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Books 63/9

1396201. Amphoras and the Ancient Wine Trade (Agora Picture Book 6) by Homer A Thompson
1396205. The Stoa of Attalos II in Athens by Homer A Thompson
1396208. Guide to the Palace of Nestor by Carl W Blegen
1396210. The Athenian Citizen by Mabel L Lang
1396213. Marbleworkers in the Athenian Agora by Carol Lawton
1396218. Kephala: A Late Neolithic Settlement and Cemetery by John E Coleman
1396219. The Temple of Ayia Irini: The Statues by Miriam Ervin Caskey
1396222. The Metal Objects, 1952-1989: Exclusive of the Arms & Armor by Isabelle K Raubitschek
1396224. The Propylaia to the Athenian Akropolis: Volume 1: The Predecessors by William B Dinsmoor
1396225. The Propylaia to the Athenian Akropolis II: The Classical Building by William Bell Dinsmoor
1396226. A History of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens by Lucy Shoe Meritt
1396228. The Art of Antiquity: Piet de Jong and the Athenian Agora by John K Papadopoulos
1396229. Sandy Pylos: An Archaeological History from Nestor to Navarino by Jack L Davis
1396233. Diseases of Reptiles by Reichenbach-Klinke, H.
1396234. Livebearers by Wilfred L Whitern
1396235. Dog Training by Lew Burke
1396236. The Book of the Rottweiler by Anna Katherine Nicholas
1396237. Book of the Golden Retriever by Nicholas, Anna Katherine
1396239. Starting a Marine Aquarium by Craig Barker
1396240. Marine Tropical Aquarium Guide by Frank De Graaf
1396241. Starting Right with Rabbits by Mervin F Roberts
1396242. Gerbils by Paul Paradise
1396243. Rats by Sue Fox
1396247. Origins of Group Psychoanalysi by Benjamin J Sadock
1396252. Analysis of the Transference I by Gregory P Bauer
1396255. The Psychotic Core by Michael Eigen
1396258. Play Therapy Techniques by Cangelosi, Donna M.
1396261. The Tales of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav by Steinsaltz, Adin
1396263. Therapeutic Use of Child's Play by Charles E Schaefer
1396274. Treatment Emotional Disorders by Seymour Halleck
1396289. Diagnosis & the Difference It by Paul W Pruyser
1396290. Therapeutic Interaction by Robert Langs
1396291. Therapeutic Interactions by Robert J Langs
1396293. Treatment of Primitive Mental States (Treatment of Primitive Mental St CL) by P Giovacchini
1396294. Technique in Transition (Classical Psychoanalysis & Its Applications) by Robert J Langs
1396296. Jewish Information Source Book by Ronald H Isaacs
1396297. Child Analysis and Therapy (Child Analysis & Therapy CL) by J Glenn
1396299. Lives, Events and Other Players: Studies in Psychobiography (Downstate Psychoanalytic Institute Twenty- Fifth Anniversary Series) by Joseph T Coltrera
1396300. Therapeutic Environment by Robert J Langs
1396303. Individual & Family Therapy by Fred Sander
1396304. Psychotherapeutic Instrument by Stanley Olinick
1396308. Difficulties Analytic Encounte by John Klauber
1396309. Techniques of Family Therapy by David S Freeman
1396310. Resistances & Intervention by Robert J Langs
1396312. Essence of Talmudic Law & Thou by Samuel Hoenig
1396313. The Thirteen Petalled Rose by Steinsaltz, Adin
1396314. The One- Eyed Doctor, Sigismund Freud: Psychological Origins of Freud's Works (One Eyed Doctor) by Jean Harris
1396316. Feminist Psychoanalytic Psycho by Charlotte Prozan
1396323. Techniques of Brief Psychother by Walter V Flegenheimer
1396324. Treatment of Neurosis in Young by Hossein M Etezady
1396330. In the Beginning by Steinsaltz, Adin
1396335. Essence of the Holy Days by Auraham Yaakou Finkel
1396336. Provision of Primary Experienc by Barbara Dockar Drysdale
1396344. Therapy of the Substance Abuse by Henry J Richards
1396359. Eighteen Gates of Jewish Holidays and Festivals by Issachar Miron
1396360. Leaps by Roy M Mendelsohn
1396365. Medicine & Jewish Law V2 by Fred Rosner
1396369. Jewish Views of the Afterlife by Raphael, Simcha P.
1396370. Eighth Dayhidden History Jew by Samuel Kurinsky
1396371. Meetings with Remarkable Souls by Eliahu Klein
1396373. Reverence Righteousness & Raha by Jacob J Schater
1396391. Dialogues in Judaism: Jewish Dilemmas Defined, Debated, and Explored: Jewish Dilemmas Defined, Debated, and Explored by Berkowitz, William
1396393. The Technique and Practice of Intensive Psychotherapy (Technique Practice Intensive Psyc C) by Richard D Chessick
1396395. Parish Counseling by Edgar Jackson
1396396. Process of Child Development by Peter Reditorr Neubauer
1396400. First Freudians by Hendrik M Ruitenbeek
1396401. Psychosomatic Concepts by Roy Richard Grinker
1396402. Transactions: The Interplay Between Individual, Family, and Society by John Spiegel
1396403. Why Psychotherapy Fail by Richard D Chessick
1396406. Drug Dependence by Carl N Edwards
1396407. Family Processes & Schizophren by Elliot G Mishler
1396408. Freud and His Self- Analysis (Downstate Psychoanalytic Institute Twenty- Fifth Anniversary Series) by Mark Kanzer
1396411. Psychoanalytic Psychology by Reuben Fine
1396412. Right to Die by G A P
1396413. Sigmund Freudman & Father by Martin Freud
1396414. Treatment of Familits in Conflict: The Clinical Study of Family Process by Aronson Publishers
1396420. Psychotherapy and the Paranoid Process by W W Meissner
1396431. Life as Creation by Shalom Freedman
1396434. Great Cases in Psychoanalysis by Harold Greenwald
1396436. History of Psychoanalysis by Reuben Fine
1396437. 1990 Mental Health Professiona by Jason Aronson
1396438. Jewish Book Guide by Schauder Wendy Bernstein
1396457. Developmental Pathogenesis & T by Donald B Rinsley
1396461. Sustaining Utterance by Steinsaltz, Adin
1396465. Nuances of Technique Dynamic by Mardi Jon Horowitz
1396466. Art of Unknowning by Stephen Kurtz
1396470. Psychosomatic Symptoms by Philip C Wilson
1396479. Book of Jewish Customs by Harvey Lutske
1396497. Art of Intervention in Dynamic by Bert Kaplan
1396498. Strife of the Spirit by Steinsaltz, Adin
1396503. Handbook of Clinical Psych 2ed by Tupin
1396509. Letters to Thomas & Adele Seltzer by D H Lawrence
1396510. Amulet by Carl Rakosi
1396511. Ere-Voice by Carl Rakosi
1396513. The World and Its Streets, Places by Larry Eigner
1396515. At Their Word: Essays on the Arts of Language by Cid Corman
1396516. Thrice Chosen by Edouard Roditi
1396517. The Galley to Mytilene: Stories, 1949-1960 by Paul Goodman
1396520. Correspondence I by Charles Olson
1396521. Kill the Messenger Who Brings Bad News: Who Brings Bad News by Robert Kelly
1396524. Three Penny Lane by Fielding Dawson
1396525. Corespondence III by Charles Olson
1396527. Young Robert Duncan: Portrait of the Poet as Homosexual in Society by Ekbert Faas
1396528. Waters, Places, a Time by Larry Eigner
1396529. Imagoes by Wanda Coleman
1396530. Blast 2 by Wyndham Lewis
1396533. Formal Voice by Eve Shelnutt
1396537. Krazy Kat and 76 More: Collected Stories, 1950-1976 by Fielding Dawson
1396538. The Unexamined Wife by Sherril Jaffe
1396539. Self Condemned by Wyndham Lewis
1396540. Fracture by Clayton Eshleman
1396541. The Wine of Youth by John Fante
1396542. The Complete Correspondence, Volume 6 by George F Butterick
1396545. Rude Assignment: An Intellectual Autobiography by Wyndham Lewis
1396546. Rude Assignment: An Intellectual Autobiography by Wyndham Lewis
1396547. Bring Me Your Love by Charles Bukowski
1396548. The Winters of That Country: Tales of the Man Made Seasons by John B Sanford
1396550. Out in the World: Selected Letters of Jane Bowles, 1935-1970 by Jane Bowles
1396551. The Vulgar Streak by Wyndham Lewis
1396553. Yesterday and Today by Driss Ben Hamed Charhadi
1396557. Rotting Hill by Wyndham Lewis
1396559. The Name Encanyoned River: Selected Poems, 1960-1985 by Clayton Eshleman
1396563. The Waters of Darkness by John B Sanford
1396564. West of Rome: Two Novellas by John Fante
1396566. Correspondence VII by Charles Olson
1396567. Not This Island Music by Robert Kelly
1396569. Correspondence VIII by Charles Olson
1396571. The Faces Reappear by Sherril Jaffe
1396574. Will She Understand?: New Short Stories by Fielding Dawson
1396576. A War of Eyes and Other Stories by W Coleman
1396577. A War of Eyes: And Other Stories by Wanda Coleman
1396578. Emerald Ice: Selected Poems, 1962- 1987 by Diane Wakoski
1396579. In the Zone: New and Selected Writing by Laura Chester
1396581. Hotel Cro-Magnon by Clayton Eshleman
1396583. Creatures of Habit and Creatures of Change: Essays on Art, Literature and Society, 1914-1956 by Paul Edwards
1396584. Creatures of Habit and Creatures of Change: Essays on Art, Literature and Society, 1914-1956 by Wyndham Lewis
1396586. Scars Make Your Body More Interesting and Other Stories by Sherril Jaffe
1396587. Scars Make Your Body More Interesting by Sherril Jaffe
1396588. Correspondence IX by Charles Olson
1396589. Fractured Karma by Tom Clark
1396591. Men, Women, and Vehicles: Prose Works by David Bromige
1396592. The Engendering Flood: Book One of Dust Shall Be the Serpent's Food (Cantos I- IV) by William Everson
1396594. African Sleeping Sickness: Stories and Poems by Wanda Coleman
1396595. Minding the Underworld: Clayton Eshleman and Late Postmodernism by Paul Christensen
1396596. The Season, It Was Winter by John B Sanford
1396597. The Revenge for Love by Wyndham Lewis
1396598. John Fante Selected Letters 1932- 1981 by John Fante
1396600. By the Sound by Edward Dorn
1396601. By the Sound by Edward Dorn
1396602. A Brief History of Camouflage by Thaisa Frank