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Books 63/144

1416455. A Guide to Sandwich Glass: Whale Oil Lamps and Accessories from Vol. 2 by Raymond E Barlow
1416456. Windjammers of the Pacific Rim: The Coastal Commercial Sailing Vessels of the Yesteryears by Jim Gibbs
1416457. Rib Baskets by Jean Turner Finley
1416458. Book of Buffalo Pottery by Seymour Altman
1416459. Contemporary Stone Sculpture by Dona Z Meilach
1416460. The Principles of Harmony and Contrast of Colors and Their Applications to the Arts by M E Chevreul
1416463. Nineteenth- Century Lighting by H Parrott Bacot
1416464. Icart by S Michael Schnessel
1416465. Zuni Pottery by Marian Rodee
1416466. Coffee and Coffee-Houses by Ulla Heise
1416469. Country Carving by Tom James Wolfe
1416470. Pacific Square- Riggers by Jim Gibbs
1416474. Weaver's Study Course: Sourcebook for Ideas and Techniques by Else Regensteiner
1416475. Jumeau, Prince of Dollmakers by Constance Eileen King
1416476. Mallards: A Pictorial Study by Tricia Veasey
1416477. Geese: A Pictorial Study by Trica Veasey
1416479. Songbird Carving by Rosalyn Leach Daisey
1416480. American Jewelry Manufacturers by Dorothy Rainwater
1416482. Art Bronzes: 100 Drawings and 200 Color Photographs by Michael Forrest
1416483. Generations of Jewelry from the 15th Through the 20th Century by Gerhart Egger
1416485. Matchbox and Lledo Toys by Edward Force
1416486. Country Dollmaking by Nancy Wolfe
1416487. Country Carving: The Pig Pickin' by Tom James Wolfe
1416488. Light, Color and Environment by Faber Birren
1416489. Wading and Shore Birds by Roger S Everett
1416490. Acoma, the People of the White Rock by H L James
1416491. The Power of Jewelry by Nancy Schiffer
1416493. Time in Gold: Wristwatches by Gerald Viola
1416494. Doll Kitchens, 1800- 1980 by Eva Stille
1416495. Color: Light, Sight, Sense by Moritz Zwimpfer
1416496. Authentic Antique Stenciling by Gen Ventrone
1416497. The Accurate Price Guide for Miniature Lamps I and II: Showing Unlisted Photographs of Lamps by Smith, Ruth
1416499. European Pendulum Clocks: Decorative Instruments of Measuring Time by Peter Heuer
1416500. American Barns by Stanley Schuler
1416502. Black Collectables [Sic]: Mammy and Her Friends by Jackie Young
1416503. Favorite Songbirds by Roger S Everett
1416505. Canvasbacks: A Pictorial Study by Tricia Veasey
1416506. Wood Ducks: A Pictorial Study by Tricia Veasey
1416507. New Quilts: Interpretations & Innovations by Nancy Rae
1416508. America's Oak Furniture by Nancy Schiffer
1416509. Baseball Collectibles: With Price Guide by Peter Capano
1416510. The Infantry Regiments of Frederick the Great 1756-1763 by Gunter Dorn
1416511. The Cavalry Regiments of Frederick the Great, 1756-1763 by Gunter Dorn
1416512. VW Beetle, 1949-1980 by Walter Zeichner
1416513. Porsche 911 1963- 1986 by Walter Zeichner
1416514. The Glass Industry in Sandwich by Joan E Kaiser
1416515. A Guide to Sandwich Glass: Whale Oil Lamps and Accessories by Raymond E Barlow
1416516. A Guide to Sandwich Glass: Kerosene Lamps and Accessories by Raymond E Barlow
1416517. Freshwater Fish Carving by James Fliger
1416518. Featherstrokes for Shorebirds by Beebe Hopper
1416519. Dinky Toys: With Price Guide by Edward Force
1416520. Furniture by Harrods by Harrods Ltd Of London
1416521. Early Twentieth Century Lighting by Sherwoods Ltd. of Birmingham by Sherwoods Ltd Of Birmingham
1416522. Continental and American Skeleton Clocks by Derek Roberts
1416525. Jaguar Mkii 1955- 1959 by Walter Zeichner
1416526. Chevrolet Corvette 1953- 1986 by Walter Zeichner
1416527. VW Transporter-Bus, 1949-1967 by Zeichner, Walter
1416528. Lacquered Boxes by Detlev Richter
1416529. German Armored Trains in World War II by Wolfgang Sawodny
1416530. Mercedes-Benz 190 SL, 1955-63: A Documentation by Zeichner, Walter
1416531. Citroen 2 CV with Dyane, Mehari, Ami 6/8, 1948-86: A Documentation by Zeichner, Walter
1416532. Austin Healey 100/4, 100/6, 3000, and Sprite Mk. I-IV, 1953-72: A Documentation by Zeichner, Walter
1416533. Bmw 1500- 2002 1962- 1977 by Walter Zeichner
1416534. Uniforms of the Infantry: 1919-To the Present by Hormann, Jorg M.
1416535. Roycroft Art Metal by Kevin Mc Connell
1416536. The German Navy at War: Vol. I the Battleships by Siegfried Breyer
1416537. Shorebird Carving by Rosalyn Leach Daisey
1416540. Indian Silver Jewelry of the Southwest, 1868- 1930 by Millard J Holbrook
1416542. Majolica by Mike Schneider
1416543. Pennsbury Pottery by Lucille Henzke
1416544. British Longcase Clocks by Derek Roberts
1416545. Fine Wicker Furniture: 1870- 1930 by Timothy Scott
1416548. Aircraft Carrier: Graf Zeppelin by Breyer, Siegfried
1416550. Jeep 1942- 1986 by Walter Zeichner
1416551. Mercedes- Benz 300: Sedans, Coupes, Cabiolets 1951- 62 by Walter Zeichner
1416553. The Farm: An American Living Portrait by Joan Hagan
1416554. Antique Enamels for Collectors by Joachim Franz Richter
1416555. Harley- Davidson Single & Twin Motorcycles 1918- 1978 by Halwrt Schrader
1416557. Carving Bears and Bunnies by Tom James Wolfe
1416558. Collectible Rabbits by Herbert N Schiffer
1416559. Purrrfection--The Cat by J L Lynnlee
1416560. Collecting Writing Instruments by Dietmar Geyer
1416561. Country Store Collectibles by Douglas Congdon Martin
1416562. Country Furniture and Accessories from Quebec by Warren I Johansson
1416563. Collecting Writing Instruments: From the Flint Tool to the Stylus, from the Quill Pen to the Fountain Pen and Felt- Tip Marker by Tom James Wolfe
1416564. Country Flat Carving with Tom Wolfe by Tom Wolfe
1416565. Collecting Art Deco by Kevin Mc Connell
1416567. German Infantry Handbk 1939 by Alex Buchner
1416569. Battleship: Scharnhorst by Siegfried Breyer
1416570. The Golfers: Carving with Tom Wolfe by Tom Wolfe
1416571. Jewelry of the Stars: Creations from Joseff of Hollywood by Joanne Dubbs Ball
1416572. Children Figurines of Bisque and Chinawares, 1850-1950 by Andrea R Karlin
1416573. Heintz Art Metal: Silver- On- Bronze Wares by Kevin Mc Connell
1416574. Ships Figureheads by Hans Jurgen Hansen
1416577. Hollywood Collectibles by Dian Zillner
1416578. German Trucks & Cars in WWII Vol.III: Opel at War by Eckhart Bartels
1416579. Sturmgeschtz III: Long Gun Versions by Horst Schiebert
1416580. Junkers Ju 88 by Joachim Stein
1416581. Heinkel He 111 by Kober, Franz
1416582. Classic Miniature Vehicles Made in France: With Price Guide and Variations List by Edward Force
1416585. Navajo Weaving Today by Nancy N Schiffe
1416587. Carving the Historic Western Face by Robert E Lundy
1416588. German Trucks & Cars in WWII Vol.IV: Mercedes at War by Don Cox
1416589. Passenger Liners from Germany by Clas Broder Hansen
1416590. Theodor Fahrner Jewelry. . . Between Avante Garde and Tradition by Hase Schmundt
1416591. Carving Santas with Special Interests by Ron Ransom
1416592. The West That Was by John E Eggen
1416593. Country Store Antiques: From Cradles to Caskets by Douglas Congdon Martin
1416594. Firearms and Tackle Memorabilia: A Collector's Guide by John Delph
1416595. America for Sale: A Collector's Guide to Antique Advertising by Douglas Congdon Martin
1416596. Drugstore and Soda Fountain Antiques by Douglas Congdon Martin
1416597. Collecting Plastics: A Handbook and Price Guide by Jan Lindenberger
1416598. Luftwaffe Rudder Markings 1936-1945 by Ries, Karl
1416599. Innovations in Aircraft Construction by Edward Force
1416600. Upland Game Bird Carving by Rosalyn Leach Daisey
1416602. The 88mm Flak by Muller, Werner
1416603. Black Collectables, Mammy and Her Friends by Jackie Young
1416604. Traditional Santa Carving with Tom Wolfe by Tom James Wolfe
1416605. Tom Wolfe Goes to the Dogs: Carving Dogs by Alan Wolfe
1416607. Carving the Civil War with Tom Wolfe by Tom James Wolfe
1416608. Hooked Rugs: History and the Continuing Tradition by Jessie A Turbayne
1416610. Handbook of Fine Jewelry by Nancy N Schiffer
1416611. Paperweights: Historicism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco by Sibylle Jargstorf
1416613. The Wonderful World of Nippon Porcelain: 1891- 1921 by Kathy Wojcjechowski
1416615. Through the Looking Glass with Tom Wolfe by Tom Wolfe
1416616. The Easter Bunny and His Friends by Tom James Wolfe
1416619. Airbrush Techniques for Waterfowl Carving by Michael Veasey
1416620. Sporting Collectibles by Jim Karsnitz
1416621. Model Boat Building Made Simple by Steve Rogers
1416622. Carving Boots and Shoes with Larry Green by Larry Green
1416623. Collectible Coloring Books by Dian Zillner
1416624. The Book of Fountain Pens and Pencils by George Fischler
1416625. Sturngeschtz & Its Variants by Spielberger, Walter J.
1416626. German Trucks & Cars in WWII Vol.V: Krupp at War by Force, Edward
1416627. Schtzenpanzerwagen: War Horse of the Panzer-Grenadiers by Horst Scheibert
1416628. Stalins Giants Kv-I & Kv-II by Horst Scheibert
1416629. The Russian T-34 Battle Tank by Horst Scheibert
1416630. German Self-Propelled Artiller by Force, Edward
1416631. The Worlds First Turbo-Jet Fighter: Me 262 Vol.II by Griehl, Manfred
1416632. North American P-51 Mustang: A Photo Chronicle by Larry Davis
1416633. Talisman: A Collection of Nose Art by John M Campbell
1416634. Scratch Built! : A Celebration of the Static Scale Airplane Modeler's Craft by John Alcorn
1416635. Copper Art Jewelry: A Different Lustre by Matthew L Burkholz
1416636. Root Beer Advertising and Collectibles by Tom Morrison
1416637. Collectible Golfing Novelties by Beverly Robb
1416638. Messerschmitt Bf 109 F/G/K Series: An Illustrated Study by Jochen Prien
1416640. Comic Character Timepieces: Seven Decades of Memories by Hy Brown
1416641. Tobacco Tins: A Collector's Guide by Douglas Congdon Martin
1416642. Classic Miniature Vehicles: Made in Italy by Edward Force
1416643. Cowboys by John Eggen