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Books 60/96

1341751. Unchallenged Violence: An American Ordeal by Robert Brent Toplin
1341752. The 1928 Campaign: An Analysis by Peel, Roy Victor
1341753. America in France by Palmer, Frederick
1341754. Patton and His Third Army by Wallace, Brenton Greene
1341755. Gonzalo de Tapia 1561-1594: Founder of the First Permanent Jesuit Mission in North America by Shiels, W. Eugene
1341757. The Importance of Being Human: Some Aspects of the Christian Doctrine of Man by Mascall, Eric Lionel
1341758. Printers and Technology by Baker,
1341759. We Always Lie to Strangers: Tall Tales from the Ozarks by Randolph, Vance
1341760. Negro Intelligence and Selective Migration. by Otto Klineberg
1341761. Government Promotion of American Canals and Railroads, 1800- 1890. by Carter Goodrich
1341762. Elizabethan and Jacobean Playwrights by Wells, Henry Willis
1341763. The Winegrowers of France and the Government Since 1875 by Warner, Charles K.
1341764. The Measurement of Utility by Majumdar, Tapas
1341765. Ludendorff: The Tragedy of a Military Mind by Tschuppik, Karl
1341766. Mrcchakatika the Little Clay Cart: A Drama in Ten Acts by Oliver, Revilo Pendleton
1341767. Fables by Saltykov
1341768. City Government: The Record of the Milwaukee Experiment by Hoan, Daniel W.
1341769. He Who Gets Slapped: A Play in Four Acts by Andreyev, Leonid
1341770. The Senate and the Versailles Mandate System by Logan, Rayford Whittingham
1341771. The American Doctrine of State Succession by Wilkinson, Herbert A.
1341772. In a Strange Land: Translated from Russian by Zilboorg by Korolenko, Vladimir Galaktionovich
1341773. Naval Strategy: Compared and Contrasted with the Principles and Practice of Military Operations on Land: Lectures Delivered at the Uni by Mahan, Alfred Thayer
1341775. County Government in Georgia by Hughes, Melvin Clyde
1341776. The Hungry Lions: Poems by De Longchamps, Joanne
1341779. The Ineffective Soldier: Lessons for Management and the Nation Patterns of Performance Set by Ginzberg, Eli
1341780. The Hyperkinetic Child: A Bibliography of Medical, Educational, and Behavioral Studies by Carol Ann Winchell
1341781. Congressmen and Their Constituencies by Froman, Lewis A.
1341782. Trouping in Oregon Country by Alice Henson Ernst
1341783. The Isolationist Impulse: Its Twentieth Century Reaction by Adler, Selig
1341784. Less Security by James Thomson Shotwell
1341785. Inside Asia by Gunther, John
1341786. The Conscience of a Liberal: Selected Writings and Speeches by Chester Bowles
1341787. Judicial Attitudes in Sentencing: A Study of the Factors Underlying the Sentencing Practice of the Criminal Court of Philadelphia by Edward Green
1341788. Juvenile Justice: A Comparative Study with Special Reference to the Swedish Child Welfare Board and the California Juvenile Court System by Ola Nyquist
1341789. The Propaganda Gap by Walter Joyce
1341790. Uruguay: The Politics of Failure by Martin Weinstein
1341791. Index to Biographies of Englishmen, 1000- 1485, Found in Dissertations and Theses. by Jerome V Reel
1341792. Silence to the Drums: A Survey of the Literature of the Harlem Renaissance by Margaret Perry
1341793. Changing Sex Differential in Mortality. by Robert D Retherford
1341794. The Revolt of the Mind: A Case History of Intellectual Resistance Behind the Iron Curtain by Tamas Aczel
1341795. The Soviet Secret Police. by Simon Wolin
1341796. Beggars on Golden Stools: Report on Latin America by Peter Schmid
1341797. NATO and the Defense of the West by Lowenstein, Prince Hubertus
1341798. Music Under the Soviets: The Agony of an Art by Andrey Vasilyevich Olkhovsky
1341799. Courts, Lawyers, and Trials Under the Last Three Tsars by Kucherov, Samuel
1341800. Open Door Diplomat: The Life of W.W. Rockhill by Varg, Paul A.
1341801. Wingate of the Sudan: The Life and Times of General Sir Reginald Wingate, Maker of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan by Wingate, Ronald
1341802. The Moral Vision of Jacobean Tragedy. by Robert E Ornstein
1341803. The British Labour Movement, 1770-1920: A Political History by Tate, George
1341804. Reason and Life: The Introduction to Philosophy by Marias, Julian
1341805. The Large Family System: An Original Study in the Sociology of Family Behavior by Bossard, James Herbert Siward
1341806. Stories from Holy Writ. by Helen Jane Waddell
1341807. Conflict on the Northwest Coast: American- Russian Rivalry in the Pacific Northwest, 1790- 1867 by Howard I Kushner
1341808. The Philadelphia Riots of 1844: A Study of Ethnic Conflict by Feldberg, Michael
1341809. The Structure of Political Thought: A Study in the History of Political Ideas by McCoy, Charles Nicholas Reiten
1341810. When the Gods Are Silent. by Mikhail Soloviev
1341811. Intellectual Status at Maturity as a Criterion for Selecting Items in Preschool Tests by Maurer, Katharine (Mather
1341812. Eighth Day of the Week by Hlasko, Marek
1341813. Graveyard by Hlasko
1341815. International Law and the United Nations by Quincy Wright
1341816. Revolution in Africa by Panikkar, Kavalam Madhusudan
1341817. The Diary of a Westward Voyage by Tagore, Rabindranath
1341818. India's Population: Some Problems in Perspective Planning: Proceedings by Unknown
1341819. Forbidden Voyage by Reynolds
1341820. Revolution in Spain by Karl Marx
1341821. Japanese Religion and Philosophy: A Guide to Japanese Reference and Research Materials by Donald Holzman
1341822. The Land Lies Open by Blegen, Theodore Christian
1341823. Psychology of Sex Relations by Reik, Theodor
1341824. Creative Evolution. by Henri Louis Bergson
1341825. The Roman Imperial Navy: 31 B.C.-A.D. 324 by Starr, Chester G.
1341826. King Charles the Martyr, 1643-1649 by Wingfield-Stratford, Esme Cecil
1341827. The Living Thoughts of Machiavelli the Living Thoughts of Machiavelli by Machiavelli, Niccolo
1341828. Wayward Servants: The Two Worlds of the African Pygmies by Turnbull, Colin M.
1341829. The House of Habsburg: Six Hundred Years of a European Dynasty by Wandruszka, Adam
1341830. Private International Law. by Joseph Anthony Charles Thomas
1341832. Castles and Cannon: A Study of Early Artillery Fortifications in England by O'Neil, B. H. St J.
1341833. A History of Freedom of Thought by Bury, John Bagnell
1341834. The Makers of Modern Italy: Napoleon--Mussolini by Marriott, J. A. R.
1341835. Iridion Translated from Polish by F Noyes by Krasinski
1341836. The Political Life and Letters of Cavour, 1848- 1861 by Jack Whyte
1341837. Disarmament and Colonial by Khrushchev
1341838. King Charles and King Pym, 1637- 1643. by Esme Cecil Wingfield Stratford
1341839. Charles, King of England: 1600- 1637 by Esme Cecil Wingfield Stratford
1341840. Vietnamese Communism: A Research Bibliography by Unknown
1341841. American Studies Abroad by Robert H Walker
1341842. The Military Staff: Its History and Development by Hittle, James Donald
1341843. Tradition and Adaptation: Life in a Modern Yucatan Maya Village by Irwin Press
1341844. Safeguarding the Public Health: Newark, 1895- 1918 by Stuart Galishoff
1341845. The General: Robert L. Bullard and Officership in the United States Army, 1881- 1925 by Allan Reed Millett
1341846. Encyclopedia of American Agriculture by Schapsmeier, Edward L.
1341847. Battles Lost and Won: Essays from Civil War History by Hubbell, John T.
1341848. Beyond the Civil War Synthesis: Political Essays of the Civil War Era by Robert P Swierenga
1341849. Handbook of Contemporary Developments in World Sociology by Raj P Mohan
1341850. The Twenty- First Missouri: From Home Guard to Union Regiment by Leslie Anders
1341851. Uncertain Saints: The Laity in the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod, 1900- 1970 by Alan Graebner
1341852. America and the Russo- Finnish War. by Andrew J Schwartz
1341853. The Native's Return: An American Immigrant Visits Yugoslavia and Discovers His Old Country by Louis Adamic
1341854. History of Black Americans: From the Emergence of the Cotton Kingdom to the Eve of the Compromise of 1850 by Philip Sheldon Foner
1341855. History of Black Americans: From the Compromise of 1850 to the End of the Civil War by Philip Sheldon Foner
1341856. In Search of Chopin by Cortot, Alfred
1341857. Masaryk, a Biography by Selver, Paul
1341858. Dante by Thomas Goddard Bergin
1341859. Royce's Metaphysics by Marcel, Gabriel
1341860. A Theory of Public Opinion by Francis Graham Wilson
1341861. Encounter with Nothingness: An Essay on Existentialism by Kuhn, Helmut
1341862. No Peace with Napoleon: Concluding the Memoirs of General de Caulaincourt, Duke of Vicenza by Caulaincourt, Armand De
1341863. The American Cause by Kirk, Russell
1341864. New Ways of Ontology by Hartmann, Nicolai
1341865. Back Door to War: The Roosevelt Foreign Policy, 1933- 1941 by Charles Callan Tansill
1341866. A Guide to the Thought of Saint Augustine by Portalie, Eugene
1341867. Soviet Imperialism: Its Origins and Tactics: A Symposium by Unknown
1341868. Enlight Despot by Johnson
1341869. Poverty and Social Change: With a Reappraisal by Singh, Tarlok
1341870. The Structure of Local Government in England and Wales. by William Eric Jackson
1341871. Parliament at Work: A Case-Book of Parliamentary Procedure by Wiseman, H. V.
1341872. Indonesian Independence and the United Nations. by Alastair Mac Donald Taylor
1341873. Imperial Economy and Its Place in the Formation of Economic Doctrine, 1600- 1932 by Charles Ryle Fay
1341875. Imperial Communism by Anthony Trawick Bouscaren
1341876. Treaties and Federal Constitutions by James Mc Leod Hendry
1341877. Analytical Guide and Indexes to the Crisis 1910-1960: Vol. 1 by Rose Bibliography American Studies Program George Washington
1341878. Analytical Guide and Indexes to the Crisis 1910-1960: Vol. 2 by Rose Bibliography American Studies Program George Washington
1341879. Analytical Guide and Indexes to the Crisis 1910-1960: Vol. 3 by Rose Bibliography American Studies Program George Washington
1341880. The British Paper Industry, 1495-1860: A Study in Industrial Growth by Coleman, D. C.
1341882. The Liberal Challenge. by Jo Grimond
1341883. Lord Chatham and America. by Owen Aubrey Sherrard
1341884. Treasury of Jazz. by Eddie Condon
1341885. Lord Chatham: Pitt and the Seven Years' War by Sherrard, Owen Aubrey
1341886. Lord Chatham: A War Minister in the Making by Sherrard, Owen Aubrey
1341887. The Origins of Scientific Economics: English Economic Thought, 1660- 1776 by William Letwin
1341888. The Ingenuity of Man. by Estelle H Ries
1341889. A History of Sweden by Andersson, Ingvar
1341890. Irish Nationalism and British Democracy by Strauss, Eric
1341891. The Spanish Tragedy, 1930- 1936: Dictatorship, Republic, Chaos by Edgar Allison Peers
1341892. Management and Corporations, 1985: A Symposium Held on the Occasion of the Tenth Anniversary of the Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Carn by Melvin Anshen
1341893. Italy: A Study in Economic Development by Lutz, Vera C.
1341894. Limuria: The Lesser Dependencies of Mauritius by Robert Scott
1341895. Eritrea: A Colony in Transition: 1941-52 by Trevaskis, Gerald Kennedy Nicholas
1341896. The Church and Scottish Social Development: 1780- 1870 by Stewart Mechie
1341897. Race and Politics: : Partnership in the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland by Edward Clegg
1341898. Portraits of Russian Personalities Between Reform and Revolution. by Richard Hare
1341899. The Music of Ralph Vaughan Williams. by Frank Stewart Howes
1341900. Appointed Executive Local Government: The California Experience by Bollens, John Constantinus
1341901. The Growth of the Surface Area of the Human Body. by Edith Boyd
1341902. The Activity of Young Children During Sleep: An Objective Study by Unknown
1341903. Civil-Military Relations: An Annotated Bibliography, 1940-1952 by Social Science Research Council Committee on Civil-Military
1341904. Behavior Difficulties of Children: As Perceived and Judged by Parents, Teachers, and Children Themselves by Griffiths, William
1341905. Some Factors Affecting Resumption of Interrupted Activities by Preschool Children. by Unknown
1341906. The Measurement of the Intelligence of Young Children: By an Object- Fitting Test by Ruth Ellen Atkins
1341907. Genocide? : Birth Control and the Black American by Robert G Weisbord
1341908. As from Kemmel Hill: An Adjutant in France and Flanders, 1917 and 1918 by Behrend, Arthur