 1875-2000 by Michael E James
1289776. Future of Educational Studies by George Noblit
1289777. Religion & Spirituality in the Public School Curriculum by Ronald D Anderson
1289778. Discovering Risk: Social Research and Policy Making by Judith Bessant
1289779. A Man Left Albuquerque Heading East: Word Problems as Genre in Mathematics Education by Susan Gerofsky
1289780. Belgium: A History by Cook, Bernard A.
1289782. The Function of the Dream and the Body in Diderot's Works by Jennifer Vanderheyden
1289785. Out of Place: The Writings of Robert Kroetsch by Simona Bertacco
1289786. Legacy and Contribution to Canada of European Female Emigrants by Francoise Le Jeune
1289787. Hitler's Voice: Vol 1 & Vol 2 by Muhlberger
1289789. Administrative Ethics in the Twenty-First Century by Martinez, J. Michael
1289790. Literary Texts & the Arts: Interdisciplinary Perspectives by Esther Raventos Pons
1289791. Teachers' Thinking in Environmental Education: Consciousness and Responsibility by Paul Hart
1289792. Paul Auster and Postmodern Quest: On the Road to Nowhere by Yoshinobu Hakutani
1289794. Global Perspectives in Environmental Adult Education by Darlene Elaine Clover
1289796. The Tragic Black Buck: Racial Masquerading in the American Literary Imagination by Carlyle Van Thompson
1289797. Advertising and Societies: Global Issues by Barbara Mueller
1289798. The Warrior Women of Television: A Feminist Cultural Analysis of the New Female Body in Popular Media by Dawn Heinecken
1289799. Situating Caribbean Literature and Criticism in Multicultural and Postcolonial Studies by Deena, Seodial Frank H.
1289800. Image and Education: Teaching in the Face of the New Disciplinarity by Kevin D Vinson
1289801. Canadian Federalism and Quebec Sovereignty: Second Printing by Christopher Edward Taucar
1289802. His Story, Her Story: A Literary Mystery of Renaissance France by Jean M Fallon
1289803. The Serpent's Part: Narrating Self in Canadian Literature by David Lucking
1289804. Henry de Montherlant (1895-1972): A Philosophy of Failure by Patricia O Flaherty
1289808. Democratic Dialogue in Education: Troubling Speech, Disturbing Silence by Shirley R Steinberg
1289809. Black Children's Literature Got de Blues: The Creativity of Black Writers and Illustrators by Tolson, Nancy
1289810. Wartime Schools: How World War II Changed American Education by Gerard Giordano
1289811. Minding the Light: Essays in Friendly Pedagogy by Barbara Dixson
1289812. Reproductions: Autobiography, Colonialism, and Infanticide by Mary Kay F Miller
1289813. The Inventory of Paintings of Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni (1667-1740) by Gere, Richard
1289815. Deutsche Sprachinseln Weltweit: Interne Und Externe Perspektiven German Language Varieties Worldwide: Internal and External Perspectives by William D Keel
1289817. Canada in the Sign of Migration and Trans-Culturalism Le Canada Sous Le Signe de La Migration Et Du Transculturalisme: From Multi- To Trans-Culturalis by Ertler, Klaus-Dieter
1289819. Figures D'Europe Images and Myths of Europe by Luisa Passerini
1289820. Restructuring Representation: The Merger Process and Trade Union Structural Development in Ten Countries by Jeremy Waddington
1289822. The Cosmos as the Primary Sacrament: The Horizon for an Ecological Sacramental Theology by Dorothy C Mc Dougall
1289823. The Exodus Itinerary Sites: Their Locations from the Perspective of the Biblical Sources by Michael D Oblath
1289824. Beyond Self-Esteem: Narratives of Self-Knowledge and Devotion to Others by Thomas J Cottle
1289826. Baba Yaga: The Ambiguous Mother and Witch of the Russian Folktale by Johns, Andreas
1289827. African Women's Theology, Gender Relations, and Family Systems Theory: Pastoral Theological Considerations and Guidelines for Care and Counseling by Mpyana Fulgence Nyengele
1289828. Being Young and Homeless: Understanding How Youth Enter and Exit Street Life by Karabanow, Jeff
1289832. The Representation of the Savage in James Fenimore Cooper and Herman Melville by Anna Krauthammer
1289833. Deuteronomy 4 and the Second Commandment by Knut Holter
1289834. The Learning Society in a Postmodern World: The Education Crisis by Shirley R Steinberg
1289835. Laughter in the Living Room: Television Comedy and the American Home Audience by Tueth, Michael
1289839. Believing in the Text: Essays from the Centre for the Study of Literature, Theology and the Arts, University of Glasgow by David Jasper
1289840. John Knox: Reformation Rhetoric and the Traditions of Scots Prose 1490-1570 by Farrow, Kenneth D.
1289841. A Textlinguistic Analysis of Selected Old Testament Texts in Matthew 1-4 by Jeffery L Capshaw
1289842. Pedagogy of Place: Seeing Space as Cultural Education by Stephen M Fain
1289845. Postmodern Cross- Culturalism & Politicization In U. S. Latina Literature by Mujcinovic
1289847. English Hymns of the Nineteenth Century: An Anthology by Richard Arnold
1289848. From History to Narrative Hermeneutics by Lee, Han Young
1289849. After the Market: Economics, Moral Agreement and the Churches' Mission by Malcolm Brown
1289850. Individuation and Attachment in the Works of Isabelle de Charriere by Jelka Samsom
1289852. The Eschatological Implications of ISA 65 and 66 as the Conclusion of the Book of Isaiah by Emmanuel Uchenna Dim
1289853. Spirituality, Action, & Pedagogy: Teaching from the Heart by Diana Denton
1289855. Ideology and the Politics of (In)Exclusion by Ware, Linda
1289858. Enola Gay and the Court of History by Lynda Lee Kaid
1289859. Net.Sexxx: Readings on Sex, Pornography, and the Internet by Dennis D Waskul
1289861. Scientific and Religious Habits of Mind: Irreconcilable Tensions in the Curriculum by Ron Good
1289862. A Search for Meaning: Critical Essays on Early Modern Literature by Paula Harms Payne
1289864. Ancient Near Eastern Literature and the Hebrew Scriptures about the Fatherhood of God by Hemchand Gossai
1289868. Italian Cinema: New Directions by William Hope
1289870. Wittgenstein and Judaism: A Triumph of Concealment by Ranjit Chatterjee
1289871. Practical Wisdom: On Theological Teaching and Learning by Malcolm L Warford
1289872. New Insights Into Foreign Language Learning and Teaching by Pamela Faber
1289873. Achieving 'At-One-Ment': Storytelling and the Concept of the Self in Ian McEwan's the Child in Time, Black Dogs, Enduring Love, and Atonement by Rudiger Ahrens
1289874. Sino-Theologie Und das Denken Jurgen Moltmanns = Sino-Theology and the Thinking of Jurgen Moltmann by Jurgen Moltmann
1289875. A Normal Distribution Course by Jurgen Gro
1289877. Assistants of Christ and Administrators of God's Mysteries: An Exegetico-Theological Study of 1 Cor 4, 1-5 by Arul Samy Kaspar
1289878. The Art of Critical Pedagogy: Possibilities for Moving from Theory to Practice in Urban Schools by Morrell, Ernest
1289879. Plato's Sophist: A Translation with a Detailed Account of Its Theses and Arguments by James Duerlinger
1289880. Blood Obsession: Vampires, Genre, and the Compulsion to Repeat by Jorg Waltje
1289881. Enola Gay and the Court of History by Robert P Newman
1289882. An Uncertain Idea of France: Essays and Reminiscence on the Third Republic by Robert J Young
1289883. A Morning After War: C. S. Lewis and Wwi by K J Gilchrist
1289885. Aesthetics & the Philosophy of Spirit: From Plotinus to Schelling and Hegel by John Hendrix
1289886. An Introduction to Paraconsistent Logics by Manuel Bremer
1289887. Lost Intimacies: Rethinking Homosexuality Under National Socialism by Spurlin, William J.
1289888. United States Relations with South Africa: A Critical Overview from the Colonial Period to the Present by Y G M Lulat
1289893. Moving Beyond Symbol and Myth: Understanding the Kingship of God of the Hebrew Bible Through Metaphor by Moore, Anne
1289894. Smart Living: Lifestyle Media and Popular Expertise by Lewis, Tania
1289895. Lexical Processes in Scientific Discourse Popularisation: A Corpus-Linguistic Study of the Sars Coverage by Mukherjee, Joybrato
1289896. Rethinking Technology in Schools: Education, Communication, and the Democratic Ideal by Domine, Vanessa Elaine
1289897. Race and Education Primer by Aaron David Gresson
1289898. Zadie Smith: Critical Essays by Tracey L Walters
1289899. The History of Media and Communication Research: Contested Memories by Park, David W.
1289901. Homoplot: The Coming-Out Story and Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Identity by Esther Saxey
1289902. Etude Comparative Des Preverbes Allemands Et Des Postverbes Anglais Dans Le Langage Contemporain by Irmengard Rauch
1289905. Media by Rhonda Hammer
1289907. Watching Slavery: Witness Texts and Travel Reports by Joe Lockard
1289908. Between Natives and Foreigners: Selected Writings of Karl/Charles Follen (1796-1840) by Frank Mehring
1289960. Notorious by Herb Ritts
1289961. Bridal Flowers: Arrangements for a Perfect Wedding by William Stites
1289962. The Ansel Adams Guide: Basic Techniques of Photography - Book Two by Schaefer, John Paul
1289979. Double Jack- In- The- Pulpit, 1988 by Robert Mapplethorpe
1289987. Canyon de Chelly National Monument by Ansel Adams
1289988. Clearing Winter Storm, Yosemite National Park, California 1940 by
1289989. Moon and Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, California, 1960 by Ansel Adams
1289990. Pine Forest in Snow, Yosemite National Park, California, 1932 by Ansel Adams
1289991. Irving Penn: A Career in Photography by Colin Eisler
1289996. Time's River: The Voyage of Life in Art and Poetry by Kate Farrell
1290003. Ansel Adams at 100: A Postcard Folio Book by Ansel Adams
1290004. Physiognomy: The Mark Seliger Photographs by Mark Seliger
1290006. Complete Letters of Vincent Van Gogh by Vincent Van Gogh
1290010. Air and Space: The National Air and Space Museum Story of Flight by Andrew L Chaikin
1290012. The Painted Ceiling by Graham Rust
1290013. Paintings in the National Gallery, London by Augusto Gentili
1290022. A Book of Books by Abelardo Morell
1290026. The Master Book of the Water Garden: The Ultimate Guide to Designing and Maintaining Water Gardens by Phillip Swindells
1290030. Rolling Stone Tattoo Nation: Portraits of Celebrity Body Art by Bulfinch Press
1290039. The Sinatra Treasures: Intimate Photos, Mementos, and Music from the Sinatra Family Collection with Other and CD (Audio) by Charles Pignone
1290045. 101 Salivations: For the Love of Dogs by Rachael Hale
1290048. Susan Sargent's the Comfort of Color: Inspire * Transform * Create by Susan Sargent
1290070. Gardens to Go: Creating and Designing a Container Garden by Sydney Eddison
1290071. Jamie Drake's New American Glamour by Jamie Drake
1290083. It's a Zoo Out There by Rachael Hale
1290087. Monkey Portraits by Jill Greenberg
1290089. Picture This!: The Inside Story and Classic Photos of UPI Newspictures by Gary Haynes
1290093. A Passion for Collecting: Decorating with Your Favorite Objects by Caroline Clifton Mogg
1290098. Leslie Linsley's Decoupage: Design, Create, Display by Leslie Linsley
1290100. Donghia: The Artistry of Luxury and Style by Sherri Donghia
1290103. Rescue from Domestic Perfection: The Not-So Secrets of Balancing Life and Style by Dan Ho
1290106. Sex Lives of Wives: Reigniting the Passion by Holly H Hollenbeck
1290107. Picasso & Lump: A Dachshund's Odyssey by David Douglas Duncan